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Going For 2 is a sports podcast feautring Intern Jimi and Andy. We'll talk about everything under the sports sun. We'll give you a healthy dose of topics from NFL, NCAA Football, MLB, NHL and NBA, but we'll also talk the hot topics throughout sports. Check us out on a bi-weekly basis and be sure to get the Game Notes for every episode on SaraBozich.com


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Going For 2 is a sports podcast feautring Intern Jimi and Andy. We'll talk about everything under the sports sun. We'll give you a healthy dose of topics from NFL, NCAA Football, MLB, NHL and NBA, but we'll also talk the hot topics throughout sports. Check us out on a bi-weekly basis and be sure to get the Game Notes for every episode on SaraBozich.com






Madness, Matness, and Underwear Olympics

Going For 2: Episode 70 is LIVE! Whether you like March Madness or Matness, NHL, or the Underwear Olympics (NFL Combine), we have it for you. The madness begins in just a matter of two weeks. This is one of the most wide-open field of teams that we've seen. There are 10-12 teams that have a legitimate shot to cut down the nets. The NFL Combine has come to an end, and we're all left wondering did it all really matter? We break down the top prospects and talk about what impressed...


Cheaters, New Rules, and Trades

We have every sport wrapped into one episode. Get ready for this Astros cheating scandal to stay in the news for a long time. We give our opinions on the news that has come out of spring training, and how much Manfred has bumbled this since its announcement. The NHL trade deadline is Feb. 24! The Penguins have already made a splash by signing Jason Zucker. Do we think the Pens are done? Who else could be on the move? We're one month away from March Madness! This field this year is...


Super Bowl Reactions, Too Soon Predictions, and Confetti

The last few weeks in the sports world have been a rollercoaster ride. We've had the highest of highs with the Super Bowl to one of the lowest points with the passing of Kobe, Gigi, and seven others just two weeks ago. The episode starts with us reflecting on the Kobe Bryant news. We talk about the impact Kobe had on the game, what we'll miss about Mamba, and how the NBA should honor him. Kansas City, you're Chiefs are Super Bowl Champs! After 50 years of losing, the Chiefs finally...


Cheating, GOATs, and Super Bowl Picks

After a brief holiday hiatus, your bi-weekly dose of all the sports opinions you never wanted is back on track. It's been a wild few weeks, and we pack it all into this episode. Let's talk about baseball and more specifically the Astros. This cheating scandal is the worst we've seen in sports. We've already seen four firings, and more punishment could be on its way. What do we think about how the MLB handled this? Skip about 10 minutes ahead if you don't want to hear Andy gloat...


Football Playoffs, Hot Stoves, and Regrets

Playoffs, hot stoves, and regrets. The MLB hot stove is "heating up" with a host of big early signings. How do we think this could impact the season and the rest of the offseason going forward? The College Football Playoff is set! We give our predictions for the first round of games, and we don't necessarily agree. Our college football talk roles on with a look at the premier bowl games and some other ones we think could be very interesting during the bowl season. The NFL is...


Thanksgiving sides, NCAA Playoffs, Buy or Sell NFL

In honor of Thanksgiving, we start out show by comparing NFL teams to Thanksgiving Day side dishes. Who is the stuffing? What team takes home the honor of being the cranberry sauce? The fifth week of the College Football Playoff rankings is out and there's a change at the top. We pick apart the committee's choices, talk about the most likely top-four scenarios, and give our concerns about each team in the top 10. Penn State suffered a big loss over the weekend, and it wasn't on the...


Stealing Signals, CFP Playoff Reactions, and Fantasy Outlooks

Before we get into football, we start with a wild story in baseball. Have you heard about the Astros sign-stealing scandal? The second edition of the College Football Playoff rankings are out, and we have some thoughts. Does Bama deserve its number 5 ranking? How do we see the rest of this season playing out? Don't look now, but the NFL playoffs aren't too far off. A few teams have pulled away from the pack, but there's a hot race for the wild card in each conference. Which four teams...


LIVE World Series Reactions, Fantasy Trades, and Awesome Things

We're back after a short hiatus! Did you miss us? With baseball done and the Nationals crowned as World Series champs, we're deep in football mode. Teams in the NFL are starting to show their true colors. Some teams are trending up and looking to make a splash, while others see the bottom falling out fast. College football's first playoff rankings come out Nov. 5. We take a look back and forward at the games that have and will shape this season's top four. Listen to our top four...


Fantasy Trade Tips, Real or Fantasy NFL, and MORE!

Join us for a full break down of everything happening during the most wonderful time in sports. The MLB Postseason is underway! We had a riveting start to the playoffs and we think it only gets better from here. Who do we have making it through the Division Series and into the Championship Series? Four weeks of the NFL season are in the books, and we're starting to get some clarity on these teams. We go through some teams that are off to hot starts to determine if their start is real...


Fantasy Stash or Trash, NCAA Pretenders, New Beginnings

A busy week in the NFL, college football in full swing, and the MLB Postseason right around the corner makes for one fun episode. With all the NFL news swirling, we couldn't start anywhere else. Drew Brees is out for 6 weeks. Eli Manning gets benched. Not to mention Big Ben is out for the season. We break it all down from fantasy to real-life implications. What have the first two weeks in the NFL taught us? Who deserves the hype? Who is our too early MVP? College Football is about...


Football is HERE! Predictions, Opinions & MORE!

Going For 2: Episode 56 is LIVE! Are you ready for some football? We sure are! We've talked about each division, and now we're solidifying our picks. We pick each NFL division winners, wild card team, and give you our Super Bowl picks for this season. Week one in college football calls for overreactions. We talk about the failing SEC, Maryland's huge offensive output, and a few more outlandish observations from a full slate of college football. While we look to the past, we also...


LIVE Draft Reactions, College Football + NFL Preview, and MORE!

We would say we're sorry for another all football episode, but that would be a lie. Our episode kicks off with our final look at college football. We cover the Big 12, PAC 12, and Big 10 in addition to an early look at Penn State's season. We also go through the recently released AP Top 25 poll. There are just a couple of games left in the preseason, and we have the AFC North is the last division on our preview list. With recent player additions and developments, the AFC North is one...


Fantasy Seek & Destroy, Risers & Fallers, Cold Feet + Hot Takes

We're two weeks away from actual meaningful football so we're giving you a heavy dose of pigskin. The episode starts with one of our final divisional breakdowns. We're talking NFC North. It's a division full of teams with not just playoff hopes, but potential Super Bowl hopes. It's college football time! We're breaking down the ACC and the SEC. Clemson takes the cake in the ACC, but we differ on how we see the SEC playing out. Fantasy drafts are almost here! We picked our draft...


It's MOCK DRAFT time!

It's mock draft time, people! For this episode, we're going through a live 10-man mock draft. We randomly selected our spots prior to the draft and picked our teams. You might think it's a little early to start mock drafting, but this is the perfect time to get prepped for your actual draft. August is less than a week away and the season gets going in just over a month. Let us know who think drafted the best team!


Free Agency Frenzy, Fantasy Football Breakouts, and Nice Things About Pirates

Bring on the madness of free agency! NHL and NBA free agency is open, and it's been a wild start. We've had multiple start players changing teams in both leagues along with a few big trades as well. Phil Kessel is gone, and we have some thoughts. Plus, find out where we think Kawhi Leonard ends up signing this offseason. Green grass. White kits. Wimbledon is here. One of the best sporting events of the year is taking place in London, and it's anybody's tournament to take. We've already...


AFC + NFC East Breakdown, Fantasy Meat on the Bone, & MORE!

The show starts off with our appreciation for the St. Louis Blues taking down the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals. We discuss how the Blue got to this point, and how they were finally able to take home Lord Stanley. We quickly shift our focus to the NBA Finals. It's been a dramatic championship series, but not always for the best reasons. From injuries to unruly fans, the series hasn't always been about the play on the court. Do we think that the Raptors can grab the final...


FINALS, NFL Division Breakdown, Where's the opportunity?

With two major sports in their championship series, another tennis major championship, and football less than 100 days away, we have a lot to talk about. Boston and St. Louis are currently tied at one game apiece. It's been a drag 'em out series that could have either team looking at a 2-0 lead. Do the Blues have what it takes to raise the cup? What do they have to keep doing to get there? The NBA Finals have shown the inevitable. We all knew that Golden State would be the Western...


Buy or Sell Fantasy Rankings, Preakness Odds, Playoff Reactions

Conference finals in two sports, the Preakness Stakes, and a whole heap of fantasy football opinions are all on deck. The NBA playoffs have been ... okay. We have had some decent moments like the Kawhi shot in game 7, Damian Lillard's insane game-winner, and Steph going crazy against the Rockets, but they haven't been consistent. Now, we're down to the final four teams and we discuss who we see getting to the NBA Finals. Woe is us. The Bruins made quick work of the Hurricanes and it...


It's the NFL Draft show! (Plus Kentucky Derby Odds)

It's the draft episode! Oh, and we also talk the ponies and a bit of the NHL playoffs. The NHL playoffs keep moving and there are only eight teams left who can lift the cup. We see two clear favorites but also have our Cinderella picks. Listen to see who we're pulling for to grab Lord Stanley in just a few weeks. Riders up! The 145th Kentucky Derby is this weekend. Andy thinks he has a surefire pick and Jimi goes a bit chalk with his pick. The draft is over and a whole new crop of...


NFL Draft Preview, NHL Playoff Reactions, Siri Makes an Appearance

All four major sports wrapped up in one episode. The NHL Playoffs move on, and this time without the Penguins advancing beyond the first round. We give our thoughts on the disappointing Pens series loss and what we think went wrong. Who are our favorites now that the Penguins are out? The young MLB season is already exciting. We've seen surprising teams emerge and favorites falter. Listen to hear our initial (too early) MLB impressions. Also, Andy has a small Pirates rant and those are...