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Ep. 59: The World Cup Preview Show (feat. Joe Morrison)

Saru & Baru are joined by ace TV presenter Joe Morrison. For the 2018 Russia World Cup, Joe would be presenting the extravaganza for over a billion people in the Indian sub-continent. Together with Joe's help and expertise they preview all the groups and give out predictions for the top 2 from each group. Look out for interesting stories about one of the member of the Peru team's coaching staff, opinions on VAR and a whole lot more in a very comprehensive preview of the world cup. This...


Ep. 58: FIFA World Cup Special: Best Team Not Going to WC, A&B Preview

Zidane has left Real Madrid!! This week's World Cup special starts with this chatter about this huge news. We then move on to the actually agenda of today's show, to create a best playing XI of the people not going to the World Cup. And yes, we did not even mention Radja Nainggolan in this list, coz we love him too much to subject him to this. In the second part of the show, we start the WC group stage previews with the preview of Group A and Group B. Saru thinks a big team can get out of...


Ep. 57: Liverpool Falters, World Cup Fever Catching On (ft. Azeem Banatwalla)

Real Madrid are the Champions League winners again. We called in a favor from ace comedian Azeem Banatwalla to relive the match and the conspiracies surrounding Sergio Ramos. Next, we talk about the appointment of Unai Emery as Arsenal's new manager. In the second part of the show, our World Cup coverage kicks-off as we talk about our favorite World Cup teams, the best moments we remember and also the players we are looking forward to in this World Cup. You can listen to this show and...


Ep. 56: Football Twaddle: FA Cup Final and Team of the Season

We had to endure the FA Cup final so that we could talk about it. We discuss the implications of the FA Cup result of Conte's future along with a few other Chelsea players. We also review the upcoming Champions League final and are already saying our secret prayers about who we want as winners. In the second part of the show, team FT discusses its team of the season. Look out for the very obvious biases in play! Also, we compare our team of the season with the Fantasy Premier League's...


Ep. 55: Man City Score A 100 While Chelsea Score Blanks

Chelsea's no-show in the last 2 games of the season is the highlight of the last weekend of PL matches this season. Man City become the 1st team in PL history to score 100 points. Is there any scope for improvement for next season? And also, Yaya checks-out of City! In the second part of the show, We quiz ourselves to check if we know some important statistics of the season (well the results are not surprising!). And finally Wenger-era is done in the Premier League. And we discuss the...


Ep. 54: Wenger's Emirates Send-off, Stoke go down!

Chelsea's win over Liverpool takes the battle for the UCL spots till the last weekend of the Premier League. Meanwhile, West Brom are defying all odds to still have a fighting chance at survival. First part of the show focuses on these key matches which may have a big impact in the relegation battle. Kumar and Saru also look at the somewhat subdued title celebrations at Manchester City. In the second part of the show, Arsene Wenger send-off at the Emirates takes over! Arsenal send him off...


Ep. 53: Battle for survival, Wenger Send-off and Salah talk!

Saru and Baru take control of the production today, and get straight into relegation-battle talk, including whether West Brom still believes that they could survive. Included somewhere in this discussion is talk about a certain Class of 99. After that, Wenger send-off at Old Trafford is on our agenda. Obviously, that means talk about Fergie and Mourinho. In the second half, Saru does everything possible to convince Baru that Chelsea still have a chance to get into top 4. Manchester City...


Merci Arsene

Arsene Wenger announced that he is leaving Arsenal at the end of the season. We discuss the impact and legacy of one of the greatest managers of the English game. Also, we talk about the FA cup semi-finals which were played on the weekend! Enjoy the pod!


Say hello to the new Champions...

Finally, Man City have won the title! We've been waiting for this day since December of last year. So obviously, we talk about City and how good they have been in the first half of the podcast. Then we turn our attention to the Eurpoean semi-finals and preview the games. Enjoy the latest pod!


Let's talk about Man City

We are late in putting out the podcast this week. And for a good reason! If you've not been following the drama that has unfolded in the Champions League and EPL over the last few days, well tough luck then! This week we talk about the horrible week City have had, crazy Roma win over Barca and we do it while watching the Madrid - Juve match live. Now that's some commitment towards the game. Enjoy!


Stats about City's game not shocking anymore..

Man City are having such an extraordinary season that any stats about them are not shocking anymore (Atleast to one of us on the podcast!). Also, we talk about West Brom sacking Alan Pardew. But we start off the podcast with Spur's win over Chelsea and what looks like an obvious decision to be made about Conte by Chelsea's management!


Is Messi the Argentinian Salah..

It's the international week of football. So begin to wonder about the amazing season Mo Salah is having. There is also some chatter about the World Cup. Also included is the unusual ways in which a certain German is recovering from his injury to get ready for the World Cup!


A gun wielding Russian owner awaits us..

Man Utd surprise everyone by their effort in the attacking half. Did that take Liverpool by Surprise? Back to normal business for Arsenal and Chelsea? Did anyone watch City's Monday night game? Was the crowd trouble at West Ham the most shocking event over the weekend? All these questions answered in the latest offering from team Football Twaddle. Also, are we going to Russia to watch the World Cup? Listen in to find out...


Is Sleepwalking better than not turning up

Are Manchester City beating teams even before the game starts? Evidence from Chelsea's plan and Arsenal not turning up suggests so! But we still discuss it..because we just had to! Also, everyone seems to be finding form playing against Sam Allardyce teams. Also, is there an upswing in Tony Pulis job prospects in the next Premier League season? All this and a humble World Cup plea from us in the latest edition of the podcast.


Is there a race between City and West Brom

We get back to our favorite topic to discuss on the podcast: Arsenal and their transfer dealings over the year. Also, we try and answer a very important question: Are City so good, that it is making Utd and Chelsea look very bad? And find out our latest opinion on who will get relegated. Listen in to the latest podcast to find all these answers.


All about Alexis!

Transfer of Alexis Sanchez is the only discussion in the football world right now, and we are doing exactly the same. Listen in to our podcast to figure out how we got here and a broader discussion on the transfer rumors surrounding Arsenal. And yes, we also speak about the match which finally proved that Man City squad also can lose. Enjoy the latest pod!


New Year and a few Unfulfilled Resolutions...

Firstly, wishing all of our listeners a very happy new year 2018! We dive into the new year discussing the big money transfers of Coutinho away from Liverpool and VVD to Liverpool. Also, what's up with Arsenal? (yeah yeah..some questions remain the same every year). Listen in to the first episode of the new year and also identify the unfulfilled resolution of on of us (very publicly stated on the podcast!). Enjoy!


A whole lot of pointless stats...

There is an explosion of pointless statistics in this pod. Not to worry! We discuss it and present it in a very calm way. Try making sense of it, we for sure cannot. And if that aint enough, we also manage a very interesting chat with an Arsenal fan and ask him to compare the current Man City team with Arsenal's invincibles. You may not agree with the results, but we deserve credit for getting this discussion started in earnest!! Enjoy the latest one


Title Race is done...

We are back at full strength and more! And why? To discuss the Merseyside derby and the Manchester derby. Is the title race done? And what to make of the Champions League draw? Listen in to the latest episode of the pod.


Game of the season...

As Arsenal and Man Utd played the game of the season, the least we could do was to attempt to do a podcast worthy of the occasion. And we think we are pretty close to that ambition. A whole lot of discussion on the Arsenal - Man Utd game and briefly discussion the results of other matches and whatever implications they may have. Enjoy the latest podcast!