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A look at the recent Free Agency moves in the NFC North

So this week we are talking NFC North Free Agency moves and how well we think some teams actually did. Tune in @ 10a CST as Mike & Kass break it all down for ya!


What will get the Lions & Bears back on track for next season?

Hey All, Today we have Lions & Bears fans calling is to tell us who should stay, be cut, what's needed in the draft/ free agency and who should be traded. Tune-in to Kass & Mike for fun, laughs and a ton of fan opinion today at 10am CST via #BlogTalkRadio.


Super Bowl 51 Who Ya Got and why?

Morning NFL Fans, So it's the big day we've all been waiting the Super Bowl! Will the Patriots take the Trophy or will we finally crown the Falcons. We are talking NFL Honors, HOF Nominees and much much more. So join Kass & Mike today at 10a CST for fun, laughs and tons of fan opinion via Blog Talk Radio.


A look at what NFC North teams need going forward & our SB51 pick

Hey Hey NFL Fans, Today we are talking about all things NFC North today and our pick for the Super Bowl trophy and why. So tune in today at 10a CST to Kass & Mike for fun, laughs and a ton of fan opinion via Blog Talk Radio.


NFC and AFC Showdown..... Who's going to the Super Bowl?

Happy NFL Sunday Football Fans, Two we have four teams all fighting to get to the Super Bowl and we will be talking about who have the best chances and mock match-ups for the big game. So tune-in at 10a CST for laughs, fun and a ton of fan opinion from your host Kass & Mike via BlogTalkRadio.


Did the Lions become cowardly in the end?

Happy NFL Sunday Today we are recapping the Lions vs Seahawks game (if you wanna call it that) Looking at today's match-up of Packers vs Giants Also as always news around the NFC North So tune-in at 10a CST for fun, laughs and a ton of fan opinion via #BlogTalkRadio


The season finally over for two teams & two other teams fight for the NFC North Crown

Happy New Year NFL Fans, Welcome to the start of 2017 and the season finally for most teams. We will talk about what Bears & Vikings need to do in the offseason for a strong 2017 Can the Packers take down the Lions to become the NFC North kings again Oh and if you missed college football.... boy oh boy and we have the re-cap So tune-in to Kass, Renard & Mike for fun, laughs and a ton of fan opinon today @ 10a via BlogTalkRadio


The Packers are ready to claim the NFC North Title (NFC North Xmas Eve Recap)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS NFL FANS..... Today is a short holiday show breaking down what happened in the NFC North on Christmas Eve and what to expect in the Monday Night Showdown between the Lions & Cowboys. Oh and yes the Packers are lurking and expecting to take the NFC North Title.... So tune-in to today's holiday special show at 11a CST for fun, laughs and a ton of Fan opinion from Kass, Renard and Mike via BlogTalkRadio....


Guess who's back & who still has playoff hopes in the NFC North......

Happy NFL Sunday to all..... With 3 game left we are still in a post season race...... well unless you're the Bears. The Lions are still holfing the top spot, but the Vikings & Packers haven't given up yet. After going down in game one of the season good ole AP is back in a Vikings uni. One of the coldest game on record in 193 meetings goes down @ Soldier Field today So tune-in @ 10am CST to Kass, Renard & Mike for fun, laughs and a ton of fan opinion via BlogTalk Radio.


We've hit the 4th quarter of the season but NFC North still up for grabs.....

Hey to all of our NFL Fans Welcome to another NFL week in the NFC North! We are talking playoffs and who's really the truth in the NFC North. A great week in NCAAF & our newest Heisman Trophy recipient So tune-in at 10a CST for a ton of fun, laughs and of course plenty of fan opinion..... via BlogTalkRadio


The crazy reality of what happened in the NFC North

Mike ZimmerIt's another NFL Sunday as we come closer to the playoffs We will re-cap the Vikings vs Cowboys match-up State our true feelings about the Lions being in 1st place And of course Packers & Bears which arent doing th best this season So tune in today at 10am CST for fun, laughs and a ton of fan opinion via BlogTalkRadio


The Lions are in first place.........

Hey Football Fans Its getting close to playoff time and some how the LIons have secured the top spot in the NFC North. The Viings are looking to fight their way back to make it to the playoffs. Then we have the Packers & Bears that how been very interesting this year. OMG did you guys see the OSU vs MIchigan game..... we'll we did and we are talking about it. So tune-in @ 10a CST to Kass, Mike and Renard for fun, laughs and tons of fan opinion


Are the Detroit Lions in 1st Place? We will take a look at how......

Hey Football Fans....welcome to another NFL Sunday So today we are trying to figure out what the heck is going on in the NFC North. The Bears proved to be a one hit wonder as the fall hard and prove their season is a wash. The "oh so perfect" Packers are definitely not that this season and we will discuss why? Finally the Vikings dump Blair Walsh but is it enough to hold first place in the NFC North. You're probably wondering if the Lions are good enough to be in first place...we'll tell you...


NFC North battle for 1st place......

Hey there football lovers.... So who's shocked that the Lions would be in second place in this division? Can the Packers pull it back together or will they stay in 3rd place to finish the season? The Vikings are in a true must win game situation! Will the Bears come of their Bye are grab another shocking W? We will also be talking some great NCAAF Match-Ups and game shockers. So tune in today at 10a CST for laughs, fun and tons of fan opinion from Kass, Mike & Renard via #BlogTalkRadio


Still fair game in the NFC North!

With the Chicago Bears walking into their Bye Week with a major W and all other teams in thier division taking L's, is this division now up for grabs? We will talk about the Vikings back to back loses, injuries and resignation of Norv Turner Though one should never doubt Aaron Rodgers, are the Packers really subpar this season And then there are the Lions that are refusing to go away We are also talking some amazing NCAAF Game shockers S oas usual tune in at 10a CST for fun, laughs and fan...


Time to get serious about heading into the post season.

Happy NFL Sunday, We are at the half way mark in the NFL and it's time for teams to get serious about heading into the post season. The Lions are still fighting for that #2 spot in the NFC North as they battle the Texans today. The Packers aren't having the greatest season but are fighting to stay at #2 in the division by grabbing a W over te Falcons. The Vikings took their first L of the season but are expected to bonce back big against the Bears in Monday Night Football. We are also,...


Your Week 6 NFC North update

Hey there, Today we are wondering if the Vikings will go 6-0 If the Lions can get win number 3 in a row Are we honestly impressed by the Packers WIll the Bears officially move on from Cutler And all the NCAAF highlights you can take. So tune-in @ 10a CST from fun, laughs and tons of fan opinion via Blog Talk Radio


FFRN Live from Bears vs Packers Viewing Event

Hey Football, Will the Bears pull it off or will this be an easy win for the Packers. Hear what we think at 6:30p CST


It's week 6 and how's your NFL Team looking?

Hey Hey NFL Football Fans, So it;s week 6, are you still making excuses for your NFC North Team? The Vikings are on a BYE Week as the only undefeated team in the NFL The Lions still have hope for the #2 spot The Packers are still the Packers, but is that enough this season The Bears season has been over for about 3 weeks already Yes, there was some amazing NCAAF games and we are talking about them So tune in today at 10am CST for laughs, fun & a ton of fan opinion woth Kass, Renard & Mike!


Will the Vikings stay undefeated & other NFC North updates.

Will the Vikings go 5-0, Kass is in MN to see... Is Jay Cutler finished in Chicago? Can the LIons bounce and and get another W? The Packers simply being the Packers... Tune in @ 10a CST for fun, laughs and ton of fan opinion from Kass, Renard & Michael.