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A look at the recent Free Agency moves in the NFC North

So this week we are talking NFC North Free Agency moves and how well we think some teams actually did. Tune in @ 10a CST as Mike & Kass break it all down for ya!


What will get the Lions & Bears back on track for next season?

Hey All, Today we have Lions & Bears fans calling is to tell us who should stay, be cut, what's needed in the draft/ free agency and who should be traded. Tune-in to Kass & Mike for fun, laughs and a ton of fan opinion today at 10am CST via #BlogTalkRadio.


Super Bowl 51 Who Ya Got and why?

Morning NFL Fans, So it's the big day we've all been waiting the Super Bowl! Will the Patriots take the Trophy or will we finally crown the Falcons. We are talking NFL Honors, HOF Nominees and much much more. So join Kass & Mike today at 10a CST for fun, laughs and tons of fan opinion via Blog Talk Radio.


Did the Lions become cowardly in the end?

Happy NFL Sunday Today we are recapping the Lions vs Seahawks game (if you wanna call it that) Looking at today's match-up of Packers vs Giants Also as always news around the NFC North So tune-in at 10a CST for fun, laughs and a ton of fan opinion via #BlogTalkRadio


The crazy reality of what happened in the NFC North

Mike ZimmerIt's another NFL Sunday as we come closer to the playoffs We will re-cap the Vikings vs Cowboys match-up State our true feelings about the Lions being in 1st place And of course Packers & Bears which arent doing th best this season So tune in today at 10am CST for fun, laughs and a ton of fan opinion via BlogTalkRadio


FFRN Live from Bears vs Packers Viewing Event

Hey Football, Will the Bears pull it off or will this be an easy win for the Packers. Hear what we think at 6:30p CST


Let's hear what Renard thinks about Thursday Night Football "Renard's Rant"

Tune-in Saturday @ 11:00am CST and hear why our beloved co-host Renard hates TNF and what he thinks would be a better suited replacement in another one of his “Renards’s Rant” Hit us up on Twitter and let us know if you agree or disagree @footballfanrush


NFL Football is back baby!

Hey Football Fans I hope you guys areas excited as we are for NFL Season Kickoff! We are talking that great shoker of an ending to the Panthers vs Broncos season opener and what's to come in the NFC North teams season openers. So tune-in Sunday, 9/11 @ 10a CST for fun, laughs and fan opinion as we broadcast live from Raven's Place in Chicago, IL via BlogTalkRadio & Tune-In Radio.


Releases and trades in the NFC North as we get ready for the regular season

We meet again football fans and this week we are discussing trades and releases of your favorite NFC North Teams as the prepare for the 2016 season. We are also talking the kick-off of college football. So tune in at 10am CT for fun, laughs and tons of fan-filled opinions via BlogTalkRadio.......


Check out "Renard's Rant" via Football Fan Rush Radio from co-host Renard

Hey Football Fans.... Welcome for a new segment called "Renard's Rant". This segment allows co-host of Football Fan Rush Radio Renard Micheal Mayfield to vent his true issues on controversial topics in football. Check it out


It's only pre-season for some, a bit of worry for others

Hey Hey NFC North Fans...... Whelp we are geting closer to game one of the 2016 NFL Season and we are all excited, but is your team actually ready? We will sum up what we've seen so far from the Bears, Vikings, Packers and Lions. We are talking the injury bug that hits just before the seaon opener and what team got hit the hardestthis week. So tune in live Sunday, August 28th at 10am CST for fun, facts and yeap laughs via BlogTalkRadio.


Finally Football....Even if it's preseason action

Hey Hey NFL Fans we finally have some football even if it's only preseason games. So many of us gathered around the TV, set DVRs, etc. for the Hall of Fame Game just to finally see some good ole grid iron play. Unfortunately, that didn't happen leaving us thirsty for some preseason action as though it was game one of the season. So tune in Sunday, August 14th as we talk NFC North Preseason play and what changes we saw that these teams either got right or still need to fix. We will also...


We're ready for some football!

Hey Hey lovers off all things football.... The Football Fan Rush Radio crew is officially back ofr another season of fun, laughs, facts and a few opinions in the #NFCNorth. We kick the show off with major congrats to this years NFL Hall of Famers. Another great class of the best of the best in the game. NFC North training camp updates, injuries and surprise off season moves. So tune in Sunday, August 7th at 10am CST..... you won't be dissappointed but you will laugh.


2016 Super Bowl 50 Food Draft.... Who's Hungry???

Hey Football Fans, Tune-in as we draft various foods to build the perfect party spread fpr tonight's big game. Yeah, it's pretty funny and just might help you cap off your spread with the perfect Super Bowl Sunday snack... Kass, Mike, Michael and Dani are going for blood... well food in this battle! 2:45pm CST Tune-In


Young vs. Old in the quest for a ring in Super Bowl 50!

Hey Hey Football Fans, We are back for a special edition show with our thoughts about the NFL Honors Awards Recipients, this seasons MVP and we will give our predictions on who we think today's winner of SB50 will be. We wil also discuss a few controversial NFL topics, possible retirements and shake ups in the NFC North. So tune in today to Kass, Mike and Michael as they bring laughs, fun and NFL updates from a fans point of view today at 12 Noon CST via Blog Talk Radio.


Renaming players & a look back at regular season in NFC North

Hey Football Fans Whelp it's the final week of regulation and did your team make the cut? We will be talking the good and bad if the NFC North this season and the big Vikings vs Packers battle in the NFC North. We are also gonna have some fun and rename a few players based on what they showed us this season. So tune in at 10am CST to Kass, Mike and Michael for fun, laughs and tons of fan opinion via Blog Talk Radio


NFC North Division is finally heating up

Morning Lovers of all things football, Happy Gameday Sunday! Today we are re-capping some great NFC North game action from Thanksgiving and if the Vikings can hold on to their number one spot. How did the Bears take down the Packers on Turkey Day? Can the Lions end up on the number 3 spot after a horrific start? Will the Vikings shape up and hold on to their number 1 spot to finish the season. We'll tell you what we think. So tune in today at 10 am CSTto Kass, Mike & Michael for laughs,...


The Big Chop heading into Week 9

Hey there lovers of all things football. Welcome to Week 9! Today we are discussing the major changes thay happened in Detroit. ThePackers get their 1st loss and are they looking at their 2nd vs the Panthers. The Vikings AP squares up against what many are calling a younger version of him as Todd Girley and the Rams battle in Minesota. The Forte-less Bears take on the Chargers in sunny San Diego, will they get the W? So tune in the morning at 1030am as Kass, Mike and Michaeltalk all things...


We are now in week six and It's the big come back for some teams

Welcome to another NFL Sunday! This week we are talking about NFL teams that are making a huge comeback and might even get a shot at a wildcard postseason appearance. We have seen Jay Cutler come back from injury and saw to take the Bears in a new direction ending up in Ws. The APaffect is still going pretty strong for the Minnesota Vikings coming off a bye will they be able to stay number two in the NFC North. It seems the Lions won't make it to the postseason ball their coaching and...


The week every team wants a W, the infamous Week 3.

Hey they football fans..... welcome to Week 3 of the regular season! This week we are talking the current standings i the NFC North Division, if a team does 0-3 do they still haveshot at a successful run for the post season and the growing injuries. So join us, Sunday September 27th at 10am CST for fan analysts, NCAAF updates, laughs and a ton of fan opinion right here on Football Fan Rush Radio!