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You're Making Me Wings

*Boner Jamz 2020 * A Cluck n' Roll Popup at Bell Cafe! Traditional and Vegan wings from Cluck N Roll by chefs Jeremy Dutra, Tom Hall, Noah Golfman, and Cody Snider. Featuring beer from Stone Brewing and Ardent Craft Ales! Reservations recommended and face masks will be enforced as well as staying out of a persons territorial bubble.


You’re Making Me Try Sponsored Products: Mushroom Coffee

Will mushroom coffee make us smarter? Healthier? Better at podcasting? In this new series we explore sponsored food products promoted by podcasters, without being paid to do an ad. In this episode we try out mushroom coffee, a functional superfood promoted by podcasters like Joe Rogan and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow. Listen and hear our unbiased taste tests and reviews.


Carrot Cards with Clay Shoaf

The often-mentioned cryptid Clay Shoaf joins Francesca for a special and hilarious episode of YMMH. In this episode the two are on the road after attending a small socially distant wedding. Francesca tries to do a regular interview but quickly gets derailed. Learn about the cooking and eating habits of a man who has many opinions.


You're Making Me Answer Questions!

You asked, we tried to answer!


A Sit Down Stand Up with Intergalactic Tacos Pt. 2

Part 2 of our interview with Brian Graff from Intergalactic Tacos!


A Sit Down Stand Up with Intergalactic Tacos

Francesca and Tom talk with Brian Graff from Intergalactic Tacos


You're Making Me American

Happy 4th of July! Francesca and Tom talk about grilling, memories, and America


You're Making Me Thirsty!

Francesca and Tom drink TOO MUCH seltzer water till their stomachs hurt.


Cheeser's Palace



Zorch Making Me Hungry!

In the season 2 premiere Fran and Tom eat pizza from local food truck Zorch pizza. This is not your typical pizza, it's a pizza topped with everything that goes into our favorite burger from another local pop up Cobra Burger. We talk about food, what we've been doing with our quarantine, our last meal pre-quarantine, and everything in between!


You're Making Me Hungry! Live! From Red Lobster!

Tom and Francesca go out for once! We take our show on the road with friends Jason and Gabe to Red Lobster!


You're Making Me Spooky!!!! (With Mike Engle)

Mike Engle is known as the pizza comic of Richmond. He’s done comedy since 2015 and hosts many popular comedy nights including Longcat Comedy Hour at Castleburg Brewery and Late Night Snack at Sticky Rice. He’s also the drummer in our favorite local pop punk band Alex Jonestown Massacre. Did we ask him about any of this? No we did not. In this special spooky episode we eat a bunch of candy. Mike has opinions. Francesca gets too amped up on sugar and then complains a lot. We also talk about...


You're Making Me Spicy With Hot Prov

Do you like spicy food? Do you like hot sauce and/or pain? In this episode we share hot sauce with the members of Hot Prov. Hot Prov is Joe Freeman and Anthony Brazeau. The two talented improvisors invite special guests to improvise with them while consuming hot sauce. We try a bunch, including one made by Tom Hall! We also get pretty sweaty. Is it hot in here or is it just me?


Winston Hodges Doesn't Eat His Vegetables

He's lucky he's so cute otherwise we would not have had him on a food podcast. Comedian Winston Hodges is the pickiest eater we have ever had on the show. Luckily he's also sharp and hilarious. We talk about how reluctant he is to try new foods and go through his fast food go-tos. Will we ever convince him to eat a salad? How does he handle eating out? Tune in and find out. Winston's comedy album is called Radbod and is available on Spotify. Be sure to listen to The Winstmas Games, Winston's...


Jonathan Mostowy Develops Competitive Eating Habits

Jonathan Mostowy is a fan of potatoes and likes to keep things simple. Jonathan is an improvisor who performs at Coalition Theater. He's also our show producer and the founder of the RVA Podcast Network. Francesca is a huge fan of his cat Floyd and he is a fan of her dog Doug. He's a good eater.


Katie Holcomb Tells Us the Future Pt. 1

On the special TWO PART EPISODE Coalition Theater creative direction reads Tarot cards for Tom and Francesca. What will they find out about themselves? Anything? The truth lies in the cards...


Butter My Buns and Call Me a Biscuit, William Thompson

Francesca and Tom talk to chef William Thompson from Fancy Biscuit and Shyndigz about growing up working is his family's Italian restaurant and how it set him up for success. William Thompson for president.