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Winners & Losers of the NFL Draft, Rookie of the Year, QB Impacts (Ep. 32)

Back from a two-week hiatus, Connor and Blake are back to recap the NFL Draft, discuss the teams that did the best and worst, pick their way-too-early ROY, and discuss which QB will have the greatest impact in their rookie season.


Super Bowl recap, Josh McDaniels, Alex Smith trade & more (Ep. 21)

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace recap the Super Bowl, talk about the shocking decision made by Josh McDaniels, break down the Alex Smith to Redskins trade, and predict next year's Super Bowl champions


Super Bowl 52, live reaction of Alex Smith to Washington + more (Ep. 20)

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace are joined by Catie Harper to break down all the key factors for the Eagles and Patriots leading up to the Super Bowl, plus a live reaction to the Alex Smith trade to the Washington Redskins.


Recapping championship weekend, the Vikings future, the Pro Bowl? (Ep. 19)

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace recap championship weekend, discuss the future of the Vikings and Case Keenum, debate if the Pro Bowl has any relevancy, and discuss what the Eagles have to do to beat the Patriots.


Previewing championship weekend, the end of the Killer B's in Pit? (Ep. 18)

Co-hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace reflect on a great weekend of divisional playoff football before looking ahead to Conference Championship weekend. Can the Jaguars beat the Patriots? Will the Eagles win as underdogs again? Where will Case Keenum and Blake Bortles be playing at the start of next season? Was this the end of Roethlisberger, Bell and Brown in Pittsburgh?


Top 5 receivers in the NFL, previewing NFL Divisional matchups & more (Ep. 17)

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace are joined by Eli Jennings to debate the top five wide receivers in the NFL going into next season and how to rebuild the New York Giants before recapping Wild Card weekend and previewing the divisional round matchups.


Rebuilding the Browns, free agent quarterbacks, & Wild Card weekend (Ep. 16)

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace discuss the most surprising decisions on Black Monday with coaching in the NFL, how to rebuild the Cleveland Browns this offseason, where Kirk Cousins and other notable free agent quarterbacks will land this offseason, why we have to watch the Titans and Bills in the playoffs and which teams playing in Wild Card weekend have the best shot at making a run to the Super Bowl.


Is Todd Gurley this year's MVP? What coaches are on the hot seat? (Ep. 15)

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace discuss the surprising 49ers win over the Jaguars this past Sunday, what the 49ers' season would look like had Jimmy Garoppolo been their starter from game one, which head coaches in the NFL are on the hot seat, if Rams' running back Todd Gurley can win this year's MVP, what NFL teams had been the most surprising this season and if Dak Prescott can be a franchise quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Following their topics, they pick five games for the...


Goal to Go Episode 14

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace discuss all the news around the NFL following week 15 of play. How does the Rams' offense stack up with the greatest offenses in NFL history? What teams in playoff contention are the weakest and should fear possible elimination? How does Antonio Brown's calf injury change the playoff outlook for the Steelers if he's unavailable? Who were the biggest Pro Bowl snubs this season? What even is a catch these days?


Goal to Go Episode 13

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace discuss Carson Wentz's injury and it's impact on the NFC playoffs, which teams in the NFC playoff picture pose the biggest threat if they sneak in, Antonio Brown's chances at this year's NFL MVP award, which team in the NFL with a losing record will make the biggest improvements next season, and if the Jaguars need to be considered as a potential Super Bowl threat in the AFC.


Goal to Go Episode 12

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace discuss Russell Wilson's odds to win MVP after his performance last week against the Eagles, if the Titans are being overlooked dispite their 8-4 record, how the Jaguars would fair in the playoffs, the issue of player safety in the league following a rough week of football, if Alvin Kamara is being underused in the Saints' offense and who is shaping up to be the offenvise and defensive rookies of the year.


Goal to Go Podcast Episode 11

Host Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace are joined by guest host Eli Jennings to discuss who will come out of the AFC West for the playoffs, the Eli Manning / Giants debacle, Robby Anderson's emergance for the New York Jets this season, whether or not the Patriots are getting enough recognition through this point in the season and if the Cleveland Browns have any hopes for winning a game this season. Later on, the guys pick between the Vikings vs. Falcons, the Bears vs. 49ers, the Lions vs....


Are the L.A. Rams overrated? Are the Saints the best team in football? + more

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace debate on whether the Rams are a legitimate team in the NFL, if the Saints are the best team in the league, whether the Vikings should roll with Case Keenum or make a change to Teddy Bridgewater, how concerned fans should be over the Steelers' up and down play this season and whether or not the removal of Kelvin Benjamin has benefited the Carolina Panthers' offense.


What is the toughest division in football? Are the Jags a SB contender? + more

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace discuss buying in on the Eagles' success, Josh McCown as a top QB this year, if the Jags are a Super Bowl contender, who has the best division in football and which team below .500 is the best in the league. Following that, the two pick select games for the week.


How will Jimmy G. do with the 49ers? Are the Bills a top team in the AFC + more

Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace discuss Jimmy Garoppolo in San Fransisco, why they Dolphins moved on from Jay Ajayi for a 4th-round pick, if the Bills are a top team in the AFC, can the Cowboys win the NFC East without Ezekiel Elliot, and which Super Bowl contender isn't getting the praise they deserve. Follwing that, McCarthy and Pace pick games for the week.


Are the Eagles NFC's best? Who will win the AFC South + more

Host Connor McCarthy is joined by new host Blake Pace to discuss the Eagles' rank in the NFC, which young QB would be the best to build around, who is going to win the AFC South, the rise or fall of the Denver Broncos and who the favorites are for Super Bowl 51


Falcons within the NFC, Patriots defense, NFL's worst team + more (Ep. 2)

Kevin Haswell and Connor McCarthy talk about if the Falcons are the best team in the NFC, if the Patriots defense will be their downfall, the worst team in the NFL, whether the Bears should start Mitchell Tribusky and if the Rams are the best team in the NFC West on the second episode of Goal to Go.


Chiefs hot start, Le'Veon Bell's struggles, NFC East + more (Ep. 1)

Kevin Haswell and Connor McCarthy talk the Chiefs hot start, Le'Veon Bell's struggles early on, the NFC East, the Baltimore Ravens' defense, and the NFC South on the premier episode of Goal to Go. Episodes will air every Tuesday at 4:00 PM EST.