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Monthly program about restaurants and food events, news and people in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest




#2301 – January 2023, Moving Ahead

Chef Dylan Herrick of The Barking Frog at Willows Lodge joins us as he takes over the kitchen at one the regions favorite restaurants. Connie is reviewing past food trends and what’s coming up. We’ve been dining out and dining in and we’ll tell you all about the outcomes. All that and more as we move into 2023. Stay tuned for a special announcement at the end of the show.


#2211 – November 2022, No Crab for Christmas

Sushi Samuri owners, Amanda and Ray Maranon join us o update us on their transition to all plant-based sushi. And considering the recent crab restrictions – could there be some plant-based crab in your holiday plans? Prepared food can be good or not-so-good. We’ve got the scoop on where to get great prepared food in Seattle. Tasty newsbytes and a well-stocked calendar round out this months’ show.


#2210 – October 2022, Pumkin Spice Umami Pizza

Leslie Shore with Pike’s Brewing joins us this month the walk us through the next chapter of the Seattle icon. Connie asks the question: When is too much too much? Fall celebrations are happing all over as wee explore this month’s calendar. We’ll tell you where to get a local bigger burger, Talking Rain scores well with staff and much more!


#2209 – September 2022, Roadhouse Ramblings

We celebrate the release of a new book, Lost Roadhouses of Seattle, with co-author Peter Blecha. Where were they and are there any left around? Yes! Tom and Connie took their annual trip to the Columbia River Gorge and found some new places to eat and a progressive way to wine taste and do lunch at the same time. Gazpacho, peachy chicken lettuce wraps and more round out our latest recipes. The calendar is loaded, and the newsbytes are juicy. Listen to it all on this months’ show.


#2208 – August 2022, Take your thing and go!

Breanna Maiuri of Dunham Cellars joins us to share what you need to know about the upcoming Dunham Days events. We all need to make our voices heard with the EPA about Bristol Bay and Connie will tell you how. After 20 years, a favorite chef is leaving The Barking Frog – but where will he wind up? Ala Mode is making moves and there’s a new brewing company in Maple Leaf. The calendar is loaded, and we’ve got a few tips on where to eat.


#2207 – July 2022, Cooking on the Interurban

Dan Thiessen is our gust this month to give us the scoop on Walla Walla Steak Company’s expansion into Woodinville. Lots of special events are on the calendar, one is quite pricey! We’ve been checking out the new string town along the Interurban and finding out what’s cooking there. We’ve got some handy tips and more on this episode so dig in!


#2206 – June 2022, A little wine with your Newsbytes?

Our guest this month is Ian MacNeil, owner of Glass Distillery. The Eastlake Bar and Grill is closing, there’s a new cantina in Belltown and we found a killer cabernet. Summer events are packing the calendar, we’ll tell you about some cool food charts we located and why everyone should have ghee in their kitchen. All that and more!


#2205 – May 2022, Catfish Rising

Our guests this month are Trinh Nguyen of Ba Sa on Bainbridge and Wade Hashimoto and Steven Ariel of the W Hotel. Tom and Connie have been on the road and share where they’ve been dining during their junket around the sound. Lots of openings and closures abound and we’ve got suggestions for Mother’s Day. All that and more!


#2204 – April 2022, Chicken Wing Bust

Lendy Hensley with the Bite Society joins us this month as our special guest to talk about how she morphed a bustling catering business into a gift basket endeavor. Lark has re-opened, Kelly’s Olympian is moving north, and Queen Anne losses three restaurants while getting a new one. We’ve got a long list of Easter to-dos and tips on how to pre-plan your dining out choices and staying healthy.


#2203 – March 2022, Washington Banana Farm

The Fairmount Olympic opens a new kind of Georgian Room, the reworked James Beard Awards nominees have been announced, and we’re not too crazy about a recent opening in Columbia City. There’s lots of other new openings and the calendar is starting to look… a little more ‘normal.’


#2202 – February 2022, Goodbye 7 Year Itch

With this show we begin our 8th year of production. Our special guest is Eric Anderson of Samara Restaurant located in the Sunset Hill district of Seattle. There are a few surprising closures of note, we’ve got Valentine’s Day ideas and Tom’s been eating bugs. That and more on this month’s show.


#2201 – January 2022, Culinary Inspirations

It’s a new year and it’s time to up your culinary game. Connie and Tom have got a few ideas for you to mull over. The team checks out Duke’s new grass-fed burger and chats up a killer prime rib recipe. Rotating menus begin to re-appear, Cupcake Royale gets a new location, the Pioneer Square facelift continues, and Edmonds gets a new bistro.


#2112 – December 2021, Brandy under the tree?

Our guest this month is Joan Harkins with Beauchamp Imports and we’re getting you up to speed about what you need to know about brandies! As we head into the December holidays, we’ve got news on where to spend them out of your kitchen and tips for making better food in your kitchen. A wrath of closings sees some Seattle icons shutter. All that and more.


#2111 – November 2021, Rivers of Rain

Back from a trip to Walla Walla, Connie and Tom are sharing their insights on food and wine tasting. The Mariners have taken a long-term lease on the former Pyramid Brewing Company building. There’s a lot shakin’ in Waitsburg. Our calendar is loaded with T-Day suggestions. Learn how wine tasting has changed with the pandemic and what you can do with leftover ingredients when making the holiday meals.


#2110 – October 2021, Hideaway Hints

Connie and Tom have been away on vacation and they’ve got lots of tips about how to make the most of making meals at your getaway hideout. Things are changing again at PCC, Orcas has a service problem, new restaurants are popping up all over and events are lighting up the calendar again. All that and more on this month’s edition of the Seattle DINING! Show.


#2108 – August 2021, Still scratching our heads

On this month’s show, our guest is Mina Williams from Blanc and Rouge wine shop out of Snohomish. We’re tasting and talking about Rose’s which are the perfect wine of summer, but they come from all over the world. Tom Douglas is slowly opening a number of his locations, Brian Clevenger has a new spot in Ridgewood, Luc is closing and so much more as we work through the newsbytes and calendar.


#2107 – July 2021, Coming Back to Life

Our guest this Month is Debe Franz from Queen Anne Olive Oil/A Bit of Taste. We’re talking about inventive ways you can use olive oil both in your food and beyond. As restaurants return to full capacity, we start our way toward the new normal.


#2106 – June 2021, New Beginnings

Our guest this month is Stephan Bourgond of Paragon on Queen Anne. A long-time restaurant is up for sale, there’s lots of new openings and re-openings and what in the world is a ghost kitchen???


#2105 – May 2021, Willamette to the coast

Tom and Connie have just returned from a culinary junket through the Willamette Valley and along the Oregon Coast. They’ll share the good and the not so good to help you plan your next trip to Oregon. Some shuttered eateries in Seattle are opening back up, a resort in the San Juans is up for sale and a Ballard Tex-Mex favorite has a new home. All this and more lies just ahead.


#2104 – April 2021, Calabrian Chips

Our guest this month is FareStart CEO, Angela Dunleavy who talks about how they reshaped their mission during the pandemic. Connie and Tom have been getting out and dining a bit, while cooking up some pretty tasty meals at home which they share. There’s a labor shortage in the restaurant business – how long will that continue? Lots of Easter happenings and more on this months’ show.