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Salty Break Time

If you've been following Salty since the beginning, you can probably guess our kitchen is now a complete mess! So we're taking a short break to do some clean up and restock all of our ingredients. But don't worry, Salty will be back soon with all new episodes. In the meantime, we've got some behind the scenes sneak peaks coming your way to satisfy the hunger...Stay tuned!


Finding Soul in a Bowl

In this Episode, clueless cook and local comedian Keith Mackler attempts to prepare some traditional Colombian Sancocho (chicken stew) with the assistance of professional chef Sebastian Jaramillo of Brooklyn's "Mi Casa Foods". Keith's last meal was a ham sandwich from Duane Reade, so taking on this authentic Latin dish with fresh yuka, platanos, and an entire chicken (gizzards included) is a major step up! Despite a rough start surrounding the dismemberment of the bird, thanks to the helpful...


The Fancy Rustic “Chicken” Special

If you’ve ever wanted to know which cheese matches your soul, listen to this episode of Salty, which features special guest, food critic, and former cheese monger Anita Flores. On this episode of Salty, rookie chef Lee Johnson is assisted by chef Stephen Sanders of Oxford Plaid, as she attempts to prepare what chef Stephen refers to as “special chicken”. Whipping up fancy rustic farm feels in a cast iron pan, she presents her meal to our hosts and critic, really hoping that they have shown...


Gray Meat, Shrimp Heads & Mug Cakes, Oh My!

In this Episode, rookie chef Claire attempts to prepare a coastal brunch favorite, shrimp and grits, with the assistance of chef Nathaniel Coburn. Claire's last attempt at cooking for herself ended with microwaved gray pork, so it's no wonder our hosts Lisi and Perla watched anxiously as Claire fumbled with tearing the heads off raw shrimp to make her own homemade stock! But with the patient assistance of chef Nathaniel, Claire finally finds her stride and three hours later...did she...


We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Pot!

In this Episode, our rookie AJ attempts to prepare pork tenderloin with the assistance of chef Sean Munshaw. As somebody who orders take-out for every single meal, AJ is a bit nervous in the kitchen. Although there are many ups and downs, AJ persists, and he learns that fennel is a plant, realizes the importance of eating your greens, and discovers the magic of the white sauce. Will he make it work and produce an edible dish, or will he be sabotaged by the size of his pot? *Featuring...


Feelin' Salty?

Get a taste of what's in store when you listen to Salty! This is the show where bad cooks are paired with pro chefs who attempt to walk them through the preparation of a gourmet meal, all over the phone. Then, they sit down with the hosts, Lisi & Perla, as well as a Salty Guest, to see how it all turned out. We make no guarantees as to the safety and quality of our food, but we do make guarantees as to the safety and quality of our entertainment! Produced by Five Ohm...