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Kitchen wisdom and friendly chat from two friends who love to bake

Kitchen wisdom and friendly chat from two friends who love to bake
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Kitchen wisdom and friendly chat from two friends who love to bake




Ep 117: Bonkers for Babka Buns

Between Fudgy Aquafaba Brownies, Ceremonial Cacao, and the upcoming Mothering Sunday, the hosts have their hands full of chocolate delights! Speaking of delights, the Chocolate Pistachio Babka Buns from Edd Kimber have both the hosts ooh-ing and ahh-ing. In fact, they're so delighted by these delicious buns they've put together a special episode for you to hear their step-by-step progress (stay tuned tomorrow!) Crazy for Chocolate month wraps up with a recipe from Quin founder Jami Curl,...


Ep 116: London Sweetness

Stefin and Andrea are reunited in London, where they’ve kept busy with Pancake Day festivities, and a puff pastry class at Borough Market’s Bread Ahead baking school. They’ve also got wildly different reviews of last week’s Milk Chocolate Pots with Citrus Shortbread, and are looking forward to baking together for the first time since July when they tackle this week’s bake along: Chocolate and Salted Pistachio Babka Buns from The Boy Who Bakes. Finally, the duo take a deep dive into natural...


Ep 115: Salted Chocolate Sophisticate

Andrea’s cardamom obsession is fueled by a recent listener-suggested recipe for Banana Cardamom Update-Down Cake from King Arthur Flour, and Stefin’s got some desserts that appeared “Previously on Preheated” that would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Then it’s on to a review of Tartine's Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies – were these a hit with the younger set, or an indulgence for adult tastebuds? Next the hosts introduce this week’s bake along: Milk Chocolate Pots with Citrus Shortbread from...


Ep 114: Crazy for Chocolate

Inspired by Andrea's daughter who said "Mom, can't you just make something chocolate?" this month is going to be chock-full of chocolate delights. A Salted Chocolate Rye Cookie from Tartine Bakery has the hosts very excited about cooking with an alternative and new-to-them flour. Andrea reports on her Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie from the prior week, which resulted in the smoothest and easiest pie crust she's ever made, although the final pie wasn't enough of a "wow" to offset the amount of work...


Ep 113: Black Bottom (Pie) Blues

In the final week of Pie Month, Stefin’s flying solo, and has the scoop on the 2017 and 2018 American Pie Council winners (a must-listen for any fan of Episode 14’s Totally Biscoff Pie, the 2016 winner), a review of Four & Twenty Blackbirds' Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie, and a Preview Review of a savory steak and ale pie from London fave Pieminister featuring new-to-her “rough puff” pastry. Finally, she takes a jaunt into the wide world of pie. From mini to slab, Jamaica to Canada, there’s a pie...


Ep 112: Pears, Pastry & Predicaments

It's the third week of Pie Month ... and mystery abounds! First, the Proper Pie Puzzle. Have you ever wondered about the etiquette that should be followed when eating a slice of pie? (Neither have your hosts, clearly.) Next, the Key Lime Pie Conundrum. Of course this iconic dessert was created in the Florida Keys ... or was it? Drama! Intrigue! Chills and thrills! But it doesn't stop there! Because it's time for a review of the Fresh Pear Pie Stefin calls the best ever, and which Andrea...


Ep 111: Going Bananas for Banoffee Pie

Lest you think the hosts always agree, can you guess who thinks "fruit pie is delicious" and who thinks "hot fruit is disgusting"? What about breakfast in bed ... is it a delightful treat on Valentine's Day, or just a way to wake up angry? Stefin and Andrea start the week with their hot takes on the baking wars. While there may be some slight disagreement between the hosts, one thing they can agree on is this week's delicious recipe, the Next Level Banoffee Pie from BBC Good Food. Fresh Pear...


Ep 110: Third Annual Pie Month!

It’s Preheated's Third Annual Pie Month! But before Stefin and Andrea roll out the top crust, they each report on their “19 for ‘19” Baking Resolutions: Andrea’s reading recipes, and Stefin’s making Turkish pizza. Off to a great start, and it's only the first week of February! Then it’s time for an updated take on the British pie that has a small but significant role in Love, Actually, actually: Next-Level Banoffee Pie from BBC Good Food magazine. New to pie? Ease into our month with this...


Ep 109: Deep Dish Cookie (and Bean!) Pie

This week's show is chock full as the hosts review not one, not two, but three veggie-filled desserts! Starting off with the Deep Dish Cookie Pie from Chocolate Covered Katie, both hosts find this dessert to be one you'll want to keep for its vegan, gluten-free yumminess. Both the Parsnip, Date and Hazelnut Loaf from Six Seasons and the Beetroot and Ginger Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting proved to be very veggie-forward and added an interesting twist to the hosts' quick bread collections....


Ep 108: Little Green Goddesses

All sorts of holidays related to baked goods are popping up in January...whether it's Buttercrunch or Brittle, Andrea is planning on celebrating. Listen in to see what the hosts thought of the Lemon Spinach Baked Donuts from Veggie Desserts. Were these veggie-laden desserts a treat, or a trick? This week's bake along is a Deep Dish Cookie Pie from Chocolate Covered Katie with a secret ingredient. And finally, Stefin presents an exciting Globetrotting Gourmet, with an update from the Canary...


Ep 107: On a (Potato) Roll

Andrea and Stefin are on a roll with their “19 for ‘19” baking resolutions, and have several on their list from their inspired listeners. In the duo’s review of the Yukon Gold Potato Cinnamon Rolls, you may be surprised to hear who mussed the mash, and who failed to rise (and who got a sweet potato treat). Then it’s time for next week’s challenge: a baked donut filled with … spinach (!?). Yep, the Baked Spinach Lemon Donuts with Lemon Glaze from Veggie Desserts is putting this month's theme...


Ep 106: Eat Your Veggies

Our hosts start with a quick update on their 2018 Resolutions. Andrea shares her discovery of a 1-2-3-4 cake as a new favorite template recipe, and details the glories of her newly purged and cleaned pantry. Stefin gives an update on her recipe organization system and regales us with her success of baking more bread throughout the year. Stay tuned for a Nineteen for 2019 Resolution List the hosts will use to guide their baking throughout the year. This month is all about Eating Your...


Ep 105.5: A Pudding Worth Singing About

It's the final (bonus!) episode of 2018! Andrea and Stefin share listeners' reasons for baking: From stress relief to time with family to creating quality treats (not to mention showing off -- just a little!) it's a heartfelt list of "whys." Then, the duo sing the praises of that Victorian classic, Figgy Pudding from Geoff and Vicky Wells. Andrea loved her Instant Pot version, and Stefin was equally enamored of her traditional stove-top pudding. No wonder someone wrote a song about this rich...


Ep 105: Chilled Souffle Falls Short

Merry Christmas (Eve)! Stefin and Andrea are busy with boozy hot chocolate, a peanut-buttery Happy People Fudge variation, a Borough Market #cookingwithclass update (and an easy but sophisticated last-minute gift idea), and an appearance on Episode 27 of the Christmas Past podcast! Speaking of fruitcake, check out Andrea's friend's famous recipe, now available on Then it's time for a review of the Good Housekeeping UK's Chilled Chocolate & Whiskey Souffles with Salted...


Ep 104: Irish Cream with a Side of Drama

It’s a dramatic week in Tipsy Treats Town: Andrea’s running out for whiskey at 8 a.m., Stefin’s blender is exploding in a shower of sparks, and Andrea’s dog gets a tipsy treat of his own after a kitchen mishap. It takes a special recipe to overcome all that craziness: Is A Cozy Kitchen’s Homemade Irish Cream worth it? And will next week’s Chilled Chocolate Whiskey Soufflé with Salted Butterscotch Sauce be less theatrical? Finally, the duo chat about the many ways to repurpose the fruit from...


Ep 103: Cherry Bounce Puts a Hop in Our Step

Tipsy Treats Month is bouncing right along with a delicious (and potent!) Cherry Bounce recipe, which Stefin recommends using in a Mt. Vernon Mule. Andrea's taste testing her Bailey's in anticipation of this week's bake along: The Homemade Irish Cream from A Cozy Kitchen. Then fasten your seat belts for the Globetrotting Gourmet, where Stefin shares tales of a recent trip to Ireland. There she explored new types of soda bread, met some Kerry cows, had butter at every meal, and found Irish...


Ep 102: Tipsy Treats

It's the first December episode; Stefin's singing and Andrea's reminiscing about life-size gingerbread houses. And that's before the Tipsy Treats start flowing! Dive right in to the festivities with your favorite baking duo to learn how to budget and plan for recipes that require an above-average amount of alcohol (one tip: shop the bottom shelf!). Then it's on to the month's first "brew along": An historic Cherry Bounce from Cathy Barrow at the Washington Post. Rumored to be George...


Ep 101: Sweet Potato Pie Rockets to the Top of Our Charts

Andrea is awash in homemade apple cider while Stefin is kicking off the holiday festivities with Stir Up Sunday. The hosts have prepared a holiday pantry stock up list as a special bonus for their Facebook Group members, and the hosts review not one, but two recipes this week! The Sweet Potato Pie from What's Gaby Cooking and the Hummingbird Bundt Cake from Southern Living. The show rounds out with a book review of Born Round by Frank Bruni and a slew of Second Season thank yous. You can...


Ep 100: Bagels and Royal Blue Ribbons

This week's review is the Very Good Bagel, Easy-ish Too from Alexandra Stafford and both our hosts are roundly pleased with the results! The bake along this week is a Sweet Potato Pie inspired by Patti LaBelle from the food blog What's Gaby Cooking. Neither of our hosts has ever made a sweet potato pie (although they've certainly clocked in some time eating them!) so they're both pretty excited about this recipe. Listen to the show to find out listeners' favorite recipe from the first 100...


Ep 99: Circular Celebration

Stefin and Andrea are debating the merits of Country Crock Buttery Sticks (and Stefin's reminiscing about their fabulous, flirty commercials from the '80s). They're also anticipating their star turn as "fruitcake experts" on Brian Earl's Christmas Past podcast (stay tuned for an air date). Then, it's on to their review of Mini Peanut Butter Cups from Cookie & Kate. How did Andrea’s sunflower seed butter variation turn out? Which chocolate did Stefin love? And, crucially, just how long did...