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Kitchen wisdom and friendly chat from two friends who love to bake

Kitchen wisdom and friendly chat from two friends who love to bake
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Kitchen wisdom and friendly chat from two friends who love to bake




Ep 137: Quick Bite: ISO Carnation Breakfast Bar Copycat Recipe

This week Andrea's tracking down the elusive Carnation Breakfast Bar that her husband recalls fondly from his childhood. Will she be able to recreate this "complete and nutritious meal" or will it remain something that lives on only in his memories? You can read the complete show notes here. Bake along with Stefin and Andrea in their baking Facebook group, Preheated Baking Podcast Listeners. You can find links to recipes on their baking website, or follow the hosts...


Ep 136: Quick Bite: Beer Bread and "Cheat's" Scones

In the first of August's Quick Bite episodes, Stefin's up with some quick breads. Some really quick breads. She's tackling a classic Beer Bread from Cook's Country, and Cheat's Lemonade Scones (a.k.a., 7-Up Scones) from Good Housekeeping UK. Will these three-ingredient wonders taste as good as the "real" thing? Stefin and Andrea will be back with full-length shows on September 2. In the meantime, consider catching up on any of the back catalog you may have missed -- there are more than 135...


Ep 135: Blue Ribbon Bonus for July

Stefin's back from a recent jaunt to Wales where she discovered Welsh cake, which is a bit like a scone cooked on a griddle, and Bara Brith, a spotted bread that reminds the hosts of their beloved fruitcake. The hosts review the City of Nanaimo's famous Nanaimo Bar recipe and award the coveted Blue Ribbon to the July dessert they liked the best. You can read the complete show notes here. Bake along with Stefin and Andrea in their baking Facebook group, Preheated Baking Podcast Listeners....


Ep 134: Lazy Daisy Cake Nothing Short of Amazing

From a historical 'curdled cream and beer' cold remedy to a modern day No Bake Lemon Custard interpretation from Melissa Clark, the posset has certainly come a long way. Then it's on to this week's recipe review, Stefin's long awaited Lazy Daisy Cake from Tori Avey, a new favorite of both the hosts. From bowl to oven, you'll have hot cake in 30 minutes or less! Bake along with the hosts this week with the City of Nanaimo's award-winning Nanaimo Bars. Finally, join the hosts as they explore a...


Ep 133: Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

Stefin and Andrea are so proud of the Preheated Facebook Listeners community for stepping up in ways big and small. From posting pics, to recommending favorite gadgets, to supporting other Listeners when the going gets tough, they’re helping further the hosts’ goal of creating a soft and delicious place to land. Ready for more square bakes ... er, no bakes? This week, the gals are up with a review of McCormick’s No Bake Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches, and introduce a heritage American...


Ep 132: Cookie Butter Deliciousness Strikes Again!

It's been a while since the hosts have allowed Cookie Butter in their homes...will this delicious ingredient lead to another winning dessert? Find out with this week's review of Cookie Butter Blondies recipe from Jenna over at The Butternut Bakery Blog. Next up is this week's bake along, with some No Bake Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches from McCormick. And finally, Andrea and Stefin will ponder an enormous bumper crop of lemons and determine the best course of action to get from fresh...


Ep 131: Hip to Be Square

After having so much fun with their Round theme in November 2018, Stefin and Andrea are back with more geometric goodies. This month, tasty treats that are Hip to Be Square (think bar cookies, ice-cream sandwiches, and cake!). First up: Cookie Butter Blondies from Jenna at the Butternut Bakery. Will adding this addictive spread to the batter make a blondie that’s as dangerous to have in the house as a brownie? Then the hosts have a primer on making your own extracts. From vanilla to mint, if...


Ep 130: A-maizing Cake and Ice Cream

In the last week of Completely Corny month, Stefin and Andrea have the scoop on Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry Ice Cream from Jenni’s Splendid, and a preview/review of a Brazilian-style coconut cornmeal cake you can make in your blender (!). Plus, they chat about a new art form that uses Mexican corn husks, what bakers really want as gifts, and Nigel Slater’s no-churn fennel ice cream. Finally, the duo take to the stage and wave their magic wands, revealing a plethora of magical kitchen...


Ep 129: Major League Caramel Corn

Did you know you can call your Preheated hosts? Andrea’s giddy after a voicemail from a listener tips her off on where to find passion fruit purée in Olympia. Loyal listeners know Stefin’s two years in London is coming to a close .. or is it? What's the future for your fave UK-based host, and what will it mean for your favorite podcast? Then it’s on to a review of Zebra Corn from The Spruce Eats — did this homemade Cracker Jack hit it out of the park? The next “corny” bake along, er ......


Ep 128: Longing for Berry Long Cake

Completely Corny month continues as Andrea grapples with the concept of eating hot corn niblets at the theater! Berry Long Cake from Julie Richardson's Vintage Cakes steps into the featured role this week, and it appears the hosts had decidedly different results. Continue the corny craziness and bake along with Stefin & Andrea with homemade Zebra Popcorn from The Spruce Eats. Finally, explore the thin line between breakfast and dessert in the mini segment, Brownies for Breakfast! You can...


Ep 127: Completely Corny

It’s the first week of Completely Corny month, a theme suggested by Stefin’s husband, and heartily endorsed by Andrea’s (Happy Father’s Day, guys!). But first: your hosts debate the tantalizing idea of breakfast appetizers, and share baking inspiration from Listeners. Then it’s on to June's first “corny” bake — Berry Long Cake with Ginger Crumb from Julie Richardson’s Vintage Cakes cookbook. Grab your local berries, candied ginger and, of course, cornmeal, and bake along! And speaking of...


Ep 126: Passionate about Passion Fruit and Chocolate Expert Jennifer Earle

From Sugar Free Laddoos to all sorts of peanut butter bakes, the hosts are cooking up a storm in their home kitchens. First up is this week's featured recipe, a review of Martha Collison's Mango & Passion Fruit Energy Bars from Waitrose Weekend. Tune in to find out if our hosts gained or drained energy from these homemade bars. Then enjoy the end of May's special preview/review as Andrea's sings the praises of Stella Parks Homemade Oreo Cookie recipe published on Serious Eats. You can read...


Ep 125: Posh PopTarts

Three-day weekends and festive "Dads and Grads" celebrations are on the horizon and Andrea and Stefin want to know what you’re baking up for the start-of-summer gatherings. Take inspiration from the back catalog with the August 2017 "Potlucks & Picnics" month, then connect on the Preheated Baking Podcast Listeners group on Facebook to let us know what you're up to. This week the dynamic duo are reviewing Homemade PopTarts from The Pioneer Woman contributor Sommer Collier. Kellogg’s may not...


Ep 124: Crackers of Consequence

It’s the second week of Made it Myself Month and the dynamic duo are up with a review of the Life Changing Crackers … did they live up to their name? (Well, Stefin did learn a new vocabulary word, and Andrea may have developed synesthesia!) Then it’s on to a slightly less healthy, but perhaps no less crucially important homemade treat — Stefin’s 1980s PixiFood — PopTarts! Will they be better than the iconic original? Finally, whether you want to perfect your pie crust or start your...


Ep 123: Made it Myself!

May is Made it Myself (MIM) month! But before diving into homemade crackers, Pop Tarts, power bars and even Oreos, Andrea issues a cautionary tale about baking in a kitchen that’s not your own, and a hilarious (and delicious) recap of treats Preheated Listeners have taken through airport security. (Just how many travelers are taking fully decorated cakes -- or muffulettas -- through TSA these days?) Next, Stefin has a five-star review of Waitress the Musical — a show she’s recommending to...


Ep 122: Bitter(sweet) Orange Marmalade Cake

In the Literary Bakes Bonus Episode, Stefin and Andrea have a bittersweet review of the triple-layer, multi-day, jaw-dropping Orange Marmalade Cake inspired by Jan Karon’s Mitford Series; introduce a tasty English toponym, Eccles Cake, loved by WWI-era private investigator Maisie Dobbs; and award a coveted Preheated Blue Ribbon to the bookish bake they most enjoyed this month. You can read the complete show notes here. Bake along with Stefin and Andrea in their baking Facebook group,...


Ep 121: Hop into Spring with Hot Cross Buns

How does a no bake Cardamom Bread Pudding sound for breakfast? Andrea's ready to try it, fresh from a cookbook releasing this week: Indian-ish by Priya Krishna. Literary Bakes month continues as the hosts celebrate World Book Day on April 23rd, and listen to learn if Hot Cross Buns from midwestern recipe expert Meggan at Culinary Hill belong on your table Easter morning. Bake along with the hosts this week as they tackle one of their most challenging recipes yet: The three-layer Orange...


Ep 120: Seed Cake Transcends the Centuries

Andrea does a deep dive into caraway seeds only to learn that baking in the 1700's was not for the faint of heart! Listen as the hosts review this week's recipe, Nigel Slater's Seed Cake, and see if this humble dessert captured their hearts. Bake along with the hosts next week and get your Easter morning sorted with Hot Cross Buns from Meggan over at Culinary Hill. And finally, join Stefin as she winds her way through cinnamon filled pastries in Copenhagen topped off with intriguing...


Ep 119: History and Mystery

It’s the second week of Literary Bakes month and Stefin and Andrea have a sausage roll review straight out of Hogwarts. Who followed the recipe and who went rogue? And who is still singing We Built This City? (Original or sausage roll version!) Then the duo travels back in time for a seed cake inspired by classics David Copperfield and Jane Eyre (and modernized by Nigel Slater). Finally, the hosts investigate the mysteries surrounding hidden and secret ingredients – do you really know what’s...


Ep 118: Literary Bakes

The only thing Stefin and Andrea love more than a good bake is a good book, so they could not be more excited to kick off listener-suggested Literary Bakes month! Stefin introduces the Preheated Book Club pick for April, Pacific Northwest chef Greg Atkinson’s memoir At the Kitchen Table. (Read along! They’ll discuss in Episode 121.) Need another foodie read this month? Andrea also recommends Ruth Reichl’s fictional debut, Delicious! Then it’s on to the first “bookish bake” – sausage rolls...