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Celebrating and exploring the world of craft beer, Beer Busters is a mostly on the road podcast featuring Dan Baker, Steph Heffner and Wayne Baker. We travel to breweries and other beer spots to sit down and chat and drink and play games with a wide array of people in the industry.

Celebrating and exploring the world of craft beer, Beer Busters is a mostly on the road podcast featuring Dan Baker, Steph Heffner and Wayne Baker. We travel to breweries and other beer spots to sit down and chat and drink and play games with a wide array of people in the industry.


Philadelphia, PA


Celebrating and exploring the world of craft beer, Beer Busters is a mostly on the road podcast featuring Dan Baker, Steph Heffner and Wayne Baker. We travel to breweries and other beer spots to sit down and chat and drink and play games with a wide array of people in the industry.






Episode 201: Human Robot Brewery (or Analog Trolling)

February 2020 was a time when Corona was just a beer, social distance meant cancelling your Friday plans to watch Netflix, masks were for surgeons, and Human Robot opened their doors in the former Saint Benjamin location in Philadelphia. Despite the subsequent slow-motion train-wreck apocalypse, the new brewery has managed to thrive with a solid offering of top class beers. We are joined this episode by two of the team behind Human Robot, Ken Correll and Chris Rolle. Throughout a night of...


Episode 200: Black Is Beautiful Blowout (or I Learned How Loops Work)

It’s hard to believe we’ve done 200 episodes of Beer Busters. One fateful day way back in the Spring of 2013, Dan and Steph sat down with a slapped together recording set up in Steph’s basement and nervously tried to talk about beer in an insightful and entertaining way. Soon Wayne joined and, before we knew it, we were travelling to breweries far and wide (relatively), recording on site at festivals and other events, and constantly being shocked that people not only listened to us, but took...


Episode 199: Pour Man's Brewing (or Half a Kolsch in My Glass)

What had been scheduled long in advance as an on-site podcast recording for Pour Man’s second anniversary became, in the age of Corona, another socially distant podcast. That didn’t stop the fun, though. Sam and Ryan first appeared on Beer Busters when we were at Pour Man’s in Ephrata, PA for episode 164, in which we had a pretty raucous evening. They return along with long-time partner, Mike King, to chat about the latest at the brewery, adding canning, expanding their offerings and...


Episode 198: Naked Brewing (or Aggressively Friendly)

No quarantine would be complete without getting a little Naked. For this socially distant episode we caught up with our old friend, but somehow first-time podcast guest, Hannah Gohde. Hannah recently joined Naked Brewing Company as their head brewer after years of brewing at Free Will. We talked about what brought Hannah to beer and - ultimately - to Naked Brewing, got some details of exciting new beverages on the way, and had a spirited discussion about inclusion and diversity in the craft...


Episode 197: Rebel Hive Meadery & Workhorse Brewing (or Poppin' Bottles)

We kick off this episode by catching up with Ryan Ludwig, owner of Rebel Hive Meadery in Reading, PA. As we sip some of the fine honey wine, we chat about Rebel Hive’s new bottle shop in West Reading, mead slushies, taster packs, new varieties, and much more. Then we head into the meat of the episode with Dan Hershberg, owner of Workhorse Brewing in King of Prussia, PA with a tap room in Philadelphia. Workhorse brews have been a main stay for us keeping our sanity during quarantine with...


Episode 196: Black is Beautiful

This episode we present a series of interviews around the Black is Beautiful Beer Collaboration Project. Over 900 breweries representing every state in the US and over 17 countries around the world have joined the effort to raise awareness for the injustices people of color face daily and raise funds for police brutality reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged. We start off the episode with the man who started the project, Marcus Baskerville, Founder and Head Brewer at...


Episode 195: Pilger Ruh Brewing (or The Skook)

We start this episode with a conversation with our old friend Dain Shirey from St. Boniface Craft Brewing about their latest venture, a new restaurant and bar in downtown Lititz, PA, Tied House. Then, it’s on to another socially distant episode with the founders of Pilger Ruh Brewing, brothers Tyler and Conlan Budwash. Still under construction, the new brewery is set to open in Pottsville, PA later this year or early next. The pair are also the brains behind the Schuylkill County Brew Fest,...


Episode 194: Hemauer Brewing (or Thick Ass Wax)

At the top of the show, we interview Nate Kresge from GK Visual, the Harrisburg production company behind Brewed in the Burg, Poured in PA, and now a new ongoing docu-series, Poured in PA: The Series. With a more in-depth focus on the stories of craft beer throughout Pennsylvania, the series is available on YouTube, and coming soon to Amazon Prime. It’s worth a watch, particularly episode 5, which features a few of your favorite podcasters. Then we dive into the main episode…While many small...


Special: Dennis Guy and The Daily Sip with Ralph Marion

Given the recent protests that have arisen in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement, we have decided to make an effort to use our platform to support the black community by stepping away from the microphones and sharing our space with the voices of that community. This episode, we present audio from a livestream by Dennis Guy, Co-Founder and CEO of First Sip Brew Box. As a black business owner and veteran, Dennis shares his thoughts on the current movement...


Episode 193: Stickman Brews (or She Did Do It and She Should've Done It)

Quarantine continues, we’re all stuck at home, but the podcast must go on! Since we’ve started this series of socially distant episodes, we’ve made a point to have guests on that we know well, really get along with, and that we can count on to keep us laughing. Few people fit those requirements quite as well as Ethan Buckman, co-founder of Stickman Brews. Unfortunately, our field-promoted, honorary fourth Beer Busters, Kevin Keller, couldn’t join us for this one. But, we soldier on and...


Episode 192: Free Will Brewing & Haymaker Meadery (or Johndalynn Stemstrong)

Our socially distant series continues and we catch up with some old friends, John from Free Will Brewing and Brandalynn, who we first met at Zeroday Brewing and is now at Haymaker Meadery. Anyone who knows beer in Pennsylvania has heard of these two. John is a widely respected brewer who helped make Free Will one of the most popular breweries locally and beyond. Brandalynn has contributed to the alcohol industry in our home state in so many ways, wearing more hats than the Queen of England....


Episode 191: Kevin Keller Returns (or We're Still Quarantined)

Because we still can't go anywhere, we've returned for another socially distant podcast! We were joined once again by our friend and beer industry guru, Kevin Keller. This time Wayne was unfortunately unable to join - he was away in the distant, magical land of West Philadelphia (where he was neither born nor raised). We moved things around a little bit...Steph delivered some uplifting beer news, and Dan led his own version of Happy Fun Time Games. We all drank various beers, and Kevin told...


Episode 190: Prototype Brewery & Meadery (or A Sad Day for Two Weeks)

Welcome to our first podcast from the end of days! We couldn't think of anyone better to help us try to be silly in the current environment than our old pal, Kevin Keller. He's worn many hats in the local beer industry, but is venturing deeper with his new project, Prototype Brewery & Meadery. There was supposed to be a pretty rad event with several local breweries in attendance, but it's been postponed to make sure everyone involved can be as safe as possible. There was no news or Know Your...


Episode 189: Stolen Sun Craft Brewing & Roasting (or You Don't Know Their Cats)

This episode was recorded just before the pandemic roared into full swing, businesses like Stolen Sun were still operating mostly normally – but there was already unease. We brought sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to the recording, but we weren’t yet living in full-on quarantine mode. Obviously, the subject of Corona came up, though not immediately, and we tried not to talk about it at length. We did address the uncertainty small businesses were facing – an uncertainty that has,...


Episode 188: Naked Brewing (or Paying the Platypus)

We return again for a night of rabble-rousing and spirited conversation to Naked Brewing in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Joining us are podcast alums Jim and Dave, as well as Beer Busters virgins Kevin and Shawn. With the sweet sounds of live music by Mojo & The Helper Monkeys wafting in the taproom, we discuss Naked’s upcoming second location in Bristol, their involvement with Pink Boots Society and the Bold Women & Beer Festival (spoiler: we’ll be podcasting there), tap room etiquette and more....


Episode 187: Warwick Farm Brewing (or Hazel)

This was quite an epic night. It began with crowlers of helles and pilsner (nice) and ended with drunkenly driving farm equipment around the property (not that we condone such activity – we are professionals on a closed course). Warwick Farm Brewing is a “family owned and operated Brew Farm that produces high quality independent beer on a historic farm in Bucks County Pennsylvania.” It’s also a pretty cool place with some pretty awesome people, two of which – Ryan and Tim – sat down and...


Episode 186: Stickman Brews (or Delicate Cacophony)

Honestly, we could podcast here every episode. In fact, our guest and one of our favorite people in the beer industry, Ethan from Stickman Brews, has his own podcast. It’s called Bad Beer and High Prices and features Ethan and partners Jim and Kate. You should check it out. You should also listen to this episode of Beer Busters. Unfortunately, the rest of the crew were ailing and couldn’t join us. But, Ethan is more than enough for an episode chock full of honesty, ranting, and laughter. We...


Episode 185: Craft Tastings (or Sippy McSipperson)

Our old friend Greg Orth, Master of Flavor, returns for the 7th year in a row for our annual Valentine’s Day-ish tradition. Over the years, Greg – founder of Craft Tastings – has lead us through a wide variety of beer and food pairings. We started with chocolate, then moved on to a much wider array of snacks from bacon to popcorn and beyond. This time around, we come back to chocolate but swap out the beer for whiskey! Greg has been experimenting with using whiskey for his specialty pairing...


Episode 184: Hemauer Brewing (or Delicate but Flavorful)

After joining us for several years at Harrisburg Beer Week’s Little Big Beer Fests to promote his upcoming brewery, Brooks Hemauer finally gets his own dedicated podcast episode. Since Hemauer Brewing is not quite yet open, however, he was kind enough to make the trek to the Beer Busters Basement. We talk about how Brooks got into brewing, why he decided to open a brewery, what that brewery will look like, and a lot about digging holes. In Happy Fun Time, Wayne hosts another round of...


Episode 183: Cox Brewing (or Loosely Capped)

With Nick Cox and Tim Kreider at Cox Brewing Company In this episode we take a trip to Rheems, PA to hit up the veteran owned and operated Cox Brewing to chat with owners Nick and Tim. We discuss their shiny new brewing system, expansion plans, connections to Rheems, and much more. Dan reports on the sale of New Belgium Brewing (which was fresh news when we recorded this). In Happy Fun Time, Wayne hosts a round of Bad Beer Reviews: Hazy Edition. And Steph talks about the process of...