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Episode 17: Flying Goat Pizza Review

Terran and River visit the Flying Goat Pizza Place in their hometown of Spokane, Washington. The boys start the episode with reviewing the menu and talk about the menu items that looked the most appetizing to them. The Waikiki pizza and the Kerry-Lynn Margarita pizza looked appetizing to the boys. The boys ended up ordering the Flying Goat's Most Popular Pizza called the Dalton Pizza: honey apple bbq sauce, house cheese blend, pulled pork, caramelized onion and coleslaw. And the Special...


Episode 16: Terran and River Bake Some Sweet and Savoury Lemon Bars For A Delicious Treat

Terran and River love to bake. Today they are baking lemon bars and take you through the recipe step by step so that you can also enjoy the sweet and savoury lemon bars packed full of different flavours. You know what goes well with Lemon Bars? Organifi juices that's what! Head on over to over sponsor so the boys can treat you to 20% when you type "gogreenfields" at checkout!


Episode 15: Terran and River Eat At the Mission Heirloom Test Kitchen - Part 2

After the tour of Mission Heirloom Test Kitchen in Part 1, Terran and River eat at the Cafe. The boys get to try all of the tasty foods that have been successful over the 3 years of the Test Kitchen's existence. The entire family partake in a mini feast to try a bunch of different foods in the kitchen. The boys try chocolate mint, Australian Strawberries and Passion Fruit.


Episode 14: Terran and River Get A Tour Of Mission Heirloom Test Kitchen - Part 1

Terran and River are visiting Mission Heirloom today to discover the different types of foods created at the test kitchen that are designed to meet various dietary requirements. The Great people at Mission Heirloom show the boys how they prep the kitchen including purifying the air, water and vacuum sealers to ensure that the food stays fresh. Take a listen to the steps it takes to ensure kitchens can serve organic food without chemicals and preservatives for a healthy meat.


Episode 13: China Live

Terran and River explore Chinatown in San Francisco to discover new foods and teas at China Live, in the marketplace. The boys learn about Chinese culture, geography and of course FOOD as they combine various herbs, sauces and spices on a stir fry and try various teas. Check out the show notes on for some of our favorite plant foraging books


Episode 12 Plant Foraging

Join River and Terran as they hike into the wilderness around their home to forage for edible plants. You'd be suprised how many healthy plants are just outside your door. Of course, be careful to know what the plant is before you eat it. Check out the show notes on for some of our favorite plant foraging books!


EP 11 Terran and River Make Organifi High Protein Vanilla Waffles

Terran and River are making breakfast for themselves and their Dad. On the menu are waffles using Organifi's Vanilla Protein for a powerful breakfast. If you want to make the same waffles for your family make sure you use Organifi's Vanilla Protein. The boys want to make sure you take advantage of their deal, so type "gogreenfields" at checkout for 20% off.


Ep 10 Wild Tea So Easy a Nine Year Old Can Brew It!

This easy-to-make tea is ready in one hour and is full of great health benefits. For those that live in the cold regions where you'll find Birch trees, this is just for you! Don't miss our sponsor either! You'll love the Red and Green Juice from Organifi. Seriously the best tasting stuff! Use "gogreenfields" at checkout to save 20%


Episode 8 Spiced Banana Non-Oatmeal

It's the not-so-oat, better than oatmeal dish and River and Terran talk you through how to make this from beginning to end. Feel free to change it up and let us know over at!


Episode 7 - River and Terran Make High-Fat, Low-Carbohydrate, Delicious Ice Cream

Join in as River and Terran make this easy, high-fat, low-carb delicious chocolate ice cream. Have your favorite fresh fruit at the ready for toppings!


Episode 6: River and Terran Make *gasp* Healthy for You Doughnuts

So tasty, so healthy and so good for your joints, your body, your muscles and more. The recipe, videos, and photos at, along with restaurant reviews and plenty of other tasty tips.


River and Terran's delicious Raw Vegan Lemon Lavender Cheesecake!

Join River and Terran in the kitchen while they make a yummy Raw Vegan Lemon Lavender Cheesecake! They got their inspiration from this recipe by the Unconventional Baker but added a fun twist to it.


Episode 4: River and Terran Visit Wild Sage Bistro In Spokane And Report On Their Experience

River and Terran give Wild Sage Bistro a 9.5 rating on their most recent visit. Find out why they did so! Listen to their review of their favorite entrees, mouth-watering fries, along with their staple drinks. Join them while they have fun showing you around the Wild Sage Bistro in Spokane.


Episode 3: River and Terran Reports On Their Japanese Cuisine Experience In Coeur d'Alene

River and Terran eat at Coeur d'Alene's finest sushi restaurant, Syringa Sushi. They report on appetizers, their favorite sushi rolls, and desserts. Listen in to see how Syringa Sushi fairs on a scale of one to ten, and to learn about some of River and Terran's quaint cuisine delights! Listen to their fun experience at the Syringa Japanase Cafe and Sushi Bar out in Coeur d'Alene. To access photos, visit:


Episode 2: River and Terran Rode Their Bikes To The Wandering Table in Spokane!

For the second episode of their podcast, River and Terran Greenfield rode their bikes to the West Summit Parkway to have a taste of what The Wandering Table has to offer. Listen to this episode, recorded straight from The Wandering Table in Spokane. To access photos, visit:


Episode 1: River & Terran's Report On Their Delectable Experience At Veraci Pizza In Spokane!

River and Terran Greenfield, twin 9 year old brothers and sons of Ben and Jessa Greenfield, are launching their own food podcast called "Go Greenfields", in which they travel to restaurants both near and far, prepare special recipes in our own kitchen, and inspire the world's children and adults to eat healthy, explore cuisine, and entertain their palates. You can listen to their very first pilot episode right here, recorded straight from Veraci Pizza in Spokane. What do you think? Leave...


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