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Episode 22: Life Coaching & Small Business

This week, we’re changing things up a bit. Kim sits down solo with business consultant & life coach for mompreneurs, Samantha Siffring. Owner of TBH Life Coaching & Podcast Host, Samantha specializes in helping women who want to pursue small business, are struggling with expanding their business or just need a little help with time management. We discuss what “mind drama” is and how much it can impact our day-to-day tasks, how to overcome “you shoulds” and Samantha shares some advice to...


Episode 21: Farm Fest Wrap-up

We just wrapped up our Farm Fest last weekend and decided to do a podcast with all the amazing people who were involved and some of the ninjas that came out to compete. Joining us are Weatherman & 4-time American Ninja Warrior Contestant Joe Moravsky, Up and coming Ninja Glenn Albright, Ninja Trainer & Gym Owner Tre Dortch, Co-Owner of LoHi Steak Bar Joe Pettenger, Anna Frye with NaturALL Beef & Former Olympian & ANW Australia Contestant Olivia Vivian, who flew all the way from Australia...


Episode 20: Ensuring Farmland is Preserved... Forever

Agriculture & District Planning can be a complicated topic when trying to ensure the future of land & heritage is a bright one. We have Agriculture Innovations Specialist, Anneli Berube here to tell us some of the innovative and resourceful programs that are being done in Colorado to keep up with the ever-growing landscape. We talk about water rights, agritourism, conservation & the tools that are being used including some fun programs to get youth involved like goat yoga! This one is full...


Episode 19: Be Excellent To Each Other & Drink Beer

What is in beer? Is there such a thing as a bad beer? How do you make different types of beer? Well you are about to find out everything you would ever want to know about making beer. Joining us from Big Choice Brewery in Brighton, Colorado are the owners, husband & wife team & craft beer makers, Andrea & Nathanial Miller. Nathaniel & Andrea walk us through how they got into the beer biz, some of the crazy experiments they have had that have either failed or been a huge success and all the...


Episode 18: Pumpkins, Corn, Ghosts & Ninjas!

Fall is officially here & that means our Farm Festival is kicking off this week, and we are here to share all the fun things we are doing. We fill you in on how the corn maze turned out, what fun activities we have planned for the kids and the 3 obstacle courses Ninja Nation has built for ninjas of all sizes. Also, we just wrapped up our Summer farmer’s market and discuss how that went, give an update on the chickens, and talk about the upcoming Winter Festival and Ghost Tour that will get...


Episode 17: The Farm Bill- Not Just Cows, Sows & Plows

The Farm Bill….we have all heard the name, and have heard that it is super important, but really, what is it? Turns out, farming is actually only a small portion of what the “Farm Bill” is all about. From Renewable Energy, to Forestry, Food Stamps to Rural Economic Development, the Farm Bill is one of the largest pieces of legislation that our Federal Government passes about every five years. Tune in to listen to Nate and Kim as they speak with Nick Levendofsky of the Rocky Mountain...


Episode 16: Save Our Soil, Save Our Planet

This week we are talking all about urban farming. We welcome husband and wife team, Mekayla Standefer & Justin Homitz, who have transformed an urban backyard into a productive market garden. Tower View Farm Yard is a small urban farm started by the duo in Arvada, Colorado in 2015, where they farm produce, eggs & microgreens. We talk about what WWOOFING is & how they got involved with it, some of the methods they use to farm, and what they have learned along the way to produce some of the...


Episode 15: In A Digital World, Never Lose Sight Of The Analog

This week we are talking tech and food. You may not realize it but, there are technological advances happening in the food industry everyday, and we are joined by tech & innovation guru Ben Tyson to tell us about a few that could not only change the way our food industry works but, could change the way we view the internet as a whole. We talk Amazon, Whole Foods, Bitcoin and a platform some may not have heard of, Blockchain. So stick around cause this one is full of unusual information...


Episode 14: Syrup To The Stars

I'm sure you know where maple syrup comes from but, do you know how it's made? Do you know the history behind it? or know all the different ways it can be used? Well, you're in luck! We are joined by Tim Burton & Brad Kirouac of Burton Maplewood Farm to give you all the ins and outs of the business that they have learned while creating some of the best syrup in the country. From pure maple syrup to bourbon, brandy & whiskey barrel aged syrup, their products have brought them from the maple...


Episode 13: How To Be A Ninja... Get Up & Keep Trying

American Ninja Warrior has become a household name but, do you know what it truly means to be a ninja? We have veteran climber and 7-time contestant of ANW, Brian Arnold here to tell you how he became a ninja, some inside information about the show and how he sees this season turning out. We also talk about Brian's new venture in bringing ninja obstacle courses to cities all over the country through Nation Ninja Mobile, what he does outside of being a ninja including his passion for prepping...


Episode 12: Know Your Food

We are joined by chef, restaurant owner, and newbie farmer Taylor Drew, to dive into everything farming. Taylor is new to farming but is not new to food. As a classically trained chef, Taylor has spent years perfecting his craft and has learned that you cannot create amazing food without the best quality ingredients. We cover what led Taylor to where he is today after leaving the military, how Taylor is working towards being able to plant acres that are menus and why it is so important for...


Episode 11: The Fruit Stand

This week, we are talking all about the good stuff: fruits & veggies. Owner of The Fruit Stand, Ethan Lehrburger, joins us to talk about his locally owned business and how he is accomplishing his mission of bringing the best fresh conventional & organic leafy greens and juicy fruits to you. And, you may find out some interesting facts about this industry that you may not know. Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: 1:02-Intro Ethan and his company, The Fruit Stand. Ethan talks about how he got into the...


Episode 10: Be Kind, Eat Well & Finish Your Foods With Chutney

We have a fun podcast for you this week, covering everything from Osteopathy & health to chutney. We are joined by Dr. of Osteopathy Neha Valeja & her brother & business partner, Samir Valeja. Neha shares the history of Osteopathy (which may surprise some), what exact she does as a DO & gives us her thoughts on eating healthy. Then Samir, joins us to talk about their company, Mile High Masala, and all the amazing chutneys they are making from fresh healthy ingredients. SHOW NOTES: 1:02-...


Episode 9: Heirloom Catering- Work Hard, Stay Humble

Joining us is Michelle Garcia with Heirloom Catering to talk about everything food. She shares some of her favorite stories of catering events, some of her favorite recipes & why it is so important to her to shop local & focus on exclusivity to combine vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free options into all of her meals so everyone can eat amazing food. SHOW NOTES: 1:02- Podcast start and intro Michelle Garcia with Heirloom Catering. Michelle talks about her background and how she got in to...


Episode 8: Food Is The Universal Language

Eat well, Live well. That is our message for this podcast. Amy Nelms with Live Well Colorado, joins us to talk about what the program does to increase education for health & healthy eating in the community. We also discuss some crazy things that are going on in the school system with food, touch on the farm bill and talk about how SNAP & Double Up Food Bucks are helping people eat good food & live happier lives. SHOW NOTES: 1:02- Podcast start and intro to Amy Nelms with Live Well...


Episode 7: Chickens Are Chicken

We have Terry Osborne, expert in Poultry Science & Co-Founder of Chicken Track on to talk about everything chickens! We give you some fun facts you may not know about chickens, what the difference between caged, free range & organic really is & all the exciting things he is doing with Chicken Track to bring chickens to you! SHOW NOTES: 1:01- Podcast start and intro Terry Osborne with Chicken Track. Nate also shares some fun facts that he found about chickens. 4:49- Terry talks about all...


Episode 6: Bromley Farm: Local Food Campus

In this episode we talk about "The Farm" & what it takes to create a local food campus, from the learning curve of executing a functional corn maze all the way down to finding farmers and having animals. We are in our second year of running the farm and we are here to tell you about everything we learned in our first year to make the farm even better this year. SHOW NOTES: 1:00- Podcast start and an overview of what we will be talking about on today’s episode including the farm and...


Episode 5: Garlic: Ben We Have Your Wife

Ben & Claire Ronniger join us to talk about all things garlic! We talk about their businesses- Allicin's Ranch & Organic Volcanic Garlic, their farms in Idaho & Mexico and all the crazy adventures they have had on Ben's Baja Garlic bus. Perfect for anyone who loves farming, wants to know more about starting a small business or wants some fun entertainment. SHOW NOTES: 1:05- Welcome Ben & Claire Ronniger with the Allicin's Ranch & Organic Volcanic Garlic and a little bit about how Nate...


Episode 4: NaturALL Beef: It's What's For Dinner

In this episode we talk about Beef! Whether you eat it or not, you will learn a lot from Anna Frye with NaturALL Beef. We go into depth on the best feed for cows, different cuts, why to age beef and where to find the best beef. Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: 1:00- Episode starts with intro to Anna Frye from Naturall Beef Company. www.bestblackangus.com 1:59- NaturALL Beef company‘s history and what they pride theirselves in. Anna talks about her background of moving to Cambodia when she was...


Episode 3: Miller Farms: Make the World a Better Place

In this episode Nate and Kim talk with Joe and Chris Miller from Miller Farms in Platteville, Colorado. They talk all about the business of farming from growing, selling, water rights and farm events. Hear funny stories from decades of farming and get some great advice. Sitting at the Miller Farms 'Eating and Meeting' Table SHOW NOTES: 1:05- Podcast start and intro Joe and Chris Miller of Miller Farms in Platteville, Colorado. 2:11- Miller Farms backstory. Joe and Chris talk about the...