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Episode 94: Jamie Simpson, Culinary Vegetable Institute Chefs Tristan Acevedo, Kayla Jarvinen, Lincoln Marquis, Madysen Maynard

While in Milan, Ohio, to partiticpate in a dinner at The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef's Garden, Andrew grabbed the opportunity to interview one of his favorite people in the industry, the CVI's Executive Chef & Chef Liaison Jamie Simpson. Hear the story of how this young chef found his way to a unique six-year (and counting) stint at one of the most esteemed farms in the world, and what the the rewards of flowing to to the rhythms of a working farm are. Then, meet Jamie's kitchen...


Episode 93: Dave Beran

As he readies his new restaurant Pasjoli for a fall debut, Dave Beran--who's already enjoying great success in Santa Monica, California, at Dialogue--takes us back through his life and career, from his formative days in Upstate New York and Michigan, to his early kitchen years at Alinea and Next (he served as chef de cuisine at both) to his decision to migrate to the West Coast. A far-ranging conversation about education, creativity, and finding one's professional home and...


Episode 92: Rōze Traore, Jose Arroyo

This week, Andrew sits down with two chefs who have gone their own way: Rōze Traore, who's part of the kitchen team at Eleven Madison Park and also stages pop-ups and private dinners around the world, and has a second career as a model, epitomizing the emerging avenues available to a young chef today. And Jose Arroyo, of Ontario, California, who served in the miliary and trained in culinary school, then decided to pursue a more mainstream career, out of the spotlight but no less devoted to...


Episode 91: David Shim, Lee Hanson & Riad Nasr, Jeff Gordinier

There are no hotter restaurants in New York City right now than Cote and Frenchette, and on this week's episode, we've got the chefs behind both of them: David Shim, the soft-spoken but intensely exacting chef of Cote tells Andrew how and why he gave up aspirations of professional soccer to pursue a pro cooking career, and how he went about designing the food for Cote's unique, modern take on a Korean steakhouse. Then, Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr, the dynamic duo who brought their culinary...


Episode 90: Open Kitchen: Dana Pollack (Dana's Bakery)

The wonderfully creative soul behind Dana's Bakery, Dana Pollack, left a successful career as a photo editor in pursuit of something more fulfilling. She attended culinary school, decided restaurant kitchens weren't for her, and began fashioning unconventional macaroons and other baked goods that have made her (mostly mail order) company a rousing success. Her story is one of career changing and finding an unconventional path in an ever-more-challenging industry. She and Andrew discuss what...


Episode 89: LIVE from San Francisco Cooking School: A Conversation with Preeti Mistry & a Tribute to Judy Rodgers

Our 2nd LIVE show took place last week at San Francisco Cooking School and it was a blast: Oakland-based chef Preeti Mistry joined Andrew to talk about everything from how one's identity is inevitably reflected in their food to the politics of the modern restaurant scene to her early tendencies toward the theatrical. In the second segment, a quintet of current and former Zuni Cafe chefs (Nate Norris, Quang Nguyen, Gail Pirie, John Clark, and Brandon Jew) discuss the legacy of the late Judy...


Episode 88: Patrick O'Connell, Lincoln Carson

An intersection of the classic and contemporary defines today's episode: First up: Last week, Andrew made a pilgrimage to the legendary, three-Michelin-star Inn at Little Washington where the singular visionary Patrick O'Connell has been lording over his dream restaurant, inn, and other properties since 1978. While there, the two sat down for a revelatory conversation that has had Andrew's head spinning in all the best ways ever since. Then, we turn our attention to Los Angeles, and Lincoln...


Episode 87: Jeremiah Tower Tribute at Chef's Roll Anti-Convention; Ed Levine

Two titans of the food world are the focus of this week's episode. First up, an Open Kitchen (non-chef) interview with Ed Levine, founder of Serious Eats and author of the new book Serious Eater: A Food Lover's Perilous Quest for Pizza and Redemption. And, from the Chef's Roll Anti-Convention in April, we are thrilled to present a tribute to legendary chef Jeremiah Tower, subject of the recent documentary The Last Magnificent, and creator of Stars and other restaurants. In addition to...


Episode 86: Anthony Bourdain (unaired interview from April 2014)

A never-before-aired, recently rediscovered interview with Anthony Bourdain, whom we lost a year ago this week. On April 29, 2014, Tony was kind and generous enough to sit down over lunch with Andrew for a two-part conversation, covering everything from his early days as a cook to his transition to a writer and television icon, to coping with fame, meeting his idols, how the industry has changed over the years, and speaking his mind. Originally recorded for print use in a busy restaurant,...


Episode 85: Los Angeles Chef Conference Chef-a-Palooza featuring Della Gossett, Michael Cimarusti, Laura Avery, Meredith Bell, Brooke Williamson, and Brad Metzger

Four interviews, all recorded outdoors in the splendor of Santa Monica at the recent Los Angeles Chef Conference: Spago's Della Gossett; Providence's Michael Cimarusti; Laura Avery and Meredith Bell on the legendary Santa Monica Farmer's Market; and Brooke Williamson of Playa Provisions, The Tripel, Hudson House Bar, and TV's Top Chef. Plus a conversation on the origins of the festival and the world of chef recruiting with festival founder Brad Metzer. This will be our last anthology episode...


Episode 84: Markus Glocker

As Bâtard (his collaboration with John Winterman and Drew Nieporent) turns 5-years old, and he settles into a new phase of shepherding two restaurants (he's also executive chef of Keith McNaly's Augustine), Markus Glocker sits down with Andrew to discuss his old-school European training, how he takes flavor to the brink even in traditional recipes, and his time working for such legends as Gordon Ramsay and the late Charlie Trotter. Hear how this self-described classicist makes his preferred...


Episode 83: Kelly Fields, Kwame Onwuachi

Two big winners at last week's James Beard Foundation Awards join Andrew on this week's show: Kwame Onwuachi of Kith and Kin in Washington, DC, and author of the new book Notes from a Young Black Chef, who was named Rising Star Chef; and Kelly Fields of Willa Jean in New Orleans, Louisiana, who was named Outstanding Pastry Chef. Both open up dramatically, both about their own lives and about a societal issues they and the industry grapple with every day. Andrew Talks To Chefs is powered by...


Episode 82: Milton Abel II

Raised as a "bar baby" by his devoted jazz musician father and just-as-loving mother, it might have seemed that Milton Abel II was destined for a life onstage himself. But after a period of self-discovery, this Kansas City native found his way to the professional kitchen, eventually settling on pastry and rising to the top of such world-renowned kitchens as The French Laundry, Per Se, and Noma. Today, he's a partner in the Copenhagen bakery and coffee roastery Andersen and Maillard and the...


Episode 81: Chef’s Roll Anti-Convention Super-Value Pack (Nyesha Arrington, Barbara Lynch, Ken Frank, Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins, Francisco Migoya)

Andrew took his podcasting gear on the road again (this is getting to be a habit) and recorded interviews with 5 participating chefs at the recent Chef’s Roll Anti-Convention in San Diego, California, earlier this month. This 3-hour episode should keep you entertained through our between-season break: Listen at your leisure to intimate conversations with LA’s Nyesha Arrington; Boston’s Barbara Lynch; Napa’s Ken Frank; San Diego’s own Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins; and Modernist Cuisine’s...


Episode 80: Dan Richer and Daniele Uditi

A rare food-focused episode of the pod, featuring two of the preeminent pizza specialists working in the United States today: US-born Dan Richer of Jersey City's Razza and Italian-born Daniele Uditi of Brentwood's Pizzana. While Daniele was on the East Coast to collaborate on a special dinner with Dan, the two took time out from their preparations to sit down with Andrew and talk about how they found their way to pizza-making, what makes their individual approaches distinct, and the...


Episode 79: Michael McCarty

Not many people can lay claim to having shaped the restaurant world that we dine in today, but Michael McCarty is surely one of them. As his masterpiece, Michael's Santa Monica, prepares to celebrate its 40th Anniversary with a special dinner later this month, Andrew sat down with this visionary (featured on the cover of Chefs, Drugs, and Rock & Roll) to discuss his original vision for the restaurant, the innovations he introduced there (nightly staff meetings!); how American food moves...


Episode 78: Clare de Boer and Jess Shadbolt

Pull up a chair at the table in the window and join Andrew as he gets to know Clare de Boer and Jess Shadbolt, the British-born team behind the ever-changing menu at downtown Manhattan's wonderfully received Kings restaurant. The kitchen collaborators share their approach to honing the restaurant's culinary style, how they've managed growth and evolution, and the highs and lows of their first years in business. A casual, open hour of shop talk with two of the more successful young cooks...


Episode 77: Alycia Matthews, Patty Nusser

A great many professional cooks and chefs shifted to the kitchen after one or more earlier careers. On this episode, we speak to two women whose stories exemplify the possibilities available if you can muster the courage to make a change: Alycia Matthews is a New Jersey-based engineer whose love of cooking was so persistent that after years of wrestling with the impulse, she began attending culinary school in her late 30s, and will graduate the Institute of Culinary Education this May. (Her...


Episode 76: Maneet Chauhan, Andy Little

We're not sure what the odds are of two Nashville chefs turning up in New York City on the same day, but somehow they did, and we were lucky to book them both for back-to-back interview sessions. First up: Chopped judge and prolific chef and restaurateur Maneet Chauhan takes us through her life and career, from her Indian childhood to her culinary training at the Culinary Institute of America to chef gigs in Chicago and the Tri-State area and ultimately to a home and success in Nashville....


Episode 75: Philly Chef Conference Spectacular with Mashama Bailey, Katie Button, Genevieve Gergis, Christina Nguyen, and Matt Orlando (and bonus guests John & Sukey Jamison)

Last weekend, an international who's who of chefs gathered in the City of Brotherly Love for the 6th Annual Philly Chef Conference. In between speaking gigs, Andrew was fortunate to sit down with some of the chefs who are making huge dents in the culinary universe right now. They are (in alphabetical order): Mashama Bailey of the Grey in Savannah, GA (recently the subject of a Chef's Table profile); Katie Button of Cúrate and Button & Co in Asheville, NC; Genevieve Gergis, co-owner & pastry...