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This podcast is meant for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, brewery owners and food truck owners.

This podcast is meant for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, brewery owners and food truck owners.
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This podcast is meant for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, brewery owners and food truck owners.






Marketing for the Oldest Brewery in the State

You can have the best beer around but if nobody knows about it then you don’t have a business. So on this episode I’ll be talking to a guest who’s job is to get her company’s beer into the hands of more people. Ashton Tenhouse is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at Front Street Brewery. We’ll cover things they regularly do that have worked for them as well as some things that weren’t quite as successful so you can take that information and put it to use with your own...


Startup Accelerators for Food Businesses with Union Kitchen

If you’re just starting your food business there’s a lot of things you probably don’t know or haven’t even thought about. Today I’m talking with three guests who have been part of Union Kitchen. Union Kitchen is an accelerator program for food businesses in Washington, DC that combines with resources for a commercial kitchen, distribution and grocery facilities. Today on the podcast we’re talking about how accelerators and the resources they provide take businesses to the next...


Building Your Drink Menu and Experience with Jared Giunta

Those who have already opened or managed a restaurant know that your drink menu can bring in a lot of revenue. Adam is joined by Jared Giunta, the beverage director at Proof, which was named the best restaurant in Iowa by Time magazine. He discusses what to watch for when building your own drink menu and how to conduct an experience for your customers. If you're ready to take your brand to the next level then check out


6 Tips for Marketing A New Beer with Aaron Steinmann

So often breweries miss out on a huge opportunity when releasing a new beer into their lineup. All of the work goes into creating a recipe and production and the marketing of said beer is overlooked. Aaron Steinmann from Brewhaus Media joins Adam Feller to provide 6 pieces of advice for making making the most of your beer launch. If you need help branding or promoting your new beer please reach out to Brewhaus Media or Avidity Creative for a quick chat. It will be well worth your time.


From Passion Project to Full Time Coffee Roasting Company

Every thought about turning that hobby of yours into a full on business? Maybe it's beer or maybe it's coffee like my guest this week. Brian Gumm is the founder of Ross Street Roasting and he has some great insight into how he turned his passion for coffee into a full time roasting and retail business. Turning your own hobby into a full fledged business? First be sure to check out


Tracking Your Beer Production and Distribution

Guest John Jackovin from Fermented Labs shares advice for new brewers about things you should be tracking with your production and distribution to keep your books in line and run your operation smoothly. We talk about his app, Brewd, and how it helps brewers with tracking, production and quality control.


Quick Tip - 3 Restaurant and Brewery Branding Myths

Adam addresses 3 common myths about branding in the food industry. Isn't branding the same as advertising? Isn't branding expensive? Do I really need branding? These are all questions answered by the owner of Avidity Creative, a branding and design agency specializing in the food industry.


Interior Design for Restaurants with David Pilkenton

Part of building an experience that your customers will enjoy and remember is designing an environment that sets a tone. David Pilkenton of Draftsman Design is an interior designer who specializes in the restaurant industry. He has tons of advice for working with interior designers to turn your baby (restaurant) into an outstanding member of society. If you're considering opening a restaurant you'll want to have your brand game on lock. Avidity Creative has changed the game in restaurant...


Inside the Mind of a Food Reviewer with Karla Walsh

What is it like to write reviews of food you eat and get paid for it? Should restaurants inviting reviewers to their place? Is it ok to reach out to reviewers after a bad experience? Karla Walsh is full of insights after her experience as a food blogger, digital food editor for Better Homes & Gardens magazine, and the Datebook Diner for the Des Moines Register. Starting a restaurant? If so, you'll want to check out Avidity's Brand Serve™ process. We've simplified the branding process for...


Restaurant Investment and Brand Experience With Nate Kaeding

Former Iowa Hawkeyes and San Diego Chargers place kicker Nate Kaeding has moved from a career in football to investing in local restaurants and breweries. He provides some great insights for how to approach investors for your restaurant as well as the importance of the brand experience. May 14-20th is National Craft Beer Week and Avidity is celebrating by giving away a FREE logo design to one lucky brewery winner. Learn more and enter at


Sustaining Success in a Growing Craft Beer Industry

The Iowa craft beer scene has exploded in the last 15 years as the state now has nearly 100 craft breweries. Teresa Albert from Millstream Brewing Company is our guest this week. She tells us how her and her partners came to own a 35 year old brewery and how they continue their success as they to gain more and more competitors. We discuss how they determined who would manage what parts of the business, how they distribute and how important packaging is to them. May 14-20 is National Craft...


Where Restaurant Ideas Come From

How do you come up with ideas for a restaurant? Where do you get inspiration? What is it like to find space and open multiple restaurants? When is the right time? All of these questions are answered by guest of the pod, and part founder, of Full Court Press, a restaurant group in Des Moines, Iowa. Jeff Bruning tells us how they came up with the ideas for their iconic Des Moines establishments like Fong's Pizza, The Royal Mile, El Bait Shop, Miller High Life Lounge, The Iowa Taproom as...


Owning and Operating a Franchise Restaurant

If you're wondering what it's like to open and operate a franchise restaurant Cody Hopper has some great insights for you. Cody started his career as an Interim Manager for Chic-Fil-A where his job was to walk new franchisees through opening and establishing their restaurant. Recently Cody decided to open a Chic-Fil-A location of his own and he tells us what the day-to-day is like as well as how to become a franchisee.


How to Open Multiple Successful Restaurants with Paul Rottenberg

Founder of Orchestrate Hospitality in Des Moines, Paul Rottenberg joins the show with 30+ years of experience. We discuss their process for opening their highly successful restaurants, what makes for a good restaurant idea, franchising vs. duplicating, and what things to avoid when opening your restaurant. Orchestrate Hospitality manages a portfolio of 8 restaurants, a bakery cafe and an organic and specialty market. Avidity Creative is a branding and design agency specializing in the...


Going from Architect to Chef With Mark Steenhoek

Culinary Architect Mark Steenhoek discusses what his road to becoming a chef is like having left his career of 15+ years as an architect. He's got some great advice for making connections and ways to break into the culinary scene. If you're starting your own restaurant and want to have a great brand while spending less of your time creating it then go to


Canning and Distributing Your Beer with Clark Lewey from Toppling Goliath

Adam is Joined by Clark Lewey, founder of Toppling Goliath Brewing Co., and two of his best brewers. We talk about how the popular brewery got started, how they go about naming beers and how they built their production process for distributing canned and bottled beer. Check out To learn about Avidity's Brand Serve™ process go to Join our Facebook group of restaurant and brewery owners.


Quick Tip: Advice for Naming Your Restaurant or Brewery

If you're considering starting your own brewery, restaurant, food truck or cafe then you've probably thought a little about what to name it. In this episode I give you my advice and things to avoid when determining what to call your establishment. Need help with naming? Check out


Trends In Restaurant Branding With Adam Feller and Joseph Szala

In this episode Adam discusses current trends in restaurant and brewery branding and design with Joseph Szala, the creator of Grits and Grids, which is a website dedicated to the curation of great restaurant branding examples. Take in advice from these two experts on how to find your true brand message and what things to shy away from. They'll discuss current design trends, menu trends and advice, and much more. Check out to see what's been done and to gather...


Starting a Brewery With Dan Heiderscheit at Firetrucker

Business planning, property, equipment, recipes, testing, canning, distributing, promoting and more. All topics we cover with Dan Heiderscheit, the founder of Firetrucker Brewery in Ankeny, Iowa. Want to know what steps to take to start your brewery? This episode is just for you.


How to Use Food Bloggers For Your Restaurant or Brewery

Ever wonder how you get your brewery or restaurant on one of those "Top Ten Places to Eat" blogs? Nick Lucs is the founder of and has some great input for how you can use the reach food bloggers to promote your establishment. We cover topics like 'is it ok to contact bloggers first?' and 'what's the difference between a blogger and a critic?'.