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04: Mark Bittman

We’ve followed the career of cookbook author and op-ed columnist Mark Bittman for nearly two decades, through his How to Cook Everything series and his writing in The New York Times and other publications. In this lively interview, Mark discusses how he started writing about food (it’s a great story), reading the comments (he doesn’t), and if the Amazon–Whole Foods hookup will end up on the right, or wrong, side of history. We also speak with our current TASTE Cook In Residence Therese...


03: Deb Perelman

We’ve been reading Smitten Kitchen for more than a decade now. At its helm is the hilarious and candid Deb Perelman, who joined us on this episode to talk about her favorite mushy carbs, keeping up with reader comments, and whether the Instant Pot is really worth the hype. Later, TASTE Editor in Chief Matt Rodbard shares a personal story about the great Anthony Bourdain.


02: Alison Roman

Alison Roman wants to change the way you think about granola (it doesn’t have to be sweet), dinner parties (they don’t have to be fancy), and boiled potatoes (there should be a stockpile in the refrigerator at all times). We talked to Alison about her new cookbook, Dining In, and what it’s like to cook and entertain in small spaces. Also, Smitten Kitchen founder Deb Perelman answers a reader question: Which touristy food places are worth going to in New York City?


01: Samin Nosrat

For Samin Nosrat, the James Beard Award-winning author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, the majority of great meals spring from a combination of those four foundational elements. We talked to Samin about too-mami (cooking with too much umami), angry letters, and the differences in brands of kosher salt. That is, not all kosher salt is the same. Also, Smitten Kitchen creator Deb Perelman answers a reader question about the art of lasagna.