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Spice up your life with me, Health Chef Julia as I set out on the journey of What Is Healthy? In each episode we'll explore the different meanings of healthy! For some, healthy means indulging in something decadent and delicious, for others it’s a mental health day and a good workout. This is more than putting your best self forth through food, it’s all about living well, enjoying your life and having fun––haven’t you heard, redheads do it best?

Spice up your life with me, Health Chef Julia as I set out on the journey of What Is Healthy? In each episode we'll explore the different meanings of healthy! For some, healthy means indulging in something decadent and delicious, for others it’s a mental health day and a good workout. This is more than putting your best self forth through food, it’s all about living well, enjoying your life and having fun––haven’t you heard, redheads do it best?


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Spice up your life with me, Health Chef Julia as I set out on the journey of What Is Healthy? In each episode we'll explore the different meanings of healthy! For some, healthy means indulging in something decadent and delicious, for others it’s a mental health day and a good workout. This is more than putting your best self forth through food, it’s all about living well, enjoying your life and having fun––haven’t you heard, redheads do it best?




The Talent of Achieving Natural Looks with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian

If you want to make a skin decision, she's the one to call! Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon, founder of Nazarian Plastic Surgery, and host of the Netflix show Skin Decision. Since she was a little girl, she was interested in design and the precision work that it requires. At first she wanted to do architecture, until she realized that she liked to design, but also building using her hands. That's why plastic surgery fits her like a glove. Dr. Nazarian...


The 30 Day Healthy Living Program with Kim Starzyk

Are you aware of all the ingredients in the products you usually consume? Today's guest is Kim Starzyk, a versatile woman—Empowerment Coach, Actress, and Arbonne’s Regional Executive Vice President. Kim began her career in the world of acting, but after her son was diagnosed with a formaldehyde allergy, she began to investigate and take an interest in the ingredients of the products we consume naturally, finding that most have toxins of which we are not aware. That's how she came to Arbonne,...


Changing the Market with Vegetable and Gluten-Free Products with Bobbi Giudicelli and Michael Giudicelli.

Download Podcast Transcript A healthy gut can change your life! Today's guests are Bobbi Giudicelli and Michael Giudicelli, mother and son co-founders of Read The Ingredients, 100% gluten-free and vegetable products that are marketed. Prior to RTI, Bobbi successfully founded and ran other companies throughout her career. Michael spent the first 8 years of his career in business when his mother, Bobbi, suggested that he joined her in a previous company. After dealing with several personal...


Whole Food Style with Isabella Gambuto

Download Podcast Transcript Food: it’s medicinal and can benefit a multitude of ailments and diseases! Today's guest is Isabella Gambuto, recipe developer, food stylist, and former NYC restaurateur turned Certified Natural Chef. She specializes in cooking delicious, vibrant, and fresh foods that are also enjoyable and healthy. She has always been passionate about food, growing up in her father's Italian restaurant and running it alongside him at the age of 23. When Isabella was 27, she was...


Reignite Your Sex Life with Sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs

Download Podcast Transcript Did you ever think that to improve your sex life you have to know what you like? Today’s guest is Dr. Megan Stubbs, EdD; a sexologist, relationships expert, and body image specialist. She has degrees in biology and human sexuality, which combine her two passions, science and sex. Megan was always that friend everyone asked for advice on relationships and sex. When she had her undergraduate degree in biology, she was ready to start medical school, but she chose...


Bringing Art Into the Kitchen with Ariela Trepman

Download Podcast Transcript It looks fantastic, but it tastes better! Today's guest is Ariela Trepman, an entrepreneur pastry chef, creator of One Hungry Baker, where she brings art into the kitchen with her DIY Galaxy Cake Kits. Ariela was born in Mexico City, and since she was little she wanted to be a chef. Although she was never very good at cooking, she wanted to study baking, to learn something that she did not know how to do. She was accepted into The Culinary Institute of America...


Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation with Leah Silberman of Wellhaus Health

Download Podcast Transcript Food is power and enjoyment! Today's guest is Leah Silberman, Registered Dietitian, who focuses on nutrition for weight loss without forgetting the importance of enjoying food. Leah has been fascinated by nutrition from a young age, so when her mother steamed vegetables, she used to ask her to remove the water from the steam so she could drink the nutrients that leaked out of the vegetables. Her main interest is prevention: because food is not just calories, but...


Improving Life Quality Through Plant-rich Recipes with Dr. Adeleh Yarmohammadi

Download Podcast Transcript Promoting the shift towards wellness is what the best doctors do. Today's guest is Dr. Adeleh Yarmohammadi, MD, an ophthalmic surgeon in training and passionate about sharing healthy, plant-rich recipes. From a young age, Adeleh knew that when she grew up she would help people. Once in medical school, she wanted to do something visual to use her artistic skills, and that's how ophthalmology appears. She received her medical degree from Shahid Beheshti Medical...


Love, Appreciate, and Embrace your Body with Chrissy King

Download Podcast Transcript It’s time to love, appreciate, and embrace our body! Today's guest is Chrissy King, a certified personal trainer, lifestyle instructor, and writer who embraces body liberation and aims to create equity in the wellness industry. After years of trying various diets and being very unhealthy, she decided to hit the gym with the sole goal of being slim. Fortunately, in the process she learned about strength training and weight lifting, where she discovered a new...


Inside the Kitchen for Stressless Eating with Laura Lea Bryant

Download Podcast Transcript Learn how to make affordable and delicious meals! Today’s guest is Laura Lea Bryant, an author, holistic chef, and founder of LL (Laura Lea) Balanced, where her goal is to offer healthier versions of Southern classics, and introduce new ideas about food. She was born and raised in Nashville with a deep relationship with food, as her family prepared homemade meals every night. After graduating from the University of Virginia, she moved to New York City to do a...


An Honest, Vulnerable, and a Different Perspective on Fitness & Wellness with Nicole Tremaglio

Download Podcast Transcript Discover what makes you different and embrace your originality! Today's guest is Nicole Tremaglio, a speaker, dancer, content creator, and brand architect who helps fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurs in the presence, culture, and infrastructure of digital platforms. She used to work for companies where she felt really stressed out trying to compartmentalize the different facets of herself. Once she decided to start down the path of entrepreneurship, she was able...


Spicy Sex + Masturbation = Real Pleasure with Girl Boner, August McLaughlin

Download Podcast Transcript Sex tips and aphrodisiac foods to try on Valentine's Day! August McLaughlin is a journalist, health and sex educator, author of Girl Boner, and host and producer of the nationally recognized Girl Boner Radio podcast. She is a certified and trauma-informed sex educator and is passionate about breaking down the myths installed in our society that misinform. Normalizing stigmatized and taboo topics makes her a benchmark in sexual empowerment. Her articles and...


These Plant-Based Dressings Will Have You Trying New Recipes with Kathryn Mann

Dressings and sauces can taste amazing and be healthy too! Today's guest is Kathryn Mann, founder of Bold Palate Foods, a company that creates plant-based dressings and sauces that smash the myth that healthy isn't tasty. Kate grew up in Southern California, where her Hawaiian mother instilled in her an affinity for experimenting with food. Her first memory as a cook was helping her mother with salads, and she was fascinated by it. In 2014, she combined her love of writing with her passion...


Wellness Photography and Business Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs with Diana Davis

Learn to grow your business and improve its image! Diana Davis is a creative photographer, graphic designer, and business consultant who brings vibrant photos and helps clients gain the confidence to succeed. She moved from Montana to New York City without a job or plan, and soon got a job at Time Inc. where she worked as a graphic designer. For a few years she was excited to be able to work in NY, but she got tired of corporate life, because that was not what fed her soul. After several...


Creating a Natural and Organic Beauty with Makeup Artist Emily Dimant

Do you want easy to incorporate tips to help you have healthy skin? Don't miss this episode! Emily Dimant is a locally licensed professional makeup artist working for weddings, productions, advertising, grooming, publishing, and education. With her careful, ethereal, and elegant style, she always tries to prioritize the satisfaction of each client. Emily was born, raised, and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has artistic experience. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the...


Chasing Good Taste in Food and Wine with Laura Donadoni

Don't miss the chance to learn how to buy the wine that suits you best! Today’s guest is Laura Donadoni, a certified professional journalist and certified Sommelier, passionate about the world of gastronomy and oenological education. She grew up in Bergamo, Italy, where her family produces their own wine—so from a young age, she was surrounded by vineyards, which is still an important part of her DNA. Laura worked for many years as a gastronomic reporter in several prestigious Italian...


Staying Fit and Healthy while Traveling the World with Shelby Albo

Do you know it’s possible to travel the world and stay healthy at the same time? You’re in for a treat! Today’s guest, Shelby Albo, will reveal all her secrets to help you make it possible. Shelby is a travel guru and a fitness trainer, who will share with us tips and tricks to immerse ourselves in a healthier lifestyle and teach us how to adapt to our environment. Finding the perfect balance between what we need and what we like has never been so easy! Highlights To learn more about...


Baking Outside the Lines with Lani Halliday

Meet the creator of the best cookie in Brooklyn! Today's guest is Lani Halliday, food artist, baker, and founder of Brutus Bakeshop, a gluten-free pastry company. Her journey began two decades ago when she developed a wheat allergy as a baker and was advised by her naturopath to eliminate gluten from her diet. Her first job was at a grocery store where she learned from a local baker who spotted her and saw her potential. When she had her first child, she worked at Erin McKenna's bakery...


Build a Healthy Relationship with Food with Emily Hochman

Personalized nutrition accessible for all! Today’s guest is Emily Hochman, founder and CEO of Wellory, an anti-diet app that delivers one-to-one personal nutrition coaching to help create more healthy habits. Before starting college, she was afraid of the Freshman 15, so she tried different diets without professional supervision. Eventually, she became very sick, suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothyroidism, pre-diabetes and getting told she could potentially never have children...


A Wine Adventure with Cha McCoy

Learn how to know what wine to buy! Cha McCoy is a certified sommelier, curator, host for intimate wine experiences, and founder of Cha Squared LLC, a consulting company with a focus on tourism, gastronomy, hospitality experiences, education, and training. In 2010 as a civil engineer, she traveled to Italy to achieve her MBA and she fell in love with wine’s magic. When she returned to America, she started her education and became a wine expert, transitioning between two very masculine...