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Drink Responsibly, Experiment Boldly. A cocktail podcast helping home bartenders and industry professionals make better drinks.

Drink Responsibly, Experiment Boldly. A cocktail podcast helping home bartenders and industry professionals make better drinks.
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Drink Responsibly, Experiment Boldly. A cocktail podcast helping home bartenders and industry professionals make better drinks.








Episode 111 - Why is Moonshine Illegal?

In this episode, we answer user submitted questions about spirits and cocktails. Specifically, the topics we cover include: Submit your mailbag questions to, and maybe your query will be featured on a future mailbag episode!


Episode 110 - Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails

In this fun chat with author and bartender Shannon Mustipher, some of the topics we discuss include: How Shannon shifted her passion for art from the canvas to the barWhat cocktails and great coffee and lattes have in commonWhat it looks like to go from designing a simple brunch menu to an entire cocktail program featuring over 50 rumsThe discipline, sacrifice, and passion required to assemble a book that contributes meaningfully to the Tiki discussionHow to think about Tiki as a “modern”...


Episode 109 - Saint Benevolence Rum

In this inspiring conversation with Chase Babcock of Saint Benevolence Rum, some of the topics we explore include: How Chase’s childhood visits to Haiti - the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere - inspired him to create a rum brand that could enhance and catalyze the great charitable work his father began doing in Haiti back in the early 2000s.What it takes to source and import rum that tells a story and inspires bartenders to make great cocktails.The legacy that Clairin has in Haiti...


Episode 108 - Tales of the Cocktail 2019

In this episode, we chat with Ethan Hall, Russell Garing, and Eric Holtzman of the Modern Bar Cart Team to learn about their first-time experiences at Tales of the Cocktail, a yearly hospitality industry summit centered around mixed drinks. Some of the topics we discuss include:


Episode 107 - Sazerac Attack

In this episode, we take a comprehensive look at the New Orleans inspired Sazerac cocktail and delve deep into the institution that is Tales of the Cocktail.


Episode 106 - Mastering Garnish Prep

In this episode, we give you a comprehensive breakdown on how to approach and prepare garnishes of the citrus variety and beyond.


Episode 105 - The Tequila Dictionary

In this episode, we chat with author and spirits judge Eric Zandona about his new book, The Tequila Dictionary. Some of the subjects we discuss in this interview include: What it’s like to create a reference book (like a dictionary or encyclopedia) in the spirits world, and howThe Tequila Dictionarycan be used as a tool by agave enthusiasts.How tequila and mezcal are different. We give you the big-picture overview, and then look into some historical trends and trace these spirits back...


Episode 104 - Bespoke Bitters

In this episode, we focus on bitters - bitter cocktails, and more importantly, two new bespoke cocktail bitters flavors we developed for our friends over at Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. and Sagamore Spirit Distillery. Some of the things we discuss include:


Episode 103 - Rant: "Mocktail" is not a Dirty Word

­ When it was first brought to our attention that the word “mocktail” might be somehow bad or offensive, we was taken completely off-balance because, to us, it had always been a useful way to identify – on a cocktail menu – that a certain drink or category of drinks did not contain alcohol, but functioned (in a manner of speaking) as if they did. In this episode, we set out to investigate this issue to the fullest of our capabilities. This audio essay (and the embedded rant it contains for...


Epiosde 102 - Not Tequila

In this episode, we chat with RB Wolfensberger, head distiller at Gray Wolf Craft Distilling, about his new American Agave Spirit: Lobo. Some of the topics we discus include: How his new American agave spirit - called “Lobo” - fits in with the other products in the Gray Wolf portfolio, which we taste and nose as we go.The differences between using an agave heart or “pina” vs. using an agave nectar as the base for a distilled spirit.Why barrel aging agave spirits is traditionally very...


Episode 101 - Pechuga-palooza

In this flavorful conversation with Max Lentz and Eli Breitburg-Smith of the Baltimore Spirits Company, some of the things we discuss include: During this episode, we sample through Baltimore Spirits Company’s smoked apple brandy and their limited release pechuga-style version, featuring local persimmons, black walnuts and paw-paws. We also nose and taste their three amaro offerings: Szechuan, Coffee, and Fernet.


Episode 100 - State of the Cocktail Union

What’s shakin, cocktail fans? Welcome to the official 100th episode of The Modern Bar Cart Podcast! That’s right - 100 episodes. A HUGE milestone, to be sure! We are so incredibly grateful for all the great guests we’ve had on over the past two years, and I want to be the first to tell you that we’re just getting started. Now that we’re officially in the triple digits, we thought it might be nice for us to take a little step back and look out at the “State of the Union,” so to speak, for...


Episode 099 - Bursting Bubbles

In this episode, we take a deep dive into all things carbonated and watery. Some of the things we discuss include:


Episode 098 - Don't Sleep on Kings

In this episode, we hang out with bartender Zac Hoffman and focus in on cocktail competitions and the craft bartender experience. What does it take to become a real bartender, how do you deploy those skills to build a career, and what’s it like going head-to-head with other skilled mixologists to create a cocktail that rises above the rest? Some of the specific topics we discuss with Zac include: How he steered his chef-driven career, kicked off at the Culinary Institute of America, to...


Episode 097 - Solera Aged Rum

This time around, we chat with Andy Keller, head distiller for Blackwater Distilling, Maryland’s oldest currently operating craft distillery. We examine one of the really unique and ambitious projects they began just a couple years ago: aging some of their product in a solera system. Some of the things we discuss include: What a solera is, and how it’s used to add both consistency and complexity to a spirit.A tasting of Blackwater’s flagship products, including the first batch of their...


Episode 096 - Battlefield to Glass Spirits

In this episode, we interview distiller Yianni Barakos of Mason Dixon Distillery in Gettysburg, PA. Some of the things that we discuss include: How a napkin sketch, a home distilling fire, and a serious accident led Yianni to pursue a career in distilling sooner than he had anticipated.What Mason Dixon Distillery is doing to introduce folks in central Pennsylvania to incredible craft spirits and a wide variety of bold flavors in their German beer hall-inspired pub.How Yianni was awarded a...


Episode 095 - CBD Cocktails

In this dank, hemp-driven, healing conversation with Tyler Lloyd of Louisville CBD. Some of the things we discuss include: What CBD is and how it differs from another popular cannabinoid called THCHow Tyler and his brother capitalized on recent legislation to build LOU CBD and bring consistency and good science into the supplement spaceTips for making sure you stay safe and achieve your optimum desired outcome when making or purchasing a CBD cocktail (or any product with a CBD upgrade).How...


Episode 094 - Tour of Islay (Part II)

In this continuation of our spirited tour of Islay with Scotch enthusiast Adam Safir, some of the things we discuss include: How a new distillery has changed the Islay landscape for the first time in over 100 yearsWhy non-age statement whiskies may be on the rise, and how to approach bottles that don’t have age statements.A bit of discussion about various barrel finishes, including rum and sherry casks.How to decide when a particular bottle isn’t living up to its potentialWhat language you...


Episode 093 - Tour of Islay (Part I)

In Part I of this in-depth interview and Scotch tasting with Adam Safir of the DC Islay Scotch society, some of the topics we discuss include: How Adam fell in love with Scotch, and what drove him to really dive deep into this particular region.All about whisky societies, including how to find a group to join in your area.How Scotch whiskies produced on Islay traditionally differ in style from those made in other famous regions like the Highlands, or Speyside, for example.Some important...


Episode 092 - Sake (Part II)

In this continuation of our spirited sake conversation with wine & spirits expert Lara Victoria, some of the topics we discuss include: How to go about pairing sake and food, knowing that a great meal can be elevated even further by strategic sake accompaniments.Which cocktails are begging for creative riffs using sake, and how Lara and I think about constructing a cocktail when sake is one of the key ingredients.We kinda peel back the magician’s curtain and give you an inside peek at how...