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A BBQ podcast hosted by Kevin Sandridge shares great stories related to BBQ and Grilling as told by the people who inspire them. Guests include competition BBQ pitmasters, food industry insiders, BBQ and grilling product manufacturers, and event promoters from the US and abroad. If you love BBQ and have an appreciation for live-fire cooking – this is the Barbecue podcast for you.

A BBQ podcast hosted by Kevin Sandridge shares great stories related to BBQ and Grilling as told by the people who inspire them. Guests include competition BBQ pitmasters, food industry insiders, BBQ and grilling product manufacturers, and event promoters from the US and abroad. If you love BBQ and have an appreciation for live-fire cooking – this is the Barbecue podcast for you.


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A BBQ podcast hosted by Kevin Sandridge shares great stories related to BBQ and Grilling as told by the people who inspire them. Guests include competition BBQ pitmasters, food industry insiders, BBQ and grilling product manufacturers, and event promoters from the US and abroad. If you love BBQ and have an appreciation for live-fire cooking – this is the Barbecue podcast for you.




Drew Davis of Razorracks BBQ on Winning Big with a Small Footprint

Talking with Drew Davis of Razorracks BBQ about how teams without big rigs, toy haulers, or trailers can still win big on the competition BBQ trail! Topics discussed include the importance of having the right mindset, tips for making the most out of your team’s competition dollars, and much more. More on Drew Davis and Razorracks BBQ: Razorracks BBQ WebsiteRazorracks BBQ on InstagramRazorracks BBQ on Facebook


Duce Raymond of Sweet Baby Ray's

In this episode, I talk with Duce Raymond of Sweet Baby Ray’s about the origins of the world’s most popular barbecue sauce. But we go way deeper than that. Duce shares the origins of the iconic Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce, but he also details how one very important lesson from his uncle, Dave Raymond, continues to drive the family’s successful restaurants and catering business forward. For more information, check out the following: BBQ Beat Podcast Website BBQ Beat Podcast - Instagram


Adrian Miller, Author of Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue

Winner of the 2022 James Beard Award for Research!!! Wow... It was my great pleasure to sit down for a chat with James Beard Book Award Author Adrian Miller to discuss his latest book, Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue. A true scholar, historian, and lover of smoked meats, Adrian and I talk about the contents of this text, along with the reasons he felt it needed to be written. It is my opinion that this is one of the most well-researched books on BBQ in the...


Ted Reader on Making it Tasty with Live Fire

No one embodies the spirit of crafting amazing food with live fire better than Canada's Chef Ted Reader. I can't thank Teddy enough for sitting down and allowing me to record this EPIC chat! Connect with Ted! Web: Instagram:


Chris Becker of

When it comes to BBQ pellets, you can't do any better than Their Perfect Mix and 100 Percent Hickory pellets are my go-to pellets and have been since before the company signed on as a sponsor of the show years ago. In this episode, I sit down with CookinPellets founder and head honcho Chris Becker, who started the company back in 2006 after finding the quality of pellets available on the market at that point lacking. Give this episode a listen. Whether you're on the road,...


Amy Mills talks BBQ Business and the Legacy of Mr. Mike

Talking with Amy Mills of 17th Street BBQ is always such a pleasure. In this episode, we cover the history of one of the most iconic BBQ brands... and families... in the world. We had a blast talking about the journey she and her Dad, Mr. Mike Mills, traveled together as well as what lies ahead for both the restaurant and their BBQ hospitality consulting business, Oncue Consulting.


2021 Hog Drop Champion John Lindsey

In this episode, I talk with John Lindsey of All Q'ued Up BBQ about his recent Grand Champion win at the 2021 Hog Drop held at the Jack's Old South compound in Unadilla, GA. John is part of the BBQ Champs Academy family, and aside from being a championship SCA steak cookoff professional, he's won his fair share on the professional barbecue circuit also. It was a great pleasure to talk with John.


Rusty and Anthony of the Pitmasters Podcast

Rusty Monson and Anthony Lujan host the Pitmasters Podcast... and they are on a mission to ignite the passion of cooks everywhere-from amateur to pro-to continue to exceed their own expectations on their journey to Master the Pit! Anyone who loves cooking with live fire and the fun and fellowship of BBQ should make the Pitmasters Podcast a must listen!


Montana Max on Food Sport and His BBQ Champs Academy Series

Montana Max (Max Nelson) joins us to discuss his food sport exploits. It's always a pleasure talking with people like Max who are passionate about what they do. Max comes to competing in food after a career as a professional musician. This transition makes a lot of sense as both ventures have him squarely in the spotlight in what others might see as high-pressure situations. Max has a brand new series of classes on offer over at BBQ Champs Academy featuring a wide range of backyard...


Protecting Knives in Style - Talking with Mick Kerkham of Maka Leathergoods

In this episode, I talk with Mick "Maka" Kerkham from Maka Leathergoods in Tasmania. His custom leather knife rolls are sought after by top chefs and BBQ pitmasters all over the world. Minutes into my interview with Maka, and you'll be locked to his way of storytelling... and boy, does he have a great story! Maka didn't learn to sew until he was 39. Now, at 51, the self-taught designer can't get enough of it: he spends his days in his back-garden shed in Sorell, 30 kilometers north-east of...


Talking Fire and Wine with Mary and Sean from Vindulge

Fire and wine make for amazing food pairings, a fact that's confirmed and celebrated in this conversation with Mary Cressler and Sean Martin of Mary's sommelier-level training and Sean's passion for cooking with live fire are evident in their recently released book, Fire + Wine: 75 Smoke-Infused Recipes from the Grill with Perfect Wine Pairings. I've known these two for some time, and you won't find a more gracious pair of hosts anywhere. Follow the adventures of Sean and...


John Scharbauer on 138 Years of Cattle Ranching, Progress, and Riding for the Brand

Few people speak to family traditions, hard work, loyalty, and taking care of your community like John Scharbauer of Scharbauer Cattle Ranch and Midland Meat Company. I put the phrase "Riding for the Brand" in this episode title because that's exactly what John, his family, and his staff do each and every day. Their Number 5 brand is more than an identifier of ownership. The brand stands for the 138 years of hard work and effort poured into the Midland, Amarillo, and surrounding areas of...


KCBS is Celebrating 35 Years and Wants You to Join the Fun

Celebrating 35 years of sanctioning World Class competition BBQ events across the globe is a big deal, and the Kansas City Barbeque Society wants you to join in the fun! KCBS CEO Emily Detweiler and Rick Wagner, KCBS Board President sit down with me for an information-packed discussion you do not want to miss! Topics covered include the organization's reaction to the pandemic, a renewed sense of fellowship and camaraderie among competitors, new developments regarding CBJ training, and the...


Talking with Chris Marks of Three Little Pigs

In this episode, I talk with 9-time World BBQ Champion Chris Marks of Three Little Pigs Rubs and Sauces. With a wealth of competition BBQ experience and knowledge dating back to the mid-1980s, Chris dishes out some great information here. Chris has won more than 50 national barbeque championships, and over 600 individual awards including the Jack Daniel’s World Championship BBQ Sauce Championship, and the Grand Daddy of them all the American Royal in Kansas City Grand Championship 8...


Talking with Jason Hardee About The Rufus Teague BBQ Throwdown

Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of The BBQ Beat Podcast, I’m your faithful host, Kevin Sandridge – bringing you great stories from the world of BBQ, grilling, and live-fire cooking as told by the people who live them. Today’s show features a great conversation I had with Jason Hardee of Elite BBQ Smokers out of Conway, SC. Jason shares some of his early BBQ memories, some life lessons, and his mission to share the love of Jesus Christ through his work hosting and attending...


Grilling Up Meat District Delights with Zack Phillips

We’re delving just a little bit into the world of BBQ and Grilling influencers – in this case as the topic pertains to a company called Meat District. Understanding the word influencer can sometimes be interchanged with ambassadors, people who companies ask or sometimes contract and pay to promote products or services. I’m sure I don’t need to go into any more detail about what influencers are, but it might be worth considering who they are. I talk with Zack Phillips, BBQ and Grilling...


Talking Traeger Grill Patent Litigation with BBQ Expert Derrick Riches

How much do you know about the business of BBQ? When I started out judging BBQ back in the early 2000s, it was pretty easy to get a handle on what companies made different grills and smokers. Today, it’s a bit more confusing, with mergers and buyouts clouding the ownership picture a bit for those who don’t do a little digging. And… I get it. You may care very little about the ownership structure or corporate-level decisions made by these companies. But sometimes, the stories that play out...

Duration:01:07:47 Randy Watson is Living his Best Live Fire Life

Grillmaster Randy Watson of is on FIRE!!! In this podcast episode, Randy talks about his early days in the Baton Rouge, LA bartending and fine dining hospitality industry and how he landed his dream job with Randy shares some insider tips on his favorite grills, including the very cool Nuke Hand-crafted Argentinian Grill line. I even get him to lay out his ultimate "blank check" outdoor kitchen design and share some of his favorite beef, poultry, and pork...


Always Hustling - Ray Sheehan on Crafting Flavors and Promoting Your BBQ Brand

With 20 years in the food business and a work ethic founded on the lessons learned on his Grandfather's farm, New Jersey native Ray Sheehan of BBQ Buddha knows what it takes to craft creative BBQ Flavors and promote a BBQ brand. The Secret Ingredient(s) to Ray's Success... Ray's story here covers lessons and key issues anyone serious about flavor creation and hard-won brand promotion needs to understand. I'd go so far as to say that you'd be flirting with disaster by not doing so. Connect...


Author Robert F. Moss on Barbecue, the History of an American Institution

Talking with Robert F. Moss, BBQ Editor for Southern Living Magazine on the tenth anniversary of his book Barbecue: The History of an American Institution. Now in its second edition, the 2020 version provides expanded information and gives us an even deeper understanding and appreciation for this uniquely American way of cooking. In addition to this book, Robert posts monthly editions of The 'Cue Sheet, which you can find here: More On This Episode: Further show...