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In this podcast I will be chatting to experts in all areas of BBQ. The purpose of this podcast is to help people to once again claim the title King of the Grill and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!

In this podcast I will be chatting to experts in all areas of BBQ. The purpose of this podcast is to help people to once again claim the title King of the Grill and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!


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In this podcast I will be chatting to experts in all areas of BBQ. The purpose of this podcast is to help people to once again claim the title King of the Grill and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!




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Turning Competition wins into Cash | David Bouska | Butcher BBQ

If you’re serious about BBQ, and let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, then you’ll know about Butcher BBQ. Their BBQ rubs and injections are staples of competition BBQ kitchens around the world and have been credited with more trophy wins than any other product out there. The founder is David Bouska - world championship winning Pitmaster, BBQ Pitmasters competitor and champion archer. A butcher by trade, David fell in love with competition BBQ and it wasn’t long before his...


Ugly Drum Smokers Australia | Adam Yorke | UDS Builder

If there’s one man who knows how to build an ugly drum smoker, it’s Adam Yorke, founder of Ugly Drum Smokers Australia. A fellow Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and BBQ lover, it didn’t take long for Adam to go all in on the BBQ game, starting his own BBQ business. And he has several different options available for potential barrel smoker fans. For those who want a DIY smoker and are confident to build a drum smoker of their own, he has a wide range of drum smoker parts including a complete...


Making BBQ Rubs and Winning Trophies | Steven West | Moist BBQ

There’s not much that Steven West of Moist BBQ enjoys more than going to a BBQ Competition. Except of course winning a trophy at that BBQ competition. Using his own BBQ rubs of course! Steven is the pitmaster and team captain of Moist BBQ, a competition BBQ team that enjoys a good reputation on the circuit. Be it a low and slow Australasian Barbecue Alliance competition, or a Steak Cookoff Association competition, Steven and his team are up for the challenge and are regularly at the pointy...


Broke to $50M USD | Darian 'Kosmo' Khosravi | Kosmo's Q

You have a dream. You’re onto something. You can feel it in your bones. You just have to get there. But there’s a problem. Money makes the world go round, and you don’t have much of it. In fact, you only $500 left on your last good credit card. Do you back yourself and go all in, or do you play it safe and bow out while you still can? One man who chose to roll the dice is Darian Khosravi. The result? Kosmo’s Q. And the rest, as they say, is history. Kosmo developed his products on the...


Game Meat, Sustainability and Barbecue | Rob Gallina

Game meat isn’t for everybody. Atleast, it hasn’t been historically. However one man, Rob Gallina, is set to change that. He’s a builder, contract shooter and BBQ freak who loves nothing more than getting out in the bush for a few weeks at a time and living off the land. Yes, you read that right - he hunts, catches, cleans and cooks what he eats. He’s also the founder of Game On Enterprises, which takes people out into the bush and teaches them how to be self-sufficient in the bush, and live...


Remembering the Missing History of Barbecue | Dr Howard Conyers

When asked for their best piece of advice, many BBQ pitmasters will pause, reflect, and say ‘Relax, it’s not rocket science.’ Except, sometimes it is. Such is the case for Dr Howard Conyers, a pitmaster from South Carolina, currently living in Louisiana. Why Louisiana? Because by day, Dr Conyers is a rocket scientist for NASA. Yep, during the week he sends rockets worth countless millions of dollars hurtling through space, and on the weekends, cooks whole hog in the most traditional of ways...


KCBS Competitions in the West | Julie-ann Tindall-Davies

Julie-ann Tindall-Davies returns in this very special episode of our BBQ Podcast. If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ll know that she’s one half of the dynamic duo behind JAGRD Woodfired, one of the most successful smoker manufacturers in the country. Their competition team was also awarded the KCBS International Brisket Team of the Year in 2020. Recently, she’s taken over the running of the Smokin’ Charity BBQ Competitions, which holds the majority of the BBQ competitions...


World Steak Champion | Sunny Moody | Mood Swing BBQ

There are few people that you will meet in your life that deserve the moniker, ‘a force of nature’. However Sunny Moody is exactly that. Sunny was awarded, and is the current reigning World Steak Champion, taking out the annual Steak Cookoff Association Championships in 2021. Now winning that prestigious BBQ competition is no mean feat, but there’s more to Sunny than ‘just’ being a legend on a grill. She’s a mother to two teenagers, volunteers taking groups of even more teenagers out into...


Creativity in Barbecue | Cassie Strohmeyer | Smoke on the Water

Barbecue can be as conformative or as creative as you want to make it. One BBQ pitmaster who refuses to relegate her food to the banality of conformity is Cassie Strohmeyer, head cook and team captain of Smoke on the Water competition BBQ team. Hailing from Gladstone, Queensland, Cassie spends her time traveling the east coast of Australia, competing in low and slow BBQ competitions with the Australasian Barbecue Alliance and hot and fast BBQ competitions with the Steak Cookoff Association....


Native Spices in Low and Slow | Amanda Trapnell | Native Harvest

What do kangaroos, emu and crocodile have in common? They are all delicious on the grill. Jokes aside, despite a reputation of being a barren land, Australia actually has an incredibly large and diverse range of foods - enough to support countless generations of Indigenous Australians for approximately 50,000 years. Sadly, much of this knowledge has been lost. However, one woman is determined to restore and share this knowledge. Amanda Trapnell is cofounder of Native Harvest. She works with...


Women of Low 'n Slow BBQ | Ceri Ford

We continue our podcast series featuring the most influential women in BBQ with Ceri Ford, one of the most prolific BBQ judges on the circuit and founder of the Women of Low ‘n Slow Australia Facebook group. She’s a registered judge with the Australasian Barbecue Alliance, Kansas City Barbeque Society and the Steak Cookoff Association. I would challenge any pitmaster to know as much about BBQ as Ceri, or travel as many miles for competitions as she has. She’s also the founder of Healthy...


Award Winning BBQ | Bronnie Durston | Bundaberg Lunchbox

Bronnie Durston has led a successful career in hospitality, having made a name for herself as a wedding planner. However, after discovering the delicious food of Texas BBQ, Bronnie has dedicated herself to low and slow BBQ. Together with husband Paul, they are active on the competition BBQ circuit, competing as the award winning BBQ team, Bulldogs BBQ, named after Bronnie’s favourite football team. They also have an award nominated BBQ catering operation, 4670 BBQ, and the award nominated...


Cocktails, 'Q and KCBS | Karina Rumens | Women of BBQ

Karina Rumens is a woman on a mission - to ensure that competition BBQ in Australia is held to the highest standards and maintains a reputation equal to anywhere else in the world. Karina is one of the highest Kansas City Barbeque Society Representatives in the country and when you meet her, it’s easy to see why. A consummate professional, Karina is passionate about three things - BBQ, KCBS and Cocktails - though it’s difficult to put them in order! She is a driving force behind the...


LIVE at Meatstock Toowoomba

Meatstock is not just a BBQ festival - it’s an experience. It’s a BBQ competition, an expo, a rock concert, a car show and much much more. And so it was that I was very excited when it was announced that Meatstock was coming to Queensland. And boy, was it a show. In partnership with Toowoomba Regional Council, Meatstock Toowoomba set the standard for a BBQ event this side of the border. Never one to rest on his heels, founder Jay Beaumont decided that he was going to reinvent his signature...


Building a Successful BBQ Joint | Brad Shorten | Fire and Brimstone Barbeque

There’s BBQ joints, and then there’s Fire and Brimstone Barbeque - one of the best BBQ joints in Sydney. BBQ Pitmaster Brad Shorten is the man behind the smoked meat phenomenon and he’s our guest in this full episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast. Fire and Brimstone is well known by Sydney foodies as the place to go for delicious smoked brisket, bbq pork ribs, bbq chicken and more. But that hasn’t been enough for Brad. He’s also got his line of Fire and Brimstone BBQ rubs,...


BBQ Catering, Pit Building and Competition BBQ | Blair Tomkinson | Bears BBQ

Slinging brisket for cash is no easy feat, but Mackay pitmaster Blair Tomkinson sure makes it look that way. His BBQ catering business, Bears BBQ Low and Slow Catering, has been recently nominated for ‘Catering Operation of the Year’ in the annual Australasian Barbecue Alliance Awards. His brisket and beef ribs are the stuff of legend, and his prowess in Texas BBQ brought him to the attention of competition BBQ royalty ‘Country Boys BBQ’. Blair was quickly recruited to the team and is now in...


How to Grow on TikTok | John Austin | AussieQ Backyard BBQ

John Austin is many things. A husband. A Father. A serviceman. A backyard BBQ lover. And now a TikTok superstar! It is impossible to argue that TikTok is a fad - it’s clearly here to stay, and BBQ business owners would do well to get on board. The TikTok algorithm is still very generous, offering a lot of organic reach that has become very hard to come by on other platforms. As such, TikTok should be a part of any healthy social media marketing strategy. John recognised this early on and...


Rubs, Butcher Shops & BBQ Accessories| Kyle Leffers | Rub and Grub

Kyle Leffers is a man who loves his BBQ. So much so that he has started not one, but two BBQ businesses, as well as a competition BBQ team. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Kyle and his team compete as Rub and Grub and are carving it up, particularly in Steak Cookoff Association competitions where, at the time of publishing, team mate Adriano Andrade is sitting at #2 on the Australian ladder. Rub and Grub has also evolved into a BBQ business, producing a very successful line of BBQ rubs....


Competition BBQ and YouTube Success | Malcom Reed | How to BBQ Right

If there is one name that is synonymous with competition BBQ, it’s Malcom Reed. Malcom Reed and his competition BBQ team Killer Hogs are legends of the competition BBQ scene, winning trophy after trophy over a period of nearly two decades. He’s particularly well known for his long history of success at the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, aka Memphis in May. However, Malcom is a high achiever and a room full of competition BBQ trophies was never going to fully satisfy him....


Meatstock is coming to Queensland | Jay Beaumont

There are big changes afoot for both the Meatstock food festival and BBQ competition, and the Australasian Barbecue Alliance itself. Jay Beaumont is a co-founder of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance, the founder of Meatstock and man oh man does he know how to put on an event! Meatstock is foodie heaven! It is without a doubt the biggest and best BBQ festival Australia has ever seen. But there’s not just one, there’s three! There’s Meatstock Sydney, Meatstock Melbourne and Meatstock...