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Please contact with any questions or concerns. -Eric Kozlik

Please contact with any questions or concerns. -Eric Kozlik
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Please contact with any questions or concerns. -Eric Kozlik




Episode 067 - Fuckin Cocktails

In this episode, we chat with Emily Farris of The Boozy Bungalow - a cocktail, recipe sharing, and DIY crafts blog. Some of the topics we discuss include: HowThe Boozy Bungalowbrings a shot humor and reality to the recipe sharing and lifestyle blogosphere and the overly-precious Instagram landscape.Why Emily sometimes enjoys using low brow ingredients in her cocktail creations, and why she doesn’t care what the cocktail snobs of the world think.Some notes on the burgeoning Kansas City...


Episode 066 - Bone Broth Cocktails

In this episode, we talk with Brainy Belly founder Janalee Redmond about bone broth and how to use it in cocktails. Some of the things we cover include: How bone broth is made, and what separates an excellent bone broth from a mediocre one.The difference between collagen and gelatin, and how these foundational compounds play an important role in the healthy body.How to think about and use bone broth in both cold and hot cocktailsWhat Janalee is doing in the cutthroat world of bone broth...


Episode 065 - The Cork Episode

In this Bar Cart Foundations episode, we talk about the history and science of cork and cork products. Some of the topics we discuss include: The history of cork and how it’s produceThe four main types of bottle closures you’ll encounter in wine and spirits today.A few tips on how to identify and avoid a common flaw called “cork taint” in your wine and spirits.Tips for opening corks (or rescuing broken corks) like a boss.


Episode 064 - New York Cocktails

In this episode, we hang out with New York cocktail author Amanda Schuster, who demystifies the mixological evolution and influence that makes NYC such an important cocktail locus in the United States.


Episode 063 - Book Review: By The Smoke and the Smell

In this episode, we give you some updates about upcoming product releases, catch up with Modern Bar Cart co-founder Ethan Hall, and offer an in-depth book review of Thad Vogler's book, By the Smoke & the Smell.


Episode 062 - Eau de Vie: The Water of Life

In this Bar Cart Foundations episode, we answer a listener-submitted question about the difference between brandy and eau de vie. Everything you need to know about eaux de vie from around the world, including a detailed inventory about what these special spirits are called in their various countries of origin.


Episode 061 - The Mead Episode

In this interview with James Boicourt and Hillary Harris, some of the topics we discuss include: The most common varieties of mead you’ll come across, from the renaissance faire to your local supermarketHow Charm City Meadworks grew from a kitchen countertop operation to one of America’s biggest and fastest growing mead producers.A few ways you might begin incorporating mead into your home bartending pursuits.Tips and resources for home mead-making and beekeeping.A few notes on how we can...


Episode 060 - The Gin Dictionary

In this episode, we pull up a mic with gin expert David T. Smith, author of The Gin Dictionary. In this interview, some of the topics we cover include: The fascinating world of spirits judging and awards - essentially, all those cool medals your favorite distillers keep winning.How David fell in love with gin, and became the author of this gin-driven reference guide.A stroll through the most common botanicals used to make gin around the world.Some discussion of different gin styles, both...


Episode 059 - Drinkonomics 101

In this episode, we chat with Brian McGahey of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group (NRG) about how bars develop and price their cocktails. Some of the specific topics Brian and I discuss in this interview include: What you’re actually paying for when you go out to a nice bar or restaurantHow a bar prices out their cocktails and creates a balanced and profitable beverage programThe ways in which a cocktail menu is like a resume for a bar, and how to read that resume to determine the potential...


Episode 058 - Summer Cup & Sangria

In this Bar Cart Foundations episode, we delve deep into the history and execution of two low-ABV giants: Summer Cup & Sangria. Some of the topics we discuss include:


Episode 057 - The Madeira Episode

This episode is an interview with sommelier and Madeira expert Michael Scaffidi. Some of the things we discuss in this wide-ranging conversation include: How Michael changed his career aspirations from music mogul to wine expert, which led him to become a sommelier at some of the most influential restaurants in the country.Why Madeira has such a special place in the world of fortified wines - including stories about 300-year-old bottles, burning islands, and eye-patch-wearing explorers.The...


Episode 056 - A Short History of Drunkenness

In this episode, we interview author and etymologist Mark Forsyth on why and how people have been getting drunk from the very beginning of human history. Some of the things we discuss include: Why Hitler is partially responsible for spam emailOne important reason why you shouldn’t challenge a Malaysian Tree Shrew to a drinking competitionWhy the “drunken monkey hypothesis” explains a lot about how and why people drink the way they do.The difference between wet and dry culturesOne...


Episode 055 - The Shochu Episode

In this episode, we talk with Taka Amano of New American Spirits and producer of Umai! Shochu. Some of the topics we cover include: How Taka used his experience traveling and working within the Japanese biotech space to become an ambassador for Shochu here in the US.Shochu base grains and production methods, including the use of...ASPERGILLUS...that’s right. Black mold.The history of Shochu distillation in Japan, including how it’s becoming one of the most popular spirits on the market...


Episode 054 - Cocktails on the Move

In this episode, we chat with Modern Bar Cart co-founder Ethan Hall about how to get your cocktail on when you're not at home or at the bar. Some of the things we discuss include: Cocktails on trains and planesFlasked and batched cocktailsA rundown of my mobile cocktail command center to give you some ideas about the tools we use to make drinks when we take Modern Bar Cart on the road at events.How to condense your liquor collection when you’re about to make a large-scale or permanent...


Episode 053 - Homemade Syrups

In this episode, we take a deep dive into homemade cocktail syrups, teaching you everything you need to know to make your own delicious cocktail mixers. We discuss:


Episode 052 - Sherry

In this episode, we pull up a chair in The Petworth Citizen and Reading Room to interview bartender and Sherry buff Chantal Tseng. Some of the topics we cover include: The popular types of sherry, and what sets them apart from one anotherThe production methods and terroir unique to the sherry producing communities in southern SpainSherry vocab terms en espanol, as well as a quick crash course in the shorthand that sherry producers and blenders write on their barrelsThe best Sherry...


Episode 051 - Bourbon (Part II)

In this second episode of our two part chat with Bourbon aficionado Jordan Wicker of the Speaking Easy Podcast, we sample five very different bourbons and discuss some great bourbon cocktails to try at home.


Episode 050 - Bourbon (Part I)

In this Episode, we talk Bourbon with Jordan Wicker of the Speaking Easy Podcast.


Episode 049 - Cocktail Architecture

In this episode, we chat with illustrator and architect Melissa Wood about her iconic recipe book, The Architecture of the Cocktail.


Episode 048 - Beer Cocktails (AKA "Beertails")

In this episode, we chat with cocktail author and beertail expert Jon Yeager, who runs a Nashville-based beverage consulting company alongside his wife Lindsay. The two have co-authored the upcoming book, The Ultimate Guide to Beer Cocktails, forthcoming from Skyhorse Publishing. In this episode, we discuss: The vast sweep of beer history, zooming in and out to identify key moments in the development of the beer cocktail.Where and how these concoctions came about, with special focus on...