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Food writer James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy dish up a weekly offering of food-related nonsense, exploring the complex and often confusing world of modern gastronomy. One minute they might be discussing the qualities of rice vinegar, the next asking whether or not Cher actually enjoys sharing plates. With special guests and even more special games, The Kitchen Is On Fire is a essential listening for anyone with ears.

Food writer James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy dish up a weekly offering of food-related nonsense, exploring the complex and often confusing world of modern gastronomy. One minute they might be discussing the qualities of rice vinegar, the next asking whether or not Cher actually enjoys sharing plates. With special guests and even more special games, The Kitchen Is On Fire is a essential listening for anyone with ears.
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Food writer James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy dish up a weekly offering of food-related nonsense, exploring the complex and often confusing world of modern gastronomy. One minute they might be discussing the qualities of rice vinegar, the next asking whether or not Cher actually enjoys sharing plates. With special guests and even more special games, The Kitchen Is On Fire is a essential listening for anyone with ears.




Ep160: A Survey Of 1000 People | Featuring food writer and cookbook author Ed Smith

The TickyOff Boyz are well known across the globe for their searing insight, for their deep seated ability to get to the true crux of many of humanity’s greatest imponderables. Sometimes however, our heroes need to take a step back from the coalface of vast issues and giggle about a rude word for a solid half an hour like a pair of idiotic, immature, school boys. James and Sam regularly skirt close to intellectual perfection, this episode is not one of those instances. Feel free to skip the...


Ep159: Woody And Buzz | Featuring food writer and Ottolenghi cookbook collaborator Tara Wigley

'You never give me your money' sang The Beatles. That's also true of this here relationship between you, the listener, and us, The TickyOff Boyzzzz. You never give us your money despite the fact that we give you all this premium mouth-sound based content. Think on that yeah? Anyway this week Sam and James are babbling all over the place about the Beatles, baklava, Ballymaloe and other topics that do not begin with the letter 'B'. Many of these other topics are raised by this week's guest,...


Ep158: Imaginary Benihana | Featuring Polpo founder, restaurateur and writer Russell Norman

In a land without rules, in a world without the rule of law, on a planet overrun by robots with nothing but mankind's very downfall taking up the entirety of their robotic mental headspace, there's only two dudes with the mouths to make sounds entirely ignoring such topics. Those two 'men' are James and Sam and this week, the holes on the front of their skulls are working overtime upon the following 'subjects': It's not Sam's birthday. James has shaved his face. They went to Lisbon to a...


Ep157: Pinking For Quinces | Featuring food consultant and writer Tess Ward

'Verily' they did doth say..... except I don’t know what 'verily' means and I don’t know who they are. The only 'they' I know is James and Sam off of the Tickyoff. They don’t say 'verily', they say all these things instead, from those holes up front on their lovely faces. This week TickyOff HQ smells strongly of kimchi so they leave the window open and then sing ‘Man In The Mirror’ by Mickey Jackson. Fortunately, keen-bean Tess Ward turns up and they get into wellness, influencers, Mental...


Ep156: Dead Rubber | Featuring a return to the podcast by Eater London Editor Adam Coghlan

It's a big week for James in this episode as he visits Coombeshead Farm, is assaulted by a cat and gets dosed with some high strength snus by this week's guest. In Sam news, he has become addicted to doughnuts and become stocky. James believes these two events may be linked.... Eater London editor Adam Coghlan then makes his second appearance upon the TickyOff and they get into Michelin in a big way. Brat, Ikoyi, Phil Howard, diversity, an algorithm to create the perfect inspector. It's a...


Ep155: Vincent | Featuring chef and restaurateur Victor Garvey

Chef Victor Garvey is back upon the TickyOff this week. He has carried some delicious jamon through the streets of Soho and he’s also carried some noises in his mouth that he releases like Candyman from the movie ‘Candyman’ releases wasps or bees or whatever they were from his mouth. These noises coalesce into topics that you can listen to with those holes in the side of your skulls. Those holes are called ear holes and you should let these sounds enter those holes but do not let wasps or...


Ep154: Sheds Of The Dead | Featuring restaurateur and chef Asma Khan

Listen up people. This episode is not messing around. I mean, James and Sam do mess around briefly at the start to be fair. They babble on about over reacting to bad reviews, and how 'Bob' is regularly the name of gameshow hosts. Sam writes a nice tweet and James plays a great new TKIOF game 'Dead Or Alive'. So there is that small portion of messing around. Then Asma Khan arrives and the time for silly business is over. The origin story herein is a darn epic. Taking in royalty, a...


Ep153: The Courgette Killer | Featuring Wahaca restaurant founder Thomasina Miers

You can cast many things. A fishing line. A spell. A perfect replica of your own genitals in molten lead. You can also cast pods. And that ladies and gentlemen is exactly, exactly, what these two chuckleheads James and Sam have gone and done this week. For the one hundred and fifty third time. If that isn't a casting achievement, I have no goddamn idea what is. Wake up! This week our grim pair wake up next to one another and decide to emit sounds from their mouths during morning time. These...


Ep152: Batman Or Manbat? | Featuring Instagram Influencer and CookForSyria founderClerkenwell Boy

Back after their summer break, the dumbo-deux get straight into word sounds from their mouths. These word sounds concern such topics as the evolution of tabloid sex language, The California Raisins and The Who. Sam may be romping with a donkey, James really loves creamy honey and friend of the pod, Moves from Drop, goes on a 'Notting Hill' style walk through Soho. Then Clerkenwell Boy shows up, cracks open a beer and matters improve as this triple mouthed discussion gang get into the ups...


Ep151: Ghosts And Gooses

It's the final episode before our over-haired pair take an utterly undeserved summer break and instead of doubling down on intelligence and wit, they do their usual and fling ever more nonsense on the pile they've been building for one hundred and fifty episodes so far.... A semi-libelous start involving the pair behind sampling cocaine by a swimming pool rapidly devolves further into wood on a boat, the necks of geese, and chipolata cookery on a beach. James is/was...


Ep150: Salad Cream Tears | Featuring powerful legends James Ramsden and Samuel Herlihy

"Knock Knock!" "Who is there?" "Tree Beard from ‘Lord Of The Rings’!" "You just knocked on a slab of your own flesh!" "What?" The door you knocked on is made of wood, like you! "I didn’t think about that." "Wake up Treebeard and smell the wood you big……tree!" If TickyOff was a tree, it would be a big knobbly number, a tree of many rings, a fair amount of root rot, maybe a creepy owl in a hole and no doubt packing some serious fungus about the midriff. The above is a tree related way...


Ep149: My Idyllic Manhunt | Featuring actor James Norton

This is a podcast. It is sounds in your ears. This is what this is. Nothing more, plenty less.... Check these newsworthy events out! James has been swimming this week, whilst looking like Pablo Escobar. Sam has been concerned that events in his life may be linked by more than mere coincidence. Together they've been to Brigadiers for dinner, James told a mayo based lie and Sam experienced a last minute baked alaska situation. Then actor James Norton bowls in and topics get serious. James N...


Ep148: Brenda's End | Featuring food writer Lizzie Mabbott

I’ll level with you, this episode is very much a game of two halves, a yin and a yang, an MJ and McCartney groove….and that weirdly quasi racist slow jam is not a bad reference because this week Sam and James are joined by food writer Lizzie Mabbott to discuss racism in the world of food, with particular reference to the grim events of the last few weeks in a particular London restaurant. Go look on Twitter for #somsaashitshow if you want to get the grim backstory to the entire grim mess....


Ep147: The Rural Clown | Featuring singer songwriter Ed Harcourt

This week upon Thee Most Holy TickyOff, James and Samuel are straight up joined by the mighty Ed Harcourt up in the office. Ed babbles up a storm on New Orleans, falling into a pit of spiders, his move to the countryside and Graham Coxon's nickname for him. Ed is also producing sounds from his mouth about chopping wood, his drug related kryptonite and how to stay creative when you have kids. How's this for a spoiler?....Prior to Mr Harcourt's arrival James and Sam correctly predict the...


Ep146: The Mysteries Of Customer Woo | Featuring landlord of The Guinea Grill Oisin Rogers

Wake up and smell the word noises dribbling from human mouth parts! James opens up like a clam of chat to discuss his beard line, his rogue mother-in-law and his discovery of a single grey hair somewhere strange. Sam gushes human language sounds like a methane vent on a buried landfill site concerning such wondertopics as suicide hotspots, dawn walks and Paul Rudd. Then Oisin Rogers, esteemed man about town and landlord of one of London's finest boozers shows up and things take a turn for...


Ep145: Everything I Know About Horses | Featuring writer Dolly Alderton

Okay, think about big things.....what are you picturing? Mountains? Elephants? KFC Megabuckets? Sam's face? Do you know what is bigger than all of those things? Far bigger. This damn episode. This episode is a vast and impressive thing. Heft? It's got it. Expanse? Of course. Girth?....there can be no doubt about it. Like* a dumb podcast version of an Icelandic saga we begin with a refurb at Pidgin and Sam looking at James in an odd fashion. You also hear about a delightful seafood-based and...


Ep144: Monkey Hands | Featuring restaurant creative director Lizzy Barber

I told you normal dum dum service would be resumed this week.... James is back from Italy and feeling heavy. Sam urinates all over the floor following a run in with a stern nurse. Whilst in Italy James cooked a fish from the River Nile and placed his trust in a wise butcher. Sam watched 'Notting Hill' and decided it was a film about people needing to....go. After this nonsense-babble our heroic podchimps get serious, and seriously sad to pay their respects to one of their own heroes...


Ep143: Big Topics | Featuring creator of The Cornwall Project Matt Chatfield

Right, listen up. There isn't any of the usual nonsense from Ramsden and Herlihy this week. There's no cav nero, no bad parenting and no twee "Ooooohhh Jamesey, what did you cwook this weekend?". Sam isn't going to be telling no tales about some windy walking dumbassery he's been up to and James isn't going to be babbling on about yet another bloody wedding he's been dancing at. Wake up people! There is NONE OF THAT CAPER ROUND HERE THIS WEEK! NONE! Instead, this week Sam and James sit...


Ep142: Flasher! | Featuring food journalist James Hansen

"I've got the key, I've got the secret" someone sang on a terrible song a while ago. If the key and the secret is actually episode one hundred and forty two of TickyOff then YOU now have said key and said secret and you have these aforementioned items without that garbage song puking in yer ears....anyway... Food journalist and baby faced drinker James Hansen is here and the topics are deep. We're talking canned tuna, a deep dive into the world of coffee, cakes made of gravy and working in...


Ep141: Anne Frank On The Face | Featuring Writer Anna Sulan Masing

Crumbs. It's actually here. That's right. Episode 141 is here. What a number! What a number of episodes to have achieved. It's also World Otter Day at TKIOF Towers. Scenes. Real big scenes.... Sam gets GapShamed and has a whistling nose. James is on odd, pretty drunk form having fallen asleep on the tube, watched 'Patrick Melrose' in the wrong order and done a super funny joke on Islay. Praise be to Anna Sulan Masing who appears just in time to throw down on some flat out weighty topics...