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Once again, there are several QB transfers to discuss including Deondre Francois to FAU and Tommy Stevens to Mississippi State. After that, the Bros run through all of their favorite podcast segments. In "Fact or Fiction?", they debate the likelihood of Clemson losing a regular season game, Jalen Hurts being invited to the Heisman ceremony, and whether D'Andre Swift is the best running back in college football. In the Trivia segment, Michael quizzes Ryan and Trey on several teams' against...


In or Out?

To start out the show, the Bros go over the latest news regarding Chris Steele, Matt Fink, Sawyer Smith, and an impact transfer at Nebraska. Then, they decide whether they're "In or Out" on various polarizing people and things in the college football world. This includes PJ Fleck, Phil Steele, Jacob Eason, Justin Wilcox, Week 0, the CFP Committee, Tommy DeVito, Mack Brown, and Arby's. Finally, they end the show with a Questionable Finish.


Conversation with Ty Hildenbrandt of The Solid Verbal

The College Football Bros welcome on a very special guest: Ty Hildenbrandt of The Solid Verbal. Ty shares his thoughts on the Notre Dame and Penn State programs moving forward into 2019. He also assesses the spiciness levels of the Bros' hottest takes about the 2020 NFL Draft, Gus Malzahn, and Michigan. Next, Ty answers some creative "Would You Rathers" including a question which makes him choose between his favorite college football team and his podcast. Finally, the Bros put him on the Hot...


Mailbag (4/29/19)

The Fourth Bros came through with another great set of mailbag questions. The topics include Jeff Monken's future at Army, new overtime rules, the Bros' dream coaching staff, UGA's receiving corps, Big Ten power rankings, and nostalgic snacks. Remember to leave a review on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


Drafts on Drafts on Drafts

The Bros first discuss the latest entries into the transfer portal (Penn St, Ohio St, USC) and recap the major takeaways from last weekend's spring games (Oklahoma St, UGA, Oregon, UCLA, Miami). Next, in honor of NFL Draft week, the Bros hold their own set of college football-themed drafts. This includes drafting the next likely teams to make their first ever Playoff appearance and drafting the true freshmen quarterbacks who will make the most starts in 2019. Also, stick around for their...


Predicting ESPN College GameDay Locations

The Bros start out the episode by discussing the spring games from last weekend, including the performances by Justin Fields and Jalen Hurts. After a trivia question from Ryan, the Bros predict where ESPN College GameDay will be for each week of the 2019 season. Then, they respond to an email promoting the idea of relegation in college football. Finally, Trey gives the best Top 5 List of the off-season. Tune in to hear it!


Would You Rather...?

This week, the College Football Bros start out the show with some exciting news about the podcast. They then discuss the latest happenings in the college football world including last weekend's spring games. After that, they play a game of "Would you rather...?" which included such questions as "Would you rather be able to watch college football and no other sports or be able to watch every sport except college football?" and "Would you rather win the Heisman or a national championship?"...


College Football Shark Tank

The podcast begins in a unique way as Michael and Trey's significant others open the show with a Top 5 List. Then, the Bros play the roles of Sharks and respond to listeners' pitches of how to improve college football. Jim McElwain thankfully did not make an appearance in this episode.


Mailbag (3/27/19)

Thanks to all of the Fourth Bros for sending in a great slate of questions. The Bros answer questions about the early betting lines for the 2019 season, Urban Meyer's next destination, Big 12 expansion, and underrated programs. The off-topic questions begin at 21:25 and include discussion about fanny packs, boat shoes, unhealthy snacks, and Game of Thrones. Remember to... Continue reading "Mailbag (3/27/19)"


College Basketball Bros (w/ Jim Root of 3MW)

This week the Bros have rebranded themselves as the College Basketball Bros. They welcome on Jim Root, a writer for and one of the co-hosts of the Three Man Weave College Basketball Podcast. You can also find his gambling picks featured on The interview covers his thoughts on Selection Sunday, his favorite mid-major teams, his best bets, and... Continue reading "College Basketball Bros (w/ Jim Root of 3MW)"


Top 10 Head Coaches

The Bros rank the top 10 head coaches in the country, as well as the top 5 Group of Five coaches. Let us know your biggest disagreements on Twitter @CFBBros.


News Episode (3/6/19)

Shortly after their previous episode about quarterbacks, a few quarterbacks conveniently decided transfer. As a result, the Bros decided it was time for a news episode. They discuss Alex Hornibrook, Nathan Elliott, and Nick Starkel in the quarterback segment. They also try to find value in the latest Heisman Trophy odds out of Las Vegas. In addition to breaking down... Continue reading "News Episode (3/6/19)"


Tiered QB Rankings

In the Bros' second longest episode ever, they rank the projected starting quarterbacks in every Power 5 conference. They also throw in a trivia question from Trey about the most prolific quarterbacks since 2000, as well as a Top 5 List from Michael about the sleeping giants of college football. Here are some timestamps for your listening pleasure: ACC (3:10... Continue reading "Tiered QB Rankings"


Revisiting 2018 First-Year Head Coaches

The Bros first discuss the latest news in the college football world which includes personnel moves at Oregon and Josh Jackson's transfer from Virginia Tech to Maryland. After that, they revisit the head coaching hires from last off-season and debate whether they feel better, worse, or about the same after one year. Also in this episode Michael uses Sports Reference's... Continue reading "Revisiting 2018 First-Year Head Coaches"


Mailbag (2/13/19)

The Bros answer listener questions about Rutgers, Army, the transfer portal, Tate Martell, the initial 2019 S&P+ ratings, boy bands, title contenders, turkey burgers, SEC excuses, Arkansas, spring games, and the teams they're most excited to watch in 2019. Thanks to the 4th Bros for coming through with some great questions!


2019 Recruiting Recap

National Signing Day has come and gone, so the Bros are ready to give their thoughts on the 2019 recruiting cycle. They each give their biggest winners and losers of the recruiting season. After that, they cover the Missouri sanctions, Deondre Francois' dismissal, and the odd week at Southern Miss. And in this episode, the Questionable Finish is BACK, folks!


2018 Season – Worst Commercials

The Bros rank the top 10 worst commercials of the 2018 season. Apologies in advance for making you relive these commercials which you have likely already heard hundreds of times. Let us know on Twitter @CFBBros what we missed!


2018 Season Trivia

For the fourth time, Ryan and Trey compete in a battle of college football wits in a special trivia episode. Quizmaster Michael leads the contestants through six rounds of questions about the 2018 season, each relating to a different category (name that player, big games, stats/records, bowl games, potpourri, name that school). Play along!


Old Takes Exposed, Draft Declarations & Transfers

Believe it or not, the Bros were wrong about a lot of things throughout the season and this episode centers on those bad predictions. The Bros also share some of the worst predictions from various college football personalities and the listeners. After that, they discuss the winners and losers from the NFL Draft declaration deadline. Then, they give their thoughts... Continue reading "Old Takes Exposed, Draft Declarations & Transfers"


CFP National Championship Recap

In a huge surprise, Clemson dominated the scoreboard in the CFP National Championship, winning 44-16. The Bros give an in-depth breakdown of how that happened. After that, they discuss what this game means for Alabama moving forward and who should be favored to win next year's national championship. Also, Ryan gives his thoughts on the Imagine Dragons halftime show. Next,... Continue reading "CFP National Championship Recap"