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Utah's food scene is filled with great stories. The Utah Foodie Podcast helps listeners discover and explore their local food scene by interviewing the chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary entrepreneurs behind Utah's favorite places to dine and drink.

Utah's food scene is filled with great stories. The Utah Foodie Podcast helps listeners discover and explore their local food scene by interviewing the chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary entrepreneurs behind Utah's favorite places to dine and drink.


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Utah's food scene is filled with great stories. The Utah Foodie Podcast helps listeners discover and explore their local food scene by interviewing the chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary entrepreneurs behind Utah's favorite places to dine and drink.






Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade - It's All Gravy (and Limeade)

Like many great food businesses in our state, Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade began at the Farmer's Market. But before Sweet Lake opened its doors, owner and founder Hasen Cone was working a corporate job in a cubicle, and he wasn't satisfied with his work. In this episode of The Utah Foodie, Hasen shares the turning point in his career, and the story of a wise, elderly woman who inspired his founding of what would later become one of the most successful vendors at the Salt Lake City Farmers...


La Barba Coffee - Good Coffee For Everyone

La Barba got its start selling small-batch coffee in farmers markets and searching for local businesses interested in carrying fair trade, direct trade, and rainforest alliance certified coffee. They were passionate about their roasting technique and had a simple mission that drove what they did: bring good coffee to everyone in Utah. Just a few months after La Barba Coffee's five-year anniversary, their mission continues. But now in 2018, it spans across 20 employees in three locations,...


Meditrina (and Porch) - A Chef/Owner Who Does What She Wants

When it comes to personality, Meditrina has it in spades. From its lovely wine menu to its quirky design and deep purple interior, this is a restaurant that does small plates right. In today's episode, we go inside the new Meditrina location to talk with their chef/owner, Jen Gilroy. From a career in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee to running a brewpub in Vernal, Utah... Jen has quite the story. After leaving rural Utah, she came to Salt Lake City to begin her search for the...


Table X - X Marks the Spot for Thoughtful, Honest Food

Utah has always had its own take on fine dining. Forget white linen and dozens of utensils. Farm-to-table has reigned supreme, and a hyper-detailed commitment to quality has made restaurants like Forage, Pago, and Handle the new standard in the state. And with new restaurants like HSL and Table X joining their ranks, chef’s and entrepreneurs are putting Utah on the culinary map. Table X opened their doors in 2016, and right from the start they were doing things differently. Located in...


Fisher Brewing Company - "We're Beer Guys Who Wanted to Make a Beer Place"

Fisher Brewing Company has a storied history and one few Utah establishments rival. In fact, the brewery out-dates our state itself, having opened a decade before Utah was founded in 1896.A. Fisher Brewing Company’s story began in 1884, named after its entrepreneurial founder, Albert Fisher. But beer and life were different in the late 1800s. Craft beer wasn't yet a twinkle in Salt Lake City's eye, and it was rare for a company to grow beyond a few employees. Fisher Brewing smashed through...


The Rose Establishment - Bloom Where You Are Planted

Coffee shops have taken on a very important social role in communities. They facilitate local art, local food, and beverage vendors, and serve as warm and quiet places for people to work, collaborate, and gather. However, the social aspect has lessened as coffee shops have more and more evolved into places of work. The Rose Establishment, however, wanted to bring the social back to the equation. Opened in 2010 by Erica O’Brien, The Rose Establishment has become a staple in the Pioneer Park...


Chelsea Nelson and the Craft Cocktail Takeover

To say we're fans of craft cocktails would be an understatement. Their emergence throughout the Utah food scene has been meteoritic, and when good craft cocktails arrive on the scene you better expect good things to follow. We've often talked about the craft cocktail scene in Utah, especially on episodes with Bar X, Handle + HSL, Zest, and Beehive Distilling. The last 10 years has been a craft cocktail renaissance (of sorts), and the emerging popularity of these beverages has taken a firm...


Argentina's Best Empanadas - Shaping SLC One Empanada At a Time

Ana Valdemoros grew up surrounded by food. Whether it was a family meal, a get-together with friends, or a neighborhood gathering, food was a staple. Ana was raised in Argentina, a country that blends Italian and regional Argentinian cuisines to create simple, hearty, flavorful meals that always draw from local ingredients. When Ana moved to Salt Lake City for college in 2000, it quickly became apparent that Utah was in dire need of an authentic Argentina experience. While Ana has always...


Tin Angel Cafe - Where Art Meets Community

There are many motivations to enter the restaurant business. Maybe you love to cook and are looking for a culinary challenge. Or possibly you are a competitive person who is looking for a creative entrepreneurial challenge. But some people just want to create a community. For Kestrel and Jerry K Leidtke Jr., community was the most important part of all. The Tin Angel name comes from very fun, but humble, beginnings. The original Tin Angel was founded by Jerry’s father in 1962, and served as...


Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen - The Flavor Is In The Details

Utah is experiencing an influx of food diversification. No longer must we settle for chain restaurants, or the same three cuisines over and over again. With our expanding food scene comes more options for consumers, better quality food, and a large variety of options for those who have specific dietary needs. Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen truly highlights how this expansion is not only benefiting the vegan, vegetarian, and diet-conscious consumers but entire neighborhoods. Because who doesn’t want...


Amanda Rock and the Vegan Takeover

There’s been a re-veganing. Our podcast serves many purposes, but our biggest priority is to educate and surprise Utahns with our growing and diverse food scene. And nowhere is that more apparent than this episode where we not only surprise you with the bountiful vegan and vegetarian options in our community but also surprise you with super special guest host, Amanda Rock. Amanda and our guests dive into the history of veganism, what it means to eat vegan, and how to find the best vegan...


Epic Brewing Company - Packaging Experiences In a Bottle

When Epic Brewing Company opened its doors in 2010, they offered a unique craft beer that was a little hard to find in other areas of the state. They sold a high alcohol content beer in 22oz bottles and were empowered by new liquor laws that allowed them to sell their beer products directly from the brewery. Their goal then, and still today, was to turn craft brewing on its head. And indeed they have. With over 50 varieties of beer, a presence in 25 states, and restaurants located in Sugar...


Pig & a Jelly Jar - Southern Charm Served Up Hot and Fresh

There’s something about Southern cooking that evokes the memories of warm feelings, lazy afternoons, and cool summer nights. Southern cuisine is all about sharing and comfort, and the focus on family is dominant. While Utah doesn’t necessarily have the same kind of charm as the South, we definitely have the same love for family and large, traditional meals. For Amy Britt, the desire to bring her childhood experience to Utah complimented our community perfectly. This week we sit down with...


Bruges Waffles and Frites - Share the Fun, Waffles, and Frites

Take a deep breath, and picture yourself sitting at a table in the morning. It’s time for breakfast. What is on the plate in front of you? Waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, maybe some fresh fruit? Now imagine lunch. Probably looks a little different, huh? For those obsessed with the finer things in life (waffles), that doesn’t have to be the case. Especially if Pierre Vandamme has anything to say about it. Pierre Vandamme was born in Brugge, Belgium, and grew up with frites and waffle stands...


Penny Ann's Cafe - From New York With Love (and Pancakes)

The three most important things in life are Family, Friends, and Food. You can determine what order those come in for you. We think our priority is pretty obvious (I still love you mom), but for the owners of Penny Ann's Cafe the love of food and family became more than just a list of priorities. It became their entire life. Paul, Warren, Penny Ann, and Cindy are all members of the close-knit Willey family and moved to Utah by way of New York. They grew up around food and were more than...


Scott Evans of Pago, Finca, East Liberty Tap House, Hub & Spoke, and Trestle Tavern

Let us make a bold statement: Scott Evans is the personification of what we stand for as a podcast. In 2009, Scott saw the potential of Utah’s food scene, the cuisine and concept gaps in the area, and decided he was ready to do something about it. After his father’s death and before his first restaurant, Scott Evan’s love and passion for sustainable food and progressive ideas led to an exploratory life path where food became the guiding light. He spent years in restaurants and elite...


R&R BBQ - Competitive Fire to Smoke Your Brisket

When you think about BBQ, the South immediately comes to mind. It’s the birthplace of BBQ, and opinions are strong. But for Rod and Roger Livingston, the founders of R&R BBQ, BBQ was a fond memory from their childhood family reunions and a fun hobby in their adulthood. After prompting from a friend, Rod and Roger entered a backyard BBQ competition, and before they knew it, they were on the competitive BBQ circuit. And they were good. Really good. After years of competing and winning...


Alamexo Mexican Kitchen - Acclaimed Chef Shows Victory is Spicy

Some people spend their whole lives chasing their dreams. For Matt Lake, his life path became clear at the young age of 11. His parents took over a general store and began a small deli catering business, and Matt quickly dove into the family business. Whether helping run an event, putting together deli trays, or interacting with customers, Matt fell in love with the food industry. And he fell hard. So hard, in fact, that at the ripe age of 18 he enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America....


PJK's Creamery - A Flavorful, Fresh Take on Ice Cream Rolls Into Town

Here are some fun facts about ice cream. With these strong supporting arguments for ice cream, it was only a matter of time before someone changed the ice cream game in Utah. That time has arrived. On this episode of The Utah Foodie, we sit down with Peter Korth, the founder of PJK Creamery, your new favorite ice cream supplier. With 16 playful flavors and seasonal flavors appearing monthly, Peter has accomplished something that many in Utah have not: he’s made ice cream an...


The Utah Foodie Reheated - The Future of Chocolate Is in… Utah?

If we were to ask you what the artisan chocolate capital of the United States was, what would you guess? New York? Los Angeles? Well, since this is called The Utah Foodie, you would be correct in guessing that Utah is the craft chocolate hotspot of the country. The folks at Saveur seem to think so, and we’re very much inclined to agree. On this episode of The Utah Foodie, we dive into the blossoming craft chocolate scene that can be found in Utah. We’ll explore why chocolate in Utah is...