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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.

Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.




Will the Vikings comeback after loss to Lions? + Aaron Rodgers has no remorse to Bears fans + Tom Brady's retirement | 12/9 #1

Thursday Night Football - Vikings vs. Steelers: The Vikings gave the Detroit Lions their first win in week 13, and the Steelers took down the Ravens in a battle between new dog and old dog. Will the Vikings figure it our in week 14, or will the Steelers continue their winning streak. Aaron Rodgers: During their week 6 game against the Chicago Bears, Aaron Rodgers scored a touchdown and then proceeded to mock the opposing fans and shouting "I still own you". Rodgers addresses his actions yet...


Joe Burrow and Taysom Hill only need 4 fingers to throw + Bill Belichick, 2021 Coach of the Year | 12/9 #2

Week 14 Injury Updates: Taysom Hill still has finger issues, and Joe Burrow will play just a week after dislocating his pinky. What's More Likely?: Simms and Florio answer some odds as to what they think would be more likely in these week 14 scenarios. Bill Belichick: After an impressive win on Monday Night, Bill Belichick is now in talks for coach of the year. Everyone knows how skilled Belichick is, year after year, he proves it with his team. Can Belichick win another Coach of the Year...


Jamal Adams OUT for rest of season + Week 13 Controversial Officiating | 12/8 #1

Aaron Rodgers: While on the Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers gives us an update on his nagging toe injury. Jamal Adams is out for the season with a torn labrum. After Further Review: Join Chris Simms and Mike Florio as they break down some of this weeks worst calls or non calls.


Sean McDermott questioning Brian Daboll's performance + Arizona Cardinals on top of week 14 rankings | 12/8 #2

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots: Sean McDermott talks about his offensive coordinator's performance and how they missed opportunities. Does Bill Belichicks performance on Monday give him the edge in this years Coach of the Year voting? Week 14 Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals on top while the AFC leader, the New England Patriots, follow second. Oh What a Catch!: Take a look at this weeks most impressive catches. Everything from one-handed to diving toe dragging interceptions. Which...


Patriots only need 3 throws to win a game + Panthers fire Joe Brady | 12/7 #1

Patriots vs Bills: Prior to the start of Monday Night Football, reports indicated that the game could be disrupted by gusts that reached up to 60 mph. The Patriots decided to take it to the ground and run nearly every play, except for 3 throws. The bills on the other hand decided to let Josh Allen loose through the air. The game ended with a low score of 14-10, Patriots win. Carolina Panthers: Its Week 13 and Matt Rhule decides to fire his offensive coordinator, Joe Brady. Is that really...


Joe Burrow discusses dislocated finger + Bruce Arians too lenient on Antonio Brown + Avoidable season ending hits | 12/7 #2

Joe Burrow: After dislocating his finger in the first series, Joe Burrow threw for 300 yards against the Chargers. The Bengals ultimately lost in the end. Burrow and Zac Taylor talk to the press about the injury. Will this affect Burrow for the rest of the season? Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Antonio Brown is still on his 3 game suspension for giving the league a fake vaccination card. Bruce Arians talks to the press about it, but it seems as if he's being too easy towards the actions of...


Lamar Jackson couldn't complete 2 point conversion in 19-20 loss against the Steelers + Joe Burrow plays with a dislocated finger + George Kittle's 'craziest' game | 12/6 #1

Steelers vs Ravens: In what seemed like the start of Big Ben's farewell tour, he still proves he still has it with a win over Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Instead of kicking a field goal for the tie, the Baltimore Ravens chose to go for the win, but couldn't convert on the 2 point conversion. Chargers vs Bengals: In a battle between first round QBs, Justin Herbert takes home the win. Joe Burrow dislocated his finger on the first drive and attempted to play through the pain. Chiefs vs...


Jared Goff won his first game with Detroit with a walk-off TD + Last minute addition to Raiders roster leads to last minute win | 12/6 #2

Week 13 Superlatives: Jonathan Taylor gets recognized by Golic and Florio loved watching Gardner Minshew prove himself. Look at more superlatives from Week 13. Lions vs Vikings: Jared Goff won his first game without head coach Sean McVay. Dan Campbell gets his team their first win of the 2021 season, moving the lions to 1-10-1. Raiders vs Washington Football Team: Brian Johnson, the kicker for the WFT, joined the team 5 days ago and proceeded to kick the go-ahead FG for the win. Week 13...


Dan Quinn steers the Cowboys to 8-4 + Antonio Brown remains on Bucs roster, even after lying??? | 12/3 #1

Cowboys vs Saints: Head Coach Mike McCarthy wasn't able to lead his team last night due to being placed on the COVID list. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn took over the reigns one night and secured the Cowboys 8th win. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: With the news of Antonio Brown lying about his vaccination status, the NFL gave him a 3-game suspension. Why has Bruce Arians still kept AB on his roster? Didn't Antonio Brown "only have 1 chance"? Or at least that's what Arians said himself....


Lamar Jackson needs to step up after his 4 interception game + The beginning of a rivalry, Joe Burrow vs Justin Herbert | 12/3 #2

Ravens vs Steelers: Lamar Jackson threw 4 interceptions in a single game for the first time in his career. Does this performance concern Baltimore fans? Big Ben lost more than a step this year, what does Pittsburg need to do looking forward to the 2022 season? LA Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow got drafted 1st overall and Justin Herbert 6th overall in the 2020 Draft. This will be the first time these two young franchise QBs face off in the league. Could this be the start of an...


Cowboys will have to face the Saints without Head Coach Mike McCarthy + Adrian Peterson is now an official Seahawks | 12/2 #1

Thursday Night Football, Cowboys vs Saints: Mike McCarthy is out due to COVID along with other members of the staff and roster. Amari Cooper should be back, but will he be missing a step after missing 2 weeks? Taysom Hill is also set to start as of now, pending any injuries or rapport from Sean Payton. Seattle Seahawks: With a very disappointing season thus far, Coach Pete Carroll brought in veteran running back Adrian Peterson. What kind of usage could Adrian see in Seattle? Will this be...


Baltimore is favored to win against Big Ben and the Steelers + Is Baker Mayfield the future of Cleveland? + QB injury updates going into Week 13 | 12/2 #2

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburg Steelers: Ever since Big Ben has been QB1 in Pittsburg (Drafted: 2004), this will be the first time that Baltimore will go into the game as the favorite. Can Lamar win it for the family, or will Big Ben prove that he's still got it? Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield is set to play this weekend, but after getting thoroughly hit throughout the season, is this a wise option? Can Baker push past his injuries and get a win? Week 13 Fill in the Blank: What's the most...


Aaron Rodgers is hoping to avoid toe surgery + Urban Meyer does not want to be tied with Notre Dame rumors | 12/01 #1

New York Giants: Daniel Jones is on a week to week with a neck strain. Daniel Jones has sustained tons of hits this season and it could lead to future issues with the QB1 spot. Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers will make his decision early next week on whether to get surgery on his toe or not this season. Pittsburg Steelers: Chase Claypool may be new, but maybe he shouldn't joke around about "practice music".....or at least not in front of Head Coach Mike Tomlin. Here's some of the things...


Officiating discrepancies thus far in 2021 + Week 13 Power Rankings | 12/01 #2

After Further Review: In this weeks segment where Florio talks about some of the NFL's more questionable calls, Florio and Simms take a closer look at some discrepancy calls thus far in the 2021 campaign. Week 13 Power Rankings: 5 - Baltimore Ravens 4 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 - Green Bay Packers 2 - ??? 1 - ??? Fill in the Blank: Florio and Simms give out their picks for 'coaches you trust most that haven't made it to the playoffs', 'the week 12 loser you're least concerned about',...


Washington Football Team hands Seattle their 3rd straight loss + COVID accumulates on the Cowboys roster yet again | 11/30 #1

Seahawks vs Cowboys: With this being Russell Wilson's 2nd game back, we hoped more of the rust would have been dealt with. In a pretty much defensive battle last night, Russell Wilson couldn't do much with the Washington defense. Seahawks lose 15-17 and drops to 3-8 while WFT advances to 5-6. Dallas Cowboys: After a shocking positive COVID test resulted in Amari Cooper's absence from 2 games, head coach Mike McCarthy has now also been placed on the COVID list heading into Week...


Taysom Hill is more than just the utility player + Injuries from Week 12: Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey + Kliff Kingsbury leaves us in limbo after not commenting on Oklahoma job | 11/30 #2

New Orleans Saints: Taysom Hill is getting another shot at QB1. Sean Payton needs to make a choice between Trevor Siemian and Taysom Hill and this week Taysom is getting his shot. Week 12 Injuries: Dalvin Cook was seen carted off, but Mike Zimmer stated during his conference that Cook is on a day-to-day basis. Christian McCaffrey is out for the season. Kliff Kingsbury: Rumors' have spread about Arizona Cardinals head coach possibly leaving the NFL for Oklahoma head coaching job. Week 12...


Patriots Wins 6th Straight Game + Ravens Remain Top Seed in AFC + Packers Fend Off the Rams | 11/29 #1

Patriots vs Titans: In a much anticipated AFC matchup, Mac Jones and the Patriots took care of business and walked away with the win at home. Mac Jones threw for a career high of 310 yards. Ravens vs Browns: In a rough start on Sunday, Lamar Jackson brought his team back after giving up 2 interceptions in the first half. Bengals vs Steelers: Even with double coverage on Jamarr Chase all night, Joe Burrow found the rest of his receiving core in last nights win against the Steelers. Packers...


Buccaneers Defeat the Colts in a Nail-Biter + Cam Newton Got Benched in the 4th + Injury Updates | 11/29 #2

Week 12 Superlatives: Golic thinks Tua looked good this past weekend. Bourne had his TD this past weekend, but does it come at a cost? Buccaneers vs Colts: During their win this past weekend, Tampa Bay tackle Vita Vea looses his front tooth during a play. Dolphins vs Panthers: Before he could finish out the game, Cam Newton was benched by backup PJ Walker. This outcome seemed inevitable given the score and the fact that Cam had already thrown 2 INTs. Week 12 Statements: Leonard Fournette...


After Further Review + Week 12 Power Rankings | 11/24 #2

After Further Review: Errors and more controversies from officiating staff this week. Join Florio and Simms as they break down some of these calls. Week 12 Power Rankings: 5 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 - Green Bay Packers 3 - LA Rams 2 - ??? 1 - ??? What's More Likely?: The NY fans will be booing at halftime, or cheering a revitalized offense? Week 12 Matchups: Florio picks McVay to go against Florio and Simms picks Mike Vrabel against Bill Belichick. Join Florio and Simms as they more...


Jason Garrett Gets Fired as Giants' Offensive Coordinator + Could We See Another Head Coach in Chicago Next Year? + Amari Cooper Update with Dr. Jones | 11/24 #1

New York Giants: After multiple disappointing showings in play-calling, Jason Garret has been fired by the Giants. What happened to the ex 'Coach of the Year'? Chicago Bears: Chants, online posts, and a couple of other forms of media are the many ways Chicago fans are calling for the resignation (or termination) of HC Matt Nagy. What does Matt Nagy have to say about these rumors? Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys lost to the Chiefs this past week and owner/self proclaimed doctor, Jerry Jones...