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BBQ 061: Texas Wines and Roundtable with Mark Black and Jason Hisaw

Enjoy this episode where we talk about and taste some delicious Texas wines! Mark Black is the owner of Terry Black's BBQ in Austin Texas. He comes from Lockhart which is one of the capitols of Texas BBQ. Him and his brother have been serving the best BBQ in Texas since 2014. Jason Hisaw is an advanced sommelier based out of Kansas City. His passion for wine is only slightly overshadowed by his passion for BBQ. Thank you for listening and follow us on social media!


BBQ 060: Memphis In May Fun with Hardcore Carnivore, Kingsford and Pitmaker

Enjoy this round table with a 2 meatmen and a world famous meatwoman Jess Pryles. Australian by birth, Texan by choice, Jess Pryles is a world famous authority on Texas- and competition-style barbecue. She is the cofounder of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance, the creator of the Award and BBQ competition winning Hardcore Carnivore line of meat and steak seasonings, and the designer of an eponymous model of the Pitts & Spitts smoker. In addition to sharing her expertise at events sponsored...


BBQ 059: Mia Khalifa and the Meatmen

Mia Khalifa joins us at Terry Black's BBQ for a great spread and a great conversation. There are many things that Mia Khalifa enjoys. One of the major ones is food. You can find her at restaurants all over the world trying different delicacies or just trying some delicious local BBQ in Austin. She doesn't stop there, if you're one of the millions of people that follow her on social media you'll see all kids of elaborate meals that she cooks. When she's not cooking Mia loves to watch...


BBQ 058: Will Cleaver Co-Founder Operation BBQ Relief 2 of 2

Operation BBQ Relief was founded in May 2011 in response to a need for relief efforts in tornado-stricken Joplin, Missouri, a community of about 50,000 residents. Volunteers from competition BBQ teams from eight states answered the need to help feed displaced families, police, fire, National Guard and emergency personnel. We were able to serve over 120,000 meals over 13 days. Food was delivered to shelters, hospitals, senior living communities and the Humane Society. Volunteers loaded...


BBQ 057: Operation BBQ Relief Episode 1 of 2 with Dewayne Daniel

Operation BBQ Relief was founded in May 2011 in response to a need for relief efforts in tornado-stricken Joplin, Missouri, a community of about 50,000 residents. Volunteers from competition BBQ teams from eight states answered the need to help feed displaced families, police, fire, National Guard and emergency personnel. They were able to serve over 120,000 meals over 13 days. Food was delivered to shelters, hospitals, senior living communities and the Humane Society. Volunteers loaded...


BBQ 056: Big Green Craig talks ceramic grill cooking, BBQ tips and Memphis in May

Big Green Craig is on a quest for all things live fire. Craig, from Georgia, talks with the Meatmen on this episode of the Best BBQ Show about cooking on a Big Green Egg, learning about the craft of live-fire cooking and competition BBQ. Craig has a passion for not just grilling traditional meats but all sorts of culinary adventures. He's even grilled sushi, with a reversed seared tri-tip sushi roll being a big hit. Big Green Craig owns five Big Green Eggs, a Kamado Joe, a Flo Kamado, a...


BBQ 055: Smoking brisket, beef ribs and more on Traeger Day with Rogue Cookers

What a feast! Yoni and Stover spent Traeger Day eating great food with great friends. In this episode we take a break from the BBQ to speak with Doug and Jen Scheiding from Rogue Cookers all about Traeger Grills, cooking tips, food science and more. When they roll up to your place, you know you're in for a fun, tasty time. Traeger Day (May 12) is a celebration of wood-fired cooking, where Traeger Grills fans all over the world spent the day cooking with family and friends. You can find...


BBQ 054: Champion Pitmaster Jay Tinney in the studio and a Traeger Day Preview

This week we welcome Meatman Jay Tinney of Tinney Barbecue into the studio for a fun conversation on smoking meats, catering, competition bbq, knives and tailgating. Tinney and team won the Grand Champion honor this year at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Bar-B-Que Cook-Off (SABBQ). He's a passionate lover of cooking and a great guy. He even rolled up to the Meatman Studios in Austin with a huge smoker trailer in tow. This man is dedicated to his craft. Make sure you listen to when...


BBQ 053: Houston All-Star Pitmaster Roundtable

The Meatmen are joined by a group of amazing Houston pitmasters (including some special appearances) for a fun, lively talk about all things fire cooking, drinking soju, opening a restaurant and more. Yoni and Stover sat down with Patrick Feges (Feges BBQ), Quy Hoang (Blood Bros. BBQ) and Jim Buchanan (Buck's Barbecue) at a tailgate before the HOUBBQ festival. They're a lot of fun to hang with, and of course they make some mean meat meals. "We're the three degenerates of the group,"...


BBQ 052: BBQ dreams pay off big for Pinkerton's Barbecue

From a young age, Grant Pinkerton dreamed of BBQ. Now his smoky dreams are a reality for the well-regarded Houston, Texas, pitmaster. Hard work pays off. In this episode, Pinkerton talks about his low-and-slow barbecue, his life before BBQ and the care he puts into his job day-in and day-out. The Houston native has jumped from grilling hobbyist to food cart operator to owner of a great brick-and-mortar restaurant in the Heights. "All of a sudden I was making more money just cooking for...


BBQ 051: Late Night Pitmaster Party with Roegels, Brotherton and special guests

The Meat Men partied with some of best pitmasters in Texas (or anywhere) the night before the Houston Barbecue Festival and you know it got wild. Food, drinks and hilarity ensued that night. During the party Yoni and Stover sat down for a chat with Russell and Misty Roegels (Roegels Barbecue, Houston, TX) and John Brotherton (Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue, Pflugerville, TX) to talk about their love of cooking, the BBQ family in Houston and beyond, and more fun. "Spreading the love of...


BBQ 050: "Brisket and Chill" with Hoodoo Brown BBQ at the Houston Barbecue Festival

Yoni and Stover met up with Chris Sexton (Hoodoo Brown BBQ) at the Houston Barbecue Festival for a fun chat about smoking meat, social media, the Connecticut food scene and more. Chris Sexton and Cody Sperry graduated from high school together and now run a hugely successful authentic Texas BBQ place in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Chris helped grow the restaurant a huge following on Instagram ( with amazing BBQ tray shots, clever ideas and good old-fashioned...


BBQ 049: The Meatmen prepare for the Houston Barbecue festival

The Meatmen prepare to return to Houston for the annual HOU BBQ Festival in this bonus episode of the Best BBQ Show. This weekend, Yoni and Stover will venture down to Houston for the yearly barbecue festival. More than two dozen restaurants and pitmasters will set-up shop Sunday to let people sample their smoked meats and other treats. Lots of fun and eating in store. Stay tuned for more on Monday. Here's some of the Texas barbecue talent represented at the festival: * Blood Bros....


BBQ 048: Houston Barbecue Festival 2018 Preview

The Meat Men prepare for their return to Houston, this time for the huge HOUBBQ Festival. This week Yoni and Stover chat with Houston Barbecue Festival co-founder and Houston Chronicle food columnist (don't forget host of another BBQ podcast "BBQ State of Mind") J.C. Reid about the fun and food available at the annual celebration of all things smoked meat. Fans of this show will have heard us at the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival 2017 so you know hi-jinx will again ensue, like the infamous...


BBQ 047: Hardcore Carnivore Jess Pryles Cooks Meat Like She Means It

"Cook Meat Like You Mean It." Professional Meatwoman Jess Pryles, food luminary and author of the cookbook "Hardcore Carnivore," stops by the Meatman Studio this week to talk food science, cooking tips, hunting her own game and more. Jess Pryles is a true food ambassador, spreading her love of flavor and cooking techniques throughout the world. She's dedicated her life to spreading the gospel of BBQ and food in general. Chances are if you've paid attention to the barbecue scene, you...


BBQ 046: Barbecue documentary filmmakers and BBQ champion Jay Tinney

The filmmaking duo behind "Barbecue," a beautiful worldwide look at BBQ cultures, sit down with Yoni and Stover in this episode to talk about how their documentary has been received around the world after debuting on Netflix. You first heard Australian filmmakers Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker on the Best BBQ Show in 2017 when their Barbecue movie was premiering on Netflix. They love food as much as they love filmmaking. Since their first time on the Best BBQ Show podcast, the Australian...


BBQ 045: Interview with the talented (and super cool) Traeger Pro Team

Team Traeger brought such great energy and tasty BBQ to the NBBQA conference that we knew we had to get into the Traeger Grills tent and have some of their stars on the mic. Yoni and Stover were lucky enough to spend time with Traeger Pro Team members Danielle "Diva Q" Bennett (Winter Haven, Florida), Chad Ward (Lakeland, Florida) and Doug Scheiding (Bulverde, Texas). These BBQ ambassadors make exceptional food while always keeping a sense a humor. At the National Barbecue and Grilling...


BBQ 044: Barbecue Podcasters Unite in a Meating of the Minds

In a legendary meat-up at the 2018 I Am BBQ NBBQA conference, your favorite BBQ podcast hosts sit down in one room for a wild, free-flowing conversation about podcasting, competition barbecue, the National Barbecue and Grilling Association, fire cooking and more. The Meat Men behind the BBQ Central Show, Behind the Smoke, Smoking Hot Confessions, Blowfish BBQ and the Best BBQ Show, quickly bonded at the annual conference and academy, held this year in Fort Worth, Texas. It was...


BBQ 043: Meet Barbecue Legends at NBBQA's I AM BBQ 2018 Conference

The Meatmen Yoni and Stover will join BBQ legends and pitmasters from all over the country at the NBBQA I Am BBQ 2018 conference in Fort Worth, Texas. This week, your hosts recap their guest spot on the BBQ Central Show, a live food show/podcast that has been incredibly supportive of our BBQ show. Make sure to hear our full appearance on Greg Rempe’s BBQ Central Show on your podcast app or by visiting Hijinx ensue, as always. “Check the tapes Benjy.” Cue the...


BBQ 042: Tejas Craftory's rustic chocolate and urban BBQ is a match made in heaven

Chocolate and barbecue are a match made in heaven. That's what The Meat Men learned after visiting Tejas Chocolate + Barbecue in Tomball, Texas. During their Houston roadtrip, Yoni and Stover spent one morning munching on sweets and meats with Tejas Craftory mastermind Scott Moore, who shared the story behind his top-ranked BBQ, bean-to-bar chocolate and his well-regarded restaurant just out of Houston. It took a lot of willpower not to reach into the Tejas chocolate vats as they were...