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Ep. 56 Welcome to Winephabet Street; L is for Lambrusco

Lambrusco is actually one of hte oldest wines in history and has a genealogical heritage to wild vines. The ancient Romans use to call it labrusca, from the Latin labrun which means edge or order. The name is ideal since the vines grew wildly along the edges of the fields. These are “non-domesticated” grapevines. Lambrusco is so different than many of the other grapevines we are familiar with since it is a wild vine, it freely pollinates with other grape varieties, dandelions, and...


Ep. 55 Wine Writer’s WrapUp; Points vs. Palate

In this episode of Wine Writer’s Wrap Up, I sit down with my wine writing friends and discuss our thoughts on points and medals. How much do they effect people’s decision to buy a bottle of wine. We would love to hear your thoughts too! You can always leave a comment. And please when you are on your phone, swipe down a bit and leave us a review to help others find us and to let us know how we are doing. Slainte! On this episode: Jeff Kralik - the Drunken Cyclist Rick Dean - Strong...


Ep. 54 Battle of the Sexes; Wine Tasting

It’s been awhile since I did a podcast about the science of wine, so I thought it was as good a time as any. There is a lot of debate about who are better tasters, males or females. As a scientist, when there is a debate, I turn to science to find the answer. And quite honestly, I don’t understand why there is a controversy. Scientifically, Biologically, Women are better tasters than men. You can’t dispute science! If you like what you hear, please give us a 5 star review, so that...


Ep. 53 Couvent des Jacobins

I am so honored to have won the Millesima Blog Awards and to have had the experience of attending 2017 En Primeur Week in Bordeaux. Each day, we visited different AOCs and tasted in some the grandes Chateaux. One of my favorite days was our visit to St. Emilion. St Emilion may be the oldest active wine producing appellation in Bordeaux. Research shows that it dates back to Roman times. Obtaining its name from a Benedictine Monk known as Emilian, the city is now a protected,Unesco, World...


Ep. 52 Wine Writer’s Wrap Up; Wine Tasting Etiquette

Join me and my wine writing friends Jeff Kralik, aka the Drunken Cyclist, Debbie Gioquindo, the HV Winegoddess, Nick Berube, known as the Wine Comm Guy, Martin Redmond, who writes under Enofylz wineblog, and Tina Morey of WineStudio as we discuss our thoughts on wine tasting etiquette. Show notes: What’s everyone drinking?


Ep. 51 The Wines of Croatia

Croatia’s 2 primary wine regions, Primorska Hrvatska (“coastal Croatia”) and Kontinentalna Hrvatska (“continental Croatia”), are divided into a total of 12 subregions, themselves further divided into smaller vinogorje (literally, “wine hills), which spread northeast from the radiant shores of the Dalmatian Coast to the sprawling floodplains of the Danube River. Sabina Salamun www.agrolaguna.hr Sasa Spiranec grandtasting-vinart.com Ana Markezic www.kabola.hr Carl Russo


Ep. 50 Welcome to Winephabet Street; K is for Kabinett

Grab a glass and join Lori and Debbie as they take you through the world of wine one letter at a time. Each episode will be a new letter and a new wine. Learn the characteristics and history of the grape, as well as suggested wine pairings. So uncork, unscrew or saber that bottle and connect with us as we chat, laugh and drink wine all in a laid back atmosphere. Today the letter of the day is K and it stands for Kabinett! Kabinett is actually a classification of German Riesling rather...


Ep. 49 NY Drinks NY

New York is home to the first bonded winery in the United States, making it one of the oldest wine regions in the the country. The lasting effects of Proibition made it difficult for wineries, but in the 1950s, the first vitis vinifera vines were successfully harvested. Since the 1976 passing of the New York Fram Act and the creation of the New York Wine and Gape Foundation in 1985, the NY wine industry has grown every year. In this podcast: Pleasant Valley Wine Company - Patrick...


Ep. 48 In the Wind of Pleasure

I am going to read you a story. A story like no other wine story you have ever heard before. It is a story of romance, ok, maybe not romance, more like lust and seduction. The story of an innocent girl, Sauvignon Blanc who falls for troubled man, Cabernet Franc, and endures his wildness and anti-social behavior. But ultimately they come together to create one of the most well known children in the world (Caberent Sauvignon) I hope you enjoy this tale, and maybe you should listen to this...


Ep. 47 Wine Writer’s Wrap Up; The Wine That’s Always In Our Cellar

I posed a question to a group of fellow winewriters. “What is the one wine you MUST have in your cellar at all times?” So in other words, what’s your Go-To wine? The wine that when company comes over, you pull out first because you know they are going to enjoy it. What’s the wine that you have no problem pulling the cork on in the middle of the week. I didn’t give them anymore guidance than that. They were free to choose whatever wine, whether it be red, white, rose’ or bubbles and it...


Ep. 46 It’s All About the Bubbles!

In this episode I am talking BUBBLES! It’s all about the bubbles! How they are made, what makes them, what glass you should be using to sip them, the different sweetness levels and of course I give you tips on how to Saber that bottle! My shameless plug: Do you know that we know offer a wine club? We’ve named it CHALK CLUB. Draco has the label, so Vegas gets the Wine Club. Find out how you can get shipping on us and 25% off your wine orders all year long - and we don’t ask for a major...


Ep. 44 Getting Down and Dirty in the Vineyard

We are getting down and dirty in the vineyard. It isn’t what you are thinking though! We are shedding a litle light on the science behind making wine. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Great wines are made in the vineyard.” Well, it is absolutely true. Enjoy as I discuss a grapevine’s annual growth cycle, the importance of rootstocks and site selection. Allowing the grapes to create the best quality fruit possible is a balancing act in terms of maintenance of the vine and trellising...


Ep. 43 James Suckling’s Great Wines of Italy

I had the privilege of being invited to the James Suckling Great Wines of Italy event in New York City. The Great Wines of Italy series identifies the most outstanding and unique wines that italy has to offer. It also brings the top producers that are typically behind the scenes to the forefront. I had the opportunity to mingle with and taste wines with vineyard owners and winemakers that are responsible for producing some of the Top 100 Italian Wines of 2017. This is a similar event to...


Ep. 42 Portugal’s Political History Affects Its Culinary and Wine Culture

I participate in a monthly twitter chat known as #WinePW. A group of us get together on the second Saturday of every month to discuss food and wine pairings. Back in September, the theme was Portugal. I decided to write a post about how Portugal’s Political History Affects Its Culinary and Wine Culture. (recipe included) I spent a lot of time researching the article, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that writing this post would provide me with the opportunity to visit Bordeaux!...


Ep. 41 Welcome to Winephabet Street; I is for Itata

Note: I just learned that the Valley is Bee-O Bee-O.. Not Bye-O Bye-O like I pronounced it. (Maybe I thought I was still working in micro BIO. ) ) Vines first appeared in the Itata Valley not far from the bay of Concepción in the 1500s and its reputation as a wine region continued to grow until the 1800s when the more fertile soils of the Central Valley to the north became fashionable. Itata Valley, the largest winegrowing region in Southern Chile is located at the cross of the Itata...


Ep. 40 Dracaena Wines on Wine; Berlin Kelly and Proud Pour Wines

Welcome to Dracaena Wines on Wine. In this series, I sit down with someone in the wine industry and discuss how they are Pursuing their Passion. They get to tell their story of how they got to where they are. Their highlights and lowlights. A behind the scenes look at their life in wine. In this episode I sit down with Berlin Crystal Kelly of Proud Pour Wines. Berlin paired her passion of wine with solutions to local environmental problems. They produce, as of now, two wines. A Mendocino...


Ep. 39 Dracaena Wines on Wine; Cindy Cosco

Welcome to Dracaena Wines on Wine. In this series, I sit down with someone in the wine industry and discuss how they are Pursuing their Passion. They get to tell their story of how they got to where they are. Their highlights and lowlights. A behind the scenes look at their life in wine. In this episode I sit down with Cindy Cosco of Passaggio Wines in Sonoma, California. I have known Cindy for about 5 years (we think- time flies!) and both Mike and I enjoy her wines and are honored to be...


Ep. 38 Dracaena Wines on Wine; Alistair Veen

In this episode, I sit down with Alistair Veen, a chef, sommelier, restaurant owner and the wine expert involved with a new product, V-Spin. I received a V-spin as a sample to review and I fell in love with it immediately. This product really does work. In just a few minutes, the magnetic spinner hyperaerates your wine, allowing you to enjoy the wine without having to wait hours for it to decant. Find out more about Alistair and his restaurant at http://www.taprestaurant.ca/ Learn all...


Ep. 37 Welcome to Winephabet Street; H is for Horse Heaven Hills

Is it before January 29th? Can you please take a moment to vote for my wine blog? I am one of three finalists in the Millesima Blog Awards and the post with the most votes wins a trip to Bordeaux! CLICK TO VOTE FOR DRACAENA WINES Thank you! Now onto Horse Heaven Hills Horse Heaven Hills is a 570,000-acre stretch of land located in South Central Washington state along the Columbia River. First established in 2005, the Horse Heaven Hills AVA is part of the larger Columbia Valley AVA....


Ep. 34 Wine Bloggers Conference 2017 Wrap Up

This year’s wine bloggers conference was held November 9th through the 12th in Santa Rosa, California. The conference is scheduled a year in advance, so we were all waiting on baited breath to hear if it would still be held after the wildfires that travelled through in early October. We were thrilled to hear that the conference was still on and were curious to see the devistation for ourselves. What I can say is that the media totally blew it out of proportion. We did see areas of homes...