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Season 1 – #18 In pursuit of instant coffee

Coffee is having a great time. The UK has embraced cafe culture, and the coffee shop market continues to shock even the most optimistic of forecasters by growing significantly in value. Yet, instant coffee – controversial as it is – still dominates the sector. Instant is the largest coffee category accounting for around 70% of...


Season 1 – #17 Understanding social media: how Livia’s Kitchen conquered Instagram

Social media matters. Engaging with consumers on social platforms is essential, and should be treated like a long-term relationship. For food and drink businesses, Instagram is a popular choice in reaching fans. This episode, The Food Business speaks with Olivia Wollenberg, founder of Livia’s Kitchen, which has over 127,000 Instagram followers, about her Instagram success....


Season 1 – #16 The growth of craft beer

The small brewers relief scheme, introduced by Gordon Brown in 2002, has led to a boom in UK breweries. The number of breweries in the UK has now broken through the 2,000 barrier for the first time since the 1930s. We speak with Cocksure Brewery in Bristol about their journey from start-up to being a...


Season 1 – #15 The rise of the vegan

There’s an increasing demand for plant-based products. Amidst the sudden vegan and anti-meat type movements, supermarkets are launching new meat-free products and ranges, and flexitarians and vegans are enjoying more choice. We spoke with Paul Brown, the founder of BOL Foods, which produce veg pots, salad jars, super soups, and their newly launched dinner boxes,...


Season 1 – #14 Turkey farming: a vote for Christmas

It’s Christmas, and there isn’t a more Christmassy job than being a turkey farmer. 10 million turkeys are killed in the UK during this festive period, more than half of the overall number of turkeys killed every year. The Food Business visits Copas Traditional Turkeys, a family business based in Cookham, Berkshire, where they rear...


Season 1 – #13 Fighting food crime

Horsegate shook the industry to its core when news broke in early 2013. Five years on, and we look at what actually happened, what went wrong in the handling of the scandal, and the lessons that have been learnt. But we’re not out of the woods. Today the UK faces different issues. We find out...


Season 1 – #12 Success with Seaweed

According to a new report by Allied Market Research the global seaweed market was worth £3.2bn in 2017, and this is expected to grow to £7bn by 2024. Currently China dominates the seaweed market – the country produces 50 percent of the global seaweed production according to The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United...


Season 1 – #11 How to break into the China market

China is a booming market with a growing appetite for all things British. But for UK companies looking to do business in China, it comes with a headache of procedures and regulations. Future trading conditions with the EU remain unclear. We find out if it’s time UK-made food and drink companies consider the opportunities in...


Season 1 – #10 Success at the fair

More than 200 new food producers set up at Speciality and Fine Food Fair every September vying for attention from UK retailers. We look at some of the biggest trends in food and drink and show how that’s shaping innovation in the industry. GUESTS The Foraging Fox Ooh La La Confectionery O’Donnell’s Moonshine Squbes Growers...


Season 1 – #9 The future of food to go

What does it take to make it in the competitive “food to go” sector? With growth of 6.2% per annum forecast until 2022 analysts predict massive growth and therefore opportunity in this £17.4bn segment of the food industry. At this year’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair, The Food Business hosted a panel discussion for the...


Season 1 – #8 The secrets to mile high dining

Creating food and drink that is palatable when cruising at 30,000ft is a tricky business, and it comes down to science. In this episode we get to grips with the science on flavour at altitude, and look at what affects the taste of sky-high cuisine; we talk with the airlines to find out what they...


Season 1 – #7 Beyond the CO2 shortage: lessons for the food industry

One day there was CO2. The next day there wasn’t. This summer businesses in the food and drinks industries were left reeling when one of the most important components of their supply chain suddenly became unavailable. A perfect storm of conditions had hit the production of CO2 and left consumers unable to buy this essential...


Season 1 – #6 Worms: fantastic plastic destroyer

As the world embarks upon its crusade to tackle the blight of single use plastics, The Food Business examines an unlikely, yet highly promising new solution to the crisis. What if all plastics could be made to biodegrade under the right treatment conditions? Well this just might be possible. There is already a unique bioreactor...


Season 1 – #5 The Innovation Challenge

For this episode of The Food Business, producer Rhian Owen set her colleague Bernadette Ballantyne a challenge: to discover what innovations are driving the industry, find out how businesses are responding and look ahead to future trends. Accepting this mission Bernadette headed over to the Global Trends: driing innovation in the UK and international markets...


Season 1 – #4 How not to break the Gin craze

The gin market is booming, however you measure it. According to The Wine and Spirit Trade Association’s latest report things are on the up and up. In the past five years sales have doubled, revenue has doubled, exports have double, the number of distilleries has doubled and the number of brands has doubled. There are...


Season 1 – #3 Can you make a living selling cheese?

In this episode we ask if you can make a living just selling cheese. We visit cheese makers, chat to the Academy of Cheese, look at the impact of Brexit and meet with cheese mongers. We look at the state of the domestic market and the opportunities in export. The changes being seen in the...


Season 1 – #2 We try and understand the sugar tax

The Food Business looks at the UK’s soft drinks sugar tax, and whether a levy could be rolled out to cover products containing the highest levels of sugar – like chocolate and confectionary. We speak with a nutritionist at Coventry University; talk about Denmark’s failed “fat tax” with a professor at Copenhagen University on what...


Season 1 – #1 On the tea trend

In this very first episode of The Food Business we track the surging demand for tea, what is driving Generation I (iGen) to drink, experiment with and eat more tea. We visit a kombucha brew house in London, have afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason and fly to Berlin to try nitro tea. We also...