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This podcast is meant for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, brewery owners and food truck owners.

This podcast is meant for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, brewery owners and food truck owners.
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This podcast is meant for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, brewery owners and food truck owners.






How to Open Multiple Successful Restaurants with Paul Rottenberg

Founder of Orchestrate Hospitality in Des Moines, Paul Rottenberg joins the show with 30+ years of experience. We discuss their process for opening their highly successful restaurants, what makes for a good restaurant idea, franchising vs. duplicating, and what things to avoid when opening your restaurant. Orchestrate Hospitality manages a portfolio of 8 restaurants, a bakery cafe and an organic and specialty market. Avidity Creative is a branding and design agency specializing in the food...


Going from Architect to Chef With Mark Steenhoek

Culinary Architect Mark Steenhoek discusses what his road to becoming a chef is like having left his career of 15+ years as an architect. He's got some great advice for making connections and ways to break into the culinary scene. If you're starting your own restaurant and want to have a great brand while spending less of your time creating it then go to


Canning and Distributing Your Beer with Clark Lewey from Toppling Goliath

Adam is Joined by Clark Lewey, founder of Toppling Goliath Brewing Co., and two of his best brewers. We talk about how the popular brewery got started, how they go about naming beers and how they built their production process for distributing canned and bottled beer. Check out To learn about Avidity's Brand Serve™ process go to Join our Facebook group of restaurant and brewery owners.


Quick Tip: Advice for Naming Your Restaurant or Brewery

If you're considering starting your own brewery, restaurant, food truck or cafe then you've probably thought a little about what to name it. In this episode I give you my advice and things to avoid when determining what to call your establishment. Need help with naming? Check out


Trends In Restaurant Branding With Adam Feller and Joseph Szala

In this episode Adam discusses current trends in restaurant and brewery branding and design with Joseph Szala, the creator of Grits and Grids, which is a website dedicated to the curation of great restaurant branding examples. Take in advice from these two experts on how to find your true brand message and what things to shy away from. They'll discuss current design trends, menu trends and advice, and much more. Check out to see what's been done and to gather...


Starting a Brewery With Dan Heiderscheit at Firetrucker

Business planning, property, equipment, recipes, testing, canning, distributing, promoting and more. All topics we cover with Dan Heiderscheit, the founder of Firetrucker Brewery in Ankeny, Iowa. Want to know what steps to take to start your brewery? This episode is just for you.


How to Use Food Bloggers For Your Restaurant or Brewery

Ever wonder how you get your brewery or restaurant on one of those "Top Ten Places to Eat" blogs? Nick Lucs is the founder of and has some great input for how you can use the reach food bloggers to promote your establishment. We cover topics like 'is it ok to contact bloggers first?' and 'what's the difference between a blogger and a critic?'.


Gain Customers With No Marketing Budget

I recently came across an interesting video with Jon Taffer, the host of a popular TV show, Bar Rescue. He was giving advice to a caller about how important it is to retain customers at a restaurant and how to attract customers and get them to come back. In this podcast I explain his idea and how to go about executing it. Here's the video in reference:


Quick Tip - 3 Tips To Improve Your Menu Experience

One of the most memorable and important parts of the customer experience at your restaurant is the menu. Is it easy to read and understand? Is it organized? Is it overwhelming and not appetizing? I've got three ideas you can implement right away that will improve the experience for your customers.


The Benefits of a Restaurant Group

This episode is packed full of advice from chefs John Ross and Todd Stein who discuss the benefits of starting a restaurant group using their B Hospitality Co. in Chicago as an example. Among hospitality groups we discuss topics like concepts and financing your restaurant. John Ross emerged onto the Chicago dining scene in 1997 taking a vital role as Director of Service in the opening of Michael Jordan’s fine dining restaurant One Sixty Blue, formally located in Chicago’s contemporary...


Social Media For Your Restaurant

Wondering how to build up your social media channels to fuel your restaurant, brewery or food truck? How do you gain followers? How do you handle complaints? Chris Corley, Christina Miller and Matt Keck from VML in Kansas City join as guests to discuss how they conquer social media with Wendy’s. It’s “Fresh, never frozen” awesomeness in this episode.


Quick Tip - More Social Media Followers

Facebook recently made an announcement of a change to their algorithm that will take attention away from business pages and provide more content from family and friends. How will this effect your restaurant's page and how can you gain more followers organically on all of your social pages? Find out in this episode.


Hiring Great Employees for Your Restaurant

What things should you be looking for when hiring for your restaurant? How do you handle under performing employees? What makes for a good head chef? Scott tells us his thoughts on these topics and more in part 2 of our conversation.


Choosing a Location and Theme for Your Restaurant

Looking to start a restaurant or add another one to your group? Location, location, location. Theme, theme, theme. Scott has experience in both of these areas and tells us how he goes about determining both.


Creating a Menu for Your Restaurant

One of the most important aspects of owning a restaurant is having your menu figured out. Chef Christopher Place gives us his advice on how to go about having the best menu, experience as well as other topics for expanding your restaurant.


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Are you a restaurateur wanting to take your business to the next level? This show will provide insights from award winning chef's talented business owners and other experts.


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