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Enjoy a Drink!

Enjoy a Drink!


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Enjoy a Drink!




Podcast S03E10- What is Vermouth?

Today we talk to Vya Vermouth’s Mixologist Dana Fares about vermouth, how to care for it, and what Vya does to make a great vermouth. Dana talks about Manhattan Month, too! Pre-order Sugarlands’ Roaming Man Whiskey here. Download Season 3, Episode 10 (direct link).


Podcast S03E09- Flavored Whiskey

A cabinet full of flavored whiskey. A cocktail in a bottle? A sour face. “Papa that’s your thing!” Download Season 3, Episode 9 (direct link).


Podcast S03E08- More Gin

Gin’s popularity. Is there a Gin revival? Vinyl records resurgence!? Greg’s book. Gin Lane. Gin and cocktails? Book: “Gin, A Global History.” We make the “Gin Cocktail.” Download Season 3, Episode 8 (direct link).


Podcast S03E07- What is Gin?

“I notice the bottles.” A brief history of gin. Genever, and more. Greg mentions KGB Spirits gin. “Mobsters slinging it around.” We taste Dry Gin, New Western Gin and Old Tom Gin. Greg mentions Ransom and Left Turn‘s Old Toms. “The tequila shooters of their time.” Download Season 3, Episode 7 (direct link).


Podcast S03E06- Brunch Cocktails

“If we call it brunch, then we’re not sinning.” We make Bloody Marys. Bloody Mary mixes we’ve tried. Mimosas. Salvatori Cabrese’s cocktail mishap. We make Breakfast Martinis. Download Season 3, Episode 6 (direct link).


Podcast S03E05- Moonshine, Sugarlands Style

Greg talks to Greg Eidam, head distiller at Sugarlands Distilling Co., about the distillery, their history and the famous moonshiners on their payroll. Here are some recipe ideas from Sugarlands. We talk about Roaming Man Straight Rye and getting it through their new Whiskey Club (sign up here). Download Season 3, Episode 5 (direct link).


Podcast S03E04- What is a Craft Cocktail?

Mixologers. The art of the craft cocktail and what sets them apart. Greg mentions Jim Meehan and PDT. Making macarons, How to now screw up a Dirty Martini. Lots of olive talk. Drink what you want. Download Season 3, Episode 4 (direct link).


Podcast S03E03- What is a Cocktail?

Tales of roosters and horses give us the name, A newspaper gives us an early definition. We make an Old Fashioned….with a twist. We go all out with the garnish. Download Season 3, Episode 3 (direct link).


Podcast S03E02- Summertime Cocktails

Straws? Heatstroke. Top 5 summer drinks. We make a Gin Rickey and a Moonshine Collins. Download Season 3, Episode 2 (direct link).


Podcast S03E01- The Margarita

We talk about a seminal summer drink: The Margarita! History of the Margarita, including early versions of it. Are frozen drinks frowned upon? Daisy -> Sour -> Margarita. Agave syrup as a sweetener? We make Gary “Gaz” Regan and Robert Hess’s Margarita recipes and do some comparison. A big welcome to Sugarlands Distilling as our sponsor! […]


Podcast 123- International Scotch Day

We celebrate International Scotch Day. We learn of “The Tish” cocktail. We drink Usquaebach Old Rare. “Days” are important to Jackson and Tish. “What costs a lot is interesting, not delicious.” Babies make you drink? We taste anCnoc Blas and make a New York cocktail with it. Download Episode 123.


Podcast 122- Deviation Dessert Wine and Valentini

Happy Valentine’s Day! White stag or unicorn? Jackson and Tish! How we met. We taste Deviation Dessert Wine. “What makes a Valentine’s Day Cocktail?” The -Tini Ratio. The Valentine’s date. We make a Valentini. Vodka flavor profiles by Jackson. Download Episode 122.


Podcast 121- Moonlight EXpresso and Russian

Mighty big bottles. What Simple Cocktails is all about. If you don’t like it, Greg will drink it. We taste Moonlight EXpresso Coffee Liqueur. “He’s like our Julia Child.” We make the Russian cocktail. Breakfast, lunch and dinner cocktails at our ski lodge. Download Episode 121.


Podcast 120- Seersucker Gin and Bittersweet

“How do you do it at a cocktail conference?” Pork belly tacos. We taste Seersucker Gin. We make a Bittersweet Cocktail. Download Episode 120.


Podcast 119- “Whiskey right now is the place to be” (Jeff Arnett Interview)

We make a Tennessee Manhattan and interview Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller of Jack Daniel’s. Download Episode 119.


Podcast 118- San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2017

Our San Antonio Cocktail Conference episode includes interviews with Qwesha Byrd plus Marco Montefiori and Elliott Montero of Amaro Montenego. Oh, and we ate gator meat sausages in a church. Cheers, ya’ll! Download Episode 118.


Podcast 117- Afrohead Rums and (Aged) Daiquiri

We’re headed to SACC this week! Rum as beard oil? We taste Afrohead aged rums. Bringing your own Booze onto an airplane. We make Morgenthaler’s Daiquiri. Download Episode 117.


Podcast 116- Magnum Cream and Journalist

“If something tragic happens….” Greg mentions the lavender fiend treehouse. We taste (and hear) Magnum Cream Liqueur. Greg mentions the Savoy Cocktail Book. We make a Journalist Cocktail. When to shake and when to stir. Italy talk. Download Episode 116.


Podcast 115- Happy New Year 2017!

Chip and Shonna join us for a New Year’s celebration! We taste Tamworth Sweetlips Cherry Bounce Liqueur. We make the Orange You Glad it’s New Year’s? Cocktail. “It’s going to look like the Rio Grande.” HAPPY NEW YEAR from Simple Cocktails! Download Episode 115.


Podcast 114- Merry Christmas 2016!

Steven uses sugar cookie body spray. What is Cognac? We taste Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac. Look for Greg’s pairings in Cigar and Spirits Magazine. Lisa’s got some tasting words. Last year we made a Casino Cocktail, and this year we make the very-simple Silent Night. Using booze in ice cream? A discussion about Daiquiri Ice. […]