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Season Two Preview

In case you hadn’t heard, I wanted to let you know we’re bringing back The Atlanta Foodcast for a second season — and it’s happening in just a few weeks! Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5) ©The Atlanta Foodcast


Episode 33 - Season One Finale

Well, friends, the time has come. It’s time to put a stop to this madness! Just kidding. It’s the final episode of Season One! Can you believe it? We’ve come a long way since launching the podcast and it all culminates here in episode 33. This episode is a bit of a recap from Season One with a few clips from a handful of interviews. I also wanted to provide a few of my thoughts on the dining scene in Atlanta and the landscape of our amazing culinary community. Next, I also wanted to...


Episode 32 - Billy and Chasidy Atchison of Banjo Cold Brew

It's no surprise to anyone that coffee has grown into a renaissance period and has produced multiple verticals in a short number of years. The one that has shown more staying power, brand growth, market competition, and everything under the coffee-loving sun, is cold brew. Well, Billy and Chasidy Atchison brought Banjo Cold Brew to Atlanta right as the wave started to build. These two have a great story to tell from how they met, got into the coffee business, and built the brand. If you’d...


Episode 31 - Neal and Samir Idnani of NaanStop

Neal and Samir Idnani are two people I identify with. Not because I've also opened a successful, multi-unit casual Indian concept, but because these two are brothers. I have an older brother and I know what its like to do things in life where you know you've got one another's back. Where you rarely even have to communicate with words. Where teamwork is never a thought because it's all there is. It's just a thing that brothers have. I love seeing that in Neal and Samir and it especially shows...


Episode 30 - Dale DeSena (Re-Air of Episode 15)

Finally, we reach a cooler climate in the city, the sun softer on our faces, fall beers arise in the ranks of local breweries — it’s Fall, y’all. This also brings on a week that I look forward to all year and that’s the week of Taste of Atlanta. Anticipations galore as I prepare for one of my favorite food festivals in the city. So, thusly in celebration, we’re re-airing an episode from earlier this summer with none other than the founder of Taste of Atlanta — Dale DeSena. This woman is a...


Episode 29: Jarret Stieber of Eat Me Speak Me

Jarret Stieber is the chef, mind, conceptual driver, and everything of Eat Me Speak Me — a legendary Atlanta restaurant pop-up that utilizes Georgia-grown ingredients. Jarret has taken EMSM (We’ll abbreviate from here on out) all over the city and is currently hosting the concept out of the kitchen at The S.O.S. Tiki Bar in Decatur. Jarret is an incredibly gifted mind. A decorated chef who has worked with, under, and alongside some of the most notable chefs in Atlanta, and has helped sculpt...


Episode 28: LIVE from The Cheese Fest 2018

Well, we’re wrapped on a week focused on cheese and it all culminates here. We had the opportunity the be a part of The Cheese Fest this year and it was an honor to bring four incredible professionals on stage to have a conversation around the industry of cheese, what makes the south such an amazing place for food, and the impact cheese has on the greater culinary world. You’ll hear from Tim Gaddis of In Demand Cheese, Robin Schick from Calyroad Creamery, David Goodson -- 3rd Generation...


Atlanta Flavor: Cheese Week - Episode 3

Hello, friends. Back as promised, with some more cheesy conversation. Bringing you a conversation with a good friend of mine, Kevin Ouzts -- founder/owner of The Spotted Trotter. Kevin is no stranger to the show either. He and his wife, Megan, were on the show earlier this summer telling their story of how all things came to be for The Spotted Trotter. This week, Kevin and I caught up to talk cheese, how they approach local makers, and what’s going on at Cheese Fest this Friday. Here’s the...


Atlanta Flavor: Cheese Week - Episode 2

Episode 2 of Cheese Week coming your way. Just me, your host, this time around to talk about a few these cheese-centric here in Atlanta. A few of our guests wrote in to talk through their favorite cheese items in the city and we prepared a short list of 5 items I’d recommend anyone try. Enjoy! Reminder, The Cheese Fest is happening Friday, September 28th from 5-10p. Tickets are on sale now, so pick up a few, grab a few friends, come eat some cheese, and let’s have some fun. Music...


Atlanta Flavor: Cheese Week - Episode 1

We’re celebrating everyone’s favorite subject — CHEESE. Ahead of Atlanta’s Cheese Fest happening on September 28th, we’re bringing you conversations with some local authorities on the subject culminating in our first live podcast recording at The Cheese Fest. First up, here’s a quick conversation with an Atlanta Foodcast regular — Stephanie Castellucci of Castellucci Hospitality Group. She’s no stranger here on the show and we caught up to talk about all of the amazing cheese programs in...


Episode 27 - Mandy and Kelvin Slater of Slater Hospitality Group

Mandy and Kelvin Slater are on fire. When you take a look at what is happening in the city, where people want to hang out, where new things are happening, and where some of the most Instagram-friendly photos are taken, you’re going to end up on The Roof at Ponce City Market. This duo happens to be the minds and leadership behind everything rooftop-bound. Before you get into everything in the present, their past is just as steeped in the restaurant industry. This team also brought us Blue...


Episode 26 - Mary Moore of Cook's Warehouse

There are people who are making Atlanta and amazing city for eaters… and then there people who have made Atlanta. People who have worked so hard at laying groundwork in the culinary community working hard jobs, creating restaurant groups, and so on. Mary Moore is one of those people. Talk about a powerhouse woman who has held every position in the kitchen, was a part of one of the most influential restaurant groups the city has known, and is now at the helm of an Atlanta business that fuels...


Episode 25 - Melissa Davis of Hazel Jane's Wine & Coffee

Melissa Davis is the most knowledgeable person behind the bar I've ever met. She'll drop incredible knowledge on wine, spirits, old cocktails, and more with such enthusiasm and wit you can't wait to learn more. Her career has taken her from the floor of Cakes & Ale, to The General Muir, Staplehouse, and now a new project coming next year on the Beltline from the team at Revelator Coffee. She has racked up accolades (most recently a Rising Star Sommelier from Star Chefs) and has built...


Episode 24 - Quiet Hounds & Dinner Bell

This week's episode is a special one. Not very often do you find a group of gents like Quiet Hounds who happen to make beautiful music. The X factor in all of this is Dinner Bell -- an evening where these guys partner with a local chef and and a musical guest to bring an incredible evening of music, food, and memories in an unforgettable format. Check out these guys everywhere music is available - iTunes • Spotify • Website Also, visit the Dinner Bell website here to see some of the past...


Episode 23 - Chef Todd Richards

There are many instances in recording interviews for this show when I almost forget I’m even producing a podcast. I’m just having a conversation. A great conversation. An amazing conversation that unravels an incredible story and an even more incredible individual. I’m very, very honored to bring you this conversation with Chef Todd Richards. Here is a chef in Atlanta celebrating his upbringing and the collision of cultures that makes up soul food. We get into all the good stuff from his...


Episode 22 - Bess Weyandt of Treehouse Milk

An aspect of Atlanta that I've come to perpetuate over the years, with steadfast loyalty, is our wonderful, creative community of makers. Makers of all kinds who produce, develop, and create things that improve your life -- albeit happen to be delicious on occasion. The makeup of things outside of our restaurant scene are adding incredible amounts of culture to what truly makes Atlanta the greatest city for eaters. Treehouse Milk is creating the most incredibly flavorful alt-dairy milks...


Episode 21 - Chef Ron Eyester of Food 101

Stories are what I live for. It’s far more than just about hearing the verbatim from a well-known chef or a persona. It’s the real thing. Chef Ron Eyester needs no introduction. His restaurants, some that have since passed, have defined a large portion of the dining scene here in Atlanta. Now, back at where he began a major point in his career in restaurants, he has turned a major corner and in a commanding role as something new -- an inspiring leader. He he has been all over, done more...


Atlanta Flavor: Southern Wing Showdown 2018

So, here's a bit of a different episode of the show. We had the opportunity to attend the Southern Wing Showdown to eat wings, catch up with chefs, and meet up with some friends of the show. In case you missed the Southern Wing Showdown this year, here's a list of the participating chefs and other cool folks who were involved in this year's events. Big shoutout to our friends at Springer Mountain Farms for all of the wings that made their way to all of the chefs. Also, the folks who...


Episode 20: Chef Jennifer Hill Booker

Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, extensive traveler, Executive Chef of Georgia Department of Agriculture, Culinary Explorer for Georgia Department of Travel and Tourism, Board member of James Beard Food Waste Advisory Council, contributor to multiple publications, and Author of two cookbooks.... and that's not even close to everything. Chef Jennifer Hill Booker is an incredible force in the culinary industry, and ANY kitchen, and has taken her life of extensive travel experiences and incredible...


Episode 19 - Judith Winfrey, President of PeachDish

There are few people on this earth who can claim to know the restaurant business, work in a new vertical of the space, understand the ebb and flow of seasonality, and also know how to farm -- let alone own a farm. Enter: Judith Winfrey, President of PeachDish. PeachDish is an Atlanta-based mealkit and grocery business that takes the space to new levels. These folks are sourcing high-quality ingredients from local farmers, not to mention buying direct, but also working with local, southern...