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Breaking the new year booze ban

Jane Peyton teaches us about the School of Booze and Mardi Roberts raises a glass to Ridgeview Wine Estate How are those resolutions going? Whether it’s eating healthier, exercising more, saving money, or committing to giving to charity – statistically its estimated that 80% of resolutions fail by the time you turn your calendar over to February. So, as we’re nearly at mid-January, we can safely say that around 40% of you have failed already. A popular resolution for many is to partake in...


Foodies thinking forward

Asma Khan, founder of Darjeeling Express, joins us to discuss her story and foodie trends of 2019 Chocolate? Expiring Turkey trimmings? Cheese? Crisps? What’s filling up the bins outside your property as we head into a brand new year with bleary eyes and a sincere fear of going to work? Don’t worry, we know that January is a horrible month and we want to make things a bit easier for you. Alas, we have the first FoodTalk podcast of 2019 here which is live and ready to be downloaded. For...


FoodTalk 2018 - the best bits

Well, well, well…what a year 2018 has been. Brexit has gone bonkers, the Prime Minister is under the cosh, a couple got married and are now expecting a child, football nearly came home and we sizzled in summer as the mercury rose above the levels of Spain. Have we missed anything? It has also been an incredibly yummy year too. We have had an awful amount of with The FoodTalk Show in partnership with Great British Chefs and, recently, the Speciality Magazine. We met new and interesting...


The story of William Chase

Catch our interview with William Chase, the man behind Tyrrells and Chase Distillery Fancy an early Christmas present? Go on then…don’t tell anybody – it’s probably bad luck if you believe all that stuff. We’ve got a very special interview to get you in the Christmas spirit nice and early. One of the perks of the job for Sue is that she gets to travel around the country meeting some fabulous foodies who all have a great story to tell. However, with that being said, the stories probably...


From Iceland with sweet treats

We chat with Imran Meza from The Jealous Life and Neil Nugent of Iceland Foods. Can we just ban any talk of Brexit now? It’s really dampening the festive spirit – we want to see The Grinch, Elf or A Miracle on 34 Street splashed across our screens, not the dour and dreary crew who work in those grandeur buildings of Westminster. To be fair, it’s a topic that stirs up some anger from our presenters. However, with two weeks until the guy in the red suit comes along, Sue, Ollie and Holly have...


Foodie adventures: from Cambridge to Japan

Andrew Chesters from Tazaki Foods and Ben Aveling of Radmore Farm Shops are today's guests Honesty hour…the noise of cardboard being popped and cracked filled the living rooms of homes across the UK on Saturday to mark the start of the advent period but, hands-up, who has eaten a little more than their fair share of windows so far? Shame on you. We do get it though. When you have something marked in your calendar for ages and ages, you just want it to happen already – how do you think we...


Getting to the root of good beer

Lotte Peplow joins us from the Brewing Association and Andrew Diprose talks us through RootWave It’s party offices start spilling merrily (in more than once sense of the word) into the pubs and clubs, it also marks the point where there’s no turning back on the dieting front. You won’t be this skinny again until at least the end of January when that ‘new year, new me’ regime starts to take shape. We fully endorse the idea of listening to this podcast with a large glass, tab or...


Jubelation & fighting allergies

This week we welcome Jesse Wilson of Jubel Beers and Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, an expert in sensitive eating The last seven days have been completely dominated by Brexit…cabinet this, no-deal that. One imagines that being an MP at Westminster has probably never been more exciting, even if the rest of us are sick of hearing about it. One of the rumours to come out of the whole saga is that we, the UK, could have a bit of a food crisis on our hands. Whichever side of the fence you sit...


Decisions, decisions, decisions

Dipna Anand from Dip In Brilliant joins us alongside Charlotte Downs of More Than Carrots Urgh, it’s unavoidable…Christmas. Decorations are in the stores, adverts are on the television and, if you scroll through your social media feed, you’ll see plenty of crazy people who have already done their shopping. People…it’s mid-November. Make the right decision. That’s right, rather than spending your most recent payslip on presents for others, we’re advocating that you spend it on yourself...


Pressing play on juicy foodie chat

Steve Kearns from Cawston Press pays us a visit and we also chat with Kevin Srithevan, founder of Früt There have been plenty of fireworks whizzing and popping around this week, and although Guy Fawkes night has passed, this podcast will have you doing cartwheels. That’s right…it may now be dark when you leave the office in the evening but we still strive to lighten your lives with a bit of FoodTalk. This week we’ve got a brand that you should all be quite familiar with. With the numbers...


Giving food waste the cold shoulder

In a food waste special, Michael Minch-Dixon joins us from Snact and Miles Hawley explains the role of Precipice Design Ollie is upset…he thinks people are lying to him. We’ve all heard the shocking stat that 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption is thrown away but, ever the one to jump into the mind of foodies, Ollie’s Great British Chefs research shows that we aren’t all sticking our hands up and admitting responsibility. Whether you are honest or not, there’s no denying that...


A brilliant breakfast bonanza

Breakfast heavyweights this week; we meet Liz Baker of Wilkins & Sons and Scott Davies from Hilltop Honey As producers of this show, we often take pleasure in arranging our recording days so that our presenters are drinking some sort of strong alcohol early in the morning. Maybe we’ve turned a new leaf now though, because we arranged a session which was quite breakfast themed…and this was recorded on a sunny London morning. Go us! It was good timing for Holly Shackleton, who joined for...


Special deliveries

Santiago Navarro introduces us to the fantastic Garçon Wines Special deliveries are the theme of our podcast this week. One impending special delivery hit the headlines this week. You might have successfully avoided the Royal Wedding volume two (sequels are always rubbish – sorry Prince Andrew), but it wasn’t safe to pop your head above the parapet. Royal baby coverage is even harder to avoid. That’s right, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been…busy…creating a new entry into the royal...


Takeaway Expo special

Catch all of our favourite interviews from the Takeaway Expo 2018 Did somebody say Takeaway? It’s only Thursday, but we’ve got the menu out one day early and we’re ready to enjoy a tasty special podcast from the Takeaway Expo. With Ollie Lloyd busy (probably dining at London’s fanciest establishments as per usual), Sue Nelson took a trip to London’s Excel Arena to hear from some of the most interesting companies who are advancing the world of food. Over the course of the next half hour,...


Thirsty Thursdays!

Oliver Bolton runs us through the brands that his Waterbomb company produce It’s dark by dinnertime, it’s dark when the alarm goes off, Halloween seems more pointless every year and, yep, Christmas bits are popping up everywhere. Hunker down guys, we’re in for a long winter. We’ve been spoilt by summer which makes it so much more difficult. Surely there’s a last hurrah though – we’re ready to push for it with some summery drinks. Poor Sue though, she reckoned herself to be a rose between...


Seaweed & spice

Dr Seaweed talks us through Weed & Wonderful while Trusha Patel discuss The Spice Sanctuary It all started with a story… the first few minutes of this podcast could easily be mistaken for an audiobook but, trust us, Sue’s true story about the French Soldiers in the Isle of Wight refusing to fight unless they’d had their garlic is relevant. Anyway, if the Brexit stories are to be believed, war and food could soon become commonplace! Sue’s story is a pre-curser to our conversation with Dr...


Wok a way to live

We welcome James Law from Longflint Drinks & meet Jeremy Pang who discusses his career and The School of Wok. It’s that super busy time of year for the food industry – the school holidays have ended and the trade exhibitions are coming thick and fast. We wouldn’t have it any other way though. After spending the last fortnight enjoying the action from the Speciality & Fine Food Fair, we are back in the comfort of our London studio and revert to our usual format and, oh what a shame, we’ve...


Speciality & Fine Food 2018 (part two)

On the menu this week is Natural Umber, The Wasabi Company, Fierce Botanics and Noveltea All good things must come to an end eventually, and it’s time for us to finish our coverage of the Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2018. As ever, we had a fantastic time perusing the 500+ stands & exhibitors, each with a story to tell and, more often than not, something tasty to get down our necks. The silver lining? It means we’ve got the second instalment of our special podcast to give to you. Wasabi,...


Speciality & Fine Food 2018 (part one)

On our first Speciality Show special we meet La Tua Pasta, O'Donnell Moonshine, La Mare Wine Estate, Dadima's and Fentimans. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…no, don’t worry, we aren’t joining the ridiculous Christmas hype like some of the supermarkets just yet. In fact, the Speciality & Fine Food Fair is the best date to watch out for in our diaries. We undertook our annual pilgrimage to Olympia, hoping to meet some weird & wonderful foodie producers for the first time. We weren’t...


Wonders in the waste

We are delighted to welcome Joanna Vierod of Rubies in the Rubble & Karen Cunningham from Generation Juices. It’s that time of year again. Nope, we aren’t talking about the nights starting to noticeably draw-in (they are though). Nope, we aren’t talking about the football season being back either. We’re talking about the foodie television show of the year – Great British Bake Off have announced their contestant line-up… Weeks of soggy bottoms, inedible dough, over-proving and under-baking...