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Leslie Lennox

Leslie Lennox started making pesto when she and her family purchased a home here in Atlanta — back in the late 90s. This wasn’t just any home, though. It came with a 1200sqft greenhouse which was pretty prolific in terms of basil production. Fast forward to 2007, she, her husband, and daughter, Hope, start selling their pesto, Hope’s Gardens Pesto, at the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market during their first season. They were a part of the market for many years and, since, Leslie hasn’t slowed...


Celebrating 10 Years of The Iberian Pig

10 years. In the course of life for a restaurant, this is either insignificant — or it’s everything. Oftentimes, getting through the first 365 days of service can set the pace for the next nine years and good golly are the stories what make it all worth it. Thusly, we’re celebrating an incredible restaurant, culinary team, restaurant group, and generally wonderful mess of people here in Atlanta. The Iberian Pig, part of Castellucci Hospitality Group, is turning 10. These guys got their...


Rusty Bowers

Think of the last time you went to “see your butcher.” Back in the day, your butcher was the person who took care of everything for you — steaks, burgers, sausage, a whole chicken, bacon… everything, right? Knowing your butcher is now back on the rise as we all seek to learn and understand more about food and foodways. Enter: Rusty Bowers, Butcher and owner of Pine Street Market and Chop Shop. Pine Street hit the city back in 2008 and brought a side of butchery that celebrated the whole...


Levity Farms

I love restaurants. The culture, the people, the opportunity to experience the cuisine. Everything. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to know more people actively working to make Georgia an incredible state for growing — the side of that things that makes a restaurant possible: Farmers. Two of those people are Ilana and Zach — Owners and Farmers at Levity Farms up in Milton. I met them a few seasons back at the Ponce City Farmer’s Market. Every Tuesday, we’d walk away with incredible...


Hop City

Kraig moved to Atlanta back when things were still taking shape… in fact, many aspects of food, good beer, the Beltline… and generally Atlanta as we know it today was the distant future. He opened Hop City a little over 10 years ago to offer a place for Atlantans to fill a growler, pick up all the gear needed for home brewing, a few bottles of wine, and more. Since that first location on the Westside, they’ve expanded the stores across the city and into Birmingham, AL. The other side of...



The story of Hawkers doesn’t revolve around singular talent in the kitchen. The goal of Hawkers was always to bring the experience of eating at a hawker stall on the streets of Asia. Thusly, four friends brought the concept to life in Orlando in 2011. Since then they’ve been celebrating the recipes and flavors of generations past that are now still being enjoyed today — all the way here to the Atlanta Beltline Kaleb Harrell and Allen Lo are two of the founding members of Hawkers. We caught...


Angie Mosier

Suffice is to say that I love the story of Angie Mosier. She’s a decorated, celebrated, and beloved food photographer who also happens to be a Georgia/Atlanta native. Her work can be seen alongside names like John T Edge, Eric Rippert, and Kevin Gillespie and her work is stunning. The one thing I enjoyed most about her story is this — she spent much of her career working as a caterer and pastry chef/cake decorator. Angie is constantly putting out incredible work. Check out her website here:...


Tal Baum

Tal grew up on in Haifa, Israel. It’s up on the coast and quite literally one of the most picturesque places on the planet. The flavors that come from this region of the world are some of the oldest, most bold, and rich in history that our world truly knows. So, naturally she and her team open Aziza and Falafel Nation at Westside Provisions to mirror the Israeli dining experience of shared plates and bold flavors… However, before all of this takes place, we need to rewind a bit. Tal spent a...


Pat Pascarella

Pat grew up in Connecticut. He worked his way through restaurant jobs from an early age, went to college, changed courses and went to culinary school, and opened his acclaimed restaurant, Bar Sugo. After a life spent in the northeast, he and his family made their way down here to Atlanta and landed at The Optimist — pasta ever in his mind. Come 2018, he opened The White Bull in Decatur which has continued to steal hearts and appetites through pasta. Now, he and his team are working on...


Scott Serpas

Scott Serpas has done something that no one else in the city can claim — he opened his flagship spot, Serpas, in O4W long before the Beltline was paved and scooters were zipping by. To say Scott is a fixture of Atlanta dining hardly does him justice. He saw something in the east side of town that wasn’t there before. Having over 10 years and a long line of faithful diners, Scott has built great recognition for his southern cuisine that is influenced by his upbringing and heritage from...


Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival 2019

Another fantastic year at one of Atlanta’s greatest summertime festivals — Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival. Hosted by Chef Ford Fry at Westside Provisions. I look forward to this one every year. Every dish does something to tomatoes that is truly novel, respectful of the fruit, the season, and especially the farmer. So, we hit the streets and made around to some of the chefs and restaurants who participated in this years shindig. Who did we interview? Chef Craig Richards of Hampton &...


Spotlight: Kelsey Barnard Clark

In Partnership with Georgia Organics’ Cast Iron & Collards Society and Peachdish This is a really fun one here on The Atlanta Foodcast. As you may have watched this past season of Top Chef, Kelsey Barnard Clark took the show by storm and the hearts of viewers across the country. Kelsey was in town this past weekend for a slew of events and one of them happened to be a Saturday Brunch, Cocktails & Conversations, (by the Cast Iron & Collards Society) at King & Duke. Kelsey partnered with...


Murphy's - Tom Murphy's

This week, we sit down with one of the most well-known restaurateurs in the city behind one of the most dined-in restaurants on the east side of town -- none other than Tom Murphy of Murphy's in Virginia-Highland. His restaurant has defined dining in one of Atlanta's coziest neighborhoods (especially through Brunch), housed multiple chefs who have made waves throughout the city, and continues to stay on the top of dining culture for ATLiens. So, here's Tom's story. Check out the murphy's...



So, here’s a story you may not think to seek out, nor would you expect such a story to come from two individuals in charge of a major aspect of development in Atlanta’s Summerhill neighborhood. Meet Jack and David from Carter USA. Now, I know what you’re thinking and believe me — the real estate side of things is not always of the foremost thought if you’re a diner in this city. However, Summerhill is slowly becoming the next darling neighborhood of Atlanta and the guys at Carter play a...


Sean Palani - Atlanta Guys Dinner Group

Friends, meet Sean Palani. This guy is just someone I absolutely love. He defines what it means to be friendly and outgoing and he’s the best kind of frontman you’d want for any restaurant. Sean and I met earlier this summer and I learned a lot more about him. He hosts a Monday dinner gathering once a month where he invites guys from around the city to come and meet one another over a meal — all while supporting a local organization or non-profit. This monthly gathering is called the...


Ford Fry

If you’ve lived in Atlanta for most of your life ….or even just a few days, you’re more than likely going to walk through the front door of Ford Fry’s restaurants at one point for another. Since ’07, JCT has been serving incredible southern cuisine on the westside, The Optimist helped define oysters for Atlanta dining, true Tex Mex from Superica (Just found out we should all be pronouncing it Super-REE-cuh, friends), the burger from Marcel, pasta and ping pong at No. 246, and many, many...


Jarrett Stieber - Eat Me Speak Me & Little Bear

Hey, guys. So, we’re sending another episode your way this week with some much-deserved celebration for a good friend of The Atlanta Foodcast — that’s none other than Jarrett Stieber of Eat Me Speak Me and soon-to-open Little Bear in Summerhill. Jarrett and a small team have been running this pop-up in several locations on the Eastside of town for over 6 years and their last service is this Saturday, June 29th at SOS Tiki Bar in Decatur. Jarrett has done so much for Atlanta and has created...


Steven Satterfield - Miller Union

So, we’re re-airing an interview with Chef Steven Satterfield of Miller Union. The restaurant has had quite the year and the steam is really just starting to build. Being recently named the No. 1 restaurant in the city from Atlanta Magazine’s Top 75, their 10-year anniversary coming up in November, and their outstanding wine program being nominated for a James Beard, there’s still so much to come from Steven, Neal, and the entire team. So, here’s a conversation Steven and I had last summer...


Food Well Alliance - Kim Karris

Think about where your food comes from. Now, we’ve all become more conscious of this in the recent past, and the availability of local food is rising — but, we have a long way to go. Urban Agriculture may not seem like something you’re too familiar with, but let me throw some cool statistics your way. Did you know there are over 300 community gardens and about 50 farms within the 5-Country Region of Metro Atlanta? Pretty staggering, right? Now, the big thing to call out here isn’t the focus...


Pulp - Nicholas Gregory

Fun fact: I. LOVE. HOT SAUCE. Nicholas Gregory spent part of his life as a farmer in Kansas and made his way south here to Atlanta. Spending much of his life growing things and educating others in the culinary world, it was natural for him to turn something that grows into something even more delicious. Lucky me/us/you that he chose peppers. Pulp has an incredible lineup of lacto-fermented hot sauces with varying levels of heat. The primary offerings, White Hungarian Pepper, Serrano,...