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Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Simple Keys to Transform Your Cooking

How is it possible that understanding these four elements is pretty much everything we need to know to cook well? Rick and Kate take the lead from Samin Nosrat, author of the New York Times best-selling cookbook and star of the Nefflix series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. They break down each component and how they use it (or don’t use it enough) when cooking. With hundreds of choices of salt, how do you make the best choice for a meal? What role does fat play in texture and flavor? Ever wonder...


Your Daily Vitamix: An Interview with Lenny and Shalva Gale

Rick and Kate interview the founders of the popular blog Life Is No Yoke about smoothies, salads, vegan queso, and tons of other ways to use that expensive machine sitting on your counter. Did you know you can chop salad in the Vitamix?! Even if you don’t own a Vitamix, they teach you how you can use a regular blender to power your health. How about cashews and red pepper turning into something cheesy? Shalva and Lenny share their story about making the choice to pursue a life they love. And...


It's Getting Hot In Herr: Ideas for Fun Summer Foods

Summer is here! The time of the year most associated with fresher fruit, vegetables, grilling, and being outdoors. Kate and Rick share the foods they are most looking forward to consuming this summer. Flavored water, various salads, and fresh fruit are all on the menu. Kate offers up her famous grilled salad, and Rick shares his most recent veggie burger endeavor. Wondering exactly how much meat are Americans expected to consume this summer? And yes, Rick and Kate have the most recent...


Under Pressure: The Instant Pot Craze

What exactly is an Instant Pot and how does it work? Why should you care? Join Rick and Kate as they discuss the product that has swept the nation. More than 1.5 million people follow Instant Pot’s official Facebook page, and over 5.5 million sing the praises of this phenomenon on various Instant Pot-related pages. From eggs to meat, grains to legumes, this is a go-to product for quicker and more flavorful meals. Kate's cooking has been transformed by always having homemade stock and bone...


What We Are Cooking, Part II: Cast Iron Cooking, The Best Lentils, and More!

Kate and Rick continue their discussion of the exciting things they have been cooking lately and how important it is to love what you cook and cook what you love. From a giant skillet cookie to a smoked manhattan cocktail to sausage and greens, Rick and Kate share tasty meal inspirations, fun tips, and hacks. You can also learn about Kate's ongoing battle with her cast iron pans, and why soy sauce is the hidden gem in your pantry.


What We Are Cooking Part I: Scones, Simple Vegetables and More!

Kate and Rick discuss the exciting things they have been cooking lately and how important it is to love cooking what you are cooking. Ever worked with a nut bag? Well Kate has and has opinions. Ever put vermouth in your soup? Well Rick has and it has changed him forever. Also, coming back to the tastiness of smoothies, really upping the flavor of your quinoa and faro, and the lies about caramelized onions. And, find out the cooking smells lingering in Kate’s apartment and how she is dealing...


Notre Dame Is Burning: We Love You France, and Your Food!

The iconic Notre Dame Cathedral is currently consumed by fire, so Rick and Kate call an emergency session to discuss what the Cathedral means to them, and the French food that inspires them. From a crèpe stand in front of Notre Dame to classic dishes including coq au vin, seafood bouillabaisse, and bread & cheese, they chat about the great food from one of their favorite cities. Join them to send your love to Paris.


Hot Topics 2: Mayochup, Concussions, and Exploding Slow Cookers

Rick and Kate are HOT! Hot, hot, hot about several issues. There is something suspicious about Rob Lowe’s new role that Kate and Rick are trying to get to the bottom of. There is more bad news out of Utah, and it involves a tip you may not have known about your slow cooker. Also, if you didn’t think Rick and Kate could have a prolonged, in depth, overly-specific discussion about dipping sauces, well buckle up! They have the scoop on THE chocolate bunny you will want to have in your basket...


Going Beyond the Plate: Dishing With Kappy About His Podcast and Chefs We Love

Kate and Rick interview Andrew "Kappy" Kaplan, the host and executive producer of one of the hottest podcasts in the culinary world. On Beyond The Plate, Kappy sits down with the world’s culinary elite to explore their journey into the industry and the social impact they have made in their community. All the chefs you’ve heard Rick and Kate obsess over, well, Kappy gets to interview all of them. DO YOU HEAR? ALL OF THEM! Kappy talks about his early days working with some of your favorite...


Getting Schooled: Kate and Rick’s Love/Hate Relationship with Fish

There is definitely nothing fishy going on in this episode. If you like fish, don’t like fish, or somewhat enjoy fish, this episode has something for you. Kate and Rick talk about why fish can be an important and healthy addition to your diet, and why fish are amazing animals. Rick and Kate each share a story from their childhood that forever changed their relationship to this important protein. Did you know your lipstick might contain fish? Did you know that some fish can changes sexes?...


Cheese, Glorious Cheese: Kate and Rick’s Favorite Food

Why is cheese so good and why do people love it? Hopefully Kate and Rick can provide some insight into the phenomenon of cheese, glorious cheese. To be honest, they are very excited about this topic and will definitely appear partisan. How does cheese satisfy a primal need within us? What role does cheese play in the survival of the species? Ever heard of Well, Kate and Rick will introduce you to it and how it will be answer to all your dreams and fantasies. They also take you on...


Did You See That?!: Rick’s Issues Around Restaurant Food Safety

Do you think about the hygiene practices of servers in restaurants? No? Well, Rick spends an inordinate amount of time concerning himself with this issue and he has lots of questions. Should a server be chewing as they exit the kitchen? When should hand washing happen? Exactly how much face touching is appropriate? Kate opens up her counseling couch to help Rick figure it out. Also, Skyler Schrempp, who joined in on a previous episode about restaurant etiquette, weighs in with her...


Welcome, 2019!: What’s coming up, Christmas meals, and end of days

The fourth (!) season of You Won’t Believe What I Ate Last Night begins with Kate and Rick offering a preview of what’s coming up this year, a discussion about their (very different) Christmas meals, Marianne Williamson, Nostradamus, and more. As part of their ongoing restaurant review series, they visit Bobby Flay’s Mediterranean-inspired Gato in New York.


I'm Positive It's Not Me: Managing Other People's Energy

What do you do when other people’s energy invades your space? How do you protect your own vibe? Have you cultivated the habit of negative or positive thinking? In this episode Kate and Rick talk about specific ways that other people’s energy can affect you. They cover how to protect your own energy, and how to manage the energy you receive from other people including the annoying woman behind you in line at the bank. They end with a simple exercise to protect your personal space as you go...


Slowing Down Fast Food: An Interview with Vicki Shanta Retelny

What's so bad about fast food anyway? How much is too much? Is any amount okay? In this episode Kate and Rick talk to Lifestyle Nutritionist and author Vicki Shanta Retelny about fast food and how to indulge in it mindfully (if you choose to). Vicki offers great advice about quality calories vs. empty calories, maintaining flexibility in your eating habits, and the ripple effect of how what you eat affects the people in your life.


Hot Topics: Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, AND the Homeless

Have you seen Melissa McCarthy in her new movie Can You Ever Forgive Me? Well, Rick and Kate have, and they have opinions on the presence of large women in films. What was Rebel Wilson really thinking when she made a plus-size blunder on Twitter promoting her film Isn’t it Romantic? What role can we all take in feeding those less fortunate? Wanna know what they claim is "the new kale", the next hot dish at KFC, and why millennials are upset about one of NBC’s most popular sitcoms? Rick and...


Water: Suck It Up!

We all know how essential water is for our health. Do you drink enough? How much water should you be consuming daily? Kate and Rick chat about the importance of this amazing fluid and how it is crucial to our health, weight, and digestion. Do you prefer hot or cold water, and is there a benefit to one? Also, they discuss the energetic and spiritual properties of water, and how they might apply to managing the journey with eating well.


Behave Yourself!: An Interview About Restaurant Etiquette With Skyler Schrempp

If you dine out this is your episode! What are the things you do and don’t do that help your server? Are you a dirty plate stacker? How long do you take to order while your server is standing patiently waiting? Kate and Rick have the answers for you. Their guest Skyler Schrempp has been in the restaurant industry for over 15 years and offers many great insights from the point of view of your server. They also cover tipping: go high? go low? before tax? after tax? Also, why you should be...


Chocolate: Good or Bad? And Do We Care?

Why should we be eating chocolate—ASIDE FROM THE OBVIOUS? With Halloween fast approaching, Kate and Rick discuss the health benefits of this ancient, dark nectar, from its historical beginnings in current day Central America to its popularity during Halloween and other American holidays. They also discuss the largest chocolate bunny ever made and how many cups the great Montezuma reportedly drank every day. Do you know who invented the chocolate chip cookie and how much the original recipe...


Food Trends for 2019: Awesome or Suspicious?

What will you be eating in the coming year? Cauliflower ice cream? Canned fished salad? Moringa? What’s moringa, you ask? Kate and Rick have the answer to that question along with the experts' predictions for food trends in 2019. From the rise of vinegar drinks to the staying power of quinoa to the science of Ayurveda, Rick and Kate cover what seems interesting, and more importantly, what seems suspicious. Also, find out what’s trending for Kate in the future, and how Rick feels about how...