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Ep #10 - Bertha's Mussels in Fell’s Point

Explore the beyond-amazing story of how this iconic restaurant got its humble beginnings in the historic Fell’s Point District of Baltimore and how it was able to spread its name around the world. Grab a drink, grab a table, grab a couple of friends and don’t forget to grab one of their signature and delicious plates of mussels as you sing along to live music and Bertha’s very own theme song! https://www.berthas.com/ Taste It Rating: Jose: 5.2/6 Licks Atlas: 5.7/6 Licks


Ep #9 - Mi & Yu Noodle Bar in Fed Hill

Find out what we thought of the Mi & Yu Noodle Bar - a restaurant franchise with colorful and mouth-watering combinations of noodles and broths brought to you by one of Baltimore’s more established chefs. Be a part of Baltimore’s “fast and casual” noodle scene in one of four locations across Baltimore and find your own favorite combination now! And Remember: “It’s OK to slurp, just enjoy!” http://miandyunoodlebar.com/ Taste It Ratings Jose: 4.4 out of 6 Licks Atlas: 3.4 out of 6...


Taste It! Minisode - Happy Valentine's Day

Hugs and Kisses to All of Our Taste Buds! We want to wish a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all our listeners and we hope that you take the opportunity today to tell someone that you love them whether it be a partner, best friend, parent, sibling or your favorite meal! Celebrate love where ever you have it in your lives!


Ep #8 - Verde Pizza in Canton

The Premier Neapolitan Pizza Place. Delicious food and an option for any occasion. Try the fresh mozzarella, a sample from their award-winning bar, and one of their 52 pizza options (some Vegan friendly)! Find out about Baltimore’s historical better-pizza movement and how Verde plays a part in it in Episode 8 of Taste It! http://www.verdepizza.com/ Taste It Ratings: Jose: 5.8 out of 6 Atlas: 5.1 out of 6


Ep #7 - Marie Louise Bistro in Mount Vernon

French Flavors with Mediterranean Influences A red brick bistro in the Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood. This elegant little spot boasts a beautiful display of fresh baked pastries in their cafe, a broad selection of fine wines in their wine bar, and traditional flavors of high end French dining at low end prices. Be sure to hear our full review on Episode 7 of the Taste It! Podcast. Taste It! Rating Jose: 4.7/6.0 Licks Atlas: 4.0/6.0 Licks


Ep #6 - Steamed Buns and Asian Fusion @ Ekiben

Hungry? Eat Ekiben! This is our interpretation of having fun under the sun…with a steamed bun. Found in the historic Fells Point District, stop by for a quick bite of the “Best Buns of Baltimore” http://ekibenbaltimore.com/ Taste It Ratings Jose: 5.2 out of 6 licks Atlas: 3.8 out of 6 licks


Taste It! Minisode - Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Taste Buds! We would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and the best of wishes in 2019! We hope that your dreams become a reality and that you achieve all of your goals this year! We look forward to achieving our goal to bring the best show we can to your ears every episode. We are looking forward to all of the wonderful tastes that are yet to come and we are so happy to get to share them with you, our listeners because it is our favorite thing to...


Episode #5 - Sushi Boats @ Yama Sushi Bar

The Art of Sushi in the City A beautiful assortment of traditional sushi rolls and Asian fusion cuisine at Yama Sushi Bar in Hampden! Check out their gorgeous serving platters and artistic style with their deep collection of appetizers and entree’s! Jose: 5.6/6 Licks Atlas 5.5/6 Licks


Episode #4 - Soul Food @ Soul Kuisine Cafe

Soul Kuisine Cafe - North Ave. Check out this gem at Station North serves some of the best Soul Comfort in the city! Offering delivery and carry-out service this will leave you with those post meal sleepies big time!


Taste It! Minisode

Thanksgiving Special! Happy Thanksgiving taste buds! Enjoy a short nibble of the Taste It! Podcast where we discuss our favorite parts of Turkey Day and dish out a few special Thank You’s! Join us next week as we pick back up with food adventures and Taste’s of the Week here on Taste It!

Episode #3 - #SexyComfortCuisine @ Water for Chocolate

Water For chocolate - Upper Fells If you’ve never been sexually attracted to food, you’ve never tried Water for Chocolate. Just a little taste of what makes Baltimore special, Water for Chocolate is home to a variety of amazing food options that will have you truly understanding their hashtag of “Sexy Comfort Cuisine.” Come through and get cozy or place an order to go! Don’t skip out on the dessert because the sweet potato bread pudding is a life changing...


Episode #2 - El Toro Grande @ Blue Agave

Blue Agave Mexican Food Wanna take on one of Baltimore’s most famous food challenges? Or wanna just have some really good and authentic Mexican food? Check out Blue Agave in Federal Hill. Go for the food, stay for the fun times and if you’re brave enough, try to eat the 2 foot, 4 lbs burrito-monster known as El Toro Grande. Fame and good times await! Give it a taste! http://www.blueagaverestaurant.com/ Taste It Rating Jose: 5.5/6 Licks Atlas 4.8/6 Licks


Episode #1 - Crab Cake Platter @ Faidley’s

Lexington Market — Faidley’s Seafood Founded in 1886, Faidley’s Seafood in Lexington Market is a historic icon in Baltimore City. For around $22 you can try their award winning “Lump Crab Cake” with a two sides of your choice. Give it a taste! http://lexingtonmarket.com/vendor/faidleys-seafood/ Taste It! Ratings Jose: 4.5 / 6 Licks Atlas: (a soft) 2.5 / 6 Licks