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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.

Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.




Roger Goodell Finally Addresses the Media + Deshaun Watson Update | 10/27 #1

NFL News: Roger Goodell held a press conference to answer media questions on the email scandal along with sexual assault allegations against the league and its players. Houston Texans: Goodell speaks on Deshaun Watson case and what steps the league will put in place for him if need be.


Mike Tomlin Gets Outraged by USC Job Rumors + Notable Footballs You Want to Own | 10/27 #2

USC College Football: Rumors are still spreading about Mike Tomlins name being dropped into the hat for the HC role at USC. PFT Week 8 Power Rankings: #5. Buffalo Bills #4. Green Bay Packers #3. LA Rams #2. ... #1. ... Florio and Simms take a look back at some of history's most notable footballs that fans, players, and all footballers alike would like to have. What is the NFL Rooney Rule???


PFT Week 7 Monday Night Football Recap + NFL Trade Deadline Only 8 days Left | 10/26 #1

Monday Night Football: Last night's contest between the Saints and Seahawks was rather disappointing. With Seattle having Geno Smith under center, the Seahawks couldn't get much done through the air. Alvin Kamara is the Saints offense, without him, they don't score. Tom Brady: Byron Kennedy is the fan who got Tom Brady's milestone football, but was asked to give it back??? What compensations did Brady and the Buccs Organization give to this fan for giving up a One-And-Only...


What Is Happening to the Chiefs??? + Joe Burrow Making Statements in His Sophomore Year Campaign | 10/26 #2

Kansas City Chiefs: Andy Reid knows his team is struggling, but what's next for the Chiefs? Tennessee Titans: Does beating the Chiefs make the Titans a Super Bowl contender? Cincinnati Bengals: They ended last season last in the division (4-11-1) and now they just beat the Baltimore Ravens to take the top spot in the division. Is this Joe Burrow's breakout season? Phil Simms brought up comparisons between Joe Burrow and Joe Montana.... Week 7 Goats (In a Bad Way): Super-fan Byron...


Chiefs Continue Losing + Deshaun Heading Down to Miami??? | 10/25 #1

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs continue to Struggle on both sides of the ball against the Tennessee Titans. In a blowout contest, the Chiefs offense didn't score a single touchdown, their only points the entire game coming from a Harrison Butker FG Kick. Bengals vs Ravens: In an AFC North Divisional game, the Cincinnati Bengals defeat the Baltimore Ravens. Is Joe Burrow and his Bengals making a statement against Lamar and the Ravens? Deshaun Watson: With the trade deadline approaching...


Tom Brady's 600th Career TD + Zach Wilson Gets Injured | 10/25 #2

Tom Brady: For the first time in NFL history, Tom Brady is the first player ever to total 600 career TDs. So what happened to that football? Week 7 Superlatives: Ja'Marr Chase sets record for most rec. yards in first 7 games. New York Jets: With Zach Wilson getting injured this week, what does that mean for the Jets? Who's behind Wilson? Week 7 Sunday Statements: Tom Brady.....How can he not be the GOAT with 600 Career TD Passes!!!!! The first and only to do it!


PFT Thursday Night Football Recap + Week 7 Rip Through | 10/22 #1

TNF: Backup QB Case Keenum defends First Energy Stadium against the Denver Broncos. What You Need to Know: Potential trade in from Houston to get rid of Deshaun Watson? And how does JJ Watt feel about returning to Houston for a matchup against his old team? Week 7 Rip Through: Who will do better against their old team, Stafford, Goff, or Watt? Which rookie will come out on top, Mac Jones or Zach Wilson? Florio and King run through these and many more scenarios for upcoming Week 7...


PFT Take Your Pick + PFT LIVE Draft Show Me Something | 10/22 #2

Chiefs @ Titans: Will Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs turn this season around in Week 7, or will Derrick Henry run all over the Chiefs lackluster defense. Take Your Pick: Join Florio and King as they decide some of the best QB performances so far and some non-QB MVPs that have been performing lately. PFT LIVE Draft Show Me Something: Who's going off this week? Florio wants to see Jared Goff do something against his old team, and Peter King wants to see Joe Burrow and the Bengals beat...


Case Keenum Will Start for Browns in Week 7 + Jared Goff Returns to LA | 10/21 #1

Cleveland Browns: With Baker Mayfield out with a shoulder injury, backup QB Case Keenum will start Week 7 and become the 31st starting QB for the Browns since 1999. NFL Emails: Bruce Allen is on yet another headline, but this time it's about different emails. "Bruce Allen sent questionable photo to multiple members of league office in 2011" PFT LIVE Fill in the Blank: Jared Goff goes back to LA; What if the Titans beat the Chiefs?; Bengals or Ravens, who's at the top of the AFC?


Mike Evans Talks About His Time With Antonio Brown + PFT Prop Bets Week 7 | 10/21 #2

What You Need to Know: Mike Evans has nothing but praise for his fellow wideout teammate Antonio Brown. Florio and Simms give us more updates on news around the league. PFT Prop Bets: Florio and Simms run through some prop bets for upcoming games in Week 7; O/U on Case Keenum Passing Yards, O/U Tom Brady Passing Yards, O/U Derrick Henry Rushing Yards, etc. PFT Week 7 Matchups: Join Florio and Simms as they compare some of Week 7's most anticipated matchups. Final 98 Yard Drive by...


Apparently it's Dr. Jerry Jones Now + Is the NFL Trying to Cover Up More Emails? | 10/20 #1

Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones goes on air saying that in his "professional" opinion, this upcoming bye week will help Dak get ready for the following week. Jon Gruden & Bruce Allen: Florio and Simms continue the conversation on the NFL holding onto over 650,000 emails that could incriminate more staff, owners, and coaches. Airing of Grievances: Joe Judge still thinks his season thus far doesn't mean its the end for his (1-5) Giants.


PFT Week 7 Power Rankings + Most Dramatic NFL Breakups | 10/20 #2

PFT Week 7 Power Rankings: Florio finally has the Baltimore Ravens not in 4th...... Week 6 Feats of Strength: Look at some the leagues greatest displays of strength from Week 6. PFT LIVE Draft: Join Florio and Simms as they pick out some of the leagues worst breakups in history.


Bills Don't Convert 4th & Down + Injury Updates After Week 6 | 10/19 #1

Monday Night Football: The Tennessee Titans defend their home against a hot Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen couldn't convert his 4th & 1, and Bills lost by 3. Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott got injured on last play of their game and McCarthy is "optimistic" about a Week 8 return. Cleveland Browns: After the Browns lost this weekend, Kevin Stefanski gives us an updates on their injury list. Confirmed Baker's injury and lists off more.


Trevor Lawrence Gets His First Game Ball + Pete Carroll and Cam Newton...maybe??? | 10/19 #2

Jacksonville Jaguars: After Sunday morning's win in London against Miami, Trevor Lawrence received the game ball from Marvin Jones Jr. Seattle Seahawks: Pete Carroll talks about his conversation with free agent QB Cam Newton. PFT LIVE Draft: Week 6 GOATS (In A Bad Way) Join Florio and Simms this week when they reveal who they think had a less than great performance in Week 6.


Cowboys Defeat Patriots at Gillette + Tomlin Angry at Officiating | 10/18 #1

Cowboys at Patriots: After Sunday's defeat to the Cowboys, Bill Belichick and his Patriots are 0-4 at home to start the season. This is the first time since Drew Bledsoe's rookie year (1993). Mike Tomlin gets heated in postgame interview when asked about his thoughts on the officials stopping the game play to review a catch in the last drive by Pittsburg. Cleveland Browns: Mayfield claims he's alright in this post-game press conference. Las Vegas Raiders: After an emotional and...


PFT Week 6 Superlatives + PFT Week 6 Winners/Losers | 10/18 #2

PFT Week 6 Superlatives: Lamar Jackson is the winningest QB under 25 in the history of the NFL. Stafford and Kupp THE duo. And more! PFT Week 6 Winners: Florio choses Trevor Lawrence and Golic Picks KJ Osborn as their Winners of the Week. PFT Week 6 Losers: Who didn't perform this weekend? Join Florio and Golic as they reveal their Week 6 Losers. Monday Night Football Preview: The 4-1 Bills take on the 3-2 Titans in tonight's Prime Time Show.


PFT Thursday Night Football Review + Week 6 Rip Through | 10/15 #1

TNF: In last night's matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Philadelphia Eagles, Brady left Philly with the Win in Week 6. Jeff Pash: More and more details are coming to light about recent news with Jon Gruden. Florio talks about Jeff Pash and his part in the latest NFL scandal. Week 6 Rip Through: How will Justin Fields handle his first GB/CHI game? Will the Chiefs turn things around this week? Florio and Peter King answers these questions and more.


Verizon Fill In the Blank + PFT Show Me Something | 10/15 #2

Chargers/Ravens & Cardinals/Browns: Will we see a new QB rivalry this weekend? Justin Herbert heads down to Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray dukes it out with Baker Mayfield. Fill In The Blank: Join Florio and Peter King as they go over this week's Verizon feature 'Fill In The Blank'. PFT LIVE Show Me Something: Peter King and Florio tell us who they want to see perform this weekend and who they think will do well in their upcoming matchup.


PFT Thursday Night Football Preview + What's More Likely? | 10/14 #1

Thursday Night Football: Florio and Simms talk about what's going to happen when Tom Brady and the Buccaneers fly to Philadelphia to take on Jalen Hurts and his Eagles. Patrick Mahomes: Is the Chiefs offense feeling too much pressure from their lack-luster defense. What's More Likely?: Simms joins Florio in this week's What's More Likely segment.


Reactions From the League on Jon Gruden's Resignation + TNF Prop Bets | 10/14 #2

Jon Gruden: Derek Carr and Brandon Staley talk about their thoughts on Raiders Ex-Head Coach Jon Gruden. PFT Prop Bets: Florio and Simms run through some prop bets for tonight's matchup between the Buccaneers and Eagles. PFT LIVE Draft: Florio and Simms each gives us their winners in this segment of Week 6 Matchups.