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The BeerHealer is a story teller who wants to share the great stories of the craft beer world with you. Each episode is a half hour interview with someone involved in the world of brewing who has an interesting story to tell.

The BeerHealer is a story teller who wants to share the great stories of the craft beer world with you. Each episode is a half hour interview with someone involved in the world of brewing who has an interesting story to tell.
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The BeerHealer is a story teller who wants to share the great stories of the craft beer world with you. Each episode is a half hour interview with someone involved in the world of brewing who has an interesting story to tell.








Ep. 47 - Beer Farming with Slip n Slide Engineer Ben Joseph

I am going to be honest with you...before doing this podcast with Ben Joseph from WA's Beer Farm, I didn't know much about will understand what I mean when Ben sets me straight on who does and doesn't work with him! Having said that, I am so glad that I got the chance to talk with Ben, as their story is a really interesting one...from starting life as a planned Young Henry's Western Australian base to now becoming a fully sustainable operation with a killer water slide. As I...


Ep. 46 - Spontaneous Fermentation & Other Cool Brewing Tricks. Will Tatchell, Van Dieman Brewing.

Will Tatchell from Van Dieman Brewing is back to talk about funky fermentations, barrel ageing beautiful beers and pushing the boundaries of farmhouse brewing. Will recently celebrated 10 years of Van Dieman Brewing, and it has been a very busy year. He released a super-sized version of his stout, the Giblin X, a barrel aged beast rocking in at 10-ish percent, which has been vert well received. But better than that, Will’s dreams of producing beers completely off the land surrounding is...


Ep. 45 - Australia's First Lady of Craft Beer. With the Beer Diva, Kirrily Waldhorn.

For this episode, I welcomed Australia’s First Lady of beer to the conversation, Kirrily Waldhorn. Kirrily’s contribution to beer industry is impressive, with over 17 years of involvement, she has literally been involved in every part of the industry. She is an educator, a writer beer judge, trainer and occasionally an assistant brewer. An experienced media performer, having worked in radio and tv and the press and on stage at GABS with her beer and food cooking series, she knows her...


Ep. 44 - Honey, I'm Starting A Craft Beer Website. With James Smith from The Crafty Pint

This episode is another one where I tip the cap to those who helped to shape the craft beer industry for all of us to enjoy. The Australia Craft Beer scene is littered with stories of people leaving safe and secure jobs to try something new, to start new business, follow a new career path and generally throw caution to the wind to follow their craft beer dream. James Smith is one of those people…although he has kind of been pursuing his dream of spreading the craft beer gospel since he...


Ep. 43 - Live From The Lord with Blair Hayden

I was in Sydney for work this week and decided to have a cheeky pint at the Lord Nelson Hotel at lunchtime. The Lord is, of course, the house that Blair Hayden built, so it was only right that while I was there I sat down with the great man for a chat. In this episode we take a bit of a walk down memory lane. I really enjoyed this chat with Blair...he is no bullshit and very passionate about the industry...enjoy!!


Ep. 42 - I'm Starting A Brewery, But It's A "Secret", with Tim Fishwick

Mention the name Tim Fishwick around the craft beer industry and I reckon you will get a nod from the person you are speaking with. Why, well by all accounts he’s a good bloke and let’s be honest, he’s been around the traps a bit…in a good way though. Tim’s career has seen him go from flogging pallets of Tooheys to being involved in a number of smaller craft breweries. He’s been a Creature and a member of the all conquering team at Balter, but for some reason earlier this year he decided to...


Ep. 41 - My First Ever Embargoed Episode with Sam & Jaz from Counter Culture

The craft beer landscape continues to change at a rapid pace. We are still seeing new breweries popping up every other week, some have sadly closed, and the number of new beers hitting bottleshop shelves is out of control. So how do breweries cut through the clutter in a crowded market, and more importantly remain relevant in the eyes of a very promiscuous drinker base? For well established brand, Stone & Wood, their approach has been to diversify their offerings and as such they have...


Ep. 40 - Riding The Craft Beer Wave with Pro Surfer Bede Durbidge...Yeeooww!!

Grab a beer, sit back and relax and enjoy this great chat with Pro Surfer, Brewery Owner, and seriously chilled dude, Bede Durbidge. If you didn't know it, relationships make the world go round. Whether it be when you are at starting out at school, in your social circles as you grow up, or as you move into the business world. The relationships you strike up help you through the bad times, allow you to share the good times, and open up so many other opportunities and experiences. Bede...


Ep. 39 - Old Guys Rule - Matt & Pete from Oz Brews News

For this episode, I wanted to turn the focus on to a couple of blokes who have been an integral part of the Australian beer scene for the better part of two decades. Each week, Matt Kirkegaard and Pete Mitcham pump out content via various different channels, updating the Australian beer world on the latest news. They are well known within in the industry, but always asking the questions of their guests, so I thought it would be fun to flip things around and put them on the other side of the...


Ep. 38 - Have Your Beer & Eat It Too...Introducing The Beeroness

Have your beer and eat it too…That is the mantra of The Beeroness, otherwise known as Jackie Dodd-Mallory. She is a beer loving wonder chef, or maybe she is a food loving beer nerd, I am not sure, but either way she is a social media queen of beer, with over 45,000 social media followers. Jackie has a unique ability to make me want to cook her dishes every time she shares them on social media. Some of her recent creations include Beer Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches, Spicy Beer Pulled Pork...


Ep. 37 - Let's Talk About Yeast, Baby!

Two brothers…one a scientist with 15+ years experience in cell biology, the other a qualified mechanical engineer…naturally those skills translate into starting an All-Australian yeast provider for the craft beer industry. I fell across the guys from Bluestone Yeast thanks to one of my social media followers and after the reaction to my recent chat with Dr Tom Shellhammer about hops, I thought you the listener would love an in depth chat about yeast. Those lovely little microbes that are...


Ep. 36 - Independence Matters in Beer Cartel's Ultimate Aussie Top 50 Beers

On this podcast I try to speak to people from all over the craft beer landscape…brewers, marketers, sale people, both here and overseas. So when an email hit my inbox last week from the Boys at Beer Cartel, with a link to the Ultimate Aussie Top 50 Beers list, I thought that I should reach out to today's guest and ask him to come and have a chat on the podcast. Geoff Huens co-founded Beer Cartel in 2009 and has been driving excellence in the online craft beer game ever since. Geoff tells...


Ep. 35 - Batch Brewing Company - The Times They Are A Changin'

Batch Brewing Company is in the heart of the Craft Beer mecca known as the inner west of Sydney. Taking a look at the local area these days, you will see over ten breweries littered around the suburbs in that area, but back in 2013 when Batch opened its doors, the numbers were more like 2 or 3. Fast forward 6 years and Batch is embarking on a new era for the company, with a second site almost ready to open, one of the founders returning to his homeland, and lots of new challenges in what...


Ep. 34 - Roaming Beer Healer, Live from the Australian International Beer Awards!

The Australian International Beer Awards were held during Good Beer Week in Melbourne, and the who's who of the Australian beer industry was all in the one room...and I had a new toy to play with, a mobile recording device...and so was born Roaming Beer Healer! In this episode I do my best to navigate around the crowded and noisy room to talk to some of my friends in the industry, past podcast guests and most importantly, the award winners! Emotions were running high, there was a lot of...


Ep. 33 - Australian International Beer Awards Panel Prediction Show

When I started this podcast, I wanted to make sure I was telling the great stories of the craft beer know, have a crack at doing my best journalist impression. I felt that with no-one else to bounce conversations around with, and many others already doing very well with the format of having fun discussions over beers, I would take the story telling angle. But every now and then, an opportunity presents itself to try something a little different...and so was born the idea for...


Ep. 32 - Busting Myths and Offering Social Media Tips for Craft Breweries

I've been doing this Beer Healer thing across multiple social media platforms for about 4 years now. I thought I knew a little bit about the world of Social Media...until my guest on this podcast set me straight on a few things. Mariella Mejia is a one time freelance marketer who now runs a Digital Marketing agency called Made With Moxie. Made with Moxie is a digital commerce and paid media agency that growth hacks businesses and sells out events, with a real focus on Social Media and...


Ep. 31 - Dropping Advanced Dry Hop Knowledge with Dr Tom Shelhammer

Brewers of all ages, and experience levels, have a listen to Dr Tom Shelhammer drop some pearls of wisdom about hops in this episode. Dr Shelhammer was in Tasmania to conduct a session at the Fresh Hop Beer Festival in Launceston, and as luck would have it, he was staying only a few minutes from my home. I took that as a sign that the Beer Gods wanted me to have a chat with him for the podcast! An expert on all things hops, Dr Shellhammer recently released a piece of ground-breaking...


Ep. 30 - From Creature To Felon...Starting a New Brewery with Ash Cranston

There are some amazing beers being brewed in Queensland these days. Only a few years ago, the craft beer scene in the Sunshine State was pretty quiet, but all of a sudden there are new breweries and pubs popping up all over the place. Slowly but surely these new kids on the block are converting local drinkers to new flavoursome beers, and tap banks in local pubs now have other options outside of the big brewers mainstream mid-strength options. My guest was once the head of one of the...


Ep. 29 - Craft Brewer Career Paths

I met my guest at one of the world's smallest beer festivals...From the Wilderness, in Evandale, Tasmania. On a holiday with his partner Nadia, somehow Rick Bennie managed to convince her to spend their final day in Tasmania at a beer festival two hours away from their camping spot. And they had an early wake-up the next morning to go home on the boat. Something tells me this guy is a dedicated craft beer nut! Rick is actually a brewer from Blackmans Brewery and I asked him to come on the...


Ep. 28 - Your Beer Tourism Stories Part 1

The idea for this episode came from a chat I had with The Beer Pilgrim about Beer Tourism. He had so many great stories from his travels and I wondered if some of the people I interact with on social media had some too...and they did! In this episode, Matt King recounts his trip down the Murray River drinking fresh IPA from kegs supplied by the local brewery, Nigel Ayling takes us back to the 80's when he discovered the some amazing beers while backpacking around Europe, and finally, Steve...