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A show about wine, brought to you by devilishly handsome sommeliers.

A show about wine, brought to you by devilishly handsome sommeliers.
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A show about wine, brought to you by devilishly handsome sommeliers.




Episode 112: The Unsinkable Molly Brooks

Over the many illustrious years that this podcast has been in existence, we've avoided interviewing any real people. Because real people, like Warhol's art subjects, are actually quite boring. Enter Molly Brooks. Molly is a sommelier/industry extrordinaire from the sumptuously sunshiny San Diego area and I believe you'll find her as remarkably interesting as I do. I'm not interested in interviewing boring people. Enjoy the exception: The wickedly intelligent, provocatively well-spoken,...


Episode 111: My Sherry? Uh. . .More.

On this episode, grab your tiny, tulip glasses and seat your rump on a seaside stump. It's time to learn all about Sherry. Tap some ass and order some tapas and tap a short glass of all that is encompassed within this illustrious return to podcasting form. Jason's back, ya'll.


Episode 110: A Critical Review of 'Sweetbitter'

On this episode, Sommelier Extraordinaire and avid TV watcher, Jason Booth, puts on his critical pants and does a thorough review of the new Starz television show 'Sweetbitter' based on the Stephanie Danler novel of the same name. The novel is called 'Sweetbitter', not 'Of the Same Name', though if there were a novel called that, my intense hope would be for it to be made into a TV show for the sheer fun of the double entendre. On this episode, I use the all of the meanings for all of the...


Episode 109: CHEATER!

The Court of Master Sommeliers Cheating Scandal in all its glory and subterfuge.


Episode 108: Sémillon Kiss Goodnight

On this episode Jason is wearing a long, sheepskin turtleneck and pouring lemony water all over his body. Why? To be thematic, ya dumb-dumbs. This is the Sémillon podcast and no, he won't apologize for it. *Snap, Snap, Snap!*


Episode 107: The Bordeaux Blenditage

On this episode, Jason teaches the homies what each grape contributes to the final product of the famous Bordeaux Blend. He also uses way too many metaphors and similes and probably exhausts that family member in your car that doesn't want to listen to another one of these episodes but you're making them anyway because you have a quirkier sense of humor than they do and you just had to sit through their entire Post Malone album. Also, please check out our sponsor:


Episode 106: The Cider House Rules!

Apples! Get ya alcoholic Apples, HEEEYA! On this episode Jason teaches you all about apple cider. Why? I dunno. Why not?


Episode 105: Five Finger Lakes Death Punch

First and foremost: Go to to received a limited time offer of 20% off all purchases thanks to this very podcast. YOU'RE WELCOME. Wine Access features hard-to-find bottlings with some big name stunners mixed in that have all been specially selected by people with X-Men like palates. DON'T BELIEVE ME? Then you're an idiot and you simply can't be helped, get out of my life. Once again that's On this historically momentous episode of Wine for...


Episode 104: Gorgeous Georgia

This podcast was discovered in an amber egg, from the DNA of a hipster mosquito that was trapped there for 2011. I used science to get the cool ass audio shit out and download it iTunes. I know you guys want to hunt for your podcasts...not be fed. So hunt out all of the references in this one if you're hungry for some Jurassic knowledge on this ancient wine growing region of Georgia. The results will be eighty-seven percent more entertaining than both of the last two...


Episode 103: RoséInGlass and GildedStem

Welcome to our first Rosé podcast. NOT! If you even read these descriptions you'll know that this entire episode is an elaborate trap to get you to learn about an entirely different subject. And what would that be? Well, I don't want to ruin it, but...let's just say that the Band is All here. The BAND is ALL here. Eh? Ehhhhh? Welcome to a W4SH Shyamalan twist. Hope you're able to pick up all the pieces of your brain from the floor after it was blown to pieces. ShaKlamaLamaBlamo as the...


A Brief Word on Tannins

This is hardly a full length episode. Rather, this is merely an introspection. A research tangent. A dangling participle. Some words mean many things. Some words deserve a little more attention than others. And here we find 'Tannin' on the examination table. Jolly Good.


Episode 102: The Piemonte Paradox

On this episode, Internationally famous Symbologist/ Enologist Chase Maxwell finds himself on a race against the clock to solve the murder of a famous Barolo winemaker before it's too late. Murder. Sex. Intrigue. Wine. It's all here. It always is.


Episode 101: Luxury Be Thy Name

Metal credit cards weighing you down? Don't worry, Jason is here to help. On this episode of W4SH, we teach you all about the most expensive food items of the restaurant world, and then we help you figure out what you should be drinking with those edible extravagances. You might have to slow this episode down to catch the sheer amount of references and amazing recommendations that are presented here for you. Listen to this episode while tapping your Sperry's on the deck of your...


Episode 100: She Sold Pisco by The Sea Cove

It's not always about the shells. Sometimes it's about the distilled fermented grape juice from South America. Whether you Peruse Peruvian or Chillax Chilean, we got the Pisco for your Achin'. On this episode Jason spits hot fire water as he teaches you all there is to be taughten about grammar and Brandywine. Sit back and kick back with the power of your sour. This is the Pisco hour.


Episode 99: Holiday Gift Guide

On this episode Jason helps you with some holiday gift ideas for the wine and alcohol lovers in your life. Aw shucks Jason, that's real helpful. Thanks buddy.


Episode 98: Musky Cat, Musky Cat, What are they feeding you?

Muscat is a grape that Jason talks about on this podcast. You are a person that downloads and listens to his tutelage. Tutelage is a funny word if you pronounce it like it's a French winemaking technique. All of these things are relevant. Why? The secrets are on Orion's Belt. MUSCAT PODCAST ZIGGA ZIG AH!


Episode 97: Oh. My. God. Beqaa.

The Beqaa Valley, also known as the Bekaa Valley and, occasionally, The Phoenician Mother Lovin' Pimp Zone, just so happens to be the best spot for wine in all of the Middle East. As long as you don't mind military struggles, religious infighting, and the occasional bunker buster or tank near your wine tasting room, then you should be ready to go. Listen to this podcast with some mezze and it'll be less falawful. Or just listen to it regardless. But. . .really listen. Not everyone makes...


Episode 96: Macabeo is Bae

Macabeo, or Viura if ya nasty, is a handy little white grape from the North of Spain and the South of France. Mostly. One-third of the 'Cava Girls Trio' (a Motown band made up of three wine grapes, they can't sing but man, what a concept, eh?!), this grape felt like it deserved its own stand-alone episode (we'll see). On this new dose of audio adrenaline (the experience you get from listening to W4SH, not the Christian band), Jason takes you into a dreamscape you didn't even know your...


Episode 95: The Somm of the Nuclear Age

On this episode, we take you into the near future and show you what has become of the world of wine and the sommelier profession. A stark world, for sure, but not one without hope.


Episode 94: A Story Good to Fault

On this episode, Jason gets straight up literaturageous. You like stories? Cuz that's what this is. So grab some mother fluffin' pillows and blankets and chocolate chip cookies and curl up by your tiny apartment space heater and give your brain a good stroke.