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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.

Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.




Washington Football Team hands Seattle their 3rd straight loss + COVID accumulates on the Cowboys roster yet again | 11/30 #1

Seahawks vs Cowboys: With this being Russell Wilson's 2nd game back, we hoped more of the rust would have been dealt with. In a pretty much defensive battle last night, Russell Wilson couldn't do much with the Washington defense. Seahawks lose 15-17 and drops to 3-8 while WFT advances to 5-6. Dallas Cowboys: After a shocking positive COVID test resulted in Amari Cooper's absence from 2 games, head coach Mike McCarthy has now also been placed on the COVID list heading into Week...


Taysom Hill is more than just the utility player + Injuries from Week 12: Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey + Kliff Kingsbury leaves us in limbo after not commenting on Oklahoma job | 11/30 #2

New Orleans Saints: Taysom Hill is getting another shot at QB1. Sean Payton needs to make a choice between Trevor Siemian and Taysom Hill and this week Taysom is getting his shot. Week 12 Injuries: Dalvin Cook was seen carted off, but Mike Zimmer stated during his conference that Cook is on a day-to-day basis. Christian McCaffrey is out for the season. Kliff Kingsbury: Rumors' have spread about Arizona Cardinals head coach possibly leaving the NFL for Oklahoma head coaching job. Week 12...


Patriots Wins 6th Straight Game + Ravens Remain Top Seed in AFC + Packers Fend Off the Rams | 11/29 #1

Patriots vs Titans: In a much anticipated AFC matchup, Mac Jones and the Patriots took care of business and walked away with the win at home. Mac Jones threw for a career high of 310 yards. Ravens vs Browns: In a rough start on Sunday, Lamar Jackson brought his team back after giving up 2 interceptions in the first half. Bengals vs Steelers: Even with double coverage on Jamarr Chase all night, Joe Burrow found the rest of his receiving core in last nights win against the Steelers. Packers...


Buccaneers Defeat the Colts in a Nail-Biter + Cam Newton Got Benched in the 4th + Injury Updates | 11/29 #2

Week 12 Superlatives: Golic thinks Tua looked good this past weekend. Bourne had his TD this past weekend, but does it come at a cost? Buccaneers vs Colts: During their win this past weekend, Tampa Bay tackle Vita Vea looses his front tooth during a play. Dolphins vs Panthers: Before he could finish out the game, Cam Newton was benched by backup PJ Walker. This outcome seemed inevitable given the score and the fact that Cam had already thrown 2 INTs. Week 12 Statements: Leonard Fournette...


After Further Review + Week 12 Power Rankings | 11/24 #2

After Further Review: Errors and more controversies from officiating staff this week. Join Florio and Simms as they break down some of these calls. Week 12 Power Rankings: 5 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 - Green Bay Packers 3 - LA Rams 2 - ??? 1 - ??? What's More Likely?: The NY fans will be booing at halftime, or cheering a revitalized offense? Week 12 Matchups: Florio picks McVay to go against Florio and Simms picks Mike Vrabel against Bill Belichick. Join Florio and Simms as they more...


Jason Garrett Gets Fired as Giants' Offensive Coordinator + Could We See Another Head Coach in Chicago Next Year? + Amari Cooper Update with Dr. Jones | 11/24 #1

New York Giants: After multiple disappointing showings in play-calling, Jason Garret has been fired by the Giants. What happened to the ex 'Coach of the Year'? Chicago Bears: Chants, online posts, and a couple of other forms of media are the many ways Chicago fans are calling for the resignation (or termination) of HC Matt Nagy. What does Matt Nagy have to say about these rumors? Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys lost to the Chiefs this past week and owner/self proclaimed doctor, Jerry Jones...


The Bucs Are Back! + Baker Mayfield Brushes Off Cleveland Fans | 11/23 #1

Buccaneers vs Giants: After winning against the Giants to end their 2 game win streak, another one of Brady's streak continues. Tom Brady still has not lost 3 straight games in a row since 2002. Cleveland Browns: Even though they won in their Sunday Matchup, some Browns fans gave Baker a standing ovation....of Boos. Did Baker handle his emotions and reactions to right way towards his own fans? Take a look at his (post) post-game press conference.


Pete Carroll and Tyler Locket Aren't On the Same Page + Speed Bump or Road Block? + The future of Taysom Hill in the NFL | 11/23 #2

Seattle Seahawks: After a loss to the Cardinals, Tyler Locket told the media what he thought went wrong in their offense. A day later, Pete Carroll doesn't corroborate with his wideout's story. The offensive communication in Seattle seems to be leaking beyond the field. Speed Bump or Road Block: Join Florio and Simms as they take a look at some anomalies that occurred this weekend. Are these outcomes the outlier or the expectation for these team? Taysom Hill: After just signing his 4 year...


Mahomes and the Chiefs Are Still on a Hot Streak + Texans Takes Down the Titans + Rodgers Couldn't Keep Up With the Vikings Offense | 11/11 #1

Chiefs vs Cowboys: The Chiefs extend their win streak to 4 games. A large part was thanks to the defense locking down Dak and the Cowboys offense. Texans vs Titans: Having to face the powerhouse Titans in their home and walking away with a win is shocking the rest of the league. Tyrod Taylor scores first away TD since Week 2 and helped carry his team to the win over the Titans. Colts vs Bills: Even with 5 TOT by Jonathan Taylor, the Bills lost at home to the Colts. Vikings vs...


Pete Carroll Talks to the Press Twice? + Chargers Win Over the Steelers + Cam Newton Couldn't Keep His Promise | 11/22 #2

Pete Carroll got frustrated during the post game press conference and leaves abruptly. He then proceeds to return later in the conference to answer more questions, addresses his attitude, and expresses his respect for the media. Chargers vs Steelers: Brandon Staley was very pleased with how his team won while answering questions from the media. Washington vs Panthers: In their first matchup against one another since Rivera cut Cam Newton from his roster, Ron Rivera came out on top. Last...


Patriots Dominated the Falcons in a Shutout Win + Does Antonio Brown Have a FAKE Vaccination Card??? | 11/19 #1

Thursday Night Football: The Patriots move onto their 5th straight win after completely shutting down Matt Ryan and the Falcons in a 25-0 win. Antonio Brown: After the internet did its thing, photos surfaced of AB's girlfriend looking like she's texting someone to make a fake vaccination card for Antonio Brown.


Can the Chief's Defense Handle Them Cowboys? + Sean Payton's Honest Opinion on Officiating this Season | 11/19 #2

Chiefs vs Cowboys: After a slow start, the Chiefs are now on a 3-game win streak. With these two powerhouse offenses, it seems like it's going to be on the defenses to decide this matchup. Sean Payton: After 'not getting into it' in his post game presser, Sean Payton talks about his thoughts on this years officiating. "A number of people in our positions that believe these guys should be full time.." Week 11 Rip Through: Peter King and Mike Florio look at this weeks most anticipated...


Super Bowl 51 Rematch: Patriots at Falcons + Mike White Gets Passed Over By Flacco for Starting Role | 11/18 #1

Thursday Night Football: In a throwback match between the two Super Bowl 51 teams, will we see New England come out on top against Atlanta once again? Or will Matt Ryan and the Falcons end the Patriots 4-game win streak? New York Jets: With Zach Wilson getting sidelined, Mike White had stepped up as the Jets starter. This past Monday, Mike was backed up by his coach to be the starter, but only a couple days later coach Saleh was now backing up recently signed free agent Joe Flacco.


Ron Rivera's Return to Carolina + Baker Mayfield Feeling the Hits | 11/18 #2

Ron Rivera: With the Washington Football Team heading down to Carolina this weekend, Rivera talks to the press about any emotions he's feeling. Fill In the Blank: Join Simms and Florio as they answer this week's fill in the blank ad libs. QB Injuries: Baker Mayfield tells the media, "I'm probably the most beat up I've been". Week 11 Matchups:


Packers Offer Stocks for Holiday Sale + Steelers Are Full of Injuries + Dr. Jerry Jones Is Back | 11/17 #1

Green Bay Packers: In an interview, AJ Dillon confirms he will be one of the many that will be purchasing Green Bay Packers stock. 1 stock = $300, is it worth it? Pittsburg Steelers: Big Ben was sidelined for Week 10, what about Week 11? Franchise linebacker TJ Watt is still recovering from injuries, won't know if he'll participate in the Week 11 matchup against the Chargers. Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones makes comments on the late hit received by Dak Prescott.


PFT: After Further Review + OBJ's New Life + MVP Candidates | 11/17 #2

PFT 'After Further Review': With so many missed calls in the league so far in the season, Florio and Simms take a look at some of the worst missed calls made by NFL officials in Week 10. Some of these were game changing calls, should NFL officials be held more accountable? Should we require them to hold postgame press conferences? Listen to Simms and Florio discuss a possible turning point in the league. PFT Week 10 Power Rankings: Who's on top the power ranking board after their Week 10...


Deebo Samuel Running Circles Around Rams Defense + Cam Newton Set to Be Starter for Panthers | 11/16 #1

49ers vs Rams: In last night's Monday Night Football matchup, with a unexpected loss to the Rams, SF WR Deebo Samuel got things done through the air and on the ground. At the end of the 31-10 win for the 49ers, Deebo Samuel ended with 1 TD on the ground and 1 TD through the air. Carolina Panthers: With a 2TD performance from Cam Newton in his first game back in Carolina, Matt Rhule told the media that he is expecting Cam Newton to be the starter moving forward to next weekend. PJ Walker...


Brady Shut Down + Teddy Bridgewater Makes Business Decision + Officiating Controversies | 11/16 #2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: With a second straight loss in Week 10, Brady couldn't get his passes through to his receivers. Bruce Arians talks about what occurred this past weekend in the passing game. Teddy Bridgewater: During the Broncos loss to the Eagles, Teddy B decided to not make a play on the Darius Slay Interception for a touchdown. Simms as a fellow QB is ashamed of his decision to not make the tackle on the play. Should Teddy B have put his body on the line and make the...


Are the Chiefs Back??? + Brady and Buccs Fall to 6-3 + Cam Newton is Back! | 11/15 #1

Chiefs vs Raiders: In last night's Sunday Night Football matchup, Patrick Mahomes looked like he was back to his usual self with a 5 TD performance against the Raiders. Washington Football Team vs Buccaneers: With a loss last week and a loss this week against the Washington Football Team, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers have now lost 2 straight and fall to 6-3. Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton got resigned with his old team, and in the same week ran for a TD and threw for a TD in his...


Mac Jones Proving His Worth + Cowboys and Bills Bounce Back | 11/15 #2

Week 10 Superlatives: Florio and Golic hand out some superlatives after what they saw this past Sunday. Patriots vs Browns: The Patriots win their 4th straight game with Mac Jones leading this new Patriots campaign. Cowboys vs Falcons: Trying to forget about the loss to the Broncos last week, Dak Prescott and Co. defeats the Falcons in Week 10. Bills vs Jets: In a much needed matchup, the Bills proved they have an explosive offense in a 45-17 win over the Jets. Week 10 Sunday...