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Paddy Pigskin offers an Irishman's perspective on American Football. Gary is a New York Giants fan living in Boston, follow his weekly podcast and keep up to date with everything in the world of the NFL. Partnering with Draft Kings for 2017 NFL season and beyond.

Paddy Pigskin offers an Irishman's perspective on American Football. Gary is a New York Giants fan living in Boston, follow his weekly podcast and keep up to date with everything in the world of the NFL. Partnering with Draft Kings for 2017 NFL season and beyond.
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Paddy Pigskin offers an Irishman's perspective on American Football. Gary is a New York Giants fan living in Boston, follow his weekly podcast and keep up to date with everything in the world of the NFL. Partnering with Draft Kings for 2017 NFL season and beyond.




Paddy Pigskin - 2018 Draft Recap

The post-NFL Draft hangover is kicking in and it's shite, quite frankly! Just Gary and Ger this week recapping the action from the Draft, as Barry is off being a functioning member of society, they grow up so fast. We discuss how our own teams did and also offer up winners & losers from the 3-day affair in the house that Jerry built. The NFL now enters a quiet phase for the next few weeks, no bueno! Breakdown: Draft Winners - 1:57 Draft Losers - 30:19 Contest Winners & Swag Alert - 45:23...


Paddy Pigskin - 2018 MOCK DRAFT

Our 1st ever NFL Mock Draft is locked in! Myself, Ger, Barry and of course Barney recorded this episode live on Facebook in Down the Road Beer Company in Everett, MA. 96 picks, several pints, 1 pup and some great craic in between made this one of our best episodes yet! #lessslantmoresláinte Check out the video at: Breakdown: Picks 1 to 16 - 2:25 Picks 17 to 32 - 38:46 Beer Review - 1:15:00 Featured Track: American Dream - Jeezy...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode Turty Tree

LESS THAN 2 WEEKS TO THE NFL DRAFT PEOPLE!! Ger and Barry have the week off this week as Steve O' Rourke from is back with me to talk all things football. He discusses meeting some well known NFL players on their recent trip to Ireland and the ongoing controversy surrounding Kaep and Eric Reid. We round things off by previewing the madness that's sure to unfold during the 1st round of the NFL Draft in Dallas. Don't forget we are now on SPOTIFY so check us out there and follow the...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 32 Ireland v USA!

It's international game week, Ireland v USA LET'S GOOOO!! Ireland's U-20 national team face American competition this Saturday in the AWF Elite High School team. So this week, I have Head Coach Ciaran O'Sullivan on to preview this huge game for Irish football. Myself, Ger and Barry also give our winners and losers from NFL Free Agency over some beers and a bonus bourbon on National Whiskey Day. Who made their squads better and who are destined for the pit of misery in 2018? Tune in and...


Paddy Pigskin - Free Agency Frenzy

PADDY PIGSKIN IS BACK!! It's the first episode of the 2018 NFL season, and what a week it's been for free agency. Some monster contracts have been signed, trades have gone down and big names released from their clubs, BYE FELICIA. I'm joined by Ger and Barry as we break down the biggest movers and shakers of free agency so far as we knock back a cold one and have the craic. It's great to be back in your earholes, enjoy! #lessslantmoreslainte Breakdown: New Beer Who Dis? - 3:11 Free Agent...


Paddy Pigskin - Super Bowl Recap

The Patriots blew a 33-32 lead! Full house this week as we recap the craziness that was Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis. Barry and a very jubilant Ger who provides the beer of the week, are with me to break down the game in depth. We also discuss Malcom Butler drama and the players who got the nod to be enshrined as the 2018 NFL Hall of Fame class on this Donnie Shell dedicated Episode 31. Breakdown: Donnie Shell - 1:27 Super Bowl 52 - 3:13 2018 NFL Hall of Fame - 45:20 Thanks to everyone who...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 30

It's Super Bowl Week! Gary and Ger are back in freezing Boston to talk REAL football this week. We discuss our time at the Pro Bowl in Orlando, the latest display of immortality in the Tom v Time documentary, and of course preview the grandaddy of em all this week in Minneapolis. Who will win it all? Breakdown: Super Bowl 30 Throwback - 1:12 Pro Bowl Chat - 3:29 Tom v Time - 7:15 Super Bowl 52 Preview - 19:36 Still time to join us for our Draft Kings Super Bowl Showdown contest! Sign up at...


Paddy Pigskin - Pro Bowl Special feat. NFL Talk

We are in Orlando, Florida for the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl! Gary and Cathal from the NFL Talk Podcast discuss who their AFC & NFC All Pro Rosters are for the 2017 season with beers and banter aplenty. Bonus cameos from Ger on the couch and a woman being attacked by a dog outside our apartment window!


Paddy Pigskin with Pat Murray

Newwww Yorrrrrrrk, concrete jungle where dreams are maaaaaade of!! We are in NY this week chatting to our first NFL player on Paddy Pigskin. We sat down with Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kicker Pat Murray by way of Monaghan, Ireland in his home GAA club of Rockland to chat all things football. Pat gave us a great insight into his history as a GAA player growing up, his up and down journey in the NFL so far and what life is like as a pro. Sit back and enjoy coz we thoroughly enjoyed doing this one!...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 29

And then there were FOUR! We have lowered our heart rates after the dramatic finish to the Divisional games to recap all 4 games as Ger is back with me for the first time in 2018. We discuss some of the latest moves in the NFL coaching market and preview the juicy conference championship games on this Eric Berry dedicated episode. #lessslantmoreslainte Breakdown: Eric Berry - 1:04 Who's Fired & Who's Hired? - 3:42 Divisional Game Recaps - 8:32 Conference Game Previews - 29:14 Still time to...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 28

We are back in the snowy tundra of Boston, USA! It's our first episode of 2018 back on Murrican soil and Barry is in the studio with us this week. We give our reactions to the Wild Card Weekend games and discuss some of the latest moves in the NFL coaching market. And we cracked open a new cold one for the first time this year for our latest beer review as we preview the Divisional Round games on this Marshall Faulk dedicated episode. Good to be back in the ol' U S of A! Breakdown:...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 27

We are back with our first episode of 2018! Steve O' Rourke from is back (in person this time) to discuss Jon Gruden's HUGE contract to coach the Raiders, the bombshell Patriots story ESPN dropped this week and the NFL coaching carousel. We also preview the Wild Card Weekend games as the post season enters it's first week on this Steve Atwater dedicated episode. It's good to be back! Breakdown: Steve Atwater - 1:47 Steve O' Rourke and Juicy Gossip - 3:46 Wild Card Game Previews -...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 26

A very special episode! This week I had the pleasure of chatting to Chris Wesseling from and the legendary Around The NFL podcast. Chris reminisces about his journey from humble football beginnings to the top of the NFL podcasting mountain. We also discussed the evolution of fantasy football, the growth of the game overseas and I pushed him for some post season predictions, not to be missed on this Rod Woodson dedicated episode! Breakdown: Rod Woodson - 1:40 Chris Wesseling - 3:30...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 25

Walking in a winter wonderland!! Josh Gordon can't see the haters, heartbreak for the Wentz Wagon in Philly & Brady shits himself again in Miami. Gary & Ger break down the sexy stories from the past week in the NFL and we preview the SHIT out of Week 15. As always we crack open a new cold one, have the craic and wrap up the show with Paddy's Picks on this Fred Biletnikoff dedicated episode. Subscribe, download, enjoy! #lessslantmoreslainte Breakdown: 2:15 - Fred Biletnikoff 4:50 - Sexy...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 23

Is it the end of an era??? Eli has been benched for Geno fucking Smith so the news dominates the in-depth discussion this week. Barry is back as a married man and as we crack open a new beer, he gets FIRED UP chatting Giants, Bucs and the future of both franchises. And we round out the Troy Vincent dedicated show with our Week 13 previews and Paddy's Picks. Breakdown: Troy Vincent - 2:03 Eli Manning Chat - 3:51 Tampa Bay Bucs - 40:47 Week 13 Picks - 56:50 Paddy's Picks - 1:24:16 Like...


Paddy Pigskin - Bonus Episode

It's an Atlantic Cup bonus episode! Our second episode of the week focuses on the Atlantic Cup match up between the Irish champs the Dublin Rebels versus the Bucharest Rebels from Romania. And who better to have on the show to preview this huge game than Andrei "Vlad" Vasilescu who has played for both teams. We also talk about the differences between football in Ireland and Romania, his new England Patriots, things he likes/dislikes about Ireland and we make the rest of our Week 12 picks....


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 22

It's the Paddy Pigskin Thanksgiving Day Special! What better way to celebrate the holiday than listen to an Irish dude and an Italian chatting about football and food. Raiders fan Steve Calobrisi joins me in the studio to break down the 3 Thanksgiving Day games, knock back a cold one for our beer review, and talk about his family food spread. And as it's episode 22, this one is for Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith, rounded out with the Week 12 Paddy's Picks. Breakdown: Emmitt Smith - 1:52 Steve...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 21

We are back from our Bye Week with our NFL mid-term report cards!! This week all 32 teams get graded, so find out if your team is an A+ student or the class room cabbage that does nothin. We review a new beer, give a shout out to Prime Time Deion Sanders and I make my Paddy's Picks for Week 11. Also big shout out to DJ Luke Bailey who is now on board as our editor/music man! Breakdown: Deion Sanders & Beer - 1:25 NFC Grades - 8:04 AFC Grades - 42:00 Week 11 Paddy's Pick's - 1:06:28 Join us...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 20

NFL TRADE WEEK!! Quite the eventful week in National Football League with a few shockers that nobody saw coming. Jo Coyne from The Rumble Podcast back in Ireland joined me in our Boston studio to discuss who were the Del Boys and who were the Plonkers of the trade deadline. And he is fond of a pint so we forced a new beer on him in our weekly beer review. We wrap up the Barry Sanders dedicated show with our Week 9 Pick Em's and Paddy's Picks for you fantasy anoraks. Enjoy, subscribe, and...


Paddy Pigskin - Episode 19

COLLEGE FOOTBALL SPECIAL this week as my #6 Ohio State Buckeyes take on #2 Penn State in a huge Big10 clash! Barry is on his honeymoon and Ger is out partying so what better week to have my good buddy Matt Craig who works for Penn State on the show. We talk about how he brought Penn State to Dublin to take on UCF in 2014, the phenom RB Saquon Barkley, and our teams chances in the biggest juiciest college game of the year. We round out the Eric Dickerson dedicated show with our Week 8 picks...


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