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Tech Bites is the intersection of technology and food. Host Jennifer Leuzzi, takes a look at the profound ways technology is transforming our culinary culture, from how we discover, make and share food.

Tech Bites is the intersection of technology and food. Host Jennifer Leuzzi, takes a look at the profound ways technology is transforming our culinary culture, from how we discover, make and share food.
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Tech Bites is the intersection of technology and food. Host Jennifer Leuzzi, takes a look at the profound ways technology is transforming our culinary culture, from how we discover, make and share food.




Episode 158: Helping Food Makers Recover Post-Pilotworks

More that 175 independent start-up food companies working in Brooklyn’s Pilotworks and locations in Chicago, Austin, Newark and Portland, were abruptly locked-out and put on the street on October 13, 2018. Everyone was surprised by the close, given that Pilotworks had raised more that $13 million in funding. Host Jennifer Leuzzi (@MmeSnack) talks with ousted Pilotworks tenants David and Michael Robinov, cofounders of Farm To People (@farmtopeople), on how they are recovering. PieShell...


Episode 157: #IMadeYourFood

Do you know who made your food or how much it costs? Do you care? #IMadeYourFood is the social media campaign launched by Food To Eat that tells the personal stories of local food vendors. On this episode, Tech Bites (@TechBitesHRN) host Jennifer Leuzzi (@MmeSnack) talks with FoodTo Eat (@FoodToEat) founder Deepti Sharma (@DeeptiNYC), Zeeshan Ali (@chef_zeesh) owner of Salad Pangea (@salad.pangea.caterers) and New York Councilman Rafael Espinal (@RLEspinal) on how a better understanding of...


Episode 156: Next Gen Aquaponic Fish with Edenworks & Chef Bill Telepan

Aquaponics combines aquaculture farming of fish with hydroponic farming of plants into one self-sufficient water-based eco-system. Brooklyn-based Edenworks (@edenworksgrows) is bringing aquaponic stripped bass to market. This is great for the environment and species - but how good is it on the plate? We sent product to seafood chef Bill Telepan (@billtelepan) of Oceana Restaurant (@oceananyc) to see how the farmed fish compares to local wild fish. This episode of Tech Bites (@techbiteshrn)...


Episode 155: Indoor Farm Tech with Agrylist + Smallhold

What’s the latest in indoor farm tech? Business is growing internationally, companies are hiring, and mushrooms are begin harvested right in the produce aisle. On this episode of Tech Bites, host Jennifer Leuzzi (@MmeSnack) checks-in with past guests Allison Kopf, founder/CEO of Agrilyst (@Agrylist) and Andrew Carter, CEO/Co-founder Smallhold ( This episode is sponsored by ChefSteps (@chefsteps).


Episode 154: Bone Broth 2.0 with Marco Canora

Making good bone broth is a centuries-old low tech recipe - but to serve the perfect hot cup requires patented technology. On this episode of Tech Bites (@TechBitesHRN), host Jennifer Leuzzi (@MmeSnack) talks with chef Marco Canora (@MarcoCanora) about the patented hot and cold tap system he’s recently installed in his bone broth shop Brodo (@Brodo) in New York City. The first-of-its-kind technology allows the broth to be held cold, then heats to serve à la minute. This episode is sponsored...


Episode 153: Upcycling Food Waste with RISE

You’ve probably been recycling paper and plastics for decades - but are you upcycling food waste? Upcycling is the process of converting food waste into a new usable and valuable food product. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food are lost or wasted annually, amounting to $680 billons in losses in the United States alone. On this episode of Tech Bites (@TechBitesHRN), in-studio guest Bertha Jimenez. Ph.D. discusses...


Episode 152: Blockchain + IBM Food Trust

Blockchain in the financial headlines, tech news and increasingly in food news. The digital ledger technology, created in 2008 for the cryptocurrency bitcoin, is being touted as the solution to many food system problems. Because the information cannot be altered, it could be the ultimate validation of product authenticity or the most accurate record of a food supply chain that could help mitigate food contamination outbreaks. We’ve been reading about it and hearing about it for years - but...


Episode 151: Millennial CEOs Changing the World

Do you have enough life experience at 25-years to recognize problems in the food system and create a viable business solution that could generate revenue and change? Today’s Tech Bites (@TechBitesHRN) guest are confident they do. Listen to this roundtable of millennial CEO’s talking about the moment they realized change needs to happen in our food world and how they plan to make an impact. This social media savvy, digital, post-9/11 generation believes they have a distinct advantage in being...


Episode 150: Tech Bites #150: A Look Back with Dave Tat

When Tech Bites started in January of 2015, I couldn't imagine making it to episode 150. On this episode we take a look back at three years of Tech Bites (@TechBitesHRN) favorite episodes and no show guests. Joining us to take a look back is HRN's Studio Manager and Engineer David Tatasciore. We also look to future ideas, guests and formats. It's a bittersweet episode - because it's also David's last day at HRN. This episode is sponsored by Roth Cheese (@rothcheese) made with heart, crafted...


Episode 149: Pay with Your Face: Bite Kiosk + Frankie Goes To Bollywood

We’ve been using our fingerprints to unlock our smartphone and breeze through customs for years now. Facial recognition is the next gen of biometric security coming soon to airports, the Tokyo Olympics and your favorite fast casual restaurant. On this episode of Tech Bites (@techbiteshrn) host Jennifer Leuzzi (@mmesnack) discusses the future of retail payment with in-studio guests Brandon Barton, COO of Bite Kiosk (@bitekiosks) a start-up pioneering self-ordering touchscreen kiosks with...


Episode 148: Solution Sprint to #ReimagineHospitality

Do you have a ground-breaking idea on how to build a better, more equitable restaurant industry? A first-of-its-kind initiative, the Solution Sprint is a one-day, crowdsourced event designed to drive resources, expertise, and attention to solving community-identified challenges in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Inspired by the collective problem solving in the tech and design fields, the Solution Sprint uses a hackathon approach. Teams will be developed in advance, and each team...


Episode 147: 2018 Trends: Online Grocery Shopping with Gabriella Gershenson

Shopping online and in apps is convenient, but is it bad for the planet and local communities? On the one hand, delivery can be like public transportation for your groceries and be fuel efficient. On the other hand, the mountain of packaging required to ship perishables is a recycling nightmare. On this episode we talk with Gabriella Gershenson, (@gabiwrites) food writer and editor, about the best and the worst of online shopping, and pro tips on how to make your online shopping economical...


Episode 146: 2018 Trends: Artificial Intelligence with Ingest & Roberta's

Can artificial intelligence make Roberta’s Pizza better? Maybe. Today’s restaurants are running on data systems that are cobbled together from multiple third party platforms, creating a fragmented picture of business that’s not always up-do-the-minute. If your numbers are stale, you’re probably loosing money somewhere. Ingest (@ingestAI) aims to solve these issues by integrating all of a restaurant’s data systems, using AI for automated decision making. Does that mean you can make more dough...


Episode 145: Farm.One + Atera: The Hydroponic Farmer and the Nordic Chef

Is it possible for ingredients to have “terroir” if they’re grown in water? Does our definition of “local ingredients” change when the farm is across the hall from the kitchen? Find out from Rob Laing, CEO/Founder Farm.One and Ronny Emborg (@ronnyemborg), Executive Chef of Atera NYC. Started in 2016, Farm.One (@farmone) grows rare herbs, edible flowers, microgreens and other exotic produce year-round and pesticide-free, using hydroponics and LED lighting. There are two operations, the R&D...


Episode 144: The "No Show" Show

What do you do when your guest is a no show to the live broadcast? You improvise and do a show about the show. On this episode, Tech Bites (@TechBitesHRN) host Jennifer Leuzzi (@MmeSnack) and lead engineer/studio manager David Tatasciore talk about the genesis of the Tech Bites back in 2014. Hear how DJ Uptown Nikko (@uptownnikko) created the show's theme song "No Matta' CPU Track." This episode is sponsored by Brooklyn Botanic Garden (@brooklynbotanic).


Episode 143: Tech Gripes: Zia Green Chile Company & Seek

Technology is supposed to make business easier, more efficient and profitable - if you can figure it out. Most people start a food business because they have a great product - not because they know how to code and run a CRM program. On this episode of Tech Gripes (@TechBitesHRN) we look at the tech challenges of online retail. How do entrepreneurs build a robust brand and sales in this age of Insta-influencers and Amazon? Joining us in-studio are Nate Cotanch (@njcotanch), Founder of Zia...


Episode 142: Get Funded: iFundWomen + Rootastes

It takes a village to execute a successful fund-raising campaign, or at least a community of smart, generous and successful women. On this episode we look at iFundWomen (@ifundwomen) the crowd funding platform geared towards women-lead startups and small businesses. What makes iFundWomen different? Zeina Muna, in entrepreneur services at iFundWomen, says it’s the collective advice, time management skills, and the pay-it-forward fund. Rootastes (@rootastes) CEO and co-founder Mint Pattanan...


Episode 141: Get Funded: Pitch #2 with Charlie O'Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Calling all food tech start-ups looking for venture funding. On this episode of Tech Bites (@techbiteshrn), two start-up founders pitch Charlie O’Donnell (@CEONYC) of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and have the opportunity to hear his feedback and possibly get funded. Brooklyn Bridge Ventures (@BBVDOTVC) is the first Brooklyn-based venture capital fund, with $23 million dollars across two funds, investing in NYC-based companies. Matt Lebo, pitches Akua (@LifeAkua), a seaweed focused company that...


Episode 140: Greenease Farm-to-Table App with Bâtard Restaurant

How would you pick a restaurant for dinner if you’re interested in eating farm-raised, sustainable food? The app Greenease helps consumers discover restaurants and food retailers that source directly from local and/or sustainable farms. People can also search by unique criteria such as gluten-free, grass-fed meats, or sustainable seafood. 70% of consumers what to know where they food comes from. What do chefs and restaurateurs want from a marketing partnership? Find out on this episode of...


Episode 139: Harvest2Order: Micro Greens - Major Salads

Imagine cutting fresh, hydroponically grown micro greens onto your toast or salad, seconds before you eat it. Imagine how delicious and nutritious it would be to eat living food. This week, the dream becomes real. Harvest2Order (H2O) is the first US-based microgreen salad bar concept. The greens are hydroponically grown and harvested when you order a salad bowl or toast. H2O(@harvest2order) is the ultimate farm-to-table experience, creating a fresher fast-casual dinning experience focused on...