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A podcast about food and drink in Madison, Wis., produced by The Capital Times and hosted by food writer Lindsay Christians and Chris Lay.

A podcast about food and drink in Madison, Wis., produced by The Capital Times and hosted by food writer Lindsay Christians and Chris Lay.


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A podcast about food and drink in Madison, Wis., produced by The Capital Times and hosted by food writer Lindsay Christians and Chris Lay.








Ahan finds a home

Back in February, Jamie Hoang and Chuckie Brown were cooking for cocktail-sipping crowds at their Robin Room pop-up, doling out mini veggie egg rolls at Femmestival and prepping to roll out a food cart for the summer. The pandemic changed their plans. This past weekend they opened Ahan at The Bur Oak at 2262 Winnebago St., serving takeout noodles, curry and riffs on crab rangoon. Today on the podcast, Hoang and Brown talk about the unexpected advantages to opening at this stage in the...


Starved for sports

Even for minor sports fans, a typical Madison summer might involve a random Brewers game with friends or a trip or two out to the Duck Blind for a Mallards game. This year, obviously, that's all been benched, with most ballparks and stadiums closed to fans for the foreseeable future. For Cap Times city editor Jason Joyce, it's a major loss. A former sports columnist for Isthmus and the announcer for the Madison Radicals ultimate Frisbee team, he’s really missing baseball. This week on the...


For your quarantine pleasure: The cream puff kerfuffle

The Wisconsin State Fair has joined a long list of events across the country canceled in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but there's one thing Cap Times opinion editor Jessie Opoien won't be missing among the lost festivities: cream puffs. This week on the Corner Table, we take a trip down memory lane to a simpler time, just a few months back, when Jessie found herself in hot water for publicly divulging her less-than-positive opinion of the signature Wisconsin State Fair dessert ﹘...


A recipe for change

Will Green started Mentoring Positives almost 16 years ago to help teens in the Darbo-Worthington neighborhood on Madison's east side learn some of the tools they need to be successful and, as he said, “basically be a good person.” Participants in the program get paid to help make and market Off the Block salsa and pizzas, which are sold around town. This week on the podcast, Will talks with Lindsay and Chris about his pizza struggles, the inspiration he draws from his late mom, and his...


Forage for your supper

With so many activities off limits due to the coronavirus, this summer practically demands that we get outdoors as often as possible in order to maintain our sanity ﹘ just so long as you've got your mask on and you're away from other people, of course. For those looking to step up their outdoor game, Andy Gricevich wants to help you learn to forage your own food. He runs What Got Gathered, where he sells foraged foods and leads walks where he teaches people to recognize the edible plants...


Bartender to the stars ... of this podcast

Before the pandemic hit, bartender Karlin Langley was working at Sardine, mixing Sazeracs and French 75s behind their pewter bar. Lately he’s been turning that energy toward home projects. He’s making mixers and even entirely new drinks, trying stuff out where there aren’t customers to please. Lindsay and Chris wanted to know what he could come up with using only ingredients that they had lying around at home, so they put his skills to the test on this week's show. Find the recipes for the...


Behind the scenes as restaurants reopen

A couple months ago, COVID closed restaurants everywhere. Dane County is now in the first phase of its reopening plan, but with masks and distancing, dining out is going to be weird for a while. To find out what restaurants are thinking as they decide how and when to reopen their dining rooms to the public, food editor Lindsay Christians and co-host Chris Lay called up Caitlin Suemnicht, the chief operating officer at Food Fight restaurant group. Also on the show: Why you should order your...


Cooking class goes virtual

Just before the pandemic hit, Mel Zastrow was preparing to teach her middle school students to cook the old-fashioned way, piled into a kitchen together. But the show, and the pound cake, must go on, so Mel, a teacher at Monona's MG21 charter school, took her cooking lessons online, producing and starring in "Mel Cooks," a Youtube show in which she demonstrates how to make her students' favorite dishes. On this week's podcast, she talks with Lindsay and Chris about learning to edit video and...


For your quarantine pleasure: Breakfast on a bun

What might make your quarantine mornings less painful and more delicious? Breakfast sandwiches. This week on The Corner Table, find some inspiration as we revisit our December 2019 interview with local "breakfast sandwich influencer" Patrick Logterman, who chronicles his breakfast adventures at Support the show:


Restaurant S.O.S. fund aims to "save our staff"

Restaurant people are helpers, the kind you go to when you need to feed volunteers or get a sponsor for your Little League team. So what happens when they need help? This week on the show, we hear from Teresa Pullara-Ouabel of Bunky’s catering and Kelly Hopkins of Kessenich's, whose "SOS" (Save Our Staff) GoFundMe campaign has raised over $40,000 to help furloughed restaurant workers pay their bills. Support the show:...


D'Vino does carry-out comfort

Just 12 days after the opening of D’Vino, a new wine and ciccheti bar in downtown Madison, the coronavirus pandemic forced it to close its doors. On this week's show, Lindsay and Chris talk with owner and chef Dino Maniaci about how he quickly shifted to selling comfort foods like meatball grinders and take-and-bake pastas, and why he's determined to keep going. Support the show:


Grocery workers become "essential"

The COVID-19 pandemic has given all of us a new appreciation for the workers who bag our groceries and keep the shelves stocked. On this week's show, Lindsay and Chris talk with two local grocery workers about how they're faring on these new frontlines and what shoppers can do to keep them safe. Support the show:


Make your beer into a bracket

For those pining for March Madness or just a good way to pass yet another evening at home, Kyle Nabilcy has a suggestion: Make your beer, or anything else, into a bracket. A longtime freelancer covering beer and food for the recently darkened Isthmus, Kyle talked with Lindsay and Chris about his epic beer collection and his "Cellar Sixteen" bracket. Support the show:


Farmers market indefinitely postponed

During any other year, farmers and vendors would pour onto the Capitol Square this Saturday for the first outdoor market of the Dane County Farmers Market season. But in light of the coronavirus, the state government has revoked permits for all uses of the square, so the market season is indefinitely postponed. On today's show, Lindsay and Chris get an update from market manager Sarah Elliot on the changes they're making and how people can support local farms until the market makes its...


Service industry seeks support

This week on the podcast, Lindsay and Chris talk with Brandon Brieske, who started the Madison Area Service Industry Support Facebook group to bring his fellow restaurant and bar workers together as they weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Support the show:


Knives out

A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife. Never put knives in the dishwasher. And if the garbage disposal is rattling, definitely turn it off before you stick your face over the drain. Those are just a few of the knife-keeping lessons Lindsay and Chris learned from chef and knife nerd Adam Haen, who joined them in the podcast studio last week to show them how it's done. Support the show:


Championship cheesemaking

On this week’s show, Lindsay and Chris sit down with master cheesemaker Steve Stettler of Decatur Dairy to find out what’s changed since his grandfather’s cheesemaking days, how he became the first master cheesemaker with a certification in cheese curds, and how he picks which chunk of cheese to enter in a world competition. Support the show:


Fairchild is on its way

Serious farm-to-table cooking can be tough: You might be drowning in strawberries one minute and stuck with just rutabaga for an entire month the next. This week on the Corner Table, L'Etoile alums Itaru Nagano and Andrew Kroeger explain why they're taking on that challenge at a restaurant of their own. Support the show:


Decadent desserts

Valentine's Day can be a complicated a holiday, and L'Etoile pastry chef Elizabeth Dahl is on its frontlines, preparing intricate desserts for that special night. On this Corner Table bonus episode, Dahl explains how she puts her art skills to use in the kitchen, how training as a savory chef has enhanced her pastries, and why she herself often doesn’t like sweets. Support the show:


Vegan and delicious

For chef Lauren Montelbano of Surya Cafe, accommodating dietary restrictions is a welcome challenge — she calls it her "personal Tetris." On this week's show, the chef explains how she started making vegan food, why she thinks healthy food can and should be delicious, and why some people get emotional when they come to Surya. Support the show: