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Jessie Ware hosts a podcast about food, family, and the beautiful art of having a chat, direct from her very own dinner table. With a little bit of help from her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie, each week guests from the worlds of music, culture and politics drop by for a bite and a bit of a natter. Oversharing guaranteed. Produced by Alice Williams

Jessie Ware hosts a podcast about food, family, and the beautiful art of having a chat, direct from her very own dinner table. With a little bit of help from her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie, each week guests from the worlds of music, culture and politics drop by for a bite and a bit of a natter. Oversharing guaranteed. Produced by Alice Williams


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Jessie Ware hosts a podcast about food, family, and the beautiful art of having a chat, direct from her very own dinner table. With a little bit of help from her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie, each week guests from the worlds of music, culture and politics drop by for a bite and a bit of a natter. Oversharing guaranteed. Produced by Alice Williams




S11 Ep 23: Andrew Wong

This week we invite over the 2* Michelin chef Andrew Wong to Lennie’s. He kindly brings over the main, his cod head dish (which mum was incredibly nervous about) and showers ma with gifts! We chat about leaving Oxford uni, instant noodles and growing up working in his family’s restaurant (where he met his wife). He also talks about his Mum’s sugar sandwiches and how his kids hate his food. We loved having you Andrew, especially when we watched you eat a fish eye. You can listen to his...


S11 Ep 22: Jack and Clare Penate

To celebrate my new book, Omelette coming out tomorrow, we thought it only right to invite the original Friday Night Dinner guests at the Ware Household, musician Jack Peñate and his mum Clare Penate. We celebrate 25 years of friendship and meals together, our ‘silver anniversary’ and memories of 90s dinner parties, what Jack and I dined on whilst touring America back when I was his backing singer and I discover what Fray Bentos is! This is a special episode, with a special family and I hope...


S11 Ep 21: Ed Miliband

This week we welcome the ex leader of the opposition, labour MP Ed Miliband. We talk about his refugee parents and his Polish mothers food, his love for Chinese food and his new passion, cold water swimming! He is candid about his times as leader of the Labour Party the challenges and some regrets. We chat about his book Go Big, he has seconds of Mum’s main and chuckles at her pudding, an Eton mess. Although Ed was such fun (and we could have talked for hours!), Mum lost all sense of her...


S11 Ep 20: Michelle Visage

We recorded this beaut of an episode with the one and only Michelle Visage, who came over to mums for a ‘Thai Pie’. Michelle talks about growing up in New Jersey, being adopted by a Jewish family and moving to NYC to be taken into the House of Magnifique where she became a part of a voguing troupe and later best friends with Ru Paul. She chats about her 90s girl group, working with Ru and the story behind her iconic name. We talk everything from her collaboration with Steps with their song...


S11 Ep 19: St Vincent

We welcome the phenomenal St Vincent to Table Manners. Talking to Annie in her LA studio over zoom, we chat about going blonde, growing up in Dallas with her family and eating - by her own admission - some questionable canned food and meat. Mum manages to coax her into agreeing that nobody really likes kale and we hear about her step dad's 'Schloop', working in a Mexican restaurant and being a gal who doesn't like her salad dressed. Annie ain't a cook and pulled in the help of Taylor Swift...


S11 Ep 18: Paul and Mary McCartney

How do you behave when you have a music icon on your podcast? Well, you have a massive fight in front of him of course! Aside from a small bout of bickering, we had lunch with Sir Paul and Mary McCartney and talked about 30 years of Linda McCartney's legacy in the vegetarian food market. We hear about Mary’s adventurous childhood on tour with Wings, Paul talks about life after The Beatles and they share memories of becoming vegetarian with Linda cooking a macaroni turkey so Paul could carve...


S11 Ep 17: Guy Garvey

This week we welcome Manchester mensch Guy Garvey over for lunch. We chat to Guy over Ottolenghi lamb and pistachio patties about being dragged to black pudding stalls in Bury market growing up, his original worker bee tattoo and the importance of eating pies up north. He tells us how he met his wife Rachel at a wedding over cigarettes, having dinner with Joan Collins and his secret ingredient - instant coffee - in his spag bol sauce. This week, Elbow are celebrating 20 years of their first...


S11 Ep 16: Tom Jones

We were delighted to have our most requested guest, Sir Tom Jones, over to Lennie’s for lamb shanks, a lemon curd roulade and a chat about his new album ‘Surrounded By Time’. We go way back and talk about Tom growing up in the 50’s, playing marbles, falling in love and getting married at 16. We also hear about his beloved mother’s corned beef pie. He reminisces about meals shared with Elvis Presley, Las Vegas bourbons with Frank Sinatra & Tom’s son / manager Mark even makes an appearance,...


S11 Ep 15: Laura Mvula

This week we invite Laura Mvula over for lunch. Laura is about to bring out her third record on July 2, Pink Noise, so to celebrate Lennie made a sumptuous chicken, spiced potatoes, salad and Nigella's salted chocolate chunks! We talk about the ‘changing landscape’ in the music industry, her musically gifted siblings and her podcast series ’So You Wanna Be A Musician’ she launched with her sister. We go from growing up in Birmingham in a Christian household to a first kiss in Jamaica,...


S11 Ep 14: Benny Blanco

We welcome back one of my favourite people in the world, Benny Blanco to TM. Mum didn't get to be in the episode we recorded in LA years ago so it felt only right to chat to Benny again! He talks about his new album Friends Keep Secrets 2, working with Gracie Abrams, his 2 cooking shows about eating (hence why Ben and I get on so well) and being the king of slow cooked meat. We manage to finish off his last supper meal (last time I think the devils lettuce may have interfered with that) and...


S11 Ep 13: Naomi Scott

Now that we can record outside, it was a pleasure to have over the treasure that is Naomi Scott for a Tuna Nicoise salad and Orange & Almond cake. We first met at a Vogue x Tiffany fashion party for the BAFTAs and I adored her. Everyone knows her for playing Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin remake, but now she has turned her hand to fictional podcasting, producing and starring in 'Soft Voice' alongside Olivia Cooke and Bel Powley. It's fab. Naomi talks about growing up as the Pastor's...


S11 Ep 12:

Fill up my cup! We have on TM! Will talks about his ‘pancizza' creation (a pancake pizza), being a vegan over the past 4 years, how he loves a song with ‘boom’ in the lyrics and growing up eating his Mum’s goulash. We get to learn how 'Ordinary People' came about with John Legend, Black Eyed Peas record label stories, his involvement with Beats and singing ‘mazal tov’ around the world!! Black Eye Peas new single ‘Shake Ya Boom Boom’ is out now with Static & Ben El See...


S11 Ep 11: Jon Sopel

This is a GREAT episode. Zooming in from Washington DC, we talk to BBC North America Editor Jon Sopel about his new book ‘UnPresidented'. Jon reveals that he was known to Trump as 'the guy who asks stroppy questions in the briefing room’. We get to hear about Obama's Christmas parties and the exquisite food laid on compared to the fries and chicken wings at Trump's do. He's been - and reported from - everywhere and we hear what family life is like for an international...


S11 Ep 10: Hannah Ware

The time has come for the world to meet Lennie's number one, The One's leading lady and the one who knocked her little sister's front tooth out. Zooming in from LA, and making a classic Ware effort in her dressing gown, Hannah Ware joins Table Manners! Boyfriend Jonah (who runs the fab Freedman’s LA restaurant) is on hand to be sound tech and meal translator whilst Han talks about having heart palpitations when sharing a takeaway meal with Jessie. We talk about about hiking (aka walking up...


S11 Ep 9: Dan Levy

This guest has not only won every award under the sun, now he's had Lennie get the ring light on and quote every line of his global television phenomenon, Schitt's Creek to him! We welcome with wide, open, Jewish motherly arms the sensational Dan Levy to TM! Fresh off the back of Golden Globe wins, we natter with this Toronto mensch from his childhood home and discuss his love of Heat magazine, London and working with his family. He's not a fan of vegetables is our Dan, with a carb heavy...


S11 Ep 8: Lydia West

"La!" We've got the divine Lydia West from the extraordinary C4 show 'It's A Sin' on this week's Table Manners. But we must thank Olly Alexander for putting a good word in for us! Currently filming an Apple TV series called Suspicion, Lydia dazzled us with her smile and maybe her fabulous zoom lighting that mum instantly bought online. Aged 25 when she got into acting, Lydia talks about growing up in Barnet with her mother the feeder, her dad the amazing chef and her Irish granny round...


S11 Ep 7: Fearne Cotton

With over 40 million listens on her podcast, it felt only right to celebrate the wonder of Fearne Cotton as she starts a new series of Happy Place this week. A voice and personality we all know and love, Fearne talks about everything from her Happy Place Festival, being in the public eye and loving an early night to writing books, including her new Sunday Times Bestseller Speak Your Truth which is out now. We chat about homeschooling, Ombar chocolate, the Disney Club's amazing canteen...


S11 Ep 6: Andrew Lloyd Webber

We welcome our 2nd EGOT guest (Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Oscar), the musical LEGEND Andrew Lloyd Webber! Andrew talks to us over zoom about his new musical Cinderella opening in spring and written by Emerald Fennell (side note watch Promising Young Woman!). Mum and Andrew bond over their loathing of kale and we salute his campaign for getting theatres open safely. We also learn about his brilliantly rude Aunt Viola, one of the first TV chefs who wrote one the rudest cookbooks he’s ever...


S11 Ep 5: Jenna Coleman

This weeks guest is the glorious star of 'The Serpent’ Jenna Coleman! She tells us all about how she had to learn French for the role of Marie-Andree, taking a 1970’s pencil sharpener home from the set as a memento and filming in Bangkok & wait for it.... Tring!! We discuss her upbringing in Blackpool, hiding cream cheese sandwiches in vases, childhood karaoke sessions with @charlottechurch and what she'd have on her last day of food. We loved having you Jenna (even if your WiFi was shite)...


S11 Ep 4: Slowthai

With Mum being a huge connoisseur of hip hop and rapping, this week we invited the brilliant Slowthai to join us over Zoom from his studio basement at his Mum’s in Northampton. We chat about recording his brand new album, ‘Tyron' during lockdown, Sunday roasts, his Mum’s secret ingredients for the perfect roast potatoes and his go to meal to impress his fiancé. Mum asks about award shows and alcohol and we find out that he's still owed 50 quid for a hot sauce challenge he won. His brand new...