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Join me on this journey to put fermentation into practice, create culture, and revive this lost art that connects all of us to our past cultures.

Join me on this journey to put fermentation into practice, create culture, and revive this lost art that connects all of us to our past cultures.
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Join me on this journey to put fermentation into practice, create culture, and revive this lost art that connects all of us to our past cultures.




Episode 24 – Tara Whitsitt of Fermentation on Wheels

Today I have on the show an interesting girl named Tara Whitsitt, whose mission it is to teach people across the country about fermentation and how she does that is she travels in a bus she’s called Fermentation on Wheels. She has a mobile fermentation lab that drives across the country and gives workshops on how … Continue reading


Episode 23 – Karen Ross of The Probiotic Jar

I have today on the line Karen Ross, who is the creator of The Probiotic Jar, to talk about health in general and the process of anaerobic fermentation using an air-lock instead of the old-school mason jar method that I’ve been using. I mention at the beginning of the show how there are things that … Continue reading


Episode 22 – Lisa Herndon of Lisa’s Counter Culture

Today on the show I welcome Lisa Herndon of Lisa’s Counter Culture. She loves fermented foods and her goal is to get people healthy using food as the main driver in her holistic approach to health and well being. Her tagline on her website is “Whole Food, Add a Twist of Probiotics, Gluten Gone”. She … Continue reading


Episode 21 – Listener Feedback for 1-23-2015

Today is all about you, yes you! It’s the listener feedback show with comments, questions, and just feedback from you, the audience on several different topics in fermentation. I enjoy getting emails and comments from all of you and I always reply one by one, but since this is a community, it’s nice to spread the … Continue reading


Episode 20 – Making Sourdough Starter & Recipe Ideas

Today I go over how to make a sourdough starter, sourdough bread, sourdough recipes, and general tips and tricks in helping you along in your sourdough adventure. At the beginning of the year I talked about some resolutions I’d like to go through this year and one was to get more into making sourdough bread. … Continue reading


Episode 19 – Healthy Ferments & Habits for the New Year

Welcome to the New Year and thanks so much for joining me back again at The Fermentation Podcast! We’re back in action and I have a feeling that this is going to be an amazing year, especially in the fermentation realm with fermented foods and beverages climbing the list of top food trends that are … Continue reading


Episode 18 – Jane Campbell of Fermenters Kitchen

Today I have the pleasure of having Jane Campbell on the show who is the founder of Fermenters Kitchen. It’s amazing to talk to someone who when you ask the question, “What would you like to ferment next that you haven’t tried?” actually gets stumped because there’s not much she hasn’t tried. In this episode, … Continue reading


Episode 17 – Melanie Hoffman of Pickle Me Too

I talked to Melanie Hoffman of the blog Pickle Me Too and what a great conversation we had on several different topics from how what you eat and drink can affect your gut health and how diets like the GAPS diet can actually help with things like autism. We go into many other things like … Continue reading


Episode 16 – How to Make Kombucha Tea & the SCOBY

Today I talk all about how to make kombucha tea, what kombucha tea is, and about what to do with a kombucha SCOBY and even how to make one yourself! If you’ve never tried kombucha, you’re missing out on an interesting flavor that will hit you by surprise with the first sip that you take. … Continue reading


Episode 15 – Thanksgiving Ideas & Recipes with Fermentation

It’s time to give thanks and that means Thanksgiving is close! I decided to put together an episode to give you some ideas on how to add fermentation, fermented foods, and fermented drinks into your Thanksgiving dinner. You might not think it, but Thanksgiving is actually a great time of the year for fermentation to … Continue reading


Episode 14 – Making Kefir & the Kefirko Kickstarter with Marko, Andrej, & Niko

For today's show, I have on the Kefirko team made up of Marko Borko, Andrej Glažar, and Niko Klanšek who created the Kefirko and currently has a Kickstarter running to get their product out into the market. The Kefirko helps making milk kefir and water kefir much easier without so much mess. Yes, you can make kefir the old-fashioned way, which involves strainers, jars, etc. or you can support a few people who are trying to make a better life for themselves and are also expanding the...


Episode 13 – Ladies Kelly Liston & Tamara Mannelly

Today I have on the show the Oh Lardy ladies Kelly Liston & Tamara Mannelly from their blog We cover quite a few different areas in fermentation from fermenting mushrooms, holiday ferments like cranberries and apple butter, essential oils, and then go through their book on fermentation, Oh Lardy's Guide to Fermenting Fruits & Vegetables. They had me cracking up and were such a pleasure to talk to. They're so full of information and they really just want to teach people all...


Episode 12 – How to Make Homemade Fermented Hot Sauce

Imagine making your own homemade fermented hot sauce with an explosion of flavor. In this episode I take you through how to make homemade hot sauce the old fashioned way without cooking and vinegar but with a salt brine. I've been making this hot sauce for years now and use it so much I actually have been putting it in wine bottles so that I never run out. There are so many different variations that you can do to this recipe that it should blow your mind! For the entire recipe listed out...


Episode 11 – Listener Feedback, Cashew Cheese, Mold, & Food Safety

Today I have an interesting mix of a show with a first time of listener feedback where I go over emails that people have written me and questions relating to fermentation or the show. I also remind everyone that just listens to the podcast and doesn't get out to the website, there's tons of pictures here! I go over in detail the recipe for a basic vegan fermented cashew cheese and the round the show off with some of the posts I've done recently on mold & food safety. If you haven't seen...


Episode 10 – Types of Salt, Brine Basics, and Weight Ratios in Fermentation

Today it's all about salt. It's just you and me and I talk about the many types of salt is available to you out there, some of the basics when it comes to making brines, and weight ratios you should know and keep in mind when you're making and following recipes. You would think that the topic of salt is a simple one but did you know there's added ingredients in most table salt? What does that do to your ferments and more importantly, are there any healthy salts that could give you a boost...


Episode 9 – Mark Campbell Ceramics on Fermentation Crocks, Pots, and Vessels

Mark Campbell who specializes in making artistic and unique ceramics joins us today to talk about his incredible fermentation crocks, fermentation pots, and vessels of all shapes and sizes and how he got involved in providing the fermentation community some of the most beautiful ceramics for making sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha, sourdough, and several other things. He's been making ceramics since he was in elementary school and in the past few years started making the fermentation crocks...


Episode 8 – Ariana Mullins on Fermented Foods, Drinks, and Living Abroad

Today I have with me special guest Ariana Mullins from the blog She’s an American writer, cook, explorer and photographer and shares her family's stories of challenge and adventure as expats in Europe, as well as inspiration for living a simple and meaningful life. She has a passion for restoring lost kitchen arts and loves to share her experiences in foraging, butchery, home brewing and anything new she can get her hands on in her English kitchen. I came across her blog...


Episode 7 – Being Vegan and Fermentation

Can you be vegan and also be involved in fermentation? I go into this and other topics on today's show. After living a vegan lifestyle for about 10 years now, I think I can talk to a few of the issues that people bring up all the time. I feel this is one of the best ways to live, but I also think that if you're living a sustainable lifestyle and you're not vegan, you could actually be doing more GOOD than the typical vegan idealist is. Also, if you ARE vegan (or vegetarian), have you truly...


Episode 6 – Permaculture and Fermentation

In today's show, I go into the subject of permaculture and what permaculture has to do with fermentation. I'm very passionate about permaculture and I think it's a system that should be included in every child's education since it's a system that helps you solve problems. It's basically a troubleshooting methodology that teaches you to observe and interact. To define it, permaculture is a design science that provides for all the needs of humanity, while at the same time benefits the...


Episode 5 – Getting Started in Fermentation

Today I want you to get started in fermentation with some simple ideas and fermentation recipes in several fermented foods categories. Everyone has to start somewhere, but just like the key to getting anywhere in life, the answer is that you have to start doing SOMETHING. The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step so take that first step! In this show I briefly go over things like pickles, sodas, and include recipes to things I started out with like sauerkraut and a no-knead bread...