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Chocolate: Good or Bad? And Do We Care?

Why should we be eating chocolate—ASIDE FROM THE OBVIOUS? With Halloween fast approaching, Kate and Rick discuss the health benefits of this ancient, dark nectar, from its historical beginnings in current day Central America to its popularity during Halloween and other American holidays. They also discuss the largest chocolate bunny ever made and how many cups the great Montezuma reportedly drank every day. Do you know who invented the chocolate chip cookie and how much the original recipe...


Food Trends for 2019: Awesome or Suspicious?

What will you be eating in the coming year? Cauliflower ice cream? Canned fished salad? Moringa? What’s moringa, you ask? Kate and Rick have the answer to that question along with the experts' predictions for food trends in 2019. From the rise of vinegar drinks to the staying power of quinoa to the science of Ayurveda, Rick and Kate cover what seems interesting, and more importantly, what seems suspicious. Also, find out what’s trending for Kate in the future, and how Rick feels about how...


Coffee Makes the World Go Round: Kate and Rick Get Brewed and Caffeinated

Rick and Kate get to the bottom of the age-old question: Is coffee good for you or bad for you? Do you consume one of the estimated 4 million cups of coffee per day in the US? How much coffee is too much? Come find out as Rick and Kate sip coffee. Sure, coffee can get you going in the morning and drain your wallet, but it can also provide much needed health benefits while helping to decrease the risk of many common diseases. And just when you think coffee can’t get any fancier, it does! On...


That’s What Friends Are For: Food, Fun, and Oxytocin

Do you eat more or less when you’re with friends? How do your friends make your life better? Kate and Rick talk about the health benefits of friendship, as well as potential negatives in the form of food pushers. We also make a True Confession about our disastrous eating on a recent weekend with friends. Do as we say, not as we do, people!


Forty Winks: Sleep and Its Role in Our Health

How did you sleep last night? Rick had a rough one and Kate, as usual, slept well. In this episode, Kate and Rick cover how sleep (or lack thereof) affects your weight, health and well-being. Do you delay sleep? Does your partner’s sleeping affect yours? Have you considered how sleep deprivation affects your doctor’s capabilities? Well, Kate and Rick have and it’s not pretty. Do you know what the record for the longest period without sleep is? Kate and Rick also hear that better sleep...


Cannabis Cocktails: An Interview with Mixologist and Cannabis Alchemist Warren Bobrow

What’s that? You've never infused alcohol with cannabis? Well, Rick and Kate’s guest has. And he wrote a book to teach you how to do it yourself: "Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics". Warren Bobrow is a trained chef, mixologist, and Cocktail Whisperer, and he's here to talk about his journey to becoming a Cannabis Alchemist. Did you know that in the 1800’s alcohol was a way to preserve cannabis? Warren talks with your hosts about medicinal and healing properties of cannabis, why you...


London, Sicily, and Food. OH MY!: Rick and Kate Eat Abroad. Again!

Well, Rick and Kate have done it again! They ate fabulous meals abroad and are here to share them with you! Rick and his sister cover the island of Sicily, from its fresh vegetables, to its famous market, to its delicacy of cuttlefish. Kate brings the highlights from London, but more importantly, brings the long awaited debut of her mom on the podcast. You’ve heard her wisdom, now hear her voice! Rick interviews a restaurateur from one of Palermo‘s fine dining restaurants about what makes...


Fired Up!: Kate and Rick Talk Grilling

Are you ready to break out the grill? It’s that time of the year and Kate and Rick talk about their favorite things to grill. They cover the history of grilling, discuss the difference between grilling and barbecue, and offer thoughts on gas vs. electric grill. Also, they offer Do’s and Don’ts while grilling. Do you know how many hotdogs are consumed on the 4th of July? How the first grill was created? What grill issues send people to the emergency room? Kate and Rick have the answers.


Worth Our Salt: A Chat About the Most Essential Seasoning

This week it’s all about salt! Everyone has it, everyone needs it, but what don’t you know about it? In this episode Kate and Rick talk about salt's history, its relationship to our body, and its effect on our food. Their "producer" Djaniss (Janice is having a midlife crisis) pops in with a quiz about salt.


What We Ate in DC: Kate and Rick On the Town

Rick and Kate have two words for you: Kwame and Croatia. Join Kate and Rick as they take you on a tour of Top Chef Season 13 competitor Kwame Onwuachi’s new restaurant and a Croatian hot-spot restaurant, both of which are two of DC’s most exciting restaurants. Kith/Kin, Kwame’s stylish restaurant along Washington D.C.’s newly developed waterfront area The Wharf, offers food that celebrates his heritage ranging from Nigeria and Jamaica to West Africa and the Caribbean. Ambar, a Croatian...


Fad Diets: Cotton Balls, Sausage, and Smoke, Oh My!

Whether they limit your calories, prevent you from pooping, suck all the protein from your body, or eventually kill you, Kate and Rick talk about all the fad diets through the ages.


Creatures Of Habit: An Interview with James Swanwick

Have you ever done something over and over that you were not aware of? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Does habit factor in to your food choices? What is a habit? James Swanwick, host of the The James Swanwick Show podcast, is here to answer Rick and Kate's questions about habits. From conscious to unconscious habits, to habits that have been around for over thirty years, they cover what you can do to start making a change today. Do you have a pattern with alcohol that you would like to...


Breaking Bread: Do You or Don't You?

Everyone loves bread. Except for the tons of people who can't eat it. How do you feel about it? Come on, be honest! In this episode Kate and Rick discuss all things bread. How much bread does the average person eat every year? What is NASA’s preferred space bread? How many loaves did a "housewife" in the 1900’s have to bake? Bread was central to the formation of early human societies. Funnily enough, it’s central to the formation of current human waistlines. From its status as one of the...


Saying Grace: An Interview with Sarah L. Kaufman, Author of The Art Of Grace

Have you ever slipped on a banana peel (literally or metaphorically)? Tripped over nothing while walking down the street? Maybe you have taken a walk in the woods and been struck by the awe of nature? Kate and Rick interview Pulitzer Prize winner Sarah L. Kaufman about Grace: what it is, what role it plays in our lives, and how it relates to food and our bodies. From the small concrete acts we experience on a daily basis to the more intangible things we only feel, grace is something that...


How the Body Fights Diets: And Why Rick and Kate Are So Pissed About It

Do you know anyone who has NEVER had to diet? Kate and Rick do, and they are pissed about it! Dieting doesn’t work! Did you know that? Well, if not, Rick and Kate are here to break the big news stories. Join them as they share and dissect an article entitled “How Your Body Fights Back When You Diet.” This article makes Kate and Rick so angry they had to issue their first cursing disclaimer! Metabolism, genetics, and neurology all contribute to the body waging fat warfare. That innate...


Celebrity Chef Restaurants: Kate and Rick's First Restaurant Reviews

From Chicago’s famed Spiaggia (Joe Flamm), to Brooklyn’s funky Phil and Anne’s Good Time Lounge (Food Network’s Anne Burrell), Kate and Rick share their experiences - okay, let's call them reviews - of celebrity chef-owned restaurants. Also on the list are Manhattan’s Becco by the great Lidia Bastianich, and Amada by Jose Garces (well, sort-of kind-of, we didn’t get past the drink). Rick subjects Kate to another quiz, this time on celebrity-owned restaurants (get ready to play along), and...


To Shake or not to Shake: An Interview with Mark Addison, Author of Cocktail Chameleon

Do you have your 2018 Oscar party cocktail planned yet? Do you shake your cocktails or do you stir? What cocktail gadgets need to be part of your bar? Don’t know? No worries! Kate and Rick’s guest has you covered! Mark Addison, author of Cocktail Chameleon, discusses his new book in which he dresses up twelve classic cocktails in twelve unique variations for 144 signature cocktails. Mark also shares his thoughts about staying healthy in a tasty (and cocktail-y) world, as well as the fact...


Gourmet Cruising: On Board the Hotel Barge Luciole

In Part Two of their trip to France, Kate and Rick take you along on their journey to Burgundy, France, on board the Hotel Barge Luciole. As they cruise the Canal du Nivernais, they treat you to interviews with passengers about what they ate and how they stay healthy in a tasty world. From sitting underneath the stars recalling their dinner to interviews with the crew about how they stay healthy in a tasty French world, this is a longer episode then normal with lots of extra content....


Welcome 2018: We’re Baaaack!!!

Kate and Rick begin the 3 season of the podcast with an update on how they did with their holiday eating goals. In their attempt to maintain a modicum of health over the holidays, did Rick actually work out and did Kate avoid the drive-by snacking? In following up about their recent cleanses, they discuss the role rules play in their attempt to stay healthy in a tasty world, and ruminate on finding rules that can be followed but are not too restrictive. They also re-visit 5 essential rules...


Food Addiction Part 1: Gonna Have to Face it…

Yep, food can be addictive. Join us as we discuss elements of food that make it addictive, the way the brain responds to food addiction, and the unholy trinity of sugar, salt, and fat.