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Monthly program about restaurants and food events, news and people in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

Monthly program about restaurants and food events, news and people in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest


Seattle, WA


Monthly program about restaurants and food events, news and people in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest




#2008 - August 2020, Stone Fruit in August

This month’s special guest is Tiffany Hitt, Special Events Manager at the Pike Place Market Foundation. We’re talking about how the organization is navigating through the pandemic and then we get into details about the upcoming virtual Cooking with Class fund raising event in September. We’ve got great tips for dining outdoors and meal ideas to try at home.


#2007 - July 2020, Kitchen Fire Edition

Debe Franz of A Bit of Taste/Queen Anne Olive Oil joins us todays to discuss the virtues of good olive oil and what changes have been happening at her store. Tom and Connie have begun to slowly venture out to eat and they’ll tell you their experiences along the way. We bid farewell to a Seattle icon and a long-time cooking school. Home cooking has grooved into summer meals and we’ll share a few of our winners from the test kitchen.


#2006 - Jun 2020, Just Add 7-Up

With many counties in the state slowly re-opening from the COVID-19 lockdown, we’re chomping at the bit to sit down to a meal out. But, in the meantime, Tom and Connie lament some good times at places past and present. In the meantime, our two test kitchens have been getting a workout. Sometimes the results are stunning, other times… Lots of newsbytes from a major grocer change, to new places popping up and places going down.


#2005 - May 2020, Pecos Pit Update

Chef Jeremy McLachlan joins us on this months’ show to bring us up to date on the franchise expansion of the Pecos Pit BBQ chain. Everyone is spending more time cooking at home and Tom and Connie have some fresh ideas for you to contemplate. Mother’s Day feast to go? We know where to get ‘em. Although it may seem like the industry is quiet, there are a lot of happenings you need to know about in our Newsbytes segment including a new grocery store in North Seattle.


#2004 - April 2020, You say chickpeas, I say garbonzos

Our special guest today is Erin Lyman of Champion Wine Cellars. It’s a whole new world as we transition from dining out to dining in. We discuss the state of the industry due to C-19 and how we’re making the best of it. With so much going on in the kitchen we’ll tell you what we’ve been cooking so you get some fresh ideas.


#2003 - March 2020, Pappy Pop-Up

Our special guest this month is Joe Policicchio, Director or Produce for Town and Country Markets. Joe provides some insight few consumers know about how the produce game is played from the inside. Taste Washington is coming and with it there are a number of special events we’ll cover in the calendar section. Newsbytes reveals a number of new openings and closings, and as always we’ve got some useful tips and tricks to make your dining experience all the better.


#2002 - February 2020, For the love of food

Chef Meredith Abbot of Sur la Table joins us this month for an overview of the shops today and a look at their cooking class offerings. What do you think about burgers that are less than 100% all beef? Openings, closures and the best deals are covered under newsbytes. The calendar highlights several Valentine’s Day events and much more. Connie has a tip about diving into restaurant specialties and Tom has bumped into reusable zip loc bags. All that and more on this month’s show.


#2001 - January 2020, The sizzling 20’s have arrived

As we enter into our 6th year of the show, we also enter into a new decade. On this show were talking about local food trends at restaurants and the grocery store, but they’re not matching up. And since it’s January, we’ve got a few options to ponder as resolutions. We discuss a number of new restaurants we’ve been dining at, there’s lots in the news bytes section and as always, there’s a full calendar of events you can dive into.


#1912 - December 2019, Check Under The Beard

Wine expert, Mina Williams of Blanc and Rouge joins us on this month’s edition to talk about tasty beverages for the holiday season. Lots of changes in our Newsbytes segment. We’ve got great experiences you can enjoy as we roll through the Calendar segments and as always, we’ll leave you with some tips and tricks.


#1911 - November 2019, Walk it like you talk it

This month our guest is restaurateur/nutritionist, Kathy Kingen joining us to share tips on how ta manage your health through the holidays and come out on top in January. Tom and Connie are talking about the virtues of cooking the big meals at home, or ordering them in. The Restaurants Unlimited meltdown means a number of closures and a lot of reshuffling. A night market moves from the ID to Sandpoint and El Gaucho is making a big move. There’s lots on the calendar and we’ve got tips and...


#1910 - October 2019, Do the math

Mina Williams with Snohomish’s Blanc and Rouge joins us for a look at wines for fall – and perhaps a bubbly as well. We kick the show off with a discussion about what’s really hurting restaurants. Is it the minimum wage, or does it go deeper than that? Lots of newsbytes tidbits and so many calendar events we can only highlight the first half of the month. All that and more…


#1909 - September 2019, The business of Corn

Josh Wolfe of Thurston Wolfe winery is our special guest on this month’s episode. Get an inside look at a winery that works numerous channels to mine its success. Connie loves sweet summer corn, but Tom has some observations about why it may be the worst agricultural crop in our country. Lots to do around the Sound as revealed by our calendar and changes are in the works as we peer into the newsbytes file.


#1908 - August 2019, Going up, going down

On this month’s show our special guest is Debbie Franz, owner of A Bit of Taste - Queen Anne Olive Oil company. We've got updates on troubles in the restaurant world with Poppy closing and RUI heading into bankruptcy along with good things happening as well.


#1907 - July 2019, Take Me There

This month’s guest is Kathy Kingen, owner of Salty’s Seafood Grills. But did you know she’s also a certified nutritionist with a degree from the University of Washington? And we’re talking about nutrition in the interview segment. We’ve been out and about getting our fill of he latest and the classics as well. Find out Tom and Connie’s guilty pleasures. In the Newsbytes segment we cover the latest opening and closures. The Calendar is filled with fun things to do this month and as always, we...


#1906 - June 2019, Summer Grilling Tips and More

Connie’s got the latest stats about diners in the west and then breaks down what’s really going on behind each number. Our recent dining excursions have led us to Pike Place Market, the Eastside and as far south as Tacoma. Uptown Espresso has a new owner, Walla Walla’s TMACS is on the move and Eden Hill gets a sister as we cover the latest newsbytes. Enjoy a wine walk, chow down at a wine dinner and grab a sip on the water and catch the sunset -- the calendar is packed with great ideas. It’s...


#1905 - May 2019, Bring your own sack dinner

T Dy and Tony Scott join us from Redmond’s Woodblock/Spark. We look back at our recent Restaurant Week experience and several other places we recently dined at including Rosario Resort, Inn at Ship Bay and Munchen. Walla Walla’s Crenshaw family has sold off their restaurants and are moving on, Captain Whidbey gets a full re-do, so long Crow and more in our Newsbytes segment. The Calendar segment will tip you off to where to bob for bacon, experience a rose’ revival, explore the origins of...


#1904 - April 2019, Artichokes, halibut and the boys of summer have arrived

Mina Williams of Blanc and Rouge joins us the celebrate the coming of the reds and share pairing tips for Spring and Easter meals. News Bytes includes info on a restaurant sale, chef changes and new places to dine. The calendar is packed with fun ways to celebrate warmer weather and as always, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to share.


#1903 - March 2019, Mango oil on your chopper

Our guest today is John Langley, food and beverage director of the new Sound Hotel. Our “high maintenance” foodies have been dining around town and will share with you the good, the bad and the ugly. DeLille has a new director of wine making, PCC ditches their self-check-out kiosks, Elliot’s wants to feed you in 45 minutes, Chukar Cherries racks up a big one and El Gaucho is growing again. Todays music is performed by Rick Ruskin.


#1902 - February 2019, Kathy and Joel

Our guests today are Kathy Casey from Kathy Casey Studios and the Liquid Kitchen; and Joel Gamoran of Sur La Table. We’re also discussing new restaurant openings from sake bars to tap rooms to Eastern European cuisine and Tex Mex. The calendar is loaded all month including a number of Valentine’s Day options. Get the latest changes during the Newsbytes segment and enjoy this month’s Tips and Tricks. All the music today is by Susan Ruth.


#1901 - January 2019, Bring it on

Connie takes a sick day and our other partner in broadcast crime, Derek Roberts fills in. Tom and Derek discuss a few of their favorite restaurants from 2018, cover news bytes and the calendar and then get into a series of cooking tips you can use at home.