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Episode 14: Books Books Books!

We’re not quitting the podcast to create novelty glasses of words with two o’s in the middle, but we’re not not doing that. Join us as we dissect Dandi’s undergraduate thesis on food in Roald Dahl’s books, debunk dieting, and design restaurants where you have to guess the flavor right or else you have to die! Find us on socialist media! (just kidding we love our corporate earthhosts) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3pipcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/3pipcast/ Twitter:...


Episode 13: Stay Prosperous

Wanna #stayprosperous in the Year of the Dog but don’t know how? We three peas are here to clue you in about what to eat and how to eat it so that you ride that Lunar New Year high all the way through to the next year. We also do other holidays a favor by brainstorming some homonymic foods you can eat to celebrate, and discuss the finer points of what counts as Chinese food. Plus: we very earnestly compare apples and oranges (don’t try this at home) and talk about the introduction and...


Episode 12.5: B Mine ???

CALL ME LUV U BFFS XOXO HOT STUFF U UP WHO DIS are just some classic lines we love to read on those chalky conversation v-day hearts! But what if the three peas were in charge of writing these quippy candies? Listen to us discover new ways to express our social anxiety in this mini-episode that was originally going to close our next episode but we also wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a timely manner, so you get a lil treat!! v-day is a capitalist construct xoxo


Episode 12: The Breadpisode

WE GOT A GOOD CRUMB UP IN THIS ONE M8 Welcome to the Bread Episode aka the Breadpisode aka the One Where We Make A Lot of Fuss Over Yeast and Flour. You know that twitter we rate dogs? Well we’ve stolen the idea for bread and it would make Mary Berry proud, we think. Also stay tuned for a weird discussion about Mario Batali’s “pizza cinnamon rolls,” our introduction of our new Book Club segment, and some Freudian psychoanalysis!!! As always, we are on social media. Please reach out to...


Episode 11: 3 Peas, LLC

This week, we talk about the far-reaching clutches of consumer-facing food corporations, but mostly we talk about how best to transport a wheel of Parmesan Reggiano on a shopping cart, dinner parties where no one can leave, and how fast a cuttlefish can kill you. Find us on social media while you still can (we haven’t been banned yet): Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3pipcast/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/3pipcast/


Episode 10: My Sister, My Sister, and Me

For this nice round number episode, the first of this New 2018 Timescape, we all gathered in physical proximity to one another to rate food emojis (🥞 🥓🥚🥖️🥒


Episode 9: Hotpot is Severely Overrated and I’ll Fight Anyone Who Disagrees

This week we’re talking about our fond memories of working in the food service industry, and also how hot pot is severely overrated and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees. Other bold claims: “thirty ham croissants should not be an issue for a bakery to produce,” “white tea may detoxify your circulatory system,” and “I have been to this Marshall’s before.” And, Amanda has a surprise! Also in this episode: Fresh Avocado Vine, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE4C8a48o1E Find and mention us...


Episode 8: Ketchup Revolution

We’re engaging in epic levels of revolutionary thought this week, so join us as we discuss the origins of deceptively named foods (spoiler alert, Justin Trudeau would be proud), the pickle-ness of ketchup, and how to proclaim your non-meat-eating-status. Praxis makes perfect, right? Included in this week’s episode: “Ketchup Is a Pickle” by Casey Johnston: https://www.theawl.com/2017/11/ketchup-is-a-pickle/ “The Language of Food” by Dan Jurafsky. Here is a good Epicurious article that...


Episode 7: Home is Where the Soup is

How many soups is too many soups? Anita’s mom schools us in the art of making nourishing soups, and we try to figure out if we’re Hot Or Not according to Chinese medicine. Plus, Thanksgiving recaps, figure skating E.M.O.T.I.O.N.S., and our feeble attempts to describe basic geometric shapes.


Episode 6.5: How to Fluffy

Anita’s sister explains to Anita that leavening is just carbon dioxide and favorites are overrated. A morsel to tide you over until Episode 7, single listener!


Episode 3: Seizing the Means of Production….In Your Mouth!

This episode we’re fueled by mooncakes, free food, and Ryan Gosling, so get ready to listen to us talk for over an hour about these questions, and more: -Is cream cheese a cheese? -How is Carly Rae Jepsen like a mooncake? -Can your Meyers-Briggs type explain why Ikea deals are so compelling to you? -Why is Dandi so fed up with Soylent?????? We are currently on a lag but we will soon be catching up to ourselves and will be trying to publish every WEDNESDAY, so subscribe to get those...


Episode 2: Pineapple Hurt Mouth Why

Welcome back to Episode 2–we’re still here, can you believe it?! This week, we discuss important, earthshaking topics like how to give your zucchini a spa treatment, what possibilities a salad open up, whether lemons can overthrow the patriarchal concept of the Basic B, and how many M&Ms should be in trail mix (spoiler alert: the answer is 5). Plus, we have a new theme song, courtesy of our musicaler-than-us friend Drew Gillis–thank you honorary pea Drew!!