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047 Live @ the BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2018

In it's second year, the BBQ & Beer Roadshow has capitalised on everything that made it great last year, and ramped it up to 11. A great weekend out in Cleveland, just an hour from home let me catch up with a bunch of old friends, and make a whole lot more. This Ep includes interviews with competitors, a Q&A with well known Pitmasters, and of course a recording of the Awards ceremony. For full show notes, head on over to the Smoking Hot Confessions website.


046 Live @ Meatstock Melbourne 2018

This is Episode One of Season Four: the 2018 Festival Series. In this episode I hit the streets at Meatstock Melbourne, one of the jewels in the crown of the Australian BBQ scene. Armed with a Media Pass, I was able to access all the VIP areas, and had a great chat over a couple of bourbons with this year's special guest Big Moe Cason. For full show notes, head on over to the Smoking Hot Confessions website.


045 Ralph fr Ralph's Pink Flamingo

Alrighty, this episode is the last in our US Road Trip series and sees me finish up with an interview recorded live in a BBQ joint in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Ralph from Pink Flamingo is something of a legend in that corner of the state. He was making so much money at BBQ competitions that he quit his job as a banker and opened up a BBQ joint. There is a trophy cabinet in his restaurant that stretches an entire wall, and his place is so popular that CNN comes in once a week to record a sports...


044 Daniel fr Fort Smith BBQ Society

Okay, so the final stop on our tour of the US was Fort Smith, Arkansas, the home of WalMart. My wife’s family is from that town so were there to visit the Aunts and Uncles. Not that that stopped me tracking down some very interesting people to talk Q with. The first was Daniel from the Fort Smith BBQ Society. This is a very passionate group of local people looking to make a difference in their local area. They get out there, get dirty, and help some of the most needy in their community. But...


043 Bonnie fr NOLA

Folks, this one is special. I was walking through the French quarter of New Orleans, drinking a giant can of mango margarita to calm my nerves, having just visited the most haunted house in America, the La Laurie Mansion. Earlier in the day our city tour guide had told us some things about the heritage regulations of the French quarter and I was discussing these thing with my wife and her friend from college. We were going over it trying to get it straight in our heads when we passed a woman...


042 Eric fr Hammond BBQ Challenge

Folks, there are only a handful of times in your life when you get to meet an innovator, an OG. This was one of them. I was very lucky to be introduced to Eric from Hammond BBQ. Eric is a BBQ competitor, event promoter and was on the ground when Hurricane Katrina hit the deck in Louisiana in 2005. Every year, Eric and his team put on the Hammond BBQ Challenge, which has been the biggest competition in the state of Louisiana for almost two decades and has raised some serious cash for charity....


041 Craig 'The BBQ Ninja' Verhage

One of the things I love about BBQ comps is the networking that happens when you’re not even aware of it. One of the fantastic connections I made at the Houston World’s BBQ Championships was Craig Verhage, the BBQ Ninja. He was there helping out one of the British teams and was working with another team as well, doing whole hogs for their evening soirees. He’s been competing for four times longer than our whole scene has been operating, has a wealth of knowledge, he’s a TV celebrity and in...


040 Ben LIVE at Rodeo Houston

Let’s get into it folks. For our final episode recorded live at the Worlds BBQ Championships, I hit the pavement to catch some interesting conversations with some interesting characters. Now, this was a long festival. We arrived to start set-up on the Wednesday and it was all done and dusted on the Saturday night so as you can imagine, the longer I spent hanging out with people the more I learned about them. I was also able network with a lot of new people which led to some of the upcoming...


039 Saffron LIVE w Operation BBQ Relief

This is episode is part two of a pair of episodes where I turned the mic over to guest host Saffron from Bush Cooking while we were at the Houston Livestock Rodeo World’s BBQ Championships. This is a very special episode that’s stayed with me ever since we recorded these interviews. Saffron sits down with the lads from Operation BBQ Relief - a fantastic group of gentlemen who’ve taken the idea of doing good with their BBQs and ramped things up to eleven. I really can’t tell you any more than...


038 Saffron LIVE at Rodeo Houston

Okay dokey folks. I have something a little different for you in this episode. This is the first episode of a two-parter where I turn the mic over to Saffron from Bush Cooking to be guest host. Saffron is an ex-pat now living in the US and absolutely kicking butt on the BBQ scene. Most recently she hosted the NBBQA Conference and Awards in Fort Worth, Texas where she also was nominated for and won the Best Website category for 2018. She joined our team for the World’s BBQ Championships in...


037 Miriam fr The Salt Lick

There are few BBQ joints that have a lineage like Salt Lick. In this case, the BBQ joint in question has been passed through three generations and the family itself can trace their BBQ origins all the way back to the Wild West in the days of wagon trains and cowboys. As part of our trip, we headed out to their original location in Driftwood, Texas on the family’s 500 acre ranch. Miriam the Chief Operations Officer and Johnny and Shane, resident Pitmasters, took us on a guided tour of...


036 Jill fr Lockhart Smokehouse

In this episode I’m chatting with owner and operator of Lockhart Smokehouse, Jill Bergus. If you’ve heard the name Lockhart before, that’s because it’s one of the most famous BBQ joints in Texas: it’s overall history stretches back 100 years, it has been listed in the Top 50 BBQ joints in Texas by Texas Monthly and the Lockhart Smokehouse team competed in Season 4 Episode 1 of TV’s BBQ Pitmasters. So there’s not many people out there who are in a better position to teach me all about Texas...


035 Season Three Trailer

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to be able to take my family on a road trip through the United States, competing at the World's BBQ Championships in Houston, Texas before road tripping through Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. I stopped as often as my stomach could handle, and interviewed BBQ competitors, BBQ joint owners, event promoters and more. The results is Season Three: U.S. Road Trip - a collection of 10 interviews with some of America's finest. The whole season drops December...


034 Jess Pryles fr Hardcore Carnivore

To close out Season Two ‘Living the Dream’ I sit and talk ‘Q with the one and only Jess Pryles. Jess is an Aussie who’s now taking it to the Americans, living in Texas and teaching them their own game. In this interview Jess takes us through what it takes to become an internationally published author after the launch of her BBQ cookbook ‘Hardcore Carnivore’. Please be sure to subscribe and leave a review of this episode. Jess is the quintessential carnivore. She has a passion for meat and...


033 Julie-ann fr JAGRD Woodfired

Julie-ann swings by the Confessional for Ep 14 of Season 2 ‘Living the Dream’ to take us behind the scenes of successful Western Australian smoker manufacturer JAGRD Woodfired Smoker Ovens. In this episode, Julie-ann walks us step-by-step what you need to do to start your own smoker manufacturing company. Please be sure to subscribe and leave a review of this episode. Julie-ann and Glenn are a husband and wife team whose skills really compliment each other perfectly. They’ve been working...


032 Cameron fr BBQ Spit Rotisseries

Cameron from BBQ Spit Rotisseries takes a knee in Ep 13 of Season 2 ‘Living the Dream’. Cameron runs the Sydney branch of one of Australia’s most successful independent BBQ retail stores. In this episode, Cameron takes us behind the scenes of what must be a dream for so many of us - he gets to hang out and play with BBQs and talk ‘Q with people all day long. Please be sure to subscribe and leave a review of this episode With a strong background in retail, Cameron has brought his...


031 Ricki fr Bully BBQ

Ricki from Bully BBQ is my special guest in Ep 12 of Season 2 ‘Living the Dream’. Ricki embodies the very concept of living the dream. Unhappy in his job, he designed the lifestyle he wanted and then built a BBQ business to fit that lifestyle. The result was Bully BBQ - a travelling BBQ school. Please be sure to subscribe and leave a review of this episode. Having spent a year living in the States as an exchange student and married to an American, BBQ is now well and truly in Ricki’s...


030 Brad fr Pure Meats Robina

A quality butcher is vital to success in BBQ and one of the best butchers around is Brad from Pure Meats Robina. He’s a classically trained butcher who’s become a low’n’slow specialist butcher. He has a tonne of knowledge and his shop is known as the only place to go for low’n’slow cuts on the Gold Coast. Please be sure to subscribe and leave a review of this episode. As a young kid in rural Victoria, he grew up running around his grandfather’s farm learning the trade from the old man,...


029 Gus fr Gusface Grillah

One of the friendliest guys in the BBQ scene, Gus from Gusface Grillah joins me in The Confessional for Ep 10 of Season 2 ‘Living the Dream’. You’ve seen the glorious pictures of his ‘Stoner Burger’ on social media and you may have had a crack at recreating it. Hell, you might have been the motivation for it! Gus runs a business based around his blog and in this episode details how he did it. Please be sure to subscribe and leave a review of this episode. He’s been in the BBQ game since...


028 Adam fr Primal Iron BBQ

Adam from Primal Iron BBQ is my special guest in Ep 9 of Season 2 ‘Living the Dream.’ In this digital age, if there aren’t pics on Instagram and Facebook, then it never happened. But it’s so frustrating when you’ve had the cook of your life but just can’t get a good shot of your work. Pitmaster Adam is a professional food stylist and will be taking us on a tour through the world of styling foods for authors, magazines and creative agencies. Please be sure to subscribe and leave a review of...