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A foodie's dream! Chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau, both winners of the prestigious James Beard Award, review the Puget Sound's best restaurants, share recipes based on a special weekly ingredient, and answer your burning culinary quandaries.


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A foodie's dream! Chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau, both winners of the prestigious James Beard Award, review the Puget Sound's best restaurants, share recipes based on a special weekly ingredient, and answer your burning culinary quandaries.




Hot Stove Society: Chinese Homestyle & Chef Challenge

Cookbook author Maggie Zhu, whose new book Chinese Homestyle is packed with 90 recipes packed with umami // Ordinary to Extraordinary - dolling up cream cheese // Homemade crackers – worth it? // Getting the most out of mushrooms - roasted, grilled or sauteed? // Chef challenge – 4 meals from 1 chicken, plus Producer Pam picks the more creative suggestions from Tom or Thierry // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Food for Thought Trivia! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Bunch of Brunch & Pantry Extravagance

Brunch ideas for a crowd // In our tasting panel we compare peak season orange varieties // Our guests today are Greg Dunmore from Japanese Pantry and Eliza Ward from Chef Shop // Winter is a terrific time to eat more spinach // Lastly, our fan favorite Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Ben's Bread and Vegetarian Recipes

Ben Campbell of Ben’s Bread will join us to talk about his baking style and his exciting new project on Phinney Ridge // Our listeners are clamoring for more ideas on vegetarian entrées and we have suggestions! // The attributes of Sable fish and the way we love to prepare it // Who doesn’t love a charming coquettish croquette // Last week we talked about Napoleon artichokes and have been thinking about ways to use them – we have a doozy for you! // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Food for...


Hot Stove Society: Napoleon and La Parisienne

Tony Magnano,4th generation of the family who founded the immensely impactful local food product company, Napoleon will be with us to talk about their products and recipes // The sheet pan dinner craze has not abated – why it works // Crispy beans beyond garbanzo // Time for your annual pantry spice refresh - out with the old and in with some of our new favorites // Elise from La Parisienne French Bakery and Otilia from Alliance Francaise team up for an event featuring Galette des Rois, Jan....


Hot Stove Society: New Years Extravaganza

Elegant homemade gravlax // Building a substantial appetizer party // Ordinary to Extraordinary – Chili! // Tasting Panel – Welcome 2022 Olio Novello // Inspiration from Michael Pollan on Eating Mindfully // Delicious sparkling wines in every price range // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Trivia Challenge! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Gingerbread Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Lots of festive seasonal topics today…Our favorite ways to enjoy caviar // Chocolate Cheer - Yule logs and crinkle cookies // Dissecting Bruce Aidells’ recipe for a standing rib roast so Producer Pam doesn’t mess it up // Woodchuck Warmers and other cocktail ideas to leave for Santa // Jackie Cross trials a new recipe for the gingeriest gingerbread // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Trivia Challenge!! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Whiskey and Hotcakes

One of our favorite bakers, Brittany Bardeleben joins us to talk about her new menu at Hot cakes and some holiday baking inspiration // Local coffee legend, and former CEO of LaMazocco, Kent Bakke is here to talk coffee and give us a preview of a new coffee museum // Why we love shrimp for fast and fancy weeknight meals // The new Cheetos grinder is all the rage but we have better ideas for bringing the crunch // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia!! See...


Hot Stove Society: Pasta la Vista, Baby

Vicky Bennison joins to talk about her highly successful Pasta Grannies book and You Tube series // The always gracious Armandino Batali joins us to share holiday food memories // And we are so happy that Lara Hamilton, owner of the must visit cookbook store, Book Larder will join us to run down new releases for your shopping and gifting needs // Tis the season for roasting vegetables – some of our favorites // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia!! See...


Hot Stove Society: Dishin' with Allecia from Seattle Met

Allecia Vermillion, Executive Editor of Seattle Met magazine joins us and gives us some background on how she keeps up with the Seattle dining scene // We learn all about oysters from Robert Spaulding, executive chef of Elliot’s Oyster House // Shallots and how to best utilize them // And of course, We play Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Holidays on Ice

One of our very own chefs at Hot Stove, Kelty Clark Mahoney, was a contributing author to the 2-volume book set “Food and World Culture" // Mike Salvatore from 58 Stars travel entices us with details about trips with Thierry in 2023 // We have invited our enthusiastic audience to submit their burning culinary questions // Recap of Thanksgiving – highlights and inspiration for leftovers // Our recommendations on Christmas gifts for the food obsessed friends on your list See...


Hot Stove Society: Thanksgiving Gravy Train

Today is all about the feast of Thanksgiving - celebrating traditions and embracing new trends. We go through the main players – turkey, gravy and dressing and save some room for vegetables, and pie of course // Otilia Baraboi, executive director of Alliance Francaise drops by to tell us about how to connect with the enthusiastic local French community. See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: The County Fair Conqueror, Linda Skeens

The dynamic website Chef Steps has a fantastic feature on potatoes // Advice on how to get the most flavor from a pork tenderloin // What about them apples – asking our guests to taste 6 varieties with us // It’s time for spicing up great lentil dishes // We are crazy excited to talk with Linda Skeens, who rocked the culinary world as America’s Favorite County Fair Champion with 30 ribbons at the Virginia Kentucky summer competition! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Quick Breads, Soy Sauce and Cheeks

For fall baking the satisfying ease of quick breads // Tasting Panel - soy, tamari and shoyu // Looking for an alternative protein? - Check out the cheeks! Halibut, cod, pork, beef // Know your Beaujolais classifications // How to assemble a stunning cheese board // Turn your cocktail into a meat brine See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Fishy Business and Celebrating 30 Years of FareStart

We finish up National Seafood Month with cod fisherman Adam Hosmer // The James Beard foundation is hosting Taste America November 3rd at the 4 Seasons and Dick Stevens will tell us more about all the talented chefs that will be there // Angela Stowell, CEO of Fare Start joins us to talk about celebrating their 30th anniversary and welcoming students back for in person training // Last week we teased you with the subject of gratin but today we are really going to do it! // Lastly, we play...


Hot Stove Society: One Brew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

National Seafood month continues, and we embrace the goal of increasing our seafood consumption. Today we visit with Kelli Goodwin of Maritime Operations at Port of Seattle and Bri Dwyer, a Bering Sea Crabber // Thierry’s trip to Morocco and all the delicious dishes he enjoyed // Pike Brewing’s new head Brewmaster, Leslie Shore joins the show to tell us about her role and their new beers // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia!! See for privacy...


Hot Stove Society: Surf & Turf

We continue our celebration of National Seafood month by learning about pollock from Craig Morris and Bob Desautel // Chef Megan Vaughan of Bourbon Steak visits to talk all things meaty and beyond at her Michael Mina restaurant // Our in studio audience has submitted a few fun questions which we will address // Crisp fall nights call for polenta and we have some ideas on making it scrumptious! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Sweet Sheets to the Wind

October is national Seafood month and every week we will talk to fishermen and encourage you to cook with more fish. Today we talk with Andy Wink, Executive Director at Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association and Sam Mitchell, Bristol Bay fisherman // Peak season - Apple harvest and so many distinct varieties // Cookbook author Molly Gilbert visits the studio to share recipes from her new book “Sheet pan Sweets” and talks about her blog // Loretta has a big love of rice cakes...


Hot Stove Society: Classic vs. Contemporary Sauces and Seattle’s Taste of Iceland

Taste of Iceland is coming up at the Carlile Room and around town // Peak season – Delicata Squash // We dig into sauces – old school and more contemporary // The great supplement last week in the New York Times – “24 recipes that do so much with so little: and 3 that stood out" // Savory powders from pantry staples // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia" See for privacy...


Hot Stove Society - Ireland, Tapas and Parisian Cakes

Cookbook author, Aleksandra Crapanzano, joins to talk about her new book Gâteau – the surprising simplicity of French cakes // Luxury travel Expert Susan Cathcart entices us with details of a trip to Ireland with Thierry // Peak Season - Peppers // Tapas - our favorites for easy appetizers // Ordinary to Extraordinary: Meatloaf // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society - Peak Season in the Farmer’s Market - Yellow Summer Squash

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