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BBQ 090: BBQ Town Hall with Danial Vaughn and David Anderson

You’re listening to the Best BBQ Show and I’m your host Yoni Levin. This week we have some great talks that I was able to attend during BBQ Town Hall. Every year Jeff Savell and his team create a day of information and updates for pit masters and restaurant owners. This is the 5th year and I am truly grateful for being able to attend. This is a nice long episode for y’all. First up is Daniel Vaughn, BBQ Editor for Texas Monthly and the man behind the Texas Monthly Top 50 List. He talks...


BBQ 089: Rogerio Betti from Quintal deBetti and Churrascada

You’re listening to the Best BBQ Show and I’m your host, Yoni Levin. Last weekend I had the pleasure of sitting down at Terry Black’s BBQ with a table full of amazing people. From Brazil, Rogerio Betti. A true meatman in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A man who brings great happiness to 1000 people a day at Quintal deBetti where they cook amazing steaks family style. The man behind Churrascada, a Brazilian BBQ Festival where high quality beef is cooked by masters of their craft. Also at the table, was...


BBQ 088: Kosmo From Kosmo's Q

Kosmo Q. He makes sauces that win all kinds of events every year. He has over a dozen teams and knows a few things about BBQ. We met up at the Jack Daniel’s invitational in Tennessee. We were in the Boomerang BBQ tent surrounded by B&B Charcoal. He is a man that is always reinventing himself. As we all know you have to be willing to learn if you want to cook good BBQ. If you think you already know everything, you probably don’t know too much. Kosmo makes over 80 sauces and is always...

BBQ 087: Rob Reinhardt Prairie Smoke and Spice BBQ

You’re listening to the Best BBQ show and I’m your host Yoni Levin. This week we head back to The Jack Daniels Invitational. A special event for a select group of pit masters and teams. This isn’t just any other competition. You have to win a lot of competitions to get here and in some countries even win a lottery after that. This was the 30th year of “The Jack”. It is considered one of the most prestigious barbecue competitions in the world. 103 teams, 27 of which are international...


BBQ 086: Burt Bakman of Trudy's Underground BBQ and Slab in Los Angeles

This week was a hunt. I had to track down a rare bird. Usually indigenous to the Los Angeles area, this pit master has been cooking BBQ on the west coast for years and representing Texas with the quality and pride that the great city of Los Angeles deserves. He’s a neighborhood source of brisket for executives and moguls in Hollywood. He spends his days selling million dollar homes and his nights cooking that good ol Texas Cue. His name is Burt Bakman. The creator of Trudy’s Underground...


BBQ 085: Austin vs Houston Throwdown

I spent Sunday afternoon eating all kinds of delicious bites from all over Texas. From Houston to Mobberly this invitational was the second version of the Austin vs Houston throwdown. Although there were good bites from both cities, it was Bodacious BBQ who took the trophy this weekend. Check out our instagram stories to see all the food at the event. There was brisket, ribs and even tongue served a few different ways. I cruised around the tents before and after the event. We talked to...


BBQ 084: Heritage BBQ

Everyone knows the BBQ family is growing way beyond the borders of Texas or even these beautiful United States of America. There’s Dave Peralta who is smoking American briskets in the Philippines using dragon fruit and tamarind wood. There’s Holy Smoke in Sweden who are feasting on Texas BBQ just south of the arctic circle. This episode is all about the west coast and how Texas BBQ is popping up all along the pacific ocean. This week’s episode takes us to Bruery Terreux, a wildly...


BBQ 083: Texas Monthly BBQ

This week I’ve got a great episode for you. I long list of people I spoke with at the close of Texas Monthly BBQ. Some of these BBQ restaurant owners, cutters, pitmasters rarely get to meet and this is one of those rare occasions. The final hour of TMBBQ. I’ve got a long list of people that I got to speak with while I was walking around. So get ready, we’ve got a lot to cover. We spoke with Catherine Stiles and Lance Kirkpatrick, two of the many talents at Stiles Switch BBQ. They were...


BBQ 082: Derek Wolf @OverTheFireCooking

This week I sit down with Derek Wolf aka OverTheFireCooking on Instagram. It’s his birthday btw so if you’re listening to this in real time go hit him up and say happy birthday to him! We met up at the Jack Daniel’s invitational while he was slinging burgers with a new Jack Daniel’s sauce. Derek started his instagram account with a few shots of his food taken by his lady of the interesting ways they cook meat. Derek loves open fire, open flame pits and uses different tools to hang meat...


BBQ 081: Franklin's Friends

You’re listening to the Best BBQ Podcast. Today we have more coverage from Texas Monthly weekend or what I like to call the international BBQ convention. There were pitmasters from all over texas and beyond including Bryan Furman from B’s Cracklin in Georgia. In this episode we spoke to LeighAnn Bakunas, BBQ and Beer marketing manager for Yeti. She’s going hard every day connecting more pitmasters and brewers with Yeti’s amazing products. They’re not a sponsor of the show, YET, but they...


BBQ 080: Live from Snow's at Texas Monthly BBQ Weekend

You’re listening to Best BBQ and I’m your host, Yoni Levin. If you’ve been on our instagram this week you know it is Texas Monthly BBQ weekend. What does that mean? It means I just spent the last 3 days eating and hanging out with pitmasters from all over the world. What else does that mean? Well, if you saw our wild weekend on our social channels you’ve seen where we’ve been hanging out. You’ve seen who we’ve talked to and today we’ve got a great episode of pitmasters and enthusiasts...


BBQ 079: Who is BBQ to you?

Do you like great BBQ? I do. I set out over a year ago now to create a show about barbecue. About tasting it, about the people who cook it and all the amazing places that serve delicious, wood fired, low and slow Texas BBQ. Texas Barbecue is unique from many other states. It’s actually descended from the German’s who moved here almost a century ago. They had a simple recipe to cook cheaper cuts and all it took was time and some salt and pepper. Originally Barbecue wasn’t even the main...


BBQ 078: The Boys of Brotherton's Black Iron BBQ

John Brotherton is someone you don't see frowning very often. He's always up for BBQ and he's happy to meet up and talk about the business. I've eaten more meals in more different barbecue joints with John Brotherton than anyone else. He also won the Austin vs Houston Throwdown last year with Evan Leroy (they tied). He's a true meatman and makes one of my favorite things in BBQ, he makes great sandwiches. Some places you sit down and they give you a platter, some places might put your food...


BBQ 077: How to Win Competitions with Joey Machado

If you've ever met Joey Machado, you've probably met him at a cooking competition or event. He probably had at least 3 people with him including his talented son Ty, who has won many competitions himself. Joey and I sit down at SLAB which is an acronym for Slow Low and Bangin'. At the helm of SLAB is Mark Avalos, a man whose love of graffiti and hip-hop is written all over the walls. They even have cookies for their banana pudding shaped like hip-hop legends Biggie and Eazy-E. If you're in...


BBQ 076: Want friends? Cook BBQ!

I want to be honest with you. I've been cooking BBQ for a long time, but I never felt fully connected to the BBQ community til the last year. What was the change? The people. I decided to start a show. I decided that all these amazing people I was meeting had great stories. I was interested in the stories and I also knew a few of you would want to hear what's going on. Isn't that why you're here? To learn about the scene, see who's cooking what and learn all their secrets? What if I told...


BBQ 075: Bram Tripp and Loro Austin

When you walk up to Loro you don't expect to run into a bouncer...not truly a bouncer, but there is someone working the door. One thing you wouldn't expect at Loro is, it's counter service. The door person keeps the line from backing up and helps new arrivals navigate the menu. On busy days, they even open an outdoor bar so you can have a drink while you wait. Bram Tripp and the team at Loro have thought a lot about flavor and taste. For example, their Bavette is a cold smoked, beef fat con...


BBQ 074: Thank you for Listening

This week I wanted to take the time to talk to you, the listeners. I love the people, the food, and the hard work of BBQ. The barbecue world is full of great people. I've spent the last year talking, tasting and cooking Texas barbeque with some of the greatest pit masters on earth. It's crazy the opportunity y'all the listeners have given me. I'm thankful for every day I get to host this show and it's all because of you. #Meatman shirts are available on As always tag us in...


BBQ 073: The Pope of BBQ, Wayne Mueller

Wayne Mueller didn't expect to end up at his father's restaurant. Wayne ended up working with his father, Bobby Mueller, before he died and Wayne took over. Since then Wayne has traveled the world spreading the gospel of BBQ. He hangs out with some of the coolest pit masters on earth. Billy Durney, Sam Jones and many more. Luckily he loves our show and is happy to spend time talking about his experiences and the world of barbecue. In this episode we talk all about the BBQ world, sports,...


BBQ 072: The Switch, The Best BBQ in Dripping Springs

You may not read it in the headlines, but Shane Stiles has created what could be the most talented and hard working team in Austin BBQ. The Switch, a new Dripping Springs location for the Stiles Switch brand, recently opened and with it came some shifts in the Barbecue world. Between the two locations there are pit masters that used to call many pits their homes including Kreuz, Freedmen's, Louie Mueller, La BBQ, Smokey Denmark and Franklin. This company and army of #meatmen are cooking the...


BBQ 071: Ray's Texas BBQ and the #meatman Burrito

Ray Ramirez started by cooking a form of BBQ that he was seeing in the middle of America but when he went to Austin for the first time, that all changed. He tasted the slow cooked, wood fired, buttery perfection that is Texas barbecue and he never looked back. Now he sells more Texas BBQ than anyone else in LA. I first met Ray at the Texas Monthly BBQ Fest where he was chewing on a bone from a tomahawk steak. He's a true #meatman and even competed with us for that hashtag all over social...