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Weekly podcast discussing mead, mead making, meaderies and mead info from around the world

Weekly podcast discussing mead, mead making, meaderies and mead info from around the world




Weekly podcast discussing mead, mead making, meaderies and mead info from around the world






4-22-22 – Rachel Lipman, Loew Vineyards – 150 years and 5 Generations of Mead Making

4-26-22 Tonight on Gotmead Live, we're talking with Rachel Lipman, owner of Loew Vineyards, in Mt. Airy, Maryland, one of the oldest vineyards in Maryland. The mead production in the Loew family dates back to the mid-1800's in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with a few prominent meaderies and distribution all over Europe. Rachel is one of the youngest winemakers in Maryland (if not the youngest), and she's pushing the boundaries in a male-dominated industry. Rachel is the granddaughter of...


4-12-22 RJ Cassle – Bragging Rooster Meadery in Warrenton, NC

4-12-22 Tonight at 9PM ET we'll be getting together with RJ Cassle, head brewer and meadmaker at Bragging Rooster Beer, Mead and Cider in Warrenton, NC, just a half hour from Vicky's place. RJ is hard at work in getting Bragging Rooster to opening, which should be very soon! Robert J. Cassle aka RJ is a level 43 character in this game called life. He calls himself a jack of many trades and master of some. RJ spent 10 years in the military, 4 years in law enforcement, a few years as a Subway...


3-29-22 Pierre Rodrigue – All Juice Meads, Flavor Profiles and Creating Meads

3-29-22 Tonight we're talking with Pierre Rodrigue, home meadmaker in Alberta, Canada. Pierre has been with us before, he's an award winning meadmaker who likes to work with juice, and like us, is a flavor maven. Pierre has been fermenting wine since 1985. Early batches consisted of kits, and fruits and berries. As there weren’t a lot of publications then and zero internet, he learned a lot by trial and error. Pierre began mead making in the fall of 2016, and has won several medals and Best...


3-15-22 Adam, Ian and Isaac Rushing – Honey and Hops Brew Works – Meadery on a Shoestring

3-15-22 Tonight at 9PM ET, we're talking with Ian, Adam and Isaac Rushing, owners of Honey and Hops Brew Works in Front Royal, VA. Honey and Hops Brew Works is a meadery started on a shoestring, and the Rushing brothers have gotten it to a thriving business. It started in 2019, with a Kickstarter that raised 11K in funds. Then the brothers went on to find a location, and secure that, and get the licensing started. Then along came 2020 (queue ominous music) and the pandemic (more ominous...


2-15-22 TJ Cline – Domras Cup and the Savannah Brewers League

2-15-22 Tonight we're hanging out with TJ Cline, past President of the Savannah Brewers League and Organizer of the Domras Cup Mead Competition, which was held two weekends ago. TJ describes himself as a 'novice mead maker', with 18 batches under his belt over the last six years. He says he's always learning, and his current favorite styles are braggots, bochets and black currant fruit meads. He has been involved with the Domras Cup for the last six years, and worked his way up, starting...


2-1-22 Ty Wheeler – TK and Drinks

2-1-22 Tonight we're hanging with Ty Wheeler, mead maker, and host of the 'TK and Drinks' video podcast. Ty is a denizen of Arizona, and is a dad of two boys and purchasing agent in his day life. By night, he's a podcaster and is working on mead distribution. At the beginning of COVID, he got laid off and decided to make a career in the mead industry. Ty got into mead a few years back after re-connecting with a high school friend and former roommate, Jon Oppegaard of Oppegaard Meadery in...


1-18-22 Cathy and Mike Rape – The Ferm Meadery in Conroe, TX

1-18-22 Tonight we're talking with Mike and Cathy Rape, owners of The Ferm Meadery in Conroe, TX. They're making great mead and having a good time spreading mead, music and food around to their customers. Cathy and Mike are native Texans, and grew up in Conroe, TX. They've been married 26yrs and have 3 grown kids and a grandchild. They also own and operate a company that provides temporary power and temperature control mostly for live events. Around the time their kids became teenagers...


11-23-21 Stephen at Experimeads – SCIENCE of Meadmaking

11-23-21 Tonight we’re venturing back into the world of mead sensory analysis. Stephen from will be joining us again to talk about the latest mead experiments he's been conducting. Stephen is a home mead maker, three time Canadian mead maker of the year, and BJCP certified beer and mead judge. In the process of honing his craft, he has been testing the parameters of mead fermentation and conducts formal sensory analysis to compare methods. Given the lack of scientific...


11-9-21 Rohan Meadery – Wendy Rohan and Rosie Haines – Mead is big in Texas

11-9-21 Tonight we're headed to Texas to talk with Wendy Rohan and Rosie Haines at Rohan Wines and Meads in La Grange, situated between La Grange, Round Top and Fayetteville in south central Texas. Rohan Meadery is at Blissful Folly Farm. The farm is home to Rohan Wines and Meads, Blissful Folly hard ciders and La Grange Brewing Co. All the beer, wine, mead & cider is made on site and served at the tap room on the farm. Wendy & John Rohan started with the meadery first in 2009, then slowly...


10-26-21 Yancy Bodenstein, Manisha Eigner and Jacob Latour – Clear Skies Meadery – home mead going pro

10-26-21 Tonight we're headed to Gaithersburg, MD to talk with Yancy Bodenstein, Manish Eigner and Jacob Latour at Clear Skies Meadery. Clear Skies got started over a mead fueled Christmas discussion in 2018. It wasn't long before they filed and got a lease and started construction on their location, in 2019. They managed to get through all the paperwork and permits in less than a year, and pitched their first batch in January 2020, and had planned to open fully in April, but COVID raised...


10-12-21 James Boicourt – Charm City Meadworks – Session Meads – on the Dry Side

10-12-21 We're headed to Baltimore, where we'll catch up with James Boicourt, founder and owner of Charm City Meadworks. James began making mead back in college (NC State) around 2004, after taking a great class on introductory beekeeping. He was already trying out homebrewing, and got so interested in beekeeping and entomology that he ended up taking a graduate level bee class. What else was a college kid going to do with a bunch of surplus honey anyhow? Of course he fermented it. It seemed...


9-28-21 Bob Slanzi – Making Mead, Rescuing a Mead, Saving a Meadery

9-27-21 Tonight we're changing up a bit, Charm City had to reschedule into October. We're tickled to have Bob Slanzi step in to talk with us tonight. He's going to work with Vicky to rescue a mead of hers that went a bit sideways, and we're going to talk about making mead (of course), as Bob is a no-measure meadmaker, he's all about the flavor profile and the palate. There may be a special guest or two! And we'll be talking about the awful damage done to meaderies during Hurricane Ida, and...


9-14-21 National Honey Month with Alison Conklin – National Honey Board

9-14-21 Tonight we're celebrating National Honey Month with Alison Conklin at the National Honey Board. The NHB has a bunch of really interesting events and campaigns going on during September.


8-31-21 Tom Gosnell – Gosnells of London

8-31-21 Tonight we're doing a pre-recorded session with Tom Gosnell, owner of Gosnell's of London. Tom got interested in meadmaking in 2013 after a visit to the US and going to Maine Meadworks. He liked it so much, he decided to try meadmaking at home. After three years of increasing meadmaking in his kitchen, he decided it was time to go commercial, and took the plunge. Tom got hooked up with a commercial brewery in London, and when it closed down, they decided to get their own space. Tom...


8-19-21 Gordon Baron and Ann Farrell – Lancashire Mead, Lancashire, Great Britain

8-19-21 Tonight we're 'across the pond' visiting with Ann Farrell and Gordon Baron at Lancashire Mead in Horwich, Lancashire, Great Britain. They make meads in a natural fashion, without stabilizers or finings. Gordon is a Druid and uses mead in ritual. He wanted a pure mead for this purpose (and didn’t want to put chemicals into the earth) so in 2009, he decided ‘how hard can it be?’, emptied his local supermarket of honey, dumped it in a bucket with some yeast…… the rest is history! Three...


7-27-2021 Danique Staal- De Noordelijke Mederij, Netherlands

7-27-21 Tonight we're back across the pond and hanging out with Danique Staal, owner of De Noordelijke Mederij (The Northern Meadery). Danique makes some very interesting meads, including a Stroopwafel mead that took gold and Best in Show at the European Mead Makers Kings of Mead Competition Mead Madness Cup in 2020, the largest mead competition in Europe. Danique got interested in mead at an early age, he was always interested in the old sagas, myths and legends. There was a lot about mead...


7-13-21 Frank Golbeck and Alyson Schramm Naeger – The Mead Institute

7-13-21 Tonight we're getting together with Frank Golbeck from Golden Coast Mead and Alyson Schramm Naeger from Schramm's Mead to talk about the Mead institute, a non-profit they have founded to establish Mead as an industry with a more than 1000 year future. The Mead Institute was co-foounded by Alyson and Frank to provide resources to mead professionals to enrich the mead experience from production through consumption. They have a detailed view of what they'd like to create with this...


6-24-21 Gert Smet – The Blacksmith’s Meadery, Antwerp Belgium

6-24-21 Tonight we're continuing our travels in Europe with Gert Smet and the Blacksmith's Meadery in Antwerp, Belgium. Gert is a reenactor - a living history nerd. His living history group, Ortus Phoenix, portrays the late 15th century, just after the death of Charles the Bold. Gert drank his first mead on one of the medieval festivals in 2011. Needless to say it was 'high quality' rotgut (some cheap German swill) that made his stomach dissolve. He was sure that he could make something more...


6-15-21 Kon and Julie Paseschnikoff – Bee Boyzz Honey and Meadery in Manitoba, Canada

6-15-21 Tonight we're staying in North American and headed for the Great White North, Manitoba, Canada, to be precise. Kon and Julie Paseschnikoff own Bee Boyzz Honey and Mead in Oak Bluff, Manitoba. Theirs is a multi-generation business, starting out with Kon Sr. keeping bees many years ago in Venezuela, then Kon getting involved in his dad's market gardening business, and being pulled into bees when his dad started as a hobby beekeeper. Just before his dad passed, he suggested Kon continue...


6-8-21 Anders Riseng – Askheimer Meadery in Norway – Making Norwegian Mead with Nordic Ingredients

6-8-21 Tonight at 9PM ET/3AM Norway time, we're continuing our journeys around Europe and talking with Anders Riseng, co-owner of Askheimer Meadery in Askim, Norway. Askheimer Meadery is one of just a few meaderies so far in Norway, but that is changing, as mead awareness grows in Europe. Anders and his partner Jarl-Magnus teamed up with the idea of starting a meadery during a tasting session at the local beer club – Askim Beerclub, back in 2017. Both guys had then been homebrewers for...