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Episode 32: River and Terran Go To Queen Of Sheba

River and Terran visit Spokane's first Ethiopian Restaurant called the Queen of Sheba. The boys learn a few of Ethiopia's customs while at the restaurant and put them into practice while there. Here is what the boys had for dinner: 1) Beef Sambussa 2) Veggie Sambussa 3) Yatakilt Alicha 4) Tibs We'T 5) Bozena 6) Iyeb The boys try all of the food above and love it! Follow along to find out more about the owner and the desserts! Don't forget to visit our sponsor: Butcher Box to get...


Episode 31: Homemade Healthy Marshmallows With A Chocolate Fondue And Seasonal Eggnog

Terran and River get in the spirit of Christmas by making some desserts for their Christmas Eve Dinner.


Episode 30: Gingerbread House

River and Terran's Mom, Jessa, joins the boys on this episode to give tips on making a great gingerbread house. Listen to the step by step instructions on how to make a great gingerbread house. Check out the website for the full recipes.


Episode 29: Eataly in New York City

Terran and River went to eat at Eataly during their trip to New York City. While they were there, they checked out the different pasta stations, pizzas, cheeses, truffles and gelatos. The boys ate at the restaurant the night before, but decided to go back and do a podcast on it. Enjoy the Episode!!!


Episode 28: The Gut-Healing, Mood-Boosting Secret Recipe For Coconut Yogurt

Terran and River team up with their Father (Ben), a scientist, to make a special kind of Coconut Yogurt that has a number of health benefits. Ben found the recipe in a book by William Davis called Undoctored. The yogurt recipe uses a special strain of probiotic that is good for weight loss and it suppresses your appetite by keeping you more satiated. It also increases your skin collagen and health of your skin, hair and nails. It doubles the level of oxytocin, known as the love hormone,...


Episode 27: Pumpkin Donuts and Pumpkin Custard

Terran and River make some great Pumpkin donuts and Pumpkin Custard. The boys take you through the entire recipe. Listen to this episode in the kitchen to get in the Hallowe'en. The boys use some interesting ingredients to ensure you get your nutrients and protein. Enjoy the Dishes!!!


Episode 26: School Safe Roasted Garbanzo Beans and Bean Brownies

Schools are a nut-free environment these days as so many kids are highly allergic, which makes preparing snacks a little difficult. No need to worry though as Terran and River have a recipe for tasty snacks that are peanut free and healthy!!!


Episode 25: Back To School Recipes - Salmon Cakes, Chicken Salad and Lime Aioli

Terran and River decided to create three easy back to school lunches for any kid to enjoy. The boys make salmon cakes, chicken salad and lime aioli. The boys get descriptive in how they prepare each dish.


Episode 24: Terran and River Review The Inland Pacific Kitchen

Terran and River tryout a new restaurant with their Dad, Ben Greenfield, in Spokane, Washington called Inland Pacific Kitchen. They are served a tasting menu that included the following items. Wild Opal Plums and Heirloom Oxheart Carrots (Remoulade and Carrot Green Oil Chilled and Smoked Apricot Soup Eel Nordic Rye Bread Prom Tartar Conch Coho Salmon Wagyu Stone Fruit Chocolate Torte Check out more at the Go Greenfields' Website.


Episode 23: Apple Caramel Cinnamon Pizza and a Ricotta Hazelnut Honey Pizza

Terran and River create some delicious desert pizzas after given two pieces of caramel from the Caramel Kitchen located at the Night Market in Kendal Yards in Spokane, Washington. After learning of their food podcast, one of the market owners thought it would be great if the boys created something out of the pieces of caramel that they were given. 2 Dessert Pizzas were made: 1) Apple Caramel Cinnamon Pizza 2) Ricotta Hazelnut Honey Pizza Click here for the recipes


Episode 22 - Terran and River Create A Delicious Butternut Risotto Dish

Terran and River love eating risotto because they know that you can combine any type of ingredients with risotto and it will be delicious. The boys record today/s episode while creating a delicious butternut risotto. Don't forget to add Organifi's products to any and all of your recipes to ensure you are getting the right amount of protein in your nutrition plan (save 20% when you enter "GoGreenfields" all products).


Episode 21: Paleo-Ketogenic Fat Bread

Terran and River's Dad, Ben Greenfield, tells the boys about Dr. Sarah Myhill's recipe for a Paleo-Ketogenic Fat Bread that is delicious and great for people with restrictive diets. Check out Dr. Sarah Myhill's book: Sustainable Medicine Don't forget to add Organifi's products to any and all of your recipes to ensure you are getting the right amount of protein in your nutrition plan (save 20% when you enter "GoGreenfields" all products).


Episode 20: How To Make A Gluten Free Pastry Cream Torte

Terran and River take you through the steps to make a healthy torte. We all love tasty desserts, but they can be really unhealthy. However, this recipe will provide a tasty treat without the gluten. Add some Organifi protein to boost the health and provide more protein in your diet (save 20% when you enter "GoGreenfields" all products.


Episode 19: Terran and River Teach You How To Make A Lime Vinaigrette

Terran and River teach you how to make a Lime Vinaigrette so you can put it on a number of different salads or salmon. They also have some other suggestions on the types of dishes that you could put on the Lime Vinaigrette to add a tasty accent to the dish. Listen to the episode so that you can follow along and make your own Lime Vinaigrette.


Episode 18: Celebrating Cinco De Mayo Mexican Pork Ribs in Adobo

It's Cinco De Mayo so Terran and River spend some quality time with their parents to cook up a festive recipe of Mexican Pork Ribs in Adobo sauce. The Greenfield family go into great detail as they go through the recipe to create this themed recipe.


Episode 17: Flying Goat Pizza Review

Terran and River visit the Flying Goat Pizza Place in their hometown of Spokane, Washington. The boys start the episode with reviewing the menu and talk about the menu items that looked the most appetizing to them. The Waikiki pizza and the Kerry-Lynn Margarita pizza looked appetizing to the boys. The boys ended up ordering the Flying Goat's Most Popular Pizza called the Dalton Pizza: honey apple bbq sauce, house cheese blend, pulled pork, caramelized onion and coleslaw. And the Special...


Episode 16: Terran Bakes Some Sweet and Savoury Lemon Bars For A Delicious Treat

Terran loves to bake. Today Terran is baking lemon bars and take you through the recipe step by step so that you can also enjoy the sweet and savoury lemon bars packed full of different flavours. You know what goes well with Lemon Bars? Organifi juices that's what! Head on over to over sponsor so the boys can treat you to 20% when you type "gogreenfields" at checkout!


Episode 15: Terran and River Eat At the Mission Heirloom Test Kitchen - Part 2

After the tour of Mission Heirloom Test Kitchen in Part 1, Terran and River eat at the Cafe. The boys get to try all of the tasty foods that have been successful over the 3 years of the Test Kitchen's existence. The entire family partake in a mini feast to try a bunch of different foods in the kitchen. The boys try chocolate mint, Australian Strawberries and Passion Fruit.


Episode 14: Terran and River Get A Tour Of Mission Heirloom Test Kitchen - Part 1

Terran and River are visiting Mission Heirloom today to discover the different types of foods created at the test kitchen that are designed to meet various dietary requirements. The Great people at Mission Heirloom show the boys how they prep the kitchen including purifying the air, water and vacuum sealers to ensure that the food stays fresh. Take a listen to the steps it takes to ensure kitchens can serve organic food without chemicals and preservatives for a healthy meat.


Episode 13: China Live

Terran and River explore Chinatown in San Francisco to discover new foods and teas at China Live, in the marketplace. The boys learn about Chinese culture, geography and of course FOOD as they combine various herbs, sauces and spices on a stir fry and try various teas. Check out the show notes on for some of our favorite plant foraging books