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Unofficial Los Angeles Chargers fan podcast.

Unofficial Los Angeles Chargers fan podcast.


Los Angeles, CA


Unofficial Los Angeles Chargers fan podcast.




BoltTalk - No LA Love

The LA Chargers are winless through the first month and haters are loving it! On this show, Loren and Ray review the first quarter of and have a lot of fun discussing the ongoing failure of Spanos and his Chargers.


BoltTalk - Fight For LAst

The Carson Chargers out the gates are failing in LA and we are laughing all the way. In this special episode, Ray and Loren recap LT's HOF ceremony, and lash out at the NFL's worst organization. Warning, this is a NSFLACF (not safe for LA Chargers fans) episode.


BoltTalk - Don't call it a Comeback

We're not officially back, but this is our tribute to San Diego Chargers great and Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson. Plus our comments on a few things.


BoltTalk Podcast #363

Join Ray and Loren as we shut the door on the Bolttalk Podcast after 11 years of shows; but we will do it with one hell of a good time. Bring some booze, join us live to talk about your favorite Charger moments, favorite podcast moments, favorite memories of the forum and celebrate the team that was a part of your identity for decades. To those who will stay Charger fans, we wish you the best. To those who will follow other teams, good luck. We had our anger last week, now we celebrate and...


BoltTalk Podcast #362

Dean Spanos and the Chargers betray San Diego and it's fans to bolt for LA. We discuss how we got here and what happens next for fans and the Chargers. Next weeks show will be the BoltTalk finale.


BoltTalk Podcast #361

The Chargers lose a meaningless game in true inept 2016 Chargers fashion. They then fire their head coach. And there are reports of a real proposal between city/county, Chargers and the NFL to keep the team in San Diego. Loren and Ray will discuss all this and more in what was a very busy end of 2016 along with our top candidates for the head coaching job, who should be kept among coordinators, initial reaction to the current proposal and a first take on who should stay/go among players.


BoltTalk Podcast #360

What happens when there's no lower left to go? The Chargers break out the big fail and dig even further. The Chargers broke the Browns "un-perfect" season losing to them 20-17 in a game riddled with mistakes, failures, poor officiating and a team/coach that have completely given up. Loren and Ray will discuss the fail of this team, does this finally spell the end of McCoy with the Chargers, the flurry of injured players (many suffering from "do not care-itis"), look ahead to who...


BoltTalk Podcast #359

There's bottom, there's rock bottom, there's six feet under rock bottom and then there is the San Diego Chargers. In what was a repeat of the last few weeks the Chargers lost a close game (to the Raiders 19-16) in which numerous leaks occurred before/during/after the game suggesting the Chargers are gone after the first of the year. But between the Raiders taking over the Q and other on/off the field BS, it's a sad sad day for San Diego Charger fans. Ray and Loren will go over the game,...


BoltTalk Podcast #358

Tis the season for some folly, fa la la la lah, la la la laaah. The Chargers lost to the Tampa Bay Bucs 28-21 in a game filled with errors in a stadium filled with Bucs fans. With that the Chargers fall to 5-7 and (while not mathematically) have all but been eliminated from the playoff picture. Ray and Loren discuss the loss, what this means for the team going forward, any other stadium news that is released and will also have one of our most popular guests of all time come back on the air...


BoltTalk Podcast #357

After a nice holiday break Loren and Ray return to the airwaves to discuss all the latest Chargers news. We will go over the Chargers 21-13 victory over the Texans, the latest player to go onto IR, the playoff picture and how the Chargers can make it, the future of Mike McCoy, the future of the San Diego Chargers and of course get you ready for this week's game, at home versus Tampa Bay.


BoltTalk Podcast #356

Of Titans and Falls. The Chargers played a fantastic game beating the Titans 43-35 with huge contributions from the running game and the defense. The team moves closer to .500 yet their future is a bit clouded with Measure C failing. Ray and Loren will discuss both pieces of news affecting the team and the city going forward, will discuss the latest roster move and then get you ready for a Fish Fry as the Chargers face the Dolphins at the Q.


BoltTalk Podcast #355

With their season on the line, the Chargers fall victim to the same things that put them in this position in the first place; injuries, mistakes and coaching. The Chargers lose to the Denver Broncos 27-19 in a game that gave them multiple chances to win, falling to 3-5. Ray and Loren will discuss what this means going forward, what went wrong and more injury/roster news. We will take your phone calls/emails and get you ready as the Chargers return home on the eve of the Election to face...


BoltTalk Podcast #354

The Chargers are going streaking! After an impressive come from behind win over the Falcons in Atlanta 33-30, giving Philip Rivers his first ever NFL win in a dome and the Chargers first winning streak since November 2014, the team has new life in the toughest division in the league. Ray and Loren will break down what was an impressive win, note their game balls, discuss what has changed with this team in just two weeks and discuss the latest roster news. We will also get you ready as the...


BoltTalk Podcast #353

After a week off for the Podcast, the Chargers laid a huge egg in Oakland before holding on to beat Denver at home, ending their 11 game losing streak against the AFC West. The Bolts are 2-4, still in last place and still coached by Mike McCoy for the remainder of the season. Ray and Loren will discuss the two games, what they mean for the team going forward, what the win means for Mike McCoy, and the good and bad of this Chargers team. Ray also has something to get off his chest regarding...


BoltTalk Podcast #352

Somehow, Someway, the Chargers find unique ways to rip your heart out. The Bolts literally fumble a two score lead to lose 35-34 to the previously winless Saints. They're 1-2 against previously winless teams and now will face multiple teams with winning records in a row, starting with the hated Oakland Raiders in the Black Hole. Ray and Loren will try to figure out what the hell is going on with this team, discuss the need for changes throughout, go over the latest group of injured players...


BoltTalk Podcast #351

New Game, Same Result. Re-runs anyone? The Chargers played a very sloppy game with numerous mistakes, penalties and missed opportunities leading to a loss 26-22 in the Hoosier State. The Bolts lose yet another close game and the questions and anger remain. Ray and Loren go back on the air to discuss the Chargers loss, the trends, this team's inability to win tight games, and what this means going forward. We will also look at the roster as yet ANOTHER player tears their Achilles in a non...


BoltTalk Podcast #350

The Chargers show what they can do when they play four quarters of football as they destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars 38-13. Ray and Loren will break down the Chargers victory, what it means to the team going forward, and the Chargers increasing injury situation as the team loses yet another critical contributor to the dreaded ACL injury. Then we will get you ready as the Chargers travel to the midwest to face Andrew Luck and the Colts.


BoltTalk Podcast #349

It's early in the year for a Rated R Podcast but Mike McCoy decided to give us a reason for such. The Chargers jumped out to a 24-3 lead only to lose (not the Chiefs win but the Chargers loss) in overtime 33-27 that also cost them WR Keenan Allen for the year. Ray and Loren discuss what is the problem with the Chargers (cough Mike McCoy) using all their favorite four and five letter words. We will discuss what actually went right, what the team will do to combat the loss of their best...


BoltTalk Podcast #348

The Pre-Season is finally Done! It's time for the season opener as the Chargers travel to Missouri to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. Loren and Ray discuss the final 53 man roster, the 10 man Practice Squad and the Chargers recent pick ups and subtractions. We will also get you ready with injury reports and a preview of the Chargers AFC West Rival going into Sunday Morning's game.


BoltTalk Podcast #347

HAPPY DAYS IT'S FINALLY OVER (AND YES WE WILL BE TAKING CREDIT FOR IT! Ray and Loren are back on their normal times for their normal show (complete with audience participation/phone calls) to discuss a semi-meaningless loss to the Vikings, the first pre-season roster cut (and some of the big names who fell by the wayside), the latest injury news (poor BO) and of course the end of the holdout of Joey Bosa and who won/loss/tied.