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Welcome to Edible Economy, where we meet at the intersection of local food, health, environment, and of course, local economy. A sustainable local economy is one that is resilient and inclusive. Join us for in depth conversations that will answer questions asked around the dinner table or at the farmers market. This is YOUR EDIBLE ECONOMY.


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Welcome to Edible Economy, where we meet at the intersection of local food, health, environment, and of course, local economy. A sustainable local economy is one that is resilient and inclusive. Join us for in depth conversations that will answer questions asked around the dinner table or at the farmers market. This is YOUR EDIBLE ECONOMY.




Episode 26: Booming Business or Bust

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 1:10- The Farm, Farmers Market, year end wrap-up & their new non profit. 14:07- Word of the Week- Unicorn 17:38- Sweet Green. A company we believe has reached Unicorn status. 33:38- Farm Bill update since episode 17. 36:04- A CBD infused drink company that may not be representing CBD the correct way. 42:00- PBR distribution change. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Sweetgreen Offically A Unicorn Farm Bill Explained Farm Bill Updates Joybird Wellness CBD Infused Drinks


Episode 25: The Moringa Tree Of Life

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 1:48- What Moringa is & what they are doing with Moringa to make a sweet sipping vinegar. 3:47- Michal & Rachael’s background and how they met through a non-profit. 7:12- Rachael’s discovery of Moringa in Africa & why it is is so important for them to educate people on the health benefits they have seen. 12:36- The health benefits of their sweet sipping vinegar & all the nutrients that are in it. 17:05- The different places around the world that use Moringa and why...


Episode 24: Food Science, Local Economy & Robots

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 1:34- Word of the week- Enigmatic 4:55- Avocados. We discuss how 1 scientist discovered how to repurpose an avocado seed & turn it into natural food coloring. 18:08- Coffee shop pivoting to cannabis. We tell you why a Canadian coffee shop plans on converting some of their locations to pot shops. 26:40- Honey Grow. What Honey Grow is and why they may have grown to quickly. 35:32- Robots and farming. Why robots may change the future of how food is farmed. 41:15-...


Episode 23: Bioplastics, Clean Meat & 3D Printed Food

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 3:47- Words of the week- Crepuscular, avuncular, quixotic, enigmatic, plosive & sibilance 8:20- Bioplastics. The new company that is using bacteria from waste to grow plastic. 15:35- Food Mapping through artificial Intelligence. The company that is using AI to map food to improve health. 18:47- “Clean Meat”. What it is and what is being done to create meat from cells. 29:33- 3D Printed Steaks. The company that is working on creating a 3D printed vegan steak. 33:48-...


Episode 22: Life Coaching & Small Business

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 2:00- Owning a small business & being a mom. Samantha talks about the clients she works with and how she turned a passion project into a business, helping mompreneurs. 10:15- Time management and staying on task. Samantha shares some advice to those looking to get past the “mind drama”, stay on task, time management and scheduling, with kids at home. 19:00- Samantha’s clients. Samantha talks about what types of clients she works with from new business owners to those who...


Episode 21: Farm Fest Wrap-up

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 1:19- Intro, what’s coming up on the podcast. 4:15- Joe Morasky. Joe talks about being a weatherman & a ninja, we talk about some tricks that weathermen use, Joe shares some ninja experiences and what he is hoping to accomplish at this course after traveling in from Connecticut. 13:12- Glenn Albright. Glenn talks about coming out to the course last year, how it compares to this year and discuss what it’s like for him to be a younger ninja improving all the time. 17:00-...


Episode 20: Ensuring Farmland is Preserved... Forever

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 2:18- District Planning. What it is & how it effects the community. 7:37- Senior Water rights. What exactly that means, how it helps and effects farmers & a little history lesson of a gun battle that happened at the farm over water rights. 12:09- Agritourism. What is entails and why it is so important. 16:38- Conservation Easements. How this legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust or government agency permanently limits uses of the land. 28:13- The tool...


Episode 19: Be Excellent To Each Other & Drink Beer

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 1:16- Intro Andrea & Nathaniel Miller, discuss how they got involved in beer making and becoming the owners of Big Choice Brewery. 5:35- Running a business as husband & wife, the ups & downs they have gone through and how they have been successful. 12:30- Why they moved from Broomfield to Brighton and what it has been like at their new building. 21:43- What is beer? Andrea & Nathaniel talk about the basic ingredients in beer, what some of the most important parts of the...


Episode 18: Pumpkins, Corn, Ghosts & Ninjas!

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 2:10- The Farm Festival. All the differences between last year & this year and what they have learned. 6:52- The Corn Maze. How did it turn out? What shape is it in this year? How long is it? 8:30- Other activities inlcuding the pumpkin patch, local food, local beer, what animals they will have, the corn box and art projects. 12:50- Ninja Nation Obstacle Course. A walk through the 3 courses, how it has exceeded every expectation, and the prizes that will be given...


Episode 17: The Farm Bill- Not Just Cows, Sows & Plows

TOPICS DISCUSSED: 2:40- RMFU- Rocky Mountain Farmers Union information. What it is, who is involved & what has changed over the years. 12:00- FUSA- The insurance RMFU offers to their members that can include crop, home, farm, auto and more offered through over 60 different carriers. 15:40- The 3 tiers of RMFU & everything involved in it- Education, Cooperation & Legislation. 17:40- The Fall Fly-In that takes place in D.C. where farmers travel from all over the country to talk with...


Episode 16: Save Our Soil, Save Our Planet

4:35- WWOOFING. What it is, how they became involved in it on their honeymoon and how they continue to be involved. 7:40- Different farming practices. Mekayla & Justin talk a bout permaculture and how they try to implement it in their farming as much as possible. 9:35- Urban backyard farming. They talk about how they have transformed their 1/6 acre backyard of their rental home into a farm. 13:28- Using sheep to sustain a garden. They talk about how they hope to some day have sheep on...


Episode 15: In A Digital World, Never Lose Sight Of The Analog

-Ben’s startup philosophy, what Ben does for entrepreneurship & all the things he has dabbled in over the years. -Tech & Food. Companies out there that are using advancing food technology including the Amazon/Whole Foods relationship & what the 3 of them think of it. -Tech Fundraising. How it works and how the laws vary state for state. -Blockchain. What it is, why it could soon change our future and why Ben believes it will be the internets successor. -How Blockchain could effect the...


Episode 14: Syrup To The Stars

-Syrup season. How it works, what a run is, the process of tapping the maple and what is done after it makes it to the maple house. -Global warning and syrup production. Tim talks about how he believes global warming is affecting the syrup season and why. -Syrup economics. We discuss how sap production is helping the local economy. -Barrel Aged Collaborations. Tim & Brad talk about some of the barrel aged syrup they are producing for distilleries all over the country using bourbon, brandy...


Episode 13: How To Be A Ninja... Get Up & Keep Trying

-What is a ninja? Brian walks us through what it means and where it originated from. -Brian success on American Ninja Warrior the TV show, how he trained for his first appearance on the show and how that has progressed to where he is now with making it to the final stage in Vegas 7 times. -Is American Ninja Warrior real? Brian explains how the show works and why it is so much harder to compete than it looks on tv. -Brian walks us through some of the crazy things fans do not realize about...


Episode 12: Know Your Food

-What Taylor is doing as a farmer, chef & a restaurant owner through Chatfield Farms, Bromley LocalFoods Campus, LoHi Steak Bar & LoHi Local Coffee Shop. -Taylor's experience with farming so far, what he has learned and some of the frustrations that come along with farming. -Veterans to Farmers. What it is, how they are helping veterans and what Taylor's experience was like with VTF. -Some of the transferable skills from the military to farming and how that ties into Taylor being a...


Episode 11: The Fruit Stand

1:02-Intro Ethan and his company, The Fruit Stand. Ethan talks about how he got into the business and what he was doing prior to owning and operating this company. 8:40- How his business works, why he has stepped back a little from Farmers Markets and where he is selling now. 13:07- Transporting the food. Ethan talks about some of the logistics of getting the food accross the state of Colorado. 19:10- Some crazy stories Ethan has about working with farmers, what he has learned about the...


Episode 10: Be Kind, Eat Well & Finish Your Foods With Chutney

We have a fun podcast for you this week, covering everything from Osteopathy & health to chutney. We are joined by Dr. of Osteopathy Neha Valeja & her brother & business partner, Samir Valeja. Neha shares the history of Osteopathy (which may surprise some), what exact she does as a DO & gives us her thoughts on eating healthy. Then Samir, joins us to talk about their company, Mile High Masala, and all the amazing chutneys they are making from fresh healthy ingredients.


Episode 9: Heirloom Catering- Work Hard, Stay Humble

1:02- Podcast start and intro Michelle Garcia with Heirloom Catering. Michelle talks about her background and how she got in to catering. 7:23- The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute. Michelle talks about what it’s all about and why she enjoyed it so much. 9:46- The Sushi Den fundraising events Michelle has been involved with and how awesome it was to see everyone gather together because of food. 14:45- Michelle‘s experience of catering an event needing 800 sticky buns and why it was...


Episode 8: Food Is The Universal Language

1:02- Podcast start and intro Amy Nelms with Live Well Colorado. Amy talks about Live Well Colorado, gives a little background about what it is and talks what she does to teach health and wellness to kids and society to promote healthy eating. 7:49- Cooking Matters Colorado. Amy talks about the education that is being done to teach people how to eat good food and cook healthy. She also talks about the consumer today and how hard it is to figure out what is actually healthy. 11:34- Cross...


Episode 7: Chickens Are Chicken

1:01- Podcast start and intro Terry Osborne with Chicken Track. Nate also shares some fun facts that he found about chickens. 4:49- Terry talks about all the chicken breeds that are out there including Polish, Buff Orpington, Ameraucana, and Maran, which chickens produce white eggs vs. brown eggs and what male, female and baby chickens are called. 8:51- Some other fun facts about chickens and roosters from the dances they do to the females being able to reject an egg. 11:52- Some...