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The Club: Turkey Punches

Somewhere halfway between Halloween and Christmas exists a underappreciated holiday that is often lost in the mix of festivities. No, I don’t mean Black Friday. It is somehow simultaneously the red-headed step child of the holiday season while simultaneously being everybody’s favorite holiday. In this episode, we gab about the gobbles, throw out some thanks, and discuss the most requested sandwich in the entire history of The Club. In this episode we give thanks for Thanksgiving as we...


The Club: Cannibalism

Tired of your pesky neighbors? Why not have them for dinner? In this spooky Halloween special, we talk about cannibalism hypothetical scenarios, our impending mortalities, and go on an adventure to save one of our hosts. Additionally, we will craft our deliciously original Sandwich of the Week. Warning: there are some graphic descriptions in this episode. Listen at your own risk! The post The Club: Cannibalism appeared first on Cherry Hunter Media.


The Club: Abominations

Not all sandwiches are created equal. We decided to kick off the spookiest month with an episode all about abominations! Distasteful disgraces, tasteless terrors, and all around obscene atrocities are discussed with disgust in this episode. We even play a fun game that you can play as you’re listening! Stay tuned to the end to hear our original (and absolutely not disgusting) spooky Sandwich of the Week. Don’t forget to rate if you enjoy our haunting tales. The post The Club: Abominations...


The Club: Arepas from Arepazo

In this episode, Lindsay and Turner interview Carlos Gutierrez, owner and founder of Arepazo in Columbus, OH. Arepazo is famous for its absolutely delicious South American cuisine… especially tasty Arepas. After immigrating from Venezuela, Carlos eventually landed in Columbus, OH and eventually became a renown food entrepreneur, opening several restaurants. Hear about his journey through arepas as we attempt to make some on our own. We also introduce our deliciously original sandwich of...


The Club: International Sandwiches

In this episode, Andrew, Lindsay, and Turner discuss the most delicious part about all nations: their tasty, tasty sandwiches. This episode features many “mini” interviews from people from around the world about the sandwiches their home countries have to offer. We will also introduce an original and delicious sandwich of the week! Which countries and which sandwiches will be discussed in this yummy spectacular? Well… you’re just going to have to listen. The post The Club: International...


The Club: Chips, Dips & Sips

In this episode, Andrew, Lindsay, and Turner dive into the things that turn our sandwiches into a meals: pairings. What should you pair your sandwiches with? We will discuss those side dishes that complete your favorite sandwiches, whether they are sides, dips, and our favorite drinks. This episode includes references to alcohol. Stay tuned until the end of the episode for our original sandwich of the week! For articles, show notes, and to support the club, visit us online at...


The Club: Just Desserts

In this episode, hosts Andrew, Lindsay, and Turner discuss the sweet side of sandwiches. We discuss those sweet treats that we love to eat! From the classic campfire treat to our favorite childhood diabetic abominations, we make woopie (pies) as we lay some sugar down. Stay tuned to the end when we introduce a delicious and original Sandwich of the Week that you cannot hear about anywhere else. Tune into our website,, for delicious pictures, recipes, and show...


The Club: Five Pillars

What exactly is a sandwich? In this podcast, hosts Andrew X. Hunter and Lindsay Cherry describe the five rules that consumables must follow to be considered sandwiches. These “Five Pillars of Sandwiches” are put to the test through trials of arguments, hilarity, and a healthy dose of puns. Stay tuned until the end to catch our original Sandwich of the Week presented by a special guest, Greg Green host of the Stories from Gotham City podcast. The post The Club: Five Pillars appeared first...


The Club: Space Butty

48 years ago today, on July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong took humanity’s first steps onto the moon. We honor this huge achievement by discussing intergalactic sandwiches! In this episode, we discuss smugglers, propulsion, humanity, cannibalism, survival, and we introduce our original Sandwich of the Week (presented by Martin Bauman from the Story Untold podcast). Be sure to take a look at our extra content in our show notes on our website. The post The Club: Space Butty appeared first on...


The Club: The Pursuit of Sandwiches

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Sandwiches. In this special Independence Day themed episode, Andrew, Lindsay, and Turner discuss the best thing that America has to offer: sandwiches! We discuss three regional sandwiches that truly showcase how diverse America’s cuisine has become. Which three sandwiches do we talk about? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out! Be sure to listen to the end to hear another original Sandwich of the Week. The post The Club: The Pursuit of Sandwiches...


The Club: Breakfast Nostalgia

Andrew, Lindsay, and guest host Turner discuss the meal so great that it frames our entire day: breakfast. We discuss gluttony, nostalgia, various holes, and we answer the most important breakfast sandwich related question. Which is better: biscuits, bagels, or croissants? We also introduce this week’s Sandwich of the Week, which is an original sandwich that you won’t hear about anywhere else. Feel free to follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook, or on our website at...


The Club: Sup Dogs?

Today on The Club: A Sandwich Podcast, we bite into one of the most controversial topics in the sandwich realm: Should hot dogs be considered sandwiches? In this episode, we talk about the history of hot dogs, talk about our favorites, and, of course, passionately debate our points of view. We will also introduce our tasty Sandwich of the Week. Please check out our show notes at for additional information, corrections, and the recipe (and pictures) of our Sandwich of...


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