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It's been a minute (or two) since we released an episode. But we've got some good reasons. And we cover them in this episode! Jen got sick. Shawn got sick. And other stuff happened. Jen talked about her new podcast and non-podcast ventures. Shawn talked about why he rejoined Instagram after being away from that platform for many years. The two talk a lot about social networks, and why social networks suck. Links: Jen's Twitch channel Words of Jen podcast Jen's Lore Corner podcast Shawn's...


Sedative Hypnotics

Hyper Nonsense is (finally) back! And Jen's on the show, too! Tho, she didn't necessarily get to talk much. We started the show by reading about a new sleep medication Shawn is taking. Sleep eating. Sleepwalking. Sleep motorcycling? They're all coming. Then, Shawn recapped his recent trip to Podcast Movement in Anaheim (which he has many thoughts/feelings about). Jen is participating in Inktober. That's a thing where art nerds draw stuff and put those drawings on the 'net. We finished out...


Pres. Jim

Hyper Nonsense is back! And in an attempt to make things even more complicated, Shawn attempted to stream the show live over Facebook Live Audio. (And yes, it is another sad, depressing, solo show. Sorry?) Shawn is going to the upcoming Podcast Movement conference in Anaheim! He is excited about it, but also dealing with the usual levels of anxiety and dread that go along with leaving the house. In a previous episode, Shawn talked about how he and Jen are considering donating their old car...


Apple Cast 2017

It's time for the semi-annual Hyper Nonsense Apple Cast! Nathan joins the show via Skype. He and Shawn talk about all of the latest Apple-related stuff, including news, podcasts/websites, and what Apple products they're both using these days. Links: MacApple Users group, San Antonio, TX


Trying to Make Something in a Chaotic World

Hyper Nonsense has returned! In this episode, Shawn talks about the issues that had to be overcome with the Hyper Nonsense website, which is part of the reason why there hasn't been an episode in awhile. Jen is absent due to a recent heatwave that has found her going into vampires mode and sleeping all day long. Shawn has some thoughts about the newish play review rule in major league baseball. Also, Shawn and Jen are considering going car-free, as Jen's car is old and they're too...


Totally Totaled

Squeaking in just barely by the end of the month, we're back! It's time for a new episode of Hyper Nonsense. With a special guest! All the way from London, England. It's Rowley from the DarkCompass podcast! During the show, we reminisced about the ye olde days of podcasting yore. We learned how Rowley sources music for his heavy metal-focused podcast. We took the opportunity to ask our non-American guest what the people of the UK think of current events in America (Trump!). Rowley then gave...



We're sick. But, probably for different reasons. Still, we wanted to get a show out before the end of the month. During this episode, we talked about why we're sick. We discussed the new business we started, as well as what it's been like to be self-employed the last couple years. We talked about an audiobook we recently produced. Then, we finished out the show by opening a mystery box that was recently sent to our post office box. Links: The Devouring by Richard Taylor audiobook on Audible...


Peppermint Engineer

Hyper Nonsense is back! And just in time for Christmas. Speaking of which, Jen is the proud owner of a shiny new (refurb'd) iMac. We talk about that, as well as the recent closure of MacSuperstore here in San Luis Obispo. We revisit a Hyper Nonsense holiday tradition (choo choo!) and discover that, not only is there a Peppermint Choo Choo, but there's also a Peppermint Engineer. We contemplate a moral conundrum in which I buy a guy a bus pass. We go over some long overdue listener feedback,...


Apocalypse Signs

We're back with a brand new podcast, recorded completely in studio! With microphones and soundboards and everything! We talked about the Cubs amazing World Series victory as well as the Fox TV announcers' anti-Cubs bias (including Joe Buck's massive mancrushes on Clayton Kershaw and Cory Kluber). We have an inevitable discussion on the recent presidential election and its aftermath. Jen explained why she deleted her Twitter account and we finished out the show with a news article about a...


Perpetual Pizza Machine

We got us a podcast episode this month, against all the odds. Apologies in advance for the sound quality in the beginning of this episode. It does improve (mostly) later on in the show. We're watching the 2016 World Series because the Chicago Cubs are in it for the first time in 71 years. It's like a miracle explosion of amazingness. I talked about recent experiences with Papa John's and Taco Bell after not eating at those places in years. (Also, I'm fat.) Then we played some audio from a...


You’ve Been Ducked!

We're back! Well, one of us is. Yes, it's a solo show. Yes, I'm sorry. On this episode, I talked about all the reasons why Jen's not on the show. I gave an update on my ongoing problems with sciatica and why I'm now taking Norco. I gave our first ever Pokemon Go update (complete with music). I talked about our new audio mixer and the testing I've done with Facebook Live. And more!


Pokemon SLO

It's been way too long since our last episode but we're back! During this show, we talked about my 40th birthday and why I think I'd be a difficult to person to live with. We talked about our wedding anniversary and the exciting stuff we did, including seeing the new Ghostbusters movie and using a coupon to have dinner at a local cafe. We played a listener voicemail message. Then, we finished out the show with an article about things turning 35 years old in 2016. Pac-Man Fever. Catch it!...


Weeds, Joints, and Propaganda

This should've been our second episode for the month of June, but who's counting? In this podcast, we talked about Jen's weed obsession. Then, we recounted how we've regressed even further into California hippiedom, as we've started shopping at the local co-op. Also, I now know what it's like to be a rhino at the zoo during feeding time. I also know what it's like to be a public underwear stalker (?). New segment: Jen's Pile o' Political Propaganda. Then, we read some listener feedback. And...


Suck It, Neil Young!

We're back with another undeniably exciting episode of Hyper Nonsense! Jen's not here this time around but that's OK 'cause we've got special guest Matt Sams! This is Matt's second time being on Hyper Nonsense. Last time we talked to him, he was in the midst of his first 365-song (recording one new song every day) project. 2016 is a leap year and Matt is taking advantage of the extra day to challenge himself with a 366-song project. We talked about the project, as well as Matt's recent...



We did it! We promised two episodes a month and we're delivering on that promise. During this show, we talked about what's making Jen sick lately, as well as her recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia. We actually left the house a couple of times this week. Once to go to a park and once to go to a local museum. I told the story of how I was involved in a bus accident. Related: Homeless guys really like my iPhone 6 Plus. Jen's birthday is coming up. Why not buy her something nice from her Amazon...



It's time for a highly caffeinated new episode of Hyper Nonsense! We're peanut-butter-cup-rogue-planet truthers and we hope you are, too. In this episode, we talked about why we've given up on recycling. I give some HUGE thanks to TIggr for gifting me an MLB.TV subscription so I can watch the Chicago Cubs games. It's really rekindled my love of baseball. We talked about receiving our ballots for the upcoming California primary election, which led to a discussion about who will win the...



It's here! A Hyper Nonsense episode that's nearly ten days in the making. You might think with that much lead time, it'd be the greatest podcast ever. Yes, you might think that. Jen gave an update on her overall health and allergy situation. We took part in a local political walk and recapped the experience. We talked about the exciting #cheesefryclub and how you can become a member. We read over some listener feedback. Then, we finished the show out with articles about a Metallica bridge...


Stump the Specialist

We're 5K-ing it! In this episode, we talked about my new computer, then we got an update on Jen's health situation. We're running an exciting campaign to get all of our listeners to #UnsubIn16! We decided to talk about the presidential election and all of the insanity surrounding it. We read some listener feedback and launched a new segment called Twitter Callouts! Then, we finished the show with an article about which American state has the most virgins. Links: Book of Jen Politics Channel...


More Than Corn

It's a solo show! Or is it? The episode started off with me talking about my recent back problems and acupuncture treatments. I segued into recent news from the U.S. presidential election. Then, I was joined by our artist in residence, Bluelaugh. We talked about what he's up to while his parents are out of town. (Mostly, he evaded my hard-hitting questions.) He shared the story of how his family became a Droid family. I harassed him for not having an iPhone. And more! Links: No Agenda...


Wisconsin Magicks

Welcome to our latest ep! On this show, we talked about the fun and frivolity we've been enjoying thru our new Apple TV. Jen's favorite TV show is "Hoarders," apparently. And despite her many food allergies, she really likes the show where people bake things under a tent in England. We've also been playing a fun game called Dragon Mania Legends. Then, I gave some thoughts on the new Star Wars movie after having finally seen it. Jen is having even more health problems due to the return of...