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The podcast for the foodies, the curious, and the everyday somebodies who love food. The podcast where I’ll answer relatable questions about the food we eat and how it connects us all. 🌷

The podcast for the foodies, the curious, and the everyday somebodies who love food. The podcast where I’ll answer relatable questions about the food we eat and how it connects us all. 🌷


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The podcast for the foodies, the curious, and the everyday somebodies who love food. The podcast where I’ll answer relatable questions about the food we eat and how it connects us all. 🌷




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How to navigate the labyrinth that is grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping can be incredibly challenging and confusing. This pod goes into the best ways to save money, time, and energy when shopping in these mega stores. 2020 we’re going green so there’s a few tips on sustainability as well. Hope you enjoy the season finale. ❤️ --- Send in a voice message:


Reduce Food Waste, Save the Planet

This week we’re touching on the global crisis of food waste. 40% of all food produced ends up in a land full. With a stat like that a task for change seems to big to fix. But each movement starts with one person. I hope this inspires your to cut down some of the food you toss and all your small changes adds up to a better world. But also more money in your pocket. ❤️🎙🌎 --- Send in a voice message:


New Year, Be Yourself 🥳

We’re switching gears and talking about going into the new year with the the strength to be yourself. Chatting with special guest KIRK Churchill. It’s not about diets or crazy trends, it’s about being true to you. Being more authentic being more you. Not new year, new me. New year, be yourself. --- Send in a voice message:


A Christmas Special🎄❤️

This weeks I have a special holiday show featuring 5 guests sharing their art to inspire you to be your best self. The holidays is also a ring to the end of the year and this pod is to help ensure you land on the right foot. Enjoy! Submit your questions and comments to IG @preciousthefoodie --- Send in a voice message:


What even is eggnog?

This episode we’re talking about eggnog, what is it. How is it made? Why is our first president George Washington, known for whipping it up, spicing our lives through traditions years later? Welp honey, hit play. Thanks for you support don’t forget get to subscribe for new pods every Wednesday. Send me your questions @preciousthefoodie on Instagram. --- Send in a voice message:


Double up the holiday cheer, hold the weight gain.

Christmas time and the holiday season is merry and filled with joy, but wow is there so much to eat. Though we’re grateful there’s got to be a way to balance all of my hard work this year. This show we’re talking about some key holiday tips to reduce overeating and having a happy belly and merry Christmas. --- Send in a voice message:


What is Umami and is MSG bad for you?

Ooh Mami, today we’re talking about your fifth secret taste, and the controversial additive MSG. We’ll sort the facts from fiction with a time traveling story time. Would love for you to submit your questions. Find me @preciouspioneer. If you like a visual experience, and want to see my face, all podcasts are featured on YouTube as well❤️. As always live life with love and love food with life! --- Send in a voice message:


What should I be eating? Let’s talk nutrients.

Navigating “good/bad” foods are hard. What even qualifies and how can we tell? I hear you, so today we’re talking about the basics with macros and micros. --- Send in a voice message:


A beginner’s 10 step guide to becoming a home cook

This episode is a special request from IG: if you have any specific questions you’d like me to touch on there’s a voice memo link listed within this podcast. Today’s show is designed for anyone who wants to learn cooking, but just doesn’t know where to start. Hope to bring you value, much love. -Precious --- Send in a voice message:


Sriracha = Drugs?

Why are we all obsessed with sriracha?.. chances are it’s drugs. Jk but seriously what makes this such an adored condiment? In today’s show we’ll talk about the science behind this beautiful sauce ❤️🌶 --- Send in a voice message:


Why is nut milk trending and what does that mean for dairy farmers?

Today we’re talking about nut milk and other milk alternatives. The demand is increasing for these healthier, vegan options. But, why? Our parents probably think it’s silly, but is that a generational thing? Why is milk considered to be a super food when olympians are even turning away? Welp plug in your headphones or take me with you in your car because this week’s episode has the answers🎙❤️. I appreciate all of your support don’t forget to review or share with a friend. XO - your fav...


Is it possible to eat ourselves into a good mood?

This episode we’re talking about how the food we eat can effect our moods. Consider our tummies to be the mood rings we all wanted to shake things up; for the happiest of times.. or the queasiest of times. Either way I’ll give you the sparknotes of what you need to know to eat food that makes you feel good. --- Send in a voice message:


Why is my tummy growling?

I don’t know if any of you all have been curious about this, but consider this question answered in this super short episode. Hope you all enjoy, have a great day! --- Send in a voice message:


Diets something to lose or gain?

Today I have a special guest, Jacorry Lewis, and we’ll discuss stigmas about diets in 2019. Are they good or bad? Are there certain kinds that work better than others? What about the vegans? We’ll chat about it all while dining at Busboys and Poets in the heart of DC. Hope you all enjoy. To watch the video experience, check out YouTube @ Precious Pioneer. --- Send in a voice message:


An intro to food or fuel?

Welcome to the pilot episode a foodie podcast! Today your host Precious Pioneer will give an introduction to “what is food?” Before we dive deep, we have to learn how to swim. Hope you enjoy, if you want to make suggestions for future topics text (305)563-2826 or Dm me on IG or Twitter @preciouspioneer --- Send in a voice message: