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A foodie's dream! Chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau, both winners of the prestigious James Beard Award, review the Puget Sound's best restaurants, share recipes based on a special weekly ingredient, and answer your burning culinary quandaries.


Tacoma, WA




A foodie's dream! Chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau, both winners of the prestigious James Beard Award, review the Puget Sound's best restaurants, share recipes based on a special weekly ingredient, and answer your burning culinary quandaries.




Hot Stove Society: Gettin' Figgy with It & Italian Food Fest

Stuart Lane – Executive Chef of Spinasse – talks about his event for the Food Lovers Festa d’ Autunno here at the HSS // Part 1 of our series with Grace Lin from her new book – ‘Chinese Menu: The History, Myths, and Legends Behind Your Favorite American Chinese Foods // Charlie’s Produce Cultivating Fresh: Gettin’ Figgy With It! // Food in the news: Kiki Aranita and private cheffing // Michela Tartaglia – Owner and chef of Pasta Casalinga, joins us to talk about her role in our Italian Food Festival // Marinating Meat! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Dumpling Battle & Farmbox Microgreens

Chef Moshe Basson – a popular chef in Jerusalem joins to discuss his new cookbook and his upcoming class here at the HSS // Charlie’s Produce Cultivating Fresh – Emily Blessington, from Farmbox Greens, joins us to talk about their fresh microgreens // Secrets to Paella // Food in the news: Martha Stewart iceberg cocktail, Costco food court themed birthday party, and a petty birthday cake for a not-so-good friend // The “Dumpling Bros” join to talk about National Dumpling Day and their upcoming class at HSS // Chef Annie and Chef Bridget discuss their Dumpling Battle that will be happening during Dumpling Fest! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Short Cakes & Coke Farm Fresh

Summer biscuits/shortcakes with chef Stacy Fortner…add sweet corn? // Montepulciano d’Abruzzo….Mike Teer from Pike & Western wine shop is going to tell our Summer in Europe travelers the best bargain wines they can remember their trip with since their credit cards are now maxed // Lindsay Funston from TheKitchn will join us to talk about storing tomatoes // Food in the news: Salty chopsticks, caterpillar smuggling, Eau de Stilton // Charlie’s Produce Cultivating Fresh segment: Olivier from Coke Farm will join – they are a 100% organic grower/shipper in CA // The espresso martini is making a comeback with the Gen xers…Leann Jensen from the Carlile Room is here to chat about it! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Pickle Me This & Cider Summit

For our Charlie’s Produce, Cultivating Fresh segment: “Pickle Me This!” - Izzie and Madeleine join us to talk about pickling // Alan Shapiro joins us to talk about the 12th annual Cider Summit Seattle, which is back on September 8-9 // Food in the news: Thirsty raccoons in Germany, Eggo nog instead of pumpkin spice? Krispy Kreme M&M Donuts // T&T make a fruit salad with herbs // What makes a great shrimp cocktail – dips, pickling spice, perfectly cooked prawns, shells on? See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: On the Road With Leslie Kelly & Food in the News

For our Charlie’s Produce, Cultivating Fresh segment: Ben Ebbesen joins us to talk about Nature’s World/Northwest Delights, a premium snack company // Do you have a complicated relationship with leftovers? Carrie Dennett will join us to discuss her article in the Seattle Times on food waste // How should we and our listeners help the residents of Maui through good food // S’more from ordinary to extraordinary // Food in the news: 1 nacho cheese spill in Arkansas, Be a pizza influencer, Rosé Butler Suite See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Tasty Tomatoes & Celebrating Julia

Mark Takagi from the Met Market is here to discuss what it takes to open a modern grocery store // Julia Child’s birthday celebration menu chat and ticket give away // Tom’s salmon class, and Annie’s Southern Summer class // We’re talking tomatillos – Verde sauce for enchiladas, Green chili, and Mr. Garcia green tomatillo patch // For our Charlie’s Produce, Cultivation Fresh segment – Tomatoes! // Julia stories with Tom and Thierry // Julia Child themed Rub With Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Celebrate Summer Squash and Cherry Mochi Donuts

Baked zucchini ‘fries’ with Parmesan are a no-fry, irresistible side // Molly Anderson and the cherry mochi donuts…so good! // Favorite knives in the kitchen outside of the chefs knife // For our Charlie’s Produce, Cultivation Fresh segment – we talk about Hatch Chiles! // Stone Fruit // Elevate your coleslaw See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Palace Kitchen Comeback

For our Charlie’s Produce, Cultivating Fresh segment we welcome PJ Cawley to talk about Farmer’s Own // Thai turkey larb with yuzu juice // Creamed corn…so tasty from last week // Home made pot stickers // Oklahoma onion burgers // Palace Kitchen joy!! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Sweet and Savory Summer Fun

Quick and easy “no churn” salted caramel ice cream // Cultivating Fresh: Charlie’s Produce…farmers own organics // Katherine Boury, Director of Production Communications for many Seattle farmers markets // Chicken…let’s use the whole bird // How do you make a delicious corn pudding with this seasons bumper crop? See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Stone Fruits & Veggie Palooza

Patricia Gray, Philanthropy Director of the Market Foundation and Joshua Delgado, Chef of Le Coin are here to entice us to attend Sunset Supper in the Pike Place Market August 18th // For our Charlie’s Produce Cultivating Fresh segment farmer Cherie Steimetz joins from Wapato to talk stone fruits // A sweet and savory peach party // Veggie-palooza! Great grill treatments for your summer garden bounty // An ode to Salad Niçoise as served by Peggy/Peter Dow – your quintessential summer dinner See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Salmon Science & Berry Delicious

Daniel Schindler, a respected salmon scientist, joins from Alaska to update us on the controversy between Wild Fish Conservancy and Southeast Alaska’s Chinook salmon troll fishery // We welcome Jessica Stecher head berry buyer for Charlie’s Produce to tell us about their juicy range of specialty berries // Wine bar owner David Clawson is here to explain their self-pour tasting bar, Rapport // Pam challenges the chefs to take potato salad to the NEXT LEVEL! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Cultivating Fresh, Korean Comfort Food and Cookies

We start a new series to celebrate Northwest produce, “Cultivating Fresh” with our partners Charlie’s Produce. Our focus today is sweet cherries and John Janker, Sr VP of procurement and Marketing Manager Laura Severance share all the juicy details // Redmond restauranteur, Sabrina Kim is here to talk about her new Korean lunch spot Deopbab // Hello Robin, baker in chief, Robin Martin checks in to talk cookies and Capitol Hill hot spots // And of course, we play Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Pit Masters & Mischief

Pitmasters Ed and Ryan Mitchell join to share their new book celebrating North Carolina Barbecue and the Black rural southerners who shaped American cooking // Bright summery pasta dishes – bring on the lemon // Chef John Wahlke visits to talk about cooking with the spirits of Mischief Distillery in his Fremont restaurant // We are celebrating PRIDE all month and look forward to seeing so many friends at the Parade this Sunday. Stop in Dahlia Bakery for our rainbow embellished croissants, cheesecakes, and cookies // It’s a pesto party with or without the basil See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Backpack Brigade

Washington strawberries – DO NOT MISS THEM // Nichelle Hilton, Executive director of Backpack Brigade joins us to talk about their program supplying weekend food to kids // Commemorating Juneteenth with foods of a brilliant red hue // The fabulous 2022 Rosés have started to arrive // It’s a pesto party with or without the basil See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Made In Washington

Getting fired up for “high cheese” burgers on our Ballard dock June 16th. What the heck is that? // Made in Washington CEO, Kristin Frossmo, visits to update us on new products // Summer desserts call for perfect pillowy whipped cream - how to get there // The Father’s Day grill photo submission winner is... // Food on a stick – is it a kebab or satay? // A dedicated listener Bob Schnackel sent us an intriguing video for accelerating caramelized onions See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Rebekah Denn & Korean BBQ

We learn about Korean BBQ from the operators of Baekjeong in Lynwood, Samuel Kim, SR. Director of Culinary Operations and David Kim, General Manager of Lynnwood location // Rebekah Denn - Seattle food writer and PCC Sound Consumer editor brings us up to date on what’s cooking in her culinary world // Thierry and Tom report on food from our travels to Scotland and Hawaii // Food on a stick – is it a kebab or satay? See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Picnics & Pastry

All about the Memorial Day picnic – one segment on the proteins and one segment on the side dishes // Co-founders of the Pastry Project, Emily Kim and Heather Hodge join us to talk about their job training program and the “perfect chocolate chip cookie” // The fun and joy of making sushi and onigiri at home // Customize your own quick pickles! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Ray's Boathouse & Ice Cream Chronicles

Our favorite edible thistle, the artichoke, reigns supreme in multiple cooking methods // Ray’s Boathouse is celebrating 50 years and we are excited to have Doug Zellers and Jack Sikma in studio to honor their long tenure of hospitality on the Ballard waterfront // We are scooping up delicious plant based ice cream with Frankie and Jo’s founder Autumn Martin // Rhubarb swings both ways – our favorite sweet and savory recipes // Pam apologizes for the Thousand Island debacle See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Salmon & Spirits

Getting ready for Copper River season with Sena Wheeler from a fifth-generation fishing family // What’s in your pita pocket? Life beyond falafel // Owner of Fast Penny Spirits, makers of Amaricano, Jamie Hunt has some tasty cocktail ideas // Ordinary to extraordinary – Thousand Island Dressing // Lastly, we play Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty Trivia!! See for privacy information.


Hot Stove Society: Mother's Day Delicious and All Star Spice

Peak Season - Absolutely amazing asparagus dishes // Friend of the company, registered dietician Jeanine Sherry has tips on speed scratch dinners and stocking your pantry // Mom knows Best – what we learned // A Crispy tofu technique makes it ready to shine in a stunning salad // Carol Baush, Rub with Love Chief Cheerleader breaks out a new flavor // A special Mother’s Day edition of Rub with Love Food for Thought Tasty trivia this week is written and presented by our creative contributor, Becky Guzak See for privacy information.