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Stranger Pilgrims: A Special Catholic Foodie Halloween Edition

I must confess that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. That might sound strange to you, since I’m the Catholic Foodie. But Halloween is a Catholic feast day and celebration. Not only is All Hallow’s Eve the vigil of the Solemnity of All Saints, it also kicks off a month dedicated by the Church to remembering and praying for the dead. Perfect time of the year for it… Fall… as we prepare to enter the death of winter.


Finding Peace through Catholic Mindfulness

Dr. Gregory Bottaro of the Catholic Psych Institute joins me today to talk about Catholic Mindfulness and a new introduction course that he has available at The full course title is Introduction to Catholic Mindfulness: [...]


Sick Pilgrim: Out on a Limb

Jessica Griffith and Jonathan Ryan are pilgrims. Sick pilgrims, to be exact. And they are on a mission to remind us all that we are pilgrims here on earth. A major part of their mission is to equip and rally together what they call servant artists, artists who draw back the veil of the Mystery through their work, which they perform in the service of the world. Jessica and Jonathan join me around the table today to talk about Sick Pilgrim [...]


Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine’s Chefs to Watch 2016

Exciting show today on location at Cavan restaurant on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Joining me around the table are two lovely ladies: Caitlin Watzke from Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine and Chef Ruby Bloch from Cavan, Meauxbar, and Sylvain in New Orleans. Chef Ruby is one of the six Chefs to Watch this year. In 2002, Louisiana Cookin‘ introduced Chefs to Watch as a way of recognizing talented up-and-coming chefs from restaurants throughout the state who show passion for traditions while...


Why We Love to Read about Food

On the show today… still noKing Cakein the Young household. Well… I haven’t made a King Cake, but I have eaten 3 slices from 3 different King Cakes so far. And, no, I did not get the baby. We are talking about why we love to read about food today as I share with you a wonderful article byChristie Purifoy at Listener feedback, married couples who are chefs and restaurant owners, Nero Wolfe, and more onThe Catholic Foodie Show… where food meets faith! Full show notes...


Christmas, Carnival & King Cake

On the show today… It’s still Christmas! The Christmas Season…post byDanielle Beanand video byFr. Josh Johnson King Cake Making Redoux… with King Cake fun facts, and a cooking lesson from Chef Emeril Lagasse Full show notes available">


King Cakes, Mardi Gras and the Epiphany

On the show today… King Cakes, Mardi Gras and the Epiphany… including the history of the King Cake, King Cake traditions, the Epiphany and how God meets us in the ordinariness of daily life AND does something extraordinary in us… AND my recipe to make a King Cake right in your very own kitchen. All this and more on The Catholic Foodie Show! Listen now! Full show notes are available!


Resolve to Give Up… But You Gotta Try Shaya!

More resolutions, why I’m resolving to“give up”this year, and talk aboutAlon Shaya


The Kiss of Jesus: Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle on The Catholic Foodie Show

I have wanted to haveDonna-Mariejoin me here onThe Catholic Foodie Showfor quite a while, and the recent release of her new book provided the perfect opportunity.The Kiss of Jesusis the name of the book, published byIgnatius Press.In


Chris Faddis with Bene Plates on The Catholic Foodie Show

Chris Faddis ofBene Plates( joins me today onThe Catholic Foodie Showto talk about how Bene Plates “provides high quality, great tasting, nourishing meals for [their] chronically ill clients to help sustain them during their disease.” Bene Plates prepares “craveable,” clean (non-toxic), micronutrient rich meals weekly and delivers directly to their customers’ homes. Chis shares the story behind this endeavor and the importance of nutritious and delicious meals for the both...


The Family Table with Marie Bellet | The Catholic Foodie Show

Marie Belletjoins me onThe Catholic Foodie Showtoday. Singer, songwriter, mother of 9, a woman of deep faith, Marie shares her experiences with me on the importance of family meals. Pour a cup of coffee or tea and join us around the table for a delightful conversation that is sure to inspire you in your own family life. Full show notes are available


Erin Franco – Humble Handmaid: Faith, Family, and Domestic Church | The Catholic Foodie Show

Erin Franco of HumbleHandmaid.comjoins me onThe Catholic Foodie Showtoday to talk about faith, marriage, family, family dinner, and Domestic Church. We also marvel at the grace of God that touches hearts through “charitable vulnerability.” I’m thrilled to share this conversation with you. You can find the full show notes


The Gospel of Happiness | The Catholic Foodie Show

Ever wondered how you can become more happier? What you can do to increase your joy, gratitude, and contentment? Dr. Christopher Kaczor, author ofThe Gospel of Happiness, joins me on The Catholic Foodie Show today to share with us key insights to how practicing our faith can make us happier. Listen in and enjoy! Full show notes can be found


Pope Francis, the Family, and Wasting Time | The Catholic Foodie Show

On The Catholic Foodie Show today: Pope Francis, the Family, and Wasting Time. What was it like to cook for – and serve a meal to –Pope Francis? We’ll find out today! Also, we cover some of the Pope’s comments on the family, and I share a recipe for Cajun Macaroni and Cheese! You won’t want to miss this! Full show notes


Pope Francis in the US… and Argentinian Food | The Catholic Foodie Show

On the show today… Pope Francis is coming to the United States! We talk about the importance of this visit and the upcoming Year of Mercy. I also share with you 10 must-try foods from Argentina and ask YOU a question… If Pope Francis came to your house, what would you cook for him? Call me at 985-635-4974 and give me your answer and I’ll be sure to play it on the show! Full show notes available #PopeintheUS


The Answer to Anxiety with Gary Zimak | The Catholic Foodie Show

Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak joins me on The Catholic Foodie Show to talk about the answer to anxiety. Does anxiety have you by the throat? Are you worried or fearful about global crises… or even about “normal” things like paying the bills and putting food on the table? If so, listen in to The Catholic Foodie Show today as Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak joins me to discuss the answer to anxiety. Full show notes available


Alton Brown, Skim Milk, and Shrimp Bisque | The Catholic Foodie Show

What exactly is skim milk? That, Alton Brown & Shrimp Bisque on The Catholic Foodie Show today. Full show notes can be found by clicking


Goodbye Good Eats | The Catholic Foodie Show

Food Network began airing Good Eats back in July of 1999. That was 16 years ago! Since then, Alton Brown has produced 249 episodes over 14 seasons. In 2011 we said goodbye to one of my favorite cooking shows: Alton Brown’s Good Eats. Today we reach back into the archives ofThe Catholic Foodie podcastto listen to my tribute to the fun and quirky Good Eats. Full show notes can be found by clicking here:


Back-to-School Recipe Ideas | The Catholic Foodie Show

Back-to-School #Recipe Ideas on the show today… including what to do with all those fresh summer tomatoes, how to pickle summer veggies, and several fun and new seasoning options for grilled or roasted chicken. All easy-peasy recipes to help feed your family healthy and delicious food during the busy back-to-school transition. Full show notes and recipes available by clicking


Save Money: Regrow Your Veggies | The Catholic Foodie Show

On today’s show we continue our conversation about the readings from Sunday’s Mass – Jesus’ Bread of Life discourse from John, Chapter 6 – and I share with you suggestions on how to make your grocery dollars stretch. You can save money by regrowing your vegetables… in water! That’s right. Lettuces, green onions, cabbages and more can be regrown in containers of water in your kitchen. Full show notes are available by clicking here:http//