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The Celticunderground podcast is produced by the people behind www.celticunderground.net. Just a few Celtic fans talking about Celtic, the greatest football team in the world.


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The Celticunderground podcast is produced by the people behind www.celticunderground.net. Just a few Celtic fans talking about Celtic, the greatest football team in the world.




I should be so lucky

I should be so lucky Once again the lucky bhoys triumphed and Ange won his 3rd out of 4 domestic trophies he has competed for and Bullshit Bingo Beale went home with his tail between his legs. Celtic won the league cup on Sunday with a 2-1 victory over Rangers in a game that was pretty comfortable throughout and that Celtic could, in the end, have won by 3 or 4. St Anthony was at the game with Saint Jnr and they were larging it up with the young team in the Celtic End and so I thought...


The Celtic Da Podcast returns - 15012023 22.37

The Celtic Da Podcast returns You can have all your whipper snapper podcasts with your Xthis and that but there is only one podcast that can continually hark back to the 90s and earlier and it’s this one - the world’s longest running football fans podcast. We’re now in our 18th season (19th year) and although we may have taken a break, you can be sure that we will always have something old and hackneyed to say about the modern game and this episode is no different. We discuss the...


Were in the mix

We’re in the mix Tonight, before recording this podcast, I was in a whatsapp debate about how to describe the draw with Shaktar. I described it as brilliant, others said disappointing. Personally I couldn’t see how you could describe an away UCL prefromance wehere we should and could have won by 2-4 goals as disappointing. Yes, there’s disappointment that we didn’t win but surely it’s absolutely brilliant that we were that good that we feel disappointed about only drawing...


The Celtic Steamroller

The Celtic Steamroller Saturday 3rd September Celtic played Rangers. Saturday 3rd September Celtic toyed with Rangers. We played them off the park in the first half and coasted the second. You got the impression that if Ange had told the team at half-time that they needed to score another 4, we could have. We start the podcast with a quick exert from the Heart & Hand Podcast that someone sent us previewing the game, we then move on to a review of the game before a preview of the...


Tifo or Tifno...?

Tifo or Tifno…? Sometimes the title doesn't really give an insight into the real content of the podcast but I've got to write something and I quite liked this so, there you go. Anyway, this week the middle aged podcast by middle aged fans for EVERYONE returns (have we mentioned we are the world’s longest running football fans podcast?). Anyway, back to the point…we are enjoying lige under Ange and so we are enjoying life in general. Lawrence is on his usually summer sabbatical to the...


The Happiness Edition

When we started this podcast (did I mention it’s the world’s longest running football fans podcast) we never thought it would last 17 seasons. It’s ebbed and flowed and the young kids have arrived with their xg, xa, xt, abc, easy as 1,2,3 but we’ll always be here - the middle aged podcast for the middle aged fan who loves the hoops and gets mildly irritated. And so we are back for that record breaking 17th season (every season is record breaking because I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it but...


One Win From The Title

Celtic today secured a draw against Rangers to put us just one win from the title. It's the 4th time in a row we have secured either a draw or win against the team from the South Side of the city. It's a game that Celtic had the chances to put to bed before the Rangers equaliser. We didn't and a few players looked exhausted towards the end but we held on, secured the draw and now only a dire change of form will prevent Ange picking up another trophy and his first Scottish title at the...


Good to be back

The podcast is back (again) after a midseason break Now where were we....ah that's right, we're on track for a treble! Sorry it's been so long but you know how it is, life, work, IT issues - they all get in the way of creating the latest episode of the world's longest running football fans podcast. Anyway, the IT issues have been resolved (like most I'm not sure about volume of hours in work) but we're ready to go. This should have been out a week earlier but the aforementioned IT...


Welcome Home

Welcome Home The podcast is back for another episode and we have some old and older voices for you in the names of Lawrence and Eddie. Yes, Lawrence is on and fresh from his recently return on a Sunday night on Twitter Spaces, we are joined by Eddie Pearson. The boys go on to discuss Ange-ball, whether the board should get praise or not for the transfer window. Also following the departure of French Eddie we discuss the top 3 post Larsson strikers. We also take 5 mins to discuss the...


Ange-ball Rolls On

Ange-ball Rolls On Celtic have tonight come through what was at times a very nervy evening (a very self-inflicted one) to progress to the group stages of the Europa League and they can now prepare for Sunday. I was unsure about organising a post game podcast. I always recall Mark Cooper bemoaning that everytime I organised one with hime we lost. But I am not a believer in “what’s for you won’t go past you” or the concept of “tempting fate” so I organised one. We lost but we’re...


The Game Ep 7 Barca 125 - 21082021 00

The Game Episode 7 - Barca 125 November 7th 2012. The night before a Mass was held in St Mary’s to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the forming of Celtic Football Club and that week illustrated that Big Billy’s words about there being a fairytale about this club were never more true. We has invited the board of Barca to share in our commemoration mass and the following night they visited the Cathedral of noise that was Celtic Park as 60,000 fans and 13 players put on a show that had...


Celtic and our Irish heritage

Celtic and our Irish heritage This week St Anthony takes control of the podcast to discuss Celtic and it’s Irish heritage. Saint is joined by Sean McDonagh who lecture politics and Scots/Irish history at OU. There cannot be a Celtic fan out there who does not know some basics of the coubs formation and heritage however it is always good to get the details from an expert in the field and Sean provides that in spades here. Enjoy….


The Game Episode 6 - Udinese draw and F UEFA

The Game Episode 6 - Udinese draw and F’ UEFA The current situation at Celtic could be better and so our guest wanted to pick a game from happier times. It’s the winter of 2011 and the team has had a dramatic turnaround since being 3 nil down at Rugby Park and Neil Lennon looked like being on the way out. They pulled things back in the 2nd half of that game and started to really motor. At the same time RFC where spiralling to their death and we were all having a right laugh on this...


Ange and the starman Podcast Xtra

Podcast Xtra Ange & the starman On Saturday31st July Celtic commence the new league season away at Tynecastle. The current state of the first team squad has some fans concerned but we have the new Swede and an update on the new Japanese striker in these pre-game interviews from Ange Postecoglou and Carl Starfelt. Enjoy…


Season 16 - Lets go round again

Season 16 - Let’s go round again Baby we’re back! Welcome to the 16th season of the world’s longets running football fans podcast. To celebrate our new season we will have NO new features NO new graphics NO new music NO new opinions The podcast will be just as you like - same old usual rubbish but it’s this consistency that has kept our listener numbers the same all these years. We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen or rate us on iTunes. We don’t have any...


Welcome Ange and Dom

Welcome Ange & Dom Today was the official unveiling of Ange Postecoglou as Celtic manager and of Dom McKay as Celtic CEO. Both spoke very well. Talk is cheap as the negative people say however I was very pleased with what I heard today. No-one comes into a new job and criticises the people or the past but it’s clear, reading between the lines, that Dom wants to address the stagnation in our business model over the past 10 years and Ange will have his own people in coaching roles...


A View From Down Under

The View from Down Under Ange Postecoglou is the new manager of Celtic. Fans are filled with trepidation about a manager with no European track record. The pessemists are trotting out the usual “he’s sh!te3” stuff whilst the optimists are noting the exceptional level of positivity coming out of Australia for this guy. Based upon this mixed view, I called up our friend Mike Mehall-Wood (now based down in Aus) and sought his view. Enjoy…


Ange Postecoglou First Interview

Ange Postecoglou First Interview Celtic have today appointed Ange Postecoglou as the new manager of the club and we have the audio from his first interview. Interstingly in the chat that follows with Dom McKay, he once again mentions modernisation. It seems to be his theme and listeners to the last podcast will know we heartily agree. Dominic McKay: Ange is an outstanding leader and an outstanding manager Dominic McKay is delighted that Celtic have appointed an experienced...


An analogue club in a digital age?

An analogue club in a digital age This week we’re back to talk about The Celtic! We will be having more of The Game series but we thought we’d take a break from that to discuss the managerial situation at the club. First we’ve had the rejection by Eddie Howe and then the appointment of Ange (or at least the likely appointment of Ange as nothing has happened yet…). This week we get Saint Anthony, Hullbhoy and Sean together to discuss the situation at the club. Enjoy…


The Game Ep 5 - Tirollercoaster

The Game Ep5 - Tirollercoaster This game had everything - a new team under a new manager with a new striker scoring an og in a 9 goal thriller where Celtic were out with just 6 minutes to go. It had a full house and so everyone who was a Tim at the time could say “I was there” but for some reason it’s never one of those games everyone talks about with reverence…and it should be. Celtic 6 Tirol Innsbruk 3. What a night. The Celtic Wiki describes it as follows: An incredible...