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This podcast is meant for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, brewery owners and food truck owners.

This podcast is meant for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, brewery owners and food truck owners.
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This podcast is meant for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, brewery owners and food truck owners.






What to Consider With Your Product Label With Patrick Morin

Your product's packaging and label are not only important for brand recognition, but also for informing consumers. The are many things the FDA and other regulating bodies require you to have on your packaging and in specific places. Patrick Morin from Startup Food Biz joins the podcast to discuss what those things are that you need to have on your label and packaging.


Quick Tip: You Are an Artist

It's not uncommon for people to view designers as artists. However, there's a lot that we have in common with chefs, brewers, roasters, etc. In this Quick Tip episode Adam tells you why Avidity specializes in working with food industry clients and why you all should see yourselves as artists.


Opening a Brewery/Distillery/Winery with Joel Bierling

You've seen breweries. You've seen wineries. You've seen distilleries. But, have you seen a business which combines all of them? Joel Bierling, founder of Bier Distillery, is my guest on this episode. We cover a variety of topics surrounding opening a rare and unique business like his and what some of the advantages are.


Always Improving Your Restaurant as a Chef With Aaron Holt

On this episode of the podcast I have a very talented guest who was recently awarded Chef of the Year by the Iowa Restaurant Association. Aaron Holt is the executive chef at RoCA in Des Moines, which was named to the top 100 list of hottest restaurants in America by Open Table. Aaron shares some great advice about opening a restaurant, attracting new customers and developing a menu.


From Restaurant to Packaged Food Product with Tryg Siverson and Vanessa Phillips

Vanessa Phillips and Tryg Siverson are the founders of Feel Good Foods which is a frozen food company providing chef inspired meals made with fresh ingredients. They've been featured in various food industry publications and even appeared on Food Network's cooking competition show Chopped. Listen close and take notes as we discuss what the transition was like from restaurant to consumer packaged good and how they established themselves in the market.


A Not-So-Common Path to Opening a Restaurant

Some people grow up around restaurants. Some people become chefs at other restaurants before starting their own. My guests, Lesley and Brian Triplett started their business by making food at farmers markets before opening Dumpling Darling with a couple more stops along the way. In this episode we discuss what steps they took to reach each new level of their business on their way to opening two locations. If you're just considering starting a restaurant then you should definitely check out...


Overcoming the Struggles of a Food Industry Startup

Starting a business is not easy. There are a lot of hurdles along the path to success. Today’s guest is Rashaun Robinson, one of the founders of Billy Goat Ice Cream Company which makes ice cream from goats milk. We discuss how he’s managed to grow his business and what struggles they’ve come across along the way. Need a new logo? BluJaket:


Turning Your Home Brewing Into a Business

It’s not very often someone just up and decides they want to start a brewery. Most breweries start after someone or multiple someones have been brewing small batches of beer at home for fun and for friends. On this episode I talk with Marty Coatney who is a home brewer who is taking is passion from hobby to full fledged business.


Finding Your Voice on Social Media

Social media can be an affective marketing tool, but it can also hurt you if not used right. In this episode Aaron Steinmann from Brewhaus Media and Adam Feller from Avidity Creative share how you create a personality and a voice in your social media messaging in order to appear authentic and reach YOUR audience.

Quick Tip: Defining Your Target Audience

Your target audience is a navigation tool for your marketing and brand strategy. It's how you make your business grow in a predictable way. In this episode Adam gives 3 ways to define your target audience and why it's important that you know who to target.


Building a Franchise with Michael Mohammed and Randy Wyner from Chronic Tacos

Starting one restaurant is difficult. Growing it to a scalable franchise is a whole other challenge. CEO, Michael Mohammed, and Founder, Randy Wyner, of Chronic Tacos join the show to talk about what steps they took to grow from a few locations to over 60 in a short period of time. Things like systems and processes, culture and branding are a few of the topics we cover.


Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents and the Intellectual Property for Food Businesses

You've got a killer product and you want to start selling it. Be sure to have your legal bases covered to protect yourself. Chris Proskey from Brown Winick Attorneys at Law is a guest with a ton of great information. We discuss what things to be aware of as you're starting your business and what things you're entitled to as you start to build your brand. Gain an understanding of the differences of Copyrights vs. Trademarks and Registered Trademarks and when you need and don't need each of...


Quick Tip: Do It Yourself Food Photography

Hire a professional photographer when you can to take photos for your restaurant, food truck or brewery. When you can't afford to hire a professional there's some small tricks of the trade that you can use to get a good photo. In this Quick Tip episode I cover what those tips are that will give your food the perfect look.


Managing a Change in Your Restaurant or Brewery Brand

It's not uncommon to see breweries add food to their taproom or for restaurants to start brewing their own beer. What does this mean for your brand? Is it a good idea? How do you manage perceptions? Ryan Wheaton from the Branding Brews podcast joins the show to discuss how to handle new offerings. Get started with BluJaket here: Check out Avidity Creative here:


Growing a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Business From Scratch

When you’re just starting a business having never started one before there’s probably a lot of things you aren’t prepared for. Today on the show I have Todd Zenig from Zume Brewing Company. Zume brews, cans and distributes their own Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and we’re going to talk about what their brewing and canning process is like as well as how Todd goes about getting the product on shelves.


Selling Coffee Online With Nick Selman at Javaya

Selling products online is no easy task, especially when you’re new to the market and your product has a limited freshness period like coffee. As a guest on this episode I have Nick Selman, one of the founders of Javaya, which is an online marketplace for coffee roasters to get in front of customers who appreciate high quality craft coffee. We discuss the benefits and downfalls of selling online as well as give advice for being successful in selling online, whether it’s through your own site...


Marketing for the Oldest Brewery in the State

You can have the best beer around but if nobody knows about it then you don’t have a business. So on this episode I’ll be talking to a guest who’s job is to get her company’s beer into the hands of more people. Ashton Tenhouse is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at Front Street Brewery. We’ll cover things they regularly do that have worked for them as well as some things that weren’t quite as successful so you can take that information and put it to use with your own...


Startup Accelerators for Food Businesses with Union Kitchen

If you’re just starting your food business there’s a lot of things you probably don’t know or haven’t even thought about. Today I’m talking with three guests who have been part of Union Kitchen. Union Kitchen is an accelerator program for food businesses in Washington, DC that combines with resources for a commercial kitchen, distribution and grocery facilities. Today on the podcast we’re talking about how accelerators and the resources they provide take businesses to the next...


Building Your Drink Menu and Experience with Jared Giunta

Those who have already opened or managed a restaurant know that your drink menu can bring in a lot of revenue. Adam is joined by Jared Giunta, the beverage director at Proof, which was named the best restaurant in Iowa by Time magazine. He discusses what to watch for when building your own drink menu and how to conduct an experience for your customers. If you're ready to take your brand to the next level then check out


6 Tips for Marketing A New Beer with Aaron Steinmann

So often breweries miss out on a huge opportunity when releasing a new beer into their lineup. All of the work goes into creating a recipe and production and the marketing of said beer is overlooked. Aaron Steinmann from Brewhaus Media joins Adam Feller to provide 6 pieces of advice for making making the most of your beer launch. If you need help branding or promoting your new beer please reach out to Brewhaus Media or Avidity Creative for a quick chat. It will be well worth your time.